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Britain / Prince Harry said – sad to be away from the royal family, but there was no other option but to live in peace

London. Prince Harry of Britain made his first statement on the decision to relinquish the status of senior member of the royal family. At his Africa-related charity event in London, Harry said he was deeply saddened to have left the royal titles. But there was no other way for a peaceful life. Harry admitted that he always wanted to give up funding and luxurious lifestyle from the public. But leaving the responsibilities of the royal family and starting a new life in another country, he got very nervous.

Two days before the Queen announced that Prince Harry and his wife Megan would not be able to use the royal title ‘His / Her Royal Highness’. Apart from this, they will not get a share in public funds either. He would not be a representative of Queen Elizabeth in any country.

Deep grief for losing military titles: Prince Harry

Harry said that he always wanted to give up luxurious living on public funding, but was deeply saddened by losing the military titles he had received and the support he received after working with British troops in Afghanistan. Harry said- We are taking a big leap of faith. Thanking all those who dared him for this decision.

Father Prince Charles can continue to help Harry
According to the British newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’, Prince Charles will continue to finance Prince Harry from his private income. Prince Harry is believed to already own millions of pounds. At the same time, Megan has also made a good income through acting in Hollywood. Megan can market her health and wellness products.

Harry-Megan will also return 22 crores spent in home renovation

Harry and Megan had announced a week before the royal family would give up their seniority. Harry and Megan on Thursday said on their website and Instagram that they are stepping down from the post of ‘senior’ member of the royal family and are planning to become financially self-sufficient. Prince Harry and Megan were married in May 2018. At that time, about 32 million pounds (Rs 297 crore) was spent by the public in their marriage. Apart from this, both of them had put £ 2.4 million (about Rs 22 crore) in the renovation of their house at Windsor Palace recently. According to a statement issued by Buckingham Palace on Saturday, Harry-Megan will return the money spent at the renovation.

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