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This Instagram Influencer Has the Perfect Response to Trolls Saying ‘Go Back to Pakistan’

Instagram influencer, YouTuber and fashion blogger, Dolly Singh is known for her many personas.

Singh, whose comedy lies in impressions and characters has been channeling her persona ‘Zeenat’ to address how to deal with trolls who ask Muslims ‘to go back to Pakistan.’

At a time when Bollywood celebrities, artists and Instagram influencers are being criticized for not speaking up to condemn the violence against students in protest of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, Dolly Singh has been very outspoken about it.

On a video on Instagram, she shatters all the stereotypes of influencers not speaking up, and addresses the problem the best way she could – through comedy.

She starts with an introduction – ‘Saalam, Zeenat. Pechchana?’ (Hello, it’s Zeenat. Remember me?)

She jumps straight to the point, though – ‘Ya aadhur card dikhau?’ (Should I show you my Aadhar card?)

She adds ‘Kehne ko toh woh bhi kaafi nehi hai,’ (Even that won’t be enough) to it, to show the problem of proving identity in a country where there are so many undocumented residents.

She goes on further to explain how she went on a first date with ‘Raj’ (naam toh suna hi hoga?) and he asked her after a point, to go back to Pakistan.

This was her response: ‘I can’t even go to Goa with my friends, let alone go to Pakistan with my entire family. And who will I go to? My fore-fathers died here, in India, fighting against the British.”

She sums it up with an ending from Faiz’s song, ‘Hum dekhenge’ as it is currently under-probe for being ‘anti-Hindu.’

Watch the full video below.

Not just this, Dolly Singh has earlier posted photos and videos protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

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