7 years after the death of Hollywood actor Paul Walker, his 21 vehicles are sold for 16 crores

  • The auction house said that people were mad with Paul Walker’s vehicles
  • People are generally less interested in personal collections of celebrities
  • Walker died in a car accident in 2013, his car crashed into a tree

Arizona.After 7 years after the death of Hollywood actor Paul Walker, who was in discussion with the Fast & Furious film franchise, his 21 (18 cars and 3 motorcycles) vehicles sold for 16 crores ($ 2.33 million). The auction took place in Scottdale, Arizona, USA. The money raised from this will be paid to a trust of Walker’s daughter Mado, officials said. Walker died in a 2013 car accident. Their car was hit by a tree

Walker’s collection of cars was auctioned over the course of a week by the auction auction house at Scottdale. His cars included cars like Alpine White 1995, BMW M-3. Its top price was 2 crore 73 lakh rupees. The M-3 was one of BMW’s 5 lightweight cars. The 2009 Nissan 370-Z was the highest bidder. It was seen in the film ‘Fast Five’. The low-mileage car sold for Rs 75 lakh ($ 105,600). This was the most expensive price for the 370-Z at auction. His Ford Boss 302-S car came back on the road from the garage after 2013 on Saturday. The car was sold for 68 lakh rupees ($ 95,700).

People obsessed to buy walker’s cars

According to Jonathan Klinger, a spokesman for Hegarty, a Michigan-based insurance company, “Paul Walker loved cars.” People happily bought their premium cars. People were making themselves feel like a new Paul Walker with these cars. Celebrities’ collections don’t always seem to be big bids for the auction, but showers were made with Walker’s cars. “

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