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New cases of COVID-19 in the US exceed 50,000 for the third consecutive day | The opinion

Since August, not so many new cases of Covid-19 confirmed daily were reported

A coronavirus testing center in Los Angeles.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

For the third day in a row, the number of positive Covid-19 cases in the United States exceeded 50,000, a level not seen since August, officials reported Saturday, when 57,420 new cases and 990 deaths from coronavirus according to the global tracker of the John Hopkins University.

  • Oct 9: 57,420
  • Oct 8: 56,191
  • Oct 7: 50,341

The last time the US reported more than 50,000 cases over three consecutive days was in mid-August, according to university data:

  • Aug 14: 64,601
  • Aug 13: 51,977
  • Aug 12: 57,004

The first case of COVID-19 in the US was reported 261 days ago on 01/21/2020. Since then, the country has reported 7,663,293 cases and 213,752 deaths.

An updated model released Friday by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine, projects 394,693 deaths in the United States for February 1.

The model predicts that daily deaths in the US will peak at 2,300 in mid-January. 116,000 hospital beds will be needed by January 22. Daily deaths in the United States are about 1,000 this month.

Expand the use of masks from the current US rate from 69% to about 95%, would save 79,000 lives between now and Feb. 1, the study predicted.

The virus is increasing in 24 states listed in the “red zone”, According to documents from the White House Coronavirus Task Force published last Sunday and obtained by the Center for Public Integrity. North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana, and Utah top the list of new outbreaks.


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Biden: “Americans deserve a president who understands what is happening.” | The opinion

Biden said that “Trump can only see the world from Park Avenue” in an election ceremony

Biden promised a better government during the electoral act.


WASHINGTON – The Democratic White House candidate Joe biden criticized this Saturday his rival in the electoral contest and president of the United States, Donald Trump, by ensuring that “you can only see the world” from the renowned “Park Avenue” in New York.

At a campaign event in Pennyilvania, Biden called Trump’s trade war “reckless” and said that American farmers have been shattered by his “broken promises.”

“The election is here, the election could not be tougher, the stakes could not be higher,” said the former vice president.

In Biden’s opinion, “Americans deserve a president who understands what is happening.”

“They are facing real challenges right now. The last thing they need is a president who exacerbates them, ”said the Democratic candidate, who insisted on questioning the strategy of his political rival to face the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump and his wife, Melania, tested positive for coronavirus a week ago and just this Saturday the president led his first public act at the White House.

Specifically, Biden noted that Trump’s will be the first presidency in modern US history to end “with fewer jobs than when it started.”

In the wake of the pandemic and measures to prevent its spread, unemployment in the United States climbed to historic levels, going from 3.5% in February to 14.4% in April, although it gradually fell to 7.9% in September.

According to Biden, Trump is leaving a “K-shaped” recession, which alludes to a deepening of inequalities, where, according to the democrat, “those at the top continue to rise, while those in the middle and those below see things get worse.”

“It means that essential workers who have sacrificed to support us during the pandemic are being abandoned by the most uneven recovery in modern history,” he complained, noting that, meanwhile, America’s 100 biggest billionaires “have fared fairly good”.

“The fact is that the president can only see the world from Park Avenue,” said Biden, who promised jobs and insisted that he will not ban the hydrocarbon extraction technique known as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.”


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How do you know if a president is capable of governing? Democrats create a commission to decide | The NY Journal

Nancy Pelosi announced that she will present her proposal on Friday for a commission to assess the president’s ability to perform his duties

WASHINGTON- The Democratic opposition in United States will present this Friday a bill to create a commission that would decide if a president is “capable” of governing, after the concern generated by the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis Donald trump.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, which is the second in the line of presidential succession, will detail its proposal at a press conference tomorrow at 10:15 (14:15 GMT), his office announced this Thursday.

“Come back here tomorrow. We are going to talk about Amendment 25 ”to the US Constitution, Pelosi said during a press conference on Thursday, without giving more information.

Amendment 25, passed in 1967 in the wake of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy four years earlier, describes what should happen if a US president suddenly falls ill, dies, resigns, or is “incapacitated” to serve.

Its fourth section establishes that the vice president of the United States can replace the president if he declares in writing that that president “is incapable of carrying out the powers and duties of his office.”

To do this, however, the vice president must have the support of “a majority of or the main officials of the executive departments”, that is, of the cabinet; or “another type of body that Congress may create by law.”

Democrats, who control the House of Representatives but not the Senate, They seek to create that body that the amendment vaguely mentions, judging from the statement from Pelosi’s office.

“The bill will create the Commission on Presidential Capacity to carry out the powers and duties of the office, which is the body and process that calls for the creation of Amendment 25, so that Congress can help guarantee effective and uninterrupted leadership” in the Chair, indicates the short note.

Hard to apply to Trump

It’s not clear that Democrats are looking to take action specifically against Trump with that bill, and it seems more likely that they are trying to lay the groundwork for When a situation similar to that of the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis occurs, there are more mechanisms to hold him accountable.

Even if Congress passes the bill soon, unlikely just days before the November election and with a Republican-controlled Senate, the commission would need to ally with Vice President Mike Pence, known for his loyalty to Trump.

Pelosi said Tuesday that she did not believe that Amendment 25 could be applied to Trump before the elections, saying during a ceremony at the 92Y cultural center: “I do not think it will work for this president, for this Presidency.”

However, the Democratic congresswoman said Wednesday that she believes that the steroids Trump has been taking to treat COVID-19 “may have an impact on his thinking.”

Trump reacted to the announcement of Pelosi’s press conference in a terse tweet, in which he stated: “Crazy Nancy is the one who should be under observation. They don’t call her crazy for nothing! “


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Angry customers gave a waitress the word “mask” as a tip | The NY Journal

“Typing the word ‘mask’ seems disrespectful,” said Kathy Kearney, owner of John Henry’s Pub of Ardmore in Pennsylvania.

The use of masks is a simple and effective measure.


A waitress from Pennsylvania said a customer left you a note about masks on your receipt instead of a tip, after she reminded the man that he had to wear one when not sitting.

A photo of the receipt with the word “mask” written on the tip line was shared on the page of Facebook from John Henry’s Pub of Ardmore, where the waitress works.

“When your staff politely asks a customer to wear a mask until they sit down, that’s how they are disrespected. Totally unacceptable. ’YOU’ should be ashamed of yourself !! ” says a comment on the post.

The owner of the pub, Kathy kearney, told NBC News in a telephone interview Thursday that the man walked into his establishment Sunday to eat. When he got up from his table and started walking around the pub without a mask, a waitress asked him to put one on.

Pub policy states that patrons must wear a mask when not seated at their table. Kearney said staff often remind customers who forget.

“Like we do with a lot of different customers, when they come in we ask them to put the masks on or while they are inside and stand up, we kindly remind them to put the mask back on when they are on the move,” Kearney said.

Waitress Jamie Ledwith told NBC Philadelphia that after she asked the man to wear a mask, he refused to do so.

“When I said, ‘Can you put the mask on if you’re walking the bar? He said he was going to sit anyway, “Ledwith said.

When Ledwith went to pick up the receipt from the man’s table, he saw the note the customer had left in his $ 23.50 voucher instead of a tip.

The picture of Facebook It has provoked strong reactions from people criticizing the customer for the message and for not leaving a tip. Some people have donated money to Ledwith.

Kearney said he doesn’t want the focus to be on money. “It has nothing to do with money,” he said. “It was just the sentiment behind the mask comment.”


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He felt he would be lucky in a difficult year… and won $ 100,000 in the lottery | The NY Journal

A casual Maryland lottery player believed his feelings when he decided to spend $ 5 on a ticket

The “scratch card” lottery has a different methodology than the traditional one.

Barbara Sax / Getty Images

Winning a $ 100,000 jackpot with a Maryland Lottery Scratch-Off called Ravens was like a ray of sunshine lighting up an especially bleak year, said a happy Howard County player when he went to collect his prize.

A feeling of luck led the IT professional to purchase the $ 5 lottery scratch-off while shopping at an Ellicott City grocery store.

The man said he buys tickets from time to time and was at home with his family when he scratched the instant ticket and discovered victory.

Revealing the $ 100,000 prize was like watching the sun rise after many days of storms, he said. According to the lottery jackpot winner, the good news is a welcome break from what has been a dramatic and complicated year for him.

The lucky Ellicott City resident plans to use the award to pay off some debts, including a car loan, and increase his savings account.

And good luck in the lottery was waiting for him at Harris Teeter # 382 at 11075 Resort Road in Ellicott City. For selling a jackpot winning scratch-off for that lottery, the company will receive a bonus from the Maryland Lottery of $ 1,000.


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Trump vs Biden: who do Russia, China and Iran prefer (according to US intelligence) | The NY Journal

US intelligence says the three countries are trying to interfere in the November vote, but their goals are different

Will the Kremlin continue to push for “America to be great again,” as Donald Trump’s campaign slogan says? Is Beijing Helping Democrat Joe Biden’s Campaign?

Those questions are what are being asked within the US intelligence community ahead of the presidential elections on November 3.

A document from a senior official warns that foreign powers will use “Measures to influence, openly or covertly” the US vote. And it points in particular to Russia, China and Iran.

But the three countries should not be seen as one, according to US intelligence, but each has a different objective.

These documents are also under heavy scrutiny. An informant recently noted that he had been asked to downplay Russian threats on the issue because that “made the president look bad.”

So, with just under a month to go to the election, what do American voters need to know about possible foreign influence on their political future?


What does intelligence say? As has already been evident, Russia played a decisive role in the 2016 elections and their consequences.

US intelligence believes that Russia tried to influence the last presidential elections in favor of Donald Trump and they cite as an example the meetings that the current president’s team had with Russian officials, a cyberattack against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, attempts to obtain voter databases by state and efforts to amplify fake news on the internet.

Last month, a panel led by Republican senators said they supported the conclusion that Russia wanted Trump to win the election. In addition, they concluded that his campaign was an easy target for foreign influence, but ruled out that it was a criminal conspiracy.

American intelligence says Russia has never stopped trying to interfere in American politics

For this year’s elections, the objective has changed: from Hillary Clinton it went to the current Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

In the aforementioned document, which is written in language such that it can be understood by an ordinary citizen, the head of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), William Evanina, said that Russia was “using a range of measures with the primary objective of denigrating former Vice President Joe Biden ”.

In the view of FBI Director Christopher Wray, Russia has never stopped mediating and influencing electoral issues and sees the 2018 parliamentary elections as “They were a rehearsal of what would be the great show of 2020”.

For its part, the Russian government has consistently denied any interference in foreign elections. Earlier this year, a Kremlin spokesman noted that those allegations were “Paranoid ads” that they have “nothing to do with the truth.”

Now, regardless of whether or not Russia wants a second term from Trump, Another view that analysts often emphasize is that that country has a constant drive to destabilize their rivals fueling confusion.

For example, this year a document from the European Union noted that there was a Russian campaign to spread fake news about covid-19, to make the response of the bloc of European countries to the pandemic much more difficult.

Russia, again, denied these accusations.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Getty Images
Joe Biden will face current US President Donald Trump in this year’s election.

What do the candidates say? Biden recently indicated that “there would be punishment” if Russia continued its alleged interference and called the country an “opponent” of the US.

President Trump has always downplayed allegations of Russian interference, putting him in an awkward situation your own intelligence experts.

After a meeting with Vladimir Putin in 2018, the president was asked if he believed the American intelligence community or the Russian president in relation to these allegations.

Trump responded: “President Putin points out that it was not Russia. I don’t see any reason for it to have been. Later, Trump himself said he had been misunderstood.

What does intelligence say? High-level sources within the Trump administration have pointed out that it is China, far more than Russia, the biggest threat to the 2020 elections.

I’ve seen the intelligence reports and that is what I have concluded, ”said US Attorney General William Barr.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, who is the head of the House Intelligence Committee, noted that Barr was “plainly lying” with those comments.

In his report, the head of the National Center for Counterintelligence and Security, William Evanina, notes that US intelligence believes that “China prefers that Trump – whom Beijing sees as unpredictable – not get reelected.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping

The Trump administration says China poses the biggest threat to the US elections.

“China is expanding its influencing efforts to change the perception of Beijing in the US, pressuring political figures who have a vision contrary to Chinese interests and seeking to limit criticism of their country,” said the director of the NCSC.

The use of the word influence It is notable.

Although China has become more sophisticated in the ways it seeks to influence people’s opinion – as it does with content “warehouses,” online commentary brigades, and fabricated social media accounts and users – it is not. clear how far the Asian giant is really willing to go.

China will continue to weigh the risks and benefits of taking aggressive action “Evanina noted.

The intention would instead be to spread and promote China’s worldview beyond its borders.

Facebook recently canceled a network of accounts related to this country, which supported the Chinese state and its interests in the disputed area of ​​the South China Sea.

China has flatly denied any interference in the affairs of other countries.

What do the candidates say? This month, President Trump retweeted an article on the right-wing Breitbart portal, which supports the Republican, which was titled “China seems to favor Biden in the presidential election.”

“Of course China wants Biden. I have taken millions of dollars from China and given them to our farmers and the US Treasury office. China will take over the US if Biden & Hunter win the election! ”Trump wrote in reference to the son of Biden, Hunter.

Relations between the two countries are not going through their best moment, with disputes on various fronts from Covid-19 to the security law imposed by China in Hong Kong.

Joe Biden has tried to defend himself against the idea that he is too permissive with China, as Trump has accused, and has promised to be “firm” on issues such as human rights violations.

However, Democrats argue that, at least in the elections it is Russia that is being more aggressive.

Joe biden

Getty Images
Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate for the US presidency.

What is the US most afraid of? It depends who you ask

Gordon Corera, BBC security correspondent.

In 2016, the US government, as well as major social media portals, were slow to deal with Russian interference.

Now no one is silent, but the landscape has changed.

Companies like Facebook or Twitter speak loudly about what they are doing and the US intelligence community publishes regular evaluations.

But the issue has become deeply politicized.

Democrats focus on Russian interference favoring President Trump, while supporters of the Republican president have tried to draw attention to Chinese influence working against his re-election.

National security officials have tried to walk a fine line, by acknowledging that both are happening (as well as low-level Iranian influence), but at the same time avoiding making a difference for fear of getting caught up in partisan struggle.

Russian interference has been seen more organized and covert so far, but not necessarily on the same scale or with the same impact as the 2016 Democrats’ email hacking and leakage.

Tactics have also evolved for entities seeking to interfere, often amplifying genuine US news and publications rather than inventing bogus content.

And there are concerns that more attacks could come in the final stages of the campaign, including potential efforts to undermine the credibility of the electoral process itself.


What does intelligence say? In her report, Evanina indicates that Tehran is against another mandate from President Trump, which they believe will result in “continued US pressure on Iran to change the regime.”

Iran’s efforts, the official noted, will focus on “On internet influence, such as spreading disinformation on social media and circulating anti-US content”.

This information was supported by Microsoft experts, who said that hackers with links to Russia, China and Iran are trying to spy on key figures in the US election.

On Iran, the company noted that an Iranian group known as Phosphorus has tried unsuccessfully to access the accounts of White House officials and Trump campaign personnel in May and June of this year.

Hassan Rouhani President of Iran

Iran has rejected claims that it chose a side in the US elections.

A spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry called Microsoft’s report “absurd.”

“Iran is not worried about who will be the next US president,” said spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh.

An Atlantic Council report earlier this year noted that efforts of Iranian influence were focused on promoting the national agenda, such as its bid for regional supremacy.

“Almost all content released by Iran’s digital influence efforts relates directly to its worldview or specific foreign policy goals. Consequently, Iran’s operations are easier to identify than those of other actors like Russia, whose content is more likely to be politically agnostic, ”the report noted.

What do the candidates say? The Iran issue is not prominent in the elections unlike Russia and China.

Trump has had an aggressive policy against Iran, pulling the country out of the historic nuclear deal and ordering the death of powerful General Qasem Soleimani.

Biden, for his part, has indicated that this policy has failed. In an article published by CNN, he noted that there is “a way to be tough on Iran,” forcing the country to stop destabilizing activities, while offering them “a diplomatic path.”

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Hurricane Delta reaches Category 3 heading for Louisiana, where it will arrive on Friday | The NY Journal

The governor declared a state of emergency in Louisiana, where the sixth cyclone is expected when they have not yet recovered from the passage of Laura

Hurricane Delta gained in intensity towards the United States.


He hurricane delta won in organization in the Gulf of Mexico and reached Category 3, Hurricane conditions and life-threatening storm surge are expected to begin along parts of the northern Gulf Coast on Friday.

As of 4:00 PM CDT on Thursday, October 8, the center of Delta was located near 24.8 N, 93.4 W with a travel speed of 12 mph. to the northwest and will maintain that course until the night, when it will turn north and from Friday night again to the northeast, according to the forecast of the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

The minimum central pressure was 959 mb with maximum sustained winds of about 115 mph, according to the NHC report.

Delta’s hurricane-force winds extend up to 35 miles (55 kilometers) from the center and tropical storm winds (weaker) up to 125 miles (205 kilometers).

Delta’s greatest danger to the coast is rising sea levels from the combination of storm surge and tide, which can reach a maximum of 11 feet (3.3 meters) at some point in Louisiana.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast 6 to 10 inches of rain During Friday in areas of western Louisiana with moderate risk of flooding:

There are also areas of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi at risk of coastal flooding and dangerous storm surge, which can be 7 to 11 feet above ground level:

Weakened after having impacted on the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico), where it caused flooding and economic damage, Delta this Thursday recovered forces on the way to Louisiana over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico This very night it may again reach a major hurricane category.

The impact zone, in accordance with NHC notices, It runs from Sabine Pass to Morgan City on the Louisiana coast, but coastal warnings are also in effect for Texas and Mississippi.

Hurricane Delta gained in intensity towards the United States. / Animation Courtesy: NOAA / NESDIS / STR GOES

The authorities have urged the population of the area to prepare and seek refuge in safe places, and Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency on Tuesday.

According to the Accuweather portal, it will be the first time in history that a hurricane named after a letter from the Greek alphabet – they are used when the annual list of names is finished – makes landfall on US soil.

In this very active hurricane season in the Atlantic there have been ten named storms that have made landfall in the continental US, according to that media.

But in addition, Delta will dump copious rains that can lead to flash floods and river overflows, lead to tornadoes in Louisiana and Mississippi, and produce heavy swells in the northern and western Gulf of Mexico.

With information from EFE


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The Nobel Prize in Literature goes to the American poet Louise Glück | The NY Journal

The New Yorker receives the award “for her unmistakable poetic voice that, with an austere beauty, makes individual existence universal”

American Louise Glück is the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature, “for her unmistakable poetic voice that, with an austere beauty, makes individual existence universal,” the Swedish Academy announced this Thursday.

Glück is considered one of the poets Outstanding Contemporary American Literature.

The Academy said the awardee had been “shocked” when she received the phone call.

Since its debut in 1968 with Firstborn, Glück has published twelve collections of poetry and some essays on the genre.

Born in New York in 1943, she is also a professor of English at Yale University in Connecticut.

He has received several prestigious accolades, including the Pulitzer Prize for his collection of poems. The Wild Iris (“The wild iris”) in 1993 and the National Book Award (2014).

His poetry focuses on the painful reality of the human being, and addresses topics such as death, childhood and family life.

Getty Images
Louise Glück is considered one of the most prominent poets in contemporary American literature.

Glück “seeks the universal, and for this he inspired by classical motifs and myths, present in most of his works ”, added the Academy.

Previous controversies

The last two editions of this award have been surrounded by controversy.

Last year the decision to award the Nobel Prize for Literature to Austrian Peter Handke generated a veritable avalanche of criticism

The screenwriter, novelist and poet is a highly controversial figure for his support of the Serbs during the Yugoslavian War in the 1990s.

In 2019, the 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature was also awarded. And the fact is that, the previous year, for the first time since 1943, the Swedish Academy did not award the prize for a scandal of sexual abuse and other complaints that led to the resignation of seven of the 18 members of the jury.

Olga Tokarczuk and Peter Handke

Olga Tokarczuk and Peter Handke, winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

The Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk was the winner of the 2018 edition.

Who are Olga Tokarczuk and Peter Handke, the 2018 and 2019 award winners

Awards week

The week of the Nobel Prizes began this Monday with the Medicine Prize, which this year fell to the researchers Michael Houghton, Harvey J. Alter and Charles M. Rice for the discovery of the hepatitis C virus.

Nobel medal

Getty Images
  • Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice Win Award for Hepatitis C Virus Discovery
  • On Tuesday it was the turn for the Nobel Prize in Physics, which went to Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez for his findings on black holes; while on Wednesday Chemistry was awarded to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna for developing a method to edit the genome

    Peace will be announced on Friday and Economy will be announced next Monday.

    All the awards are given on December 10, the anniversary of the death of the founder, Alfred Nobel, in parallel events in Stockholm, for scientists, Literature and Economics, while the Peace is held in Oslo.

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The US offensive to dismember the big technology companies accused of monopoly | The NY Journal

A US Congressional committee presented a report proposing tough measures on Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook to ensure free competition

One of the keys to the report prepared by a committee of the United States House of Representatives on Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple is that the word monopoly appears almost 120 times.

The main technology companies in the world were harshly questioned in the legislative document presented on Tuesday, in which they are accused of abusing their dominant position in the markets to establish the rules and prices for electronic commerce, searches, social networks and online advertising among other aspects.

“In short, once startup companies challenging the status what have become the kind of monopolies we last saw in the days of the oil magnates and the railroads ”, summarizes the 449-page report, prepared over a period of 16 months.

“These companies have too much power and that power must be controlled,” adds the text.

To deal with this situation, legislators they recommended dismembering these companies to restore competition, more strictly enforce antitrust laws, and place limitations on these tech giants from buying up new startups.

further want to prevent these four companies from operating in sectors where they are themselves the main providers of infrastructure as, for example, in the case of Amazon, which serves as a commercial platform used by many companies with which, at the same time, it competes by acting as a seller.

This congressional report is regarded as the most important move to regulate technology companies since federal authorities sued Microsoft for violating antitrust laws in the 1990s.

In spite of everything, this is not the only initiative to control the technological giants that the US authorities are executing.

The Justice Department is preparing an antitrust lawsuit against Google, while Amazon, Apple and Facebook are the subject of investigations by that instance, as well as by the Federal Trade Commission and by the attorneys general of almost every state in the country.

These four companies have a total market value estimated at more than $ 5 trillion.

What are they accused of?

According to the report, Facebook has a “monopoly power” in the social media market, which the company has maintained using the strategy of “acquire, copy or kill” the possible threats that arise to its domain.

In the case of Google, it is singled out for monopolizing searches and advertising on-line through a series of anti-competitive tactics ”, including privileging their own content above that of other websites.

As for Amazon, it is noted to have “significant and resilient market power” in the purchasing sector. on-line, which is also reinforced by “anti-competitive conduct in your treatment of other sellers“, Whom the company refers to behind closed doors as“ internal competitors ”.

The report points out that Apple exercises a monopoly through its application store (App Store), which it uses to “create and apply barriers to competition and discriminate and exclude rivals giving preference to their own offers ”.

What companies say

The leaders of these great technologies (Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, Tim Cook, of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook and Sundar Pichai, of Google), appeared in July before the Congress during the investigation to defend them.

Getty Images
Lawmakers question whether Amazon competes with sellers who use its platform.

Now, after the report was released, the big four companies responded to the results.

“Google’s free products like the search engine, Google Maps, and Gmail help millions of Americans, and we’ve invested billions of dollars in research and development to create and improve them. We we compete fairly in a highly competitive and changing industryThe company said in a statement.

Amazon, for its part, warned that the legislative committee’s recommendations could end up hurting small businesses and consumers.

“These bad ideas could have the primary effect of keep millions of independent merchants out of online stores, depriving these small businesses of one of the fastest and most profitable avenues available to reach consumers, ”the company said.

Apple also rejected the report, saying that its app store has made possible “new markets, new services and new products that were unimaginable a decade ago, and developers have been the main beneficiaries of this ecosystem ”.

An Iphone on whose screen you can see different applications.

Getty Images
Through its App Store, Apple has control over the applications that can be installed on its devices.

As for Facebook, the company denied that its acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp was anti-competitive.

“We compete with a wide variety of services with millions, even billions, of people using them. Acquisitions are a part of all industries and a way through which we innovate with new technologies to offer greater value to people, ”the company said in a statement.

Political battle

The report released Tuesday was written by the Democratic majority that controls the House Justice Committee.

Although both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party agree on the advisability of controlling the power wielded by large technology companies, their vision on how to achieve it is not so coincidental.

Jim Jordan, the top Republican congressman on that committee, called the report “partisan” and he complained that claims by conservatives who claim that tech platforms have a bias against their ideology were not addressed.

Republican Congressman Ken Buck, for his part, made it clear that the difference with the Democrats has to do with the proposed solutions.

“Enforcement of antitrust legislation on big tech companies is not a partisan issue. But a few grams prevention is worthn more than half a kilogram of remedies. I prefer to see well targeted antitrust measures than heavy and onerous regulation that kills innovation in the industry, “he said.

Losgos from Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

Getty Images
Together, these Big 4 Techs are valued at more than $ 5 trillion.

Dan Ives, technology analyst at Wedbush Securities, believes that the lack of agreement between the two parties makes it unlikely that any meaningful action will be taken.

“The lack of consensus between both parties on antitrust issues remains a major obstacle to progress,” he told the BBC.

James Clayton, a reporter for BBC Technology in North America, considers it unlikely that any kind of legislative action will be taken before the November presidential election between President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

“What is very clear now is that Both Biden and Trump – each in their own way – present existential challenges to the power of Big TechHe warned.

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Delta continues its march to Louisiana, preparing for its sixth hurricane in 2020 | The NY Journal

After wreaking havoc in the northeast of the Yucatan Peninsula this Wednesday morning, Hurricane Delta made its way into the Gulf of Mexico in the afternoon, where it is expected to regain strength and reach Category 3 again, before touching down in Louisiana this Friday.

The powerful winds of up to 120 miles per hour (190 kilometers per hour) that brought Delta to the Mexican state of Quintana Roo they felled hundreds of trees and cut electricity to thousands of residents of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos, among other tourist centers in the region, authorities reported.

The correspondent for Noticias Telemundo Raúl Torres was able to verify the damage in the streets of Playa del Carmen.

More than 41,000 tourists were evicted from hotels and more than 2,500 people took refuge in the dozens of shelters arranged throughout the Riviera Maya. Some visitors were still staying in the shelters for safety, but are expected to return to their hotels later in the afternoon.

“This hurricane was not as strong as Wilma. That was stronger because it was parked for 48 hours and, although we bought a pantry, we did need it, “Candelaria Escobar told the newspaper El Universal, a resident of Puerto Morelos who recalled the destruction caused by Wilma, a category 5 hurricane that swept the coast of the state in 2005.

There were no reports of deaths or injuriessaid Carlos Joaquín González, governor of the state of Quintana Roo, who reduced the alert level and decreed the resumption of work activities.

“Fortunately, the most dangerous part of the hurricane has passed,” González said, noting that the big problem was the fallen trees that had destroyed power lines and blocked roads.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami reported in the afternoon that the Category 2 hurricane was about 65 miles (110 kilometers) east-northeast of Puerto Progreso, just at the northern tip of the peninsula.

Currently Delta has maximum sustained winds of 100 miles per hour (155 kilometers per hour)But it is expected to intensify again before hitting the US Gulf of Mexico coast.

The location of Hurricane Delta at 10:51 a.m. Wednesday. / Photo: NOAA / NHC / EFE

An “unforgiving” season has Louisiana waiting for its sixth hurricane

Louisiana residents are already preparing for the arrival of what would be the sixth hurricane of the 2020 season on the state’s shores, the most intense on record in the Atlantic with a total of 25 named storms.

Delta could make landfall south of Morgan City, Louisianapossibly as a Category 3 storm sometime on Friday.

“This season has been relentless,” said Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, once again resorting to what has become one of his most helpful phrases of 2020: “Prepare for the worst. And pray that it is not so bad.

This year, Louisiana was hit by hurricanes of considerable force, although it was also spared by some.

The southwestern area of ​​the state, around Lake Charles, which is forecast to be on Delta’s current track, it is still recovering from Category 4 Hurricane Laura that made landfall on August 27.

Almost six weeks later, some 5,600 people are still staying in hotels in New Orleans, because their homes are too damaged for them to inhabit. Downed trees, torn roofs and other debris that have not been cleared are still visible on the sides of the roads that pass through Lake Charles.

Meteorologists warn that Delta could arrive as a force majeure (Category 3 or higher) hurricane.

The city of New Orleans prepared for days for Hurricane Sally, which drifted eastward and ended up making landfall in Alabama on September 16.

Hurricane Marco was scheduled to make landfall in Louisiana just before Laura, in what would have been a historic double hit in a row had it not been for the system dissipating at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

This Wednesday, Morgan City hardware stores looked crowded by customers looking for lumber and tools to protect their homes, found on Delta’s estimated path.

“The others did not worry me, but it seems that we are the target of this one” The Associated Press buyer Terry Guarisco, as a store clerk helped him load his truck with plywood he planned to use to wall his home for the first time this hurricane season.

With information from The Associated Press, National Hurricane Center and El Universal.


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