WhatsApp Gained Most Monthly Active Users in India in 2020: App Annie

[ad_1] WhatsApp emerged as the top app of 2020 in India with most monthly active users, according to mobile analytics

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10 reasons Telegram founder ‘thinks’ using WhatsApp is dangerous

Telegram founder Pavel Durov in an official blog post listed out several reports to criticise WhatsApp and explained why he thinks using WhatsApp is dangerous. Telegram is a WhatsApp rival app and Durov went no holds barred in stating his bias against WhatsApp. “Some could say that, as a founder of a rival app, I may be biased when criticizing WhatsApp. Of course I am. Of course I consider Telegram Secret Chats to be significantly more secure than any competing means of communication – why else would I be developing and using Telegram?” To back his claim of WhatsApp being dangerous and hinting the people should ideally delete it from their phones, Durov referred to several news reports. Here are the reasons, as per Durov why using WhatsApp is dangerous

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