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Raj Thackeray, in support of CAA, Said – throw PAK and Bangladesh intruders out

  • Rally against intruders on 9 February
  • New MNS flag in saffron color unveiled

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray has returned to his old colors. Raj Thackeray, known for his outspoken words, said on Thursday that saffron is in my DNA. He also supported the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and said that Pakistan and Bangladesh intruders should be thrown out.

Raj Thackeray, who changed the color of the party’s flag to saffron on the birth anniversary of Balasaheb Thackeray, said in Mumbai that the saffron flag was in my heart since the year 2006. There is saffron in our DNA. I am Marathi and a Hindu. He also said that Muslims are also their own. During this time he supported the Citizenship Amendment Act. The MNS chief said that I have always been saying that intruders from Pakistan and Bangladesh should be thrown out of the country.

Not with the color changing government

Raj Thackeray has also criticized PM Modi many times. On this, he said that when I feel that what he said is not right, then I criticize him. But when he did good work, I also praised him. On the Maharashtra government, he said that I do not go with the color changing governments. Raj Thackeray’s target was the Shiv Sena, which formed a government with the Congress and NCP a few months ago.

Why outsiders take refuge

Raj Thackeray also said that the parties that have opened a front against the CAA, their party MNS will open a front against them. Regarding the CAA, he said that those who have come illegally from outside, why should they be given asylum? Raj Thackeray said that in the next few days he will meet the Home Minister or Chief Minister of Maharashtra and raise some issues before him. Regarding the Muslim religious leaders, he said that they go abroad but no one knows what work they go with. While the police also cannot go there.

New start of MNS

Taking a dig at the intruders, Raj Thackeray said that a big rally will be taken out on 9 February against Pakistan and Bangladesh infiltrators. Let me tell you that after 13 years of past in politics, MNS made a new beginning in Mumbai on Thursday with new flags, symbols and new ideology. MNS President Raj Thackeray unveiled the new flag of the party, which is of dark saffron color. With this, the currency (royal seal) of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s rule was issued as a symbol. The grand conference of the party was held at the NSE Ground in Goregaon.

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