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Ben Stokes lost temper during live match, abused fans

Ben Stokes abuses viewers during live match. Johannesburg Test between Africa and England

In the first innings of the fourth Test match being played between South Africa and England in Johannesburg, Ben Stokes did not do anything special and was dismissed for 2 runs.

After being dismissed for two runs, Ben Stokes returned to the dressing room disappointed, but then a spectator said something to Ben Stokes after which the England all-rounder lost his temper and abused the fan.

In fact, the viewer compared Ben Stokes to pop singer Ed Sheeran, to which he was infuriated and angrily said to the fan, ‘Whatever you have to say, come to me outside the ground ………

Ben Stokes was heard by the entire world during the live broadcast of the match. After this, Ben Stokes has apologized for his behavior on Twitter.

Stokes wrote, ‘I apologize for my vulgar language, which everyone heard on the live broadcast. When I was getting out and returning, abusive language was used for me towards the audience.

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