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India’s position in ranking corruption does not improve for the second year in a row, again in 78th position in Global Corruption Index

  • There is no improvement in India’s ranking in the Global Corruption Perception Index 2019
  • The index was ranked 78th in 2018, 81st in 2017, and 79th in 2016.

New Delhi. India’s ranking has not improved in the Global Corruption Perception Index (Global Corruption Perception Index) 2019. It remains at the 78th position as of 2018. According to a recent survey released by Transparency International, an organization that assesses corruption on a global scale, India’s overall score in the index stands at 41 and is ranked 78. He was ranked 81 in the 2017 index with 40 points. Earlier in 2016, India was ranked 79th in this index.

This time the interesting thing is that along with India, China, Ghana, Benin and Morocco are at 78th rank. Neighboring country Pakistan is ranked 120.It shows more corruption. In this index 180 countries in cases of public sector corruption Was kept The index uses a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 indicates highly corrupt whereas number 100 indicates very corruption-free.

Top 10 Countries of Global Corruption Perception Index 2019

Rank country score

  1. Denmark 87
  2. New Zealand 87
  3. Finland 86
  4. Singapore 86
  5. Sweden 85
  6. Switzerland 85
  7. Norway 84
  8. Netherlands 82
  9. Germany 80
  10. Luxembourg 80
  11. India 41

Two-thirds of countries score less than 50

According to the Global Corruption Perception Index, two-thirds of the countries score less than 50 and the average score is 43. Since 2012, only 22 countries have improved their scores. This includes Estonia, Greece and Guyana. Scores of 21 countries have declined, including Australia, Canada and Nicaragua. G-7 countries reported a decrease in scores from four countries. This includes Canada, France, Britain and the United States. There was no improvement in the scores of the countries of Germany and Japan. Italy’s score improved by one point.

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