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Earthquake of 6.7 magnitude created quake in Turkey, 18 dead


  • The earthquake in turkey has caused great destruction.
  • About 18 people have died in Turkey due to the earthquake on Saturday.
  • The earthquake measured 6.7 on the Richter scale.

The earthquake in turkey has caused great destruction. About 18 people died in Turkey due to the earthquake on Saturday, more than 200 people were injured. The magnitude of this earthquake on the Richter scale has been measured at 6.7. About 10 buildings were destroyed by the earthquake. The highest damage due to this earthquake has occurred in Eastern Curingig Province. The tremors were felt 15 times during the earthquake, which spread panic among the people. Earthquake tremors were also felt in Turkey’s neighboring countries Iraq, Syria, Lebanon. However, there is no news of loss in these countries.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on the twitter that all steps are being taken to help the people affected by the earthquake, which has caused widespread fear.

We stand by our people. In panic, people who ran away from their homes were burning fire in the streets to stay warm in the cold temperature.

The Turkish Government’s Disaster Emergency Management Agency (AFAD) said that the earthquake killed Sivaris at around 8.55 am (1755 million tons). Turkey hinges on major faults and there is a possibility of earthquakes.

Turkish television showed people running out in panic. Interior, Environmental Health Ministers said that at least 18 people were killed, 13 of them in Elazig province, five in the neighboring province of Malaya, which is located in the southwest. Some 553 people were injured, he said. Interior Minister Suleman Soylu said, “No one is trapped under the rubble in Malta, but search rescue efforts are underway in the treatment of 30 civilians.”

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