“When people say you have lost weight, I get depressed. I want to be as strong and big as possible,” says Cyrus Broacha

There are few things that get Cyrus Broacha’s goat. Mumbai traffic, yoga, and people who while away time at the gym rank somewhere in the top five. “I hate yoga; I don’t like calisthenics. I hate people who come to gyms to just hang around. I hate cardio people, especially men who do cardio. Indian men have skinny arms and skinny legs. Cardio se kya hota hai, they lose more weight in arms and legs. They end up looking like four noodles and one big pizza in the middle,” he says in his inimitable style.


For those who don’t follow him on social media, he posted a black-and-white photo of himself from a shoot, looking fitter and leaner. The perception of the “Bakra guy” was always that of a chubby man. Sharing that he has been a latent gym person all his life, he says that he was never into losing weight. “It’s a wrong assumption that we go to the gym to lose weight. When people say you have lost weight, I get depressed. I love lifting weights. I have no interest in losing weight ever; I want to be as strong and big as possible,” says the 49-year old who works out with squat rack, a bench, 350 pounds of weight and a bar, all of which he setup on his terrace.

Read: Ayushmann Khurrana shares a pic of his gym routine, says ‘training never ends’. See here

The most he has weighed was 96.4kg and now he weighs 91kg. He explains his routine now that he has been working out at home since the pandemic broke: “I was a morning person for a long time and wake up at 4.45am. I walk my dogs at 5am. I have that time to myself and it’s very therapeutic. I come back and take my proteins. I go up at 6am, workout for an hour and walk them again. Then I have my eggs and I am ready to leave by quarter to eight. I hit the bed by 10pm,” he says.

Read: Bollywood Dads: Celebrity fathers over 40 who are setting lockdown fitness goals

He feels eating is as important as working out and people shouldn’t focus too much on giving up food. “My diet is more in than out. I just keep eating. I take 18-20 eggs and three protein shakes in a day. I have given up alcohol; I was heavy drinker till 2015. I try different diets but I can’t sacrifice the taste of food. I don’t have a cheat day, but I can’t resist potato chips and those rangeen drinks that kids have. I have a six year old’s palate. I can resist cake and all, but I love shrikhand — any malai-based stuff,” he says. Does he like to cook his own meals? He laughs, almost half mocking himself: “I need help with everything; I am of no use to society.”

Interact with Etti Bali @TheBalinian

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Technology US

Living the full Cyberpunk 2077 lifestyle will cost you over $2,000 and your dignity

We are eight days away from the release of Cyberpunk 2077, but with all of the brand tie-ins for the upcoming roleplaying game, you could mistakenly think it was already out. Throughout the year, developer CD Projekt Red has teamed up with multiple companies to create a slew of cyberpunk-themed items from gaming mice to game controllers and, yes, even energy drinks.

The target audience: people who love both the color yellow and dystopian motifs so much that they’d be willing to look at them, wear them, and even drink them at all times. The good news for Cyberpunk 2077 fans is there are plenty of ways to show off your fandom, from the official CDPR “samurai” varsity jacket to the profoundly hideous Cyberpunk-themed Secretlab Omega gaming chair. The bad news is it’s all inexplicably expensive — and, oh yeah, a bit hideous.

A lot of these collaborations are very on-brand, I must say. They all have a futuristic vibe that could appeal to the right kind of fan steeped in Blade Runner vibes and synthwave aesthetics — although I personally find all this stuff quite ugly. But it’s certainly not beyond the pale when it comes to video game marketing, and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there excited enough for Cyberpunk 2077 to come out (after multiple delays) that they want to go all in on celebrating the launch.

So I found all of the Cyberpunk brand tie-ins I could because I was curious to know how much it would cost to be a true cyberpunk. In short, it will cost a pretty penny — especially considering most of this stuff is either out of stock, discontinued entirely, or limited units were made. (I am looking at you, Cyberpunk 2077 limited-edition Xbox One X bundle.) Either way, here are a few brand tie-ins if you want to show your love for Cyberpunk 2077.

OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk Edition ($849)

Image: OnePlus (via Weibo)

One of the more expensive brand tie-ins, the OnePlus 8T is a good phone with a 120Hz screen and surprisingly fast charging. The entire Cyberpunk 2077 theme is neat, and there is a subtle touch of striking yellow accents that make the design look interesting.

SecretLab Titan gaming chair — Cyberpunk 2077 ($489)

I think the chair would have been much cooler if the design on the back was on the front.
Image: SecretLab

SecretLab chairs are pretty comfy (but very expensive). Still, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Though, to be honest, I think the majority yellow design makes this chair a bit off-putting and can really stick out like a sore thumb.

Limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One ($400)

It’s not the worst limited edition console design I’ve seen. I mean, at least it’s not just a big yellow block.
Image: Xbox

This is actually one of the cooler limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 items. At the time it was produced, there were 45,000 units, so this is certainly a rare find for its initial retail price. But that includes glow-in-the-dark accents, laser etching, and custom panels.

Razer Viper Ultimate with Charging Dock — Cyberpunk 2077 Edition ($160)

The entire design is a huge no for me.

Image: Razer

Honestly, in the right context, you could tell me this was a car featured in Cyberpunk 2077, and I probably would believe you. To be fair, the Razer Viper Ultimate is a good gaming mouse with an ambidextrous design.

Razer Gigantus V2 XXL mousepad/phone case ($40 – $50)

Well these are interesting to the say the least.
Image: Razer

Oh, and let’s not forget the mouse pad. Yes, you can also buy a Razer mouse pad with a matching phone case for Apple and Samsung phones. This XXL mousepad will look very nice if you’re committed to the whole Cyberpunk 2077 aesthetic on your PC gaming desk. For $40, you can get this obnoxious yellow mouse pad with the game’s logo printed in the center or the classier samurai skull over a black background. (I vote for the latter.)

I am not sure why there are phone cases. Okay, jokes aside: I kind of like the phone cases.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Cyberpunk 2077 Netrunner Edition ($110)

Image: SteelSeries

If you’re going to deck out your entire PC gaming setup with Cyberpunk 2077 as the main theme, you’ll need to buy a reliable gaming headset. This headset would also work with a PS4, Switch, or Android but would also pair nicely with the Razer Viper gaming mouse I mentioned earlier.

Also, I would show you a Cyberpunk 2077 gaming keyboard. Unfortunately, the only thing I could find that existed in the similar realm of these other brand tie-ins was a Whirlwind FX mechanical keyboard, and it was only a giveaway.

Samurai Varsity jacket ($58)

Image: CD Projekt Red

I like varsity jackets. (I was a two-sport athlete in high school and a former division 1 athlete, thanks for asking.) Aside from being good winter jackets, they are also very expensive. Also, why is there (usually) only one letter on them? Well, now you can buy this Cyberpunk 2077-themed jacket, which has seven (count them) letters printed plus a cool samurai skull on the back.

Cyberpunk 2077 Backpack ($112)

I am very surprised this is not a banana yellow backpack.
Image: CD Projekt Red

Keeping with the “back to school” vibe, here’s a $112 backpack that also has Cyberpunk 2077. Looks like a very spacious backpack; wonder how many Cyberpunk 2077 gaming mice could I put in here?

Cyberpunk 2077 Face Mask ($13)

Yes, you can even show your Cyberpunk 2077 love through a face mask.
Image: Amazon

If you can, stay inside as much as possible. But if you do decide to go outside, remember to wear your face mask. If you really want people to know you like Cyberpunk 2077, here’s a $13 cover you can wear on your face while you do.

Twelve cans of Rockstar Energy ($13)

Gotta unlock all these digital rewards sometimes.
Image: Rockstar

Certain Rockstar Energy drink cans have Cyberpunk 2077 printed, and if you go to the Rockstar Energy drink website to enter the code on your can, you can use it to unlock digital rewards and entries for other prizes like Cyberpunk 2077 swag, or if you’re really lucky a 1970 Custom Mustang. To increase your chances of winning, just get yourself a 12-pack.

Of course, there’s other Cyberpunk 2077-themed merch you could add, too, but we’ve already got the essentials — and if we tally up how much all this would cost, it would set you back roughly $2,294. That’s a lot of money — but hey, if you like Cyberpunk 2077 that much, who am I to judge?

Headlines UK

Katie Price denies ‘lavish lifestyle’ in Zoom call to bankruptcy hearing

Katie Price today insisted she does not live a ‘lavish lifestyle’ during a remote bankruptcy hearing from a £1,400-a-night Maldives retreat.

The model, 42, said ’90 per cent’ of her globe-trotting was for business and even passed off her current five-star getaway as a ‘work assignment’. 

In recent days she has been flaunting her luxury-laced holiday with 31-year-old boyfriend Carl Woods on Instagram, showing her relaxing on yachts or pool-side. 

It is believed to be her sixth holiday since being declared bankrupt last November.

The mother-of-five, who was once worth around £40million, patched in to a hearing via Zoom after her jet-setting was brought to the attention of judges through an anonymous tip-off. 

Katie Price today insisted she does not live a ‘lavish lifestyle’ during a remote bankruptcy hearing from a £1,400-a-night Maldives retreat (pictured)

The model, 42, has been flaunting her lavish holiday with 31-year-old boyfriend Carl Woods on Instagram in recent days

The model, 42, has been flaunting her lavish holiday with 31-year-old boyfriend Carl Woods on Instagram in recent days 

The couple are staying at five-star resort You & Me Maldives, with rooms coming with a price tag of an eye-watering £1,400-a-night

The couple are staying at five-star resort You & Me Maldives, with rooms coming with a price tag of an eye-watering £1,400-a-night

At the hearing, Price said: ‘I appreciate I haven’t been easy to contact. I have been places physically and emotionally,’ according to the Sun. 

Price reportedly said she was seeing a therapist and had hired an accountant to help manage her finances. 

She revealed she had thought about selling her pink Range Rover for scrap and only did not declare it from bailiffs because it was ‘unroadworthy’.  

It came after the High Court found she had breached a plan to repay her debts, estimated to be around £800,000.

Price is reportedly not due to be discharged from her bankruptcy until next month and is supposed to pay any money she makes to creditors. 

This includes both money that she makes through work or any income from selling her belongings.

A source previously told the Sun Price did not see the Maldives holiday as an issue as it had been paid for by Woods. 

The former glamour model shared a video of her and Carl's stunning Maldives accommodation and beach earlier this week, writing: 'This resort is amazing'

The former glamour model shared a video of her and Carl’s stunning Maldives accommodation and beach earlier this week, writing: ‘This resort is amazing’

Bankruptcy: The TV personality, 42, is facing this bankruptcy hearing after someone 'anonymously tipped the court off' about her multiple holidays and lavish lifestyle

Bankruptcy: The TV personality, 42, is facing this bankruptcy hearing after someone ‘anonymously tipped the court off’ about her multiple holidays and lavish lifestyle

Price has repeatedly gushed over her boyfriend of five months Woods during their Maldives visit. 

Taking to Instagram, she posted a loved-up selfie with the former Love Island star while they were on a yacht out at sea. 

She said: ‘It feels so amazing to finally be happy and settled thanks to @carljwoods.’

The couple are staying at five-star resort You & Me Maldives, with rooms coming with a price tag of an eye-watering £1,400-a-night. 

The TV star also shared a video of their stunning accommodation and the beach surrounding it, which she captioned: ‘This resort is amazing.’ 

Price used to be able to fund her lifestyle through modelling, reality TV shows and fragrances when she was at the height of her fame in the 1990s and 2000s.

But her only regular sources of income nowadays appears to be her Quest Red TV show My Crazy Life, her YouTube channel and plugging paid products on her Instagram account.

She was forced to give up her £1.3million 11-bedroom 'mucky mansion' earlier this year after signing the property to a trustee

She was forced to give up her £1.3million 11-bedroom ‘mucky mansion’ earlier this year after signing the property to a trustee

Price has five children - Junior, 15, Princess, 13, with ex-husband Peter Andre, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, with her third ex-husband Kieran Hayler, and son Harvey, 18, with Dwight Yorke

Price has five children – Junior, 15, Princess, 13, with ex-husband Peter Andre, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, with her third ex-husband Kieran Hayler, and son Harvey, 18, with Dwight Yorke

She was forced to give up her £1.3million 11-bedroom ‘mucky mansion’ earlier this year after signing the property to a trustee. 

The house in West Sussex, where Katie lived with her children, included a swimming pool, tennis court and horse stables.

Earlier this month Price vowed to never return to the house of ‘bad memories’ and revealed she had moved in with Woods. 

Price took out a second mortgage on the property in 2015 but faced monthly payments of £12,300, and is now thought to be £100,000 in arrears.

She is also believed to have spent £120,000 on housekeepers, gardeners and nannies.  

Price has previously been married to singer Peter Andre, cage-fighter Alex Reid and former stripper Kieran Hayler. 

Last week Price revealed she was trying for her sixth child, with Woods. 

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Big Story

Study reveals exercise, nutrition regimen benefits physical, cognitive health

Researchers studied the effects of a 12-week exercise regimen on 148 active-duty Air Force airmen, half of whom also received a twice-daily nutrient beverage that included protein; the omega-3 fatty acid, DHA; lutein; phospholipids; vitamin D; B vitamins and other micronutrients; along with a muscle-promoting compound known as HMB.

They found that both groups improved in physical and cognitive function, with added gains among those who regularly consumed the nutritional beverage, the team reports.

The findings appear in the journal Scientific Reports.

Participants were randomly assigned to the two groups. The exercise regimen combined strength training and high-intensity interval aerobic fitness challenges. One group received the nutritional beverage and the other consumed a placebo beverage that lacked the added nutrients. Neither the researchers nor the participants knew who received the nutrient-enriched beverage or placebo.

“The exercise intervention alone improved strength and endurance, mobility and stability, and participants also saw increases in several measures of cognitive function. They had better episodic memory and processed information more efficiently at the end of the 12 weeks. And they did better on tests that required them to solve problems they had never encountered before, an aptitude called fluid intelligence,” said Aron Barbey, a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who led the study with postdoctoral researcher Christopher Zwilling.

“Those who also consumed the nutritional supplement saw all of these improvements and more. For example, they were better able to retain new information in their working memory and had quicker responses on tests of fluid intelligence than those taking the placebo,” Barbey said.

Physical power increased in both groups as a result of the physical training, Zwilling said.

“Power is a measure of physical fitness that is based on several factors, such as how fast a participant can pull a heavy sledge over a set distance, how far they can toss a weighted ball, and how many pushups, pullups or situps they can perform in a set time period,” he said.

The physical training reduced participants’ body fat percentage and increased their oxygen-uptake efficiency or VO2 max. The airmen also performed better than they had initially on several measures of cognitive function. The most notable of these was an increase in the accuracy of their responses to problems designed to measure fluid intelligence.

“But we also wanted to know whether taking the supplement conferred an advantage above and beyond the effect of exercise,” Zwilling said. “We saw that it did, for example in a relationship to resting heart rate, which went down more in those who took the supplement than in those who didn’t.”

Participants who consumed the nutritional beverage also saw greater improvements in their ability to retain and process information. And their reaction time on tests of fluid intelligence improved more than their peers who took the placebo, the researchers found.

“Our work motivates the design of novel multimodal interventions that incorporate both aerobic fitness training and nutritional supplementation, and illustrates that their benefits extend beyond improvements in physical fitness to enhance multiple measures of cognitive function,” Barbey said.

The U. of I. team conducted the intervention with study co-author Adam Strang, a scientist in the Applied Neuroscience Branch of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, along with his colleagues in the Air Force Research Laboratory. The U. of I. team also worked with research fellow and study co-author Tapas Das and his colleagues at Abbott Nutrition, who led the design of the nutritional beverage, which is a mixture of nutrients targeting both muscle and brain. The specially designed beverage provided ingredients that previous studies have shown are associated with improved physical cognitive function.

(This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text.)

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Big Story

World Arthritis Day: Living With Arthritis: Diet, Exercise And Lifestyle Tips To Follow

World Arthritis Day: Arthritis patients need to consume a well-balanced and healthy diet


  • Fish and eggs are foods rich in arthritis
  • Range of motion exercises can also be helpful
  • Hot and cold therapy can reduce pressure on joints

World Arthritis Day 2020: October 12 is observed as World Arthritis Day. This day is meant to raise awareness about arthritis, which is a debilitating disease marked by inflammation of joints and thereby causing severe misery to patient in terms of pain, limited mobility, loss of productivity in livelihood and restriction of activities of daily living. Two most common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. But the effects of these disease can be minimised with simple ways, which leads to judicious use of diet, exercise, physical therapy and medical or surgical help.

World Arthritis Day: Diet, exercise and lifestyle tips for people with arthritis


A healthy balanced diet is necessary for all age groups, more so in arthritis patients. This also helps in maintaining healthy weight apart from keeping joints supple and healthy. A healthy arthritic meal should consist of portions from food groups such as fruits and vegetables, starch rich food (Potatoes, bread, rice), Fish and eggs, Milk and dairy foods.

Also read: World Arthritis Day 2020: Being Physically Active Is The Best Medicine, Believe Experts


Arthritis can cripple a patient unless joints are kept supple by exercises. Exercise also increases the strength of muscles thereby taking of weight from the joints. It improves joint mobility, and reduce stiffness. Simple range of motion exercises, Isotonic and isometric exercises and weight training can help in arthritis. in severe cases though, these exercises should be assisted and under supervision so as to not aggravate the conditions.

Posture and care of joints

Simple maneuvers such as not gripping objects too firmly, spreading the carrying load over several joints, using large joints as levers for protecting small joints, correct posture during walking, running, using proper footwear and assisted splint-age during high intensity sports are of immense benefit. The simple dictum is to keep moving your joints, even while working, or siting or watching television.


Also massage of the muscles with joint mobilisation are good ways to work them
Photo Credit: iStock

Also read: Here’s What You Can Do To Control Your Arthritis Risk: Save Your Joints With These Precautions

Modifications at home and work

If you have large joint arthritis you can use several handy modifications at home, such as use of hand rail at stairs, and/or in washers, using long levered objects for cleaning, using large taps, use of specialised kitchen equipment, and keeping things in such a way that they are in easy reach. try not to put extra stress on joints.

Simple modifications liking sitting while folding clothes and ironing, sliding forward to edge of chair before getting up, using pop corks on bottles than screw caps are effective in alleviating pain.

Physical therapy

Using heat/ cold therapy or swimming/ hydro therapy is very useful for joint mobility and relieving pressure from joints. Also massage of the muscles with joint mobilisation are good ways to work them .

Medical/ Surgical options

In select cases certain medications are useful for treating arthritis, which includes diagnosing the type of arthritis and maintaining healthy status with either anti anti-inflammatory drugs, into articular injections, disease modifying drugs or/ and biological agents . Sometimes one or more modalities are to be used. in advanced cases Joint Replacement or Arthroplasty is an efficient method to bring back the stability and mobility back in the joints. Under proper Medical Supervision this is the surest way to treat long destroyed joints

These small but useful tips and understanding of disease can go a long way in bringing back the independence and thus self-esteem back to the patients who do not feel trapped in this crippling disease anymore.

Also read: These Are The Foods You Should Include In Your Diet If You Have Arthritis

(Dr Vivek Phanswal, Head of Department – Orthopedics, Trauma and Joint Replacement, Nayati Medicity, Mathura)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. NDTV is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this article. All information is provided on an as-is basis. The information, facts or opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of NDTV and NDTV does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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Big Story Coronavirus COVID-19

No-reservation diners are restaurants’ latest problem amid covid

Restaurants are already struggling to navigate coronavirus outbreaks and economic shutdowns. Flaky customers aren’t making things any easier.

Amid the pandemic’s uncertainty, U.S. diners are dashing out for a bite in the spur of the moment, instead of the pre-pandemic ritual of a scheduled date night or lunch with a friend. Data from OpenTable, a platform to make reservations, shows that fewer people are reserving tables more than a week in advance than they were a year ago.

That creates a tangible headache for restaurants, particularly in the dining mecca of New York, home to many of the world’s best-reviewed — and expensive — restaurants. The industry can no longer rely on bookings, along with historical data, to plan their kitchen inventories.

“Most restaurants are doing walkups instead of reservations,” said Nima Garos, co-owner of the New York’s Jajaja Plantas Mexicana and Gelso & Grand restaurants. The city’s dining experience has become “very casual and on the fly and I think that has translated greatly into people’s trends in reservations.”

Garos said his restaurants now order less food than when they first opened following the pandemic lockdown; this prevents fresh food from going bad and prevents further losses. But now he faces an increased risk of not being able to keep up with demand.

OpenTable has previously estimated that 25% of U.S. restaurants may go out of business due to the pandemic’s impact, as consumers opt to make their food at home and social distancing rules place new limits on sales.

To encourage diners with reservations to keep them, some restaurants have started charging fees when diners cancel or fail to show up.

Roland Seeman, who owns the Balade Mediterranean restaurant in Manhattan, said he’s not a fan of cancellation fees. “But now with the pandemic and what’s going on, I have no other choice,” he said. He’s currently mulling whether a $15 to $20 charge would deter last-minute cancellations and no-shows.

Mark Fox, president of Fox Lifestyle Hospitality Group, is also turning to cancellation fees to discourage no shows. The company, which operates the White Oak Tavern and Sapien Foods in Manhattan, is preparing to start charging a fee of up to $25 for indoor tables when eaters flake.

“If a reservation is a no-show, there’s potential that the table is sitting naked for perhaps an hour, and we might have refused two or three parties of walk-ins based on the expectation that guest will arrive,” he said. Walk-ins have helped to compensate for reservation no-shows this summer.

Tracking Behaviour

To give restaurant owners a little more clarity, OpenTable says it has added new tools that let owners track aggregate dining patterns in an area. “A restaurant could zoom into their neighbourhood and say, ‘Gosh I look really slow on Tuesday, is everybody else in my area looking slow on Tuesday?’” said Andrea Johnston, chief operating officer at OpenTable. She said this information helps businesses see consumer behaviour shifts and adapt accordingly.

Meanwhile, restaurant owners remain focused on congressional discussions, with many saying their business’s survival depends on a federal aid package. U.S. lawmakers have failed so far to extend federal help for the unemployed and small businesses.

“We recognize the efforts that have been made by the our state and city politicians to try to give us tools for success,” Fox said. “But none of them, unfortunately, even collectively, are going to prevent huge loss of small, independent operated restaurants in New York City in the fall without increased dining capacity and the passage of the federal bill in Congress right now.”

(This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text.)

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Do not delay medical care or lifestyle changes, UAE doctors urge on World Heart Day

Doctors have advised that apart from seeking medical care on time, UAE residents also need to make lifestyle changes for a healthy heart.
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abu Dhabi: Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of people experiencing chest pain are continuing to delay medical care at their own risk.

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) found in a 141-country study published in June that the number of heart attack patients seeking urgent hospital care has dropped by more than 50 per cent during the COVID-19 outbreak. On World Heart Day today, doctors have therefore urged patients to seek medical attention as soon as they face cardiac symptoms.

Increased cardiac mortality

“A delay in seeking treatment has proved fatal for many cardiac and oncology patients during the COVID-19 period. Studies have found that patients are worried about contracting the coronavirus at the hospital, and this has increased cardiac emergency mortality worldwide,” said Dr Walid Shaker, cardiothoracic surgeon at Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi. The ESC has also revealed that patients who do not present themselves promptly are in a far worse condition when they finally arrive at hospital, and they are often too late to benefit from life-saving treatments that can be provided. “The fact remains that hospitals remain extremely safe places for patients, and medical care is imperative for cardiac patients,” Dr Shaker urged.

Miraculous case

The doctor detailed the miraculous case of a 25-year-old man who had come to the hospital eight days after first experiencing chest pain. Muhammad Arshad, a Pakistani teacher, had first started feeling unwell on September 7, but chose to wait. A week later, his chest pain had worsened so much that he finally decided to go to a hospital. “The doctor at the hospital performed a few tests, and he said it is a cardiac problem. They told me that I have to conduct advanced tests at a multi-speciality facility for further clarity on my health condition. I stayed at the hospital for a day. On the second day, it had become difficult for me to raise my left arm, so I was transferred to Burjeel Hospital,” Arshad said.

Major vessel tear

By the time Arshad reached Burjeel, his condition had deteriorated further, and he was partially unconscious. “We found that his aorta, the main blood vessel supplying blood to the body, had a major tear, creating a false lumen through which the blood was flowing. The valves in the vessel had also been damaged, causing acute backflow to the heart and preventing the organ from functioning normally. In addition, the branches of the aorta supplying the brain had also been impacted,” Dr Shaker said.

Lucky to survive

“The patient was lucky to survive the week. In most other cases, such a cardiac incident would have resulted in sudden death. In addition, such delays can also lead to permanent damage to the heart and other organs,” the doctor added.

22-hour procedure

Arshad reached Burjeel at 6AM on September 16. Two hours later, a 10-person team began the complex procedure of repairing his aorta. An artificial tube was inserted to replace the aorta, and the aortic valves were also constructed. The vessels leading to the brain were the implanted to the arch of the new tube. The procedure took a total of 22 hours to complete.

NAT The cardiac surgery team at Burjeel Hospital1-1601364131102
Muhammad Arshad with the cardiac surgery team at Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi.
Image Credit: Supplied

“This is the kind of case where you would normally hear of sudden death. But Arshad is young and otherwise healthy, and he is recovering well. In fact, if he had come in earlier, he may not have experienced neurological manifestations like the paralysis. In contrast, for an older patient in his 50s, this kind of delay would have been fatal,” Dr Shaker said.

The doctor explained that Arshad was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the connective tissue of the body, and causes them to be fragile. The patient is still hospitalised at Burjeel’s Intensive Care Unit, but is expected to be discharged in a few days. Dr Shaker added that he will have to be in complete rest for about two more months, even though he is able to walk, eat and talk normally even now.

“I was very scared. I vividly remember the words of the doctor that they are taking me for surgery and I will be all right. I am better now, and am thankful to Allah for His kindness, and the medical team at the hospital for taking care of me,” Arshad said.

Heart care

Apart from seeking medical care on time, residents also need to make lifestyle changes for heart health. After all, cardiovascular diseases remain the UAE’s top killer, accounting for two-thirds of all deaths in the country. The major factors for cardiovascular illnesses are also still highly prevalent among the population, including diabetes, which affects one in every five adults, obesity, metabolic disease, stress, genetic risks and smoking.

Rahim Ullah

But positive change is not unthinkable, and requires effort by every individual, said Rahim Ullah, a 52-year-old office worker from Bangladesh. Rahim Ullah suffered a cardiac arrest in September 2018, and Dr Jose John, specialist cardiologist at LLH Hospital Musaffah said he was miraculously revived after prolonged cardiopulmonary resuscitation. “He underwent a successful angioplasty, and is now a completely reformed man, meticulously following a healthy lifestyle,” the doctor said.

Quit smoking

Rahim Ullah gave up smoking right after this episode, even though he had been smoking more than a pack of cigarettes a day for more than three decades. “I would smoke a lot, but when the doctor told me I had to give it up, I quit cold turkey. I also stopped eating beef, and began eating on time so I don’t end up overeating,” he said.

Regular exercise

Rahim Ullah also began going for 30 to 40-minute walks every day, a habit he has continued amid the COVID-19 outbreak. “My doctor told me I had to take care, so I did what I had to, and I hope it will keep me healthy and safe. My wife and three children back home are certainly very happy to know I am taking care of my heart and health,” he said.

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Watch | How to breath in and out

A video by doctor Dr Charu Arora demonstrating different types of breathing.

Unless we have asthma or a lung infection, breathing is something we take for granted. But according to Dr Sundeep Salvi, a pulmonologist in Pune, “breathing nourishes our body with oxygen that generates 90% of the body’s energy; only 10% comes from the food we eat and the water we drink.” The main problem, he says, is that we forget our natural way of breathing as we age, and breathe shallowly.

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Lifestyle The Buzz

Authentic Behaviour At Work Leads To Greater Productivity. Here’s Why…

The study found that people who put forth the effort to display positive emotions towards others at work – versus faking their feelings – receive higher levels of support and trust from co-workers

A Novel Study advocates that authentic behaviour, which means not faking your feelings, is more productive at workplace and leads to other benefits. The Novel Study was co-authored by Chris Rosen, a management professor at the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. Rosen helped design and write a study led by Allison Gabriel, associate professor of management and organisations at the University of Arizona. They published their findings in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

“We found that people who put forth the effort to display positive emotions towards others at work – versus faking their feelings – receive higher levels of support and trust from co-workers,” Rosen said. “These people also reported significantly higher levels of progress on work goals likely due to the support they received.”

From surveys of more than 2,500 working adults in a variety of industries, including education, manufacturing, engineering, and financial services, the researchers analyzed two types of emotion regulation people use at work: surface acting and deep acting.

Surface acting involves faking positive emotions when interacting with others in the work environment. One might be frustrated or angry on the inside, but the external appearance disguises those feelings. Deep acting involves trying to change how one feels internally. With deep acting, individuals try to feel more positively in order to be more pleasant when interacting with others.

The researchers wanted to know if people regulated their emotions when interacting with co-workers, and, if so, why they chose to do this if there were no formal rules requiring them to do so. And then, what benefits, if any, did they receive from this effort?

The researchers identified four types of people who regulate their emotions with co-workers. Nonactors engage in negligible levels of surface and deep acting, low actors display slightly higher surface and deep acting, deep actors exhibit the highest levels of deep acting and low levels of surface acting, and regulators display high levels of surface and deep acting.

Nonactors were the smallest group in each study, and the other three groups were similar in size.

Regulators were driven by “impression management,” which the researchers defined as strategic motives that include gaining access to resources or looking good in front of colleagues and supervisors.

Deep actors were much more likely to be motivated by “prosocial” concerns, meaning they chose to regulate their emotions with co-workers to foster positive work relationships and be courteous.

Regulators – those who mixed high levels of surface and deep acting – experienced emotional exhaustion and fatigue, the researchers found, whereas deep actors – those who relied largely on deep acting – had improved well-being.

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Vastu Tips: Decorate the office desk with plant, idol or photos according to Vastu, the atmosphere of the place will be happy

Many working people decorate their office desks. Keep small plants, idols or pictures so that you are happy and keep your mind at work. This decoration is good but if it is the same architectural, it will be even better. Know how the desk should be from architect and author Anita Jain …

If you are keeping a plant:

If placing a plant on the desk, place a money plant or bamboo plant on the east or north of the desk. These are considered to be beautiful as well as enriching. Green is a symbol of happiness, prosperity, flourishing and purity. It is believed that it increases the level of positive energy and relaxes the mind and brain. Seeing green plants also reduces stress, feeling happy. Never apply on dry, barbed and bonsai desks. These are considered indicators of despair.

Pay attention to photos:

Many benefits are obtained by placing a picture of green forest or tall crops on the desk towards the north. Here, you can put the pictures of the mind, such as trees, running horses, flying birds, swastika signs or the rising sun. Avoid placing negative images such as a crying baby, slaughtered plants, broken idols, etc. They increase negative energy. Instead of putting too many pictures, only apply 4-5 photos.

Fresh flower bouquet:

You can place a bouquet of fresh flowers on the desk. The decoration of flowers gives pleasure to the mind and helps in reducing stress. If the flowers of the vase begin to dry or wither, replace them immediately. Such flowers create negative energy.

Idol of God:

If you are keeping the idol of God, then keep it in the east or north and do not let the dust settle on them. To get auspicious results, put a photo of your presiding deity on the desk towards the northeast. Do not forget to salute them before starting the work. By doing this you get mental clarity.

Keep clean and arranged:

Spreading the stuff on the desk does not make it work. There is always confusion and Vastu defects also arise. According to Vastushastra, stacking of files or papers on the desk affects the quality of work. There is also an increase in negative energy, which will increase stress and the work will not be completed in time. Spreading pen-pencils or other items on the desk also hinders work. Keep the desk clean, tidy and beautiful.

Never do this:

Where we sit and work, the place is sacred, there is a place to earn a livelihood, so never eat and drink at the desk. Sitting at the desk, drinking tea or coffee, eating, eating meat, impedes progress. It also causes problems at the workplace, mental disorders, career interruptions.

Can also take these measures:

Keep the paperweight of the crystal in the northeast direction of the desk, so as not to cause Vastu defects. Placing Feng Shui’s crystal globe or laughing Buddha on the desk can provide new opportunities. Rotating the crystal globe two or three times a day will give positive energy to work. Keeping a small crystal or metal turtle on the desk will keep peace of mind. It is also beneficial to place a small piece of alum on the desk or camphor inside a pan stand.