Washington Post editor’s reply to BJP leader – independent journalism is not meant to woo governments

  • Vijay Chaturwale, in charge of overseeing the BJP’s affairs abroad, took a hard line on Jeff Bezos
  • He had said- Bezos explain to his employees, or else trying to placate you will be like wasting time and money.
  • Answer by Senior Editor Eli Lopez – Our journalists work according to the tradition of democracy, no one can question it

new Delhi. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ newspaper The Washington Post has been writing against the policies of the Modi government. Because of this, Bezos Kobhajpa, who was on a tour of India, has received criticism. Vijay Chaturwale, who has seen BJP affairs abroad, got into a debate on social media with Allyopez, senior editor of the Washington Post. Chaturwale wrote on Twitter on Friday – “Mr. Jeff Bezos, explain to your employees in Washington, or else your wooing effort will be like a waste of time and money.” To this Lopez replied – “That’s not Bezos Telling what to write and what not to write. Independent journalism is not meant to woo governments. Our journalists and columnists work according to the traditions of Indian democracy, this cannot be questioned. ”

Why did the controversy arise on the Washington Post?
Amazon founder-CEO Jeff Bezos recently visited India on a three-day tour. There was speculation that he would meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal earlier. However, Goyal refused to meet Bezos saying that he was investing only $ 1 billion in India and it was not a favor. After this, Prime Minister Modi also did not meet Bezos. The PMO had not already released any schedule upon meeting Bezos. However, it is believed that Modi did not meet Bezos for two reasons. One reason is that the Competition Commission of India (CCI) is investigating against Amazon. The second reason is that the attitude of Bezos newspaper Washington Post has been critical of the Modi government.

Washington Post did not publish article against Pakistan in last 60 days: Chautharwale
Chaturwale said on Alike’s statement- “Is it not right that your desk editor removed all anti-Pakistan talk from the column of Indian columnist to the extent that he had to give his article to be printed elsewhere.” Aline replied, “This is not right.” We have published many articles criticizing Pakistan. Some authors do not like their article to be edited. They do not want to see him get challenged. So if they cannot follow our strict policies, then they are free to print their articles elsewhere. ”

Chaturwale tagged Ellico on it, writing, “You said that the Washington Post has published several articles against Pakistan.” I would like to remind you that in the last 60 days you have not published a single article against Pakistan. Correct if I’m wrong. “

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