Rajasthan / Child Scientist created multiplayer circular chess, 60 people can play it in 100 ways

Jaipur  Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati (17) of Jaipur will be given the Prime Minister National Bal Shakti Award on 22 January. 85% of Hridayeshwar’s body is disabled due to Deutsche Syndrome. His fingers tremble. But the mind belongs to the scientist. People also call him Chhota Stephen Hakings and affectionately Hardy.

Hardy designed circular chess at the age of 9. This is called a multiplayer circular chase. It was made in three sizes. The first 6, the second 12 and the third 60 people can play together. The first chess can be played 11, the second 27 and the third 62 ways. In this way a total of 100 ways can be played. Japan has made 52 ways to play chess. Hardy broke his record. 

Such was the inspiration
that Hardy was playing chess with his father at the age of 8. Then some friends came home. Friends also expressed a desire to play chess. The father said that chess is made for two players only. Then Hardy decided to make a chess game that could be played by more than two people. He did research for six months and started working. Hardy says – The biggest disability is lack of spirits, one who cannot walk, he can fly on his own. 

Acquired 7 patents; School missed, studying through the Internet, the
government has awarded Hardy the Most Outstanding Creative Inventor Teen Award. He holds 7 patents. These include own-made chess. Hardy does not go to school, but from home, he trains the whole world by making it a university. He takes information about the country and the world through internet and TV for 10 hours every day. He likes Indian, Western music. Hardy’s mother Dr. Meenakshi Kanwar is a teacher of English in school. Father Sarovar Singh Bhati is a National Awardee in Maths.

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