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Merson hails Solskjaer strength which has allowed Fernandes to shine

Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson has hailed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for his ability to get the best out of Bruno Fernandes.

The midfielder has been a large reason behind Manchester United’s renaissance this season.

It has seen them fly up the Premier League in recent weeks and they are second, level on points with leaders Liverpool.

It is a remarkable turnaround from the start of the season, when Solskjaer was coming under huge pressure.

And former Arsenal star Merson has commended the United boss for his managerial prowess.

“I would say so (that he was the signing of 2020) and I think it’s great management from Solskjaer for what he’s done,” he told Sky Sports.

Bruno Fernandes has been United’s best player this season

“He can play whatever way he wants to play. No other Manchester United player can go out and play the way he plays.

“Certain times in games he’s anonymous and other players might get brought off but he can do what he wants.

“The Leicester goal he tries to nutmeg inside his own half, but he plays his own way and I think that’s brilliant by the manager.

“It’s very rare you get that at a big football club that you can have someone told go and do whatever you want to do.

“Try whatever you want to try and if it doesn’t come off you’re alright.

“It’s great management and I think he’s a special player.

“I love watching him play and what I love about him when it isn’t going well he’ll just keep on doing what he’s doing, he won’t hide and that’s what you call brave.

Fernandes has been in fine form this season

“Brave’s not going into 60-40 tackles against, brave is when it’s not going well and you keep getting on the ball.”

Fernandes has been a revelation in the Premier League this season, netting 11 times and grabbing seven assists in 16 Premier League appearances.

Only Mohamed Salah and Heung-min Son have scored more than him in the league with Harry Kane and Kevin de Bruyne the only ones having more assists.

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Rob Burrow epitomises rugby league’s strength and resilience in torrid year

This has been an incredibly ­difficult year for everybody, but it has proved the strength and ­resilience of rugby league and its communities.

What has shone through for me is how connected the sport is to the towns and cities that host it.

People involved at clubs reached out and helped those that needed it in the communities in a variety of ways.

And the communities repaid that by supporting the clubs financially, ­effectively giving thousands of pounds by donating season tickets that they’d bought but couldn’t use.

On the field, we’ve seen the ­resilience of players and coaching staffs. Everyone of them had to take pay cuts, but accepted matches at the last minute and delivered more games in a short period of time than we’ve seen since the sport went professional.

Jack Welsby’s dramatic late try won the Grand Final for Saints

The rule changes that were ­introduced which included scrapping scrums and cutting down on penalties actually made it a better product to watch.

Then we had the Grand Final ­between St Helens and Wigan, which produced such a high-quality game and the most incredible finish you could imagine with Jack Welsby’s last-second winner for Saints.

We have to look at those positives as a sport and take them forward into what is a huge year in 2021. We’ve seen again this year what a great spectacle we’ve got on the field, but you only have truly great events when there are fans in the ground.

I’m really looking forward to the sport creating those memorable events again when we have electric atmospheres inside the stadiums.

Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield

We especially need that ahead of the World Cup in this country, which is such an opportunity for rugby league. We have the chance to showcase the sport across the country and – ­hopefully – the general public will ­really buy into that.

Something else that has captured the nation’s attention this year is Rob Burrow’s battle with motor neurone disease. Rob was a great player but it’s the way that both him and his family have handled the situation that they’re in which has really inspired people.

Rob is resilient, he’s optimistic and he’s humble.

They are three traits essential to people involved in rugby league and people seeing them in Rob is one of the reasons his story has gone well beyond the boundaries of the sport, in a year where the sport and its followers have reached out to each other.

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Unfailing strength

Barely out of the hospital, the volunteer Gilles Kègle resumed his daily rounds of the sick.


Workout with a sandbag to build muscles and gain strength

Inexpensive and maintenance free, incorporate sandbags in your workout routine to help gain strength and build a stronger core

A sandbag, like its name suggests, is filled with sand. It looks like an overstuffed gym bag, with multiple handles for executing different exercises.

You can add one to your home gym for variety and challenge. Inexpensive and maintenance free, they cost upwards of ₹1,500, depending on the weight and the brand. Try 5 kilograms for dynamic strength exercises, and 10 kilograms for static exercises.

Incorporating a sandbag into your routine will help you gain strength, hypertrophy (depending on the weight used and routine planned), a stronger core, and functional fitness.

A warm up is a must. Do cardio for 15 minutes, followed by a mobility routine, to warm up the shoulders, hips, lower back and arms. All the regular gym exercises can be done with the sandbag but the functional exercises are a bit more challenging. Post workout stretches are a must.

Before you begin, remember…

  • Never neglect the warm up and cool down
  • Get used to the equipment before going into advanced moves
  • Stop the exercise if it makes you dizzy or places stress on any joint
  • Keep the lower back in neutral position and avoid hiking your shoulders towards the ears or pitching your chin forward, in any exercise

The routine

Sandbag run

Hug the 10 kilogram sandbag close to your chest and jog a 100 meters. Stop for 15 seconds and repeat 10 times. This exercise provides good cardio and strengthens the core. It also builds functional fitness and dynamic stability of the lower back, upper back, chest and shoulders.

Workout with a sandbag to build muscles and gain strength

Plank pull

Get into a plank position with arms extended. Place the sandbag outside the left arm, in a horizontal position. Holding the plank; pull the 5 kg sandbag on to the right side and get back into a plank. Repeat the same, pulling the sandbag to the left this time. Perform at least 10 repetitions. This is a full body workout, and works all the major muscle groups including glutes, legs, calves, total back, arms and shoulders, and core.

Workout with a sandbag to build muscles and gain strength

Squat with good morning

The 10 kilogram sandbag is carried over the shoulders and held in place using the handles. Squat with feet shoulder width apart following it up by a good morning for the back (finishing with your torso nearly parallel to the ground.) Repeat slowly, at least 16 to 20 times, for the full benefit of both the exercises. This will strengthen the lower body and the lower back.

Workout with a sandbag to build muscles and gain strength

Sandbag throws

Hold a 5 kilogram sandbag firmly with both hands and fling it as far as you can. Run across and throw it back. Repeat 10 to 20 times. Good for exercising the arms and chest.

Workout with a sandbag to build muscles and gain strength

Lunges with overhead lift

Hold the 5 kilogram sandbag in front of the chest, using the handles. Get into a lunge position and hold the posture. As you exhale, lift the sandbag overhead. Make sure the arms are in line with your ears. Repeat 10 times on either leg. This exercise not only works the shoulders but also the lower body as it is held static.

Nisha Varma is an ACSM-certified exercise physiologist. This is a monthly column with exercises for a home workout.

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Giants’ Cam Brown drawing strength from lifetime of loss: ‘Balling for y’all’

The T-shirt Cam Brown wore under his 47 jersey for the Giants’ first victory over the Washington Football Team blared Boogie on the back, with a picture of his childhood friend on the front, framed with the words, “Forever with us.”

Jonathan Somuah was “Boogie.” He lost his life 14 months ago when the car he was in was struck by a tractor trailer in Laurel, Md. He was 21.

“I know you watching from above,” Brown wrote beneath an Instagram photo of him stretching pregame on the MetLife field. And on the next line below, a tiny heart, and #longliveboogie.

Atop both his Twitter and Instagram are the words: “Rest in Paradise to the ones I’ve lost, I’m balling for y’all now!”

Cam Brown has lost too many.

Brown became a sixth-round draft choice when his phone rang and Joe Judge was on the other end asking: “Are you ready to be a Giant?”

Turns out, he was ready. Cam Brown has been ready for a long time.

He has made a mark on special teams as a gunner and compelled defensive coordinator Patrick Graham to find a role for him at outside linebacker.

Cam Brown
Cam Brown kneels during Giants practice.Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Boogie was only the most recent tragedy Brown has endured on his journey from Bullis School in Potomac, Md., to Penn State to his lifelong NFL dream. His personal losses were first chronicled in the Centre Daily Times.

“Those people that passed away wouldn’t want you to just give up and quit on life just ’cause you’re sad because they passed away, I know that for a fact,” Brown told The Post.

Mr. Pete — Peter Warren — was a longtime family friend and culinary chef who would take Brown to school when he transferred from James Hubert Blake High School in Silver Spring, Md., to Bullis. He lost his life to esophageal cancer in October 2014.

“He became my unofficial godfather over the years,” Brown said. “He meant the world to me. For a point in time, I think I saw him more often than I was seeing my dad.”

Siafa Lavala lived down the street and was friends with Brown’s older brother Greyson. Lavala, who played cornerback at Saint Francis (Pa.), showed him the ropes of the game. Thirteen months after Mr. Pete passed away, Lavala was gone.

“Neither of my brothers played football, my parents didn’t let ‘em play,” Brown said. “He taught me some of the little details and things like that of football.”

Then another childhood friend, Andrew Dantzler, drowned in a lake when Brown was a freshman at Penn State.

“We played Little League basketball together,” Brown said. “We’ve been going to school together since kindergarten. We were real close.”

Within the same week, Brown lost his maternal grandfather Eugene — a larger-than-life figure, to a brain aneurysm.

“He was a real estate mogul in the inner city of New York,” Brown said. “Big-game hunter. Spent most of his free time hunting, lions, tigers, bears, whatever it may have been.”

So now, Cam Brown hunts a promising NFL future.

“It’s man versus man, don’t let the other man win,” Brown said. “That’s pretty much how I go out there. I’m not gonna let another grown man take control of my life for a moment.”

Penn State
Cam Brown playing for Penn State.AP

He has impressed the coaches with his physicality, length instincts and passion, and at a rangy 6-foot-5, 233 pounds, a unique skill set.

“Even though we don’t have the best record, it’s just being a part of one of the greatest organizations in sports history in general,” Brown said before the Giants’ two-game win streak.

He was 6 when he began playing for the White Oak Warriors.

“We were two-time national champs,” Brown said proudly.

He was a three-time captain in high school, and at Bullis he played both ways and caught passes from Dwayne Haskins. He blocked a punt in the fourth quarter against Ohio State as a Penn State freshman. He grew up to be a captain his senior year.

He won’t stop carrying the memory of those who can no longer watch him continue to grow.

“I think about those people every day I get to walk out on the field and play football, honestly,” Cam Brown said.

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Freer and stronger than ever, Selena Gomez tells how she “draws strength” from her psychological problems | The State

Singer Selena Gomez has once again carried out an exercise in personal reaffirmation with his latest statements, in which he has reflected on the “strength” that he has developed precisely as a result of his battle against the consequences of the outbreaks of depression and anxiety that suffers occasionally.

The ancient star Disney is currently going through a very satisfactory stage at all levels, since at thethe successes of his latest album ‘Rare’ -the most introspective and sincere of his career- and with the eponymous cosmetics line, we must add the constructive way in which he has learned to cope with and solve his moments of low spirits, derived in large part from the setbacks that he has had to face in the framework of his fight against Lupus disease.

“I feel like being able to show myself as I am is very difficult, but in the long run the payoff is obvious. I feel freer and stronger than ever! I keep working on it and I force myself to be myself when creating, be it music or film or television projects. Being true to oneself is without a doubt a great gift of life ”, has explained the music diva in conversation with the medium The Newsetter.

So much so, that the American interpreter has found in artistic expression a therapeutic tool more than useful to be able to face adversity and, when necessary, to relativize the importance they have in your day to day: “I am no longer ashamed of anything, I feel very good when I analyze what is happening to me and what is happening around me. Now I am able to understand many things ”, he asserted.


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Confidence Drops in Prescription-Strength Fish Oil

More than 13,000 patients, treated at centers around the world, were given either Epanova or a placebo pill containing corn oil. All patients had conditions putting them at at “high cardiovascular risk.” For example, they were being treated with cholesterol-lowering statins and had either blockages of the coronary arteries, or arteries in the brain or legs, or were at risk for heart disease because of conditions such as diabetes or lifestyle risk factors like smoking.

Enrollment into the trial began in 2014. The trial was terminated in January of 2020, Lincoff’s group said.

Over that period of time, over 1,600 patients experienced some kind of cardiac event . But the use of Epanova did not decrease deaths from heart disease, heart attack, stroke, the need for stents or bypass surgery, or being hospitalized for angina.

There was even one downside to the treatment: Researchers say that use of the prescription-strength fish oil appeared tied to a rise in the risk for the common abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation.

But if Epanova appears to confer no benefit, why did heart patients given another omega-3 prescription drug, Vascepa, seemingly get a health boost?

According to Curfman, the answer may lie in trial design.

Vascepa contains a form of purified EPA known as icosapent ethyl. The clinical trial which appeared to validate Vascepa’s effectiveness lasted 5 years. Researchers found that use of the drug was tied to a 25% reduction in a variety of cardiac events when compared to placebo — in this case, mineral oil.

“Why did these 2 high-quality clinical trials, both using the same high dose of omega-3 fatty acids, come to opposite conclusions?,” Curfman asked.

The choice of placebo — mineral oil or corn oil — might help explain the discrepancy, he said. Perhaps Vascepa “did not reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, but instead, the comparator, mineral oil, increased the risk of cardiovascular events,” Curfman theorized. That might create the illusion that Vascepa helped patients, he reasoned.

There is some evidence that mineral oil can boost levels of LDL ‘bad” cholesterol, Curfman noted.

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Souldia and Tizzo: unity is strength

Everyone lives at the end of Highway 20 and knew nothing about the living environment or the street language of the other. However, two of the main heavyweights of Quebec rap, Souldia and Tizzo, found enough in common to become friends and record an album together.

“Birds of a feather flock together in life,” says Souldia, driving her car during a Zoom conference, while Tizzo quietly smokes a firecracker sitting on her couch.

What unites them? First, a past of delinquents that sent them both behind bars. Then, an undeniable popularity with young rap fans, which they developed on the fringes of the mass media.

Tizzo, who made a name for himself with his song We whip, summarizes: “He went to prison, he got out of prison, music saved his life. He’s made a good citizen who makes music and he makes a living with it, he takes care of his family. Worse me, it’s the same scum, it’s just that I’m a little less done than Souldia, but I’m on my way. ”

Five days to do it all

Souldia and Tizzo had known each other for a year and got along like thieves when they decided last summer to lock themselves in a chalet to create the album they were going to call OFF.

In a week, they produced thirteen songs. The two accomplices swear they hadn’t prepared anything before meeting each other.

“Even the cover and the photos were taken there,” Souldia insists. The infographic guy arrived on Wednesday for two days and while we were recording we were giving him directions. For the music video, we knew what day we would be shooting, but we didn’t know which song we would use. It was hot. We were always on the adrenaline rush. ”

Prison receipts

On beats created mostly by Christophe Martin, Farfadet and P.C., the duo wrote the lyrics on the inspiration of the moment. No line was written before the chalet and no theme was imposed.

“We got there, we didn’t know where we were going,” Tizzo recalls.

They imposed themselves, so to speak, only two themes: the life of a rock star gave the song Rockstar while their culinary memories of prison are at the origin of Recipe.

This one, Souldia and Tizzo are quite proud of.

“When Tizzo says at the beginning of the game ‘salmon cane and chips’, those are our recipes in prison. We make a rice, we crush all the chips and it is sprinkled with Doritos. This is the breadcrumbs. With a toaster, we make vegetables sautéed in prison, hash like that, ”Souldia ignites.

Judge on TV

However, the years of jail are far behind, especially when you consider that Souldia was chosen, along with Koriass and Sarahmée, to judge the competitors of The end of the weak, a TV rap competition to be hosted by Pierre-Yves Lord, on Télé-Québec, in March 2021.

He is delighted with it.

“Yo, a rap show, on Télé-Québec. A series, a season, not an interview during the credits. And they thought of me, yo, I was so happy. ”

Souldia and Tizzo claim they would have been the first in line to appear on a show like this if it had existed when they first started rapping.

“I wish,” Souldia concludes, “that all the rappers sign up. Because they are emotional. When they don’t win, rappers often complain. We see them on social networks. But we must not complain, we must go for it. Worse, it’s a great opportunity to go for it. ”

OFF has been on the market since Friday.

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Hurricanes are keeping more of their strength after moving ashore

Hurricanes are taking longer to weaken after making landfall because of climate change, according to a new study. As a result, stronger storms could wreak havoc on communities farther inland, the study finds. It’s the latest warning that hurricanes could cause even more devastation in a warming world.

Hurricanes feed off heat energy from the sea. The more heat, the more energy — and the more intense hurricanes can become. There’s already evidence that the strongest hurricanes have become more common. But once a hurricane reaches land, it’s cut off from its source of energy and typically begins to rapidly lose strength. Now, thanks to the new study published today in the journal Nature, scientists are beginning to understand that global warming’s effects on a hurricane don’t stop there.

“Whenever we think that climate change has not had an effect on us, because somehow we got lucky — If you look under the hood, there are things that are lurking. And unfortunately, here is an example of that,” said Pinaki Chakraborty, a senior author of the study and a professor of fluid mechanics at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University.

Chakraborty and the study’s lead author, PhD student Lin Li, analyzed data on storms that made landfall after forming in the North Atlantic between 1967 and 2018. They found that recent hurricanes lost about 50 percent of their intensity in the first day after making landfall. That’s much less than hurricanes in the 1960s that weakened by about 75 percent within a day of reaching land, according to the study. How slowly the storms weakened closely matched changes in sea surface temperatures over the same time period.

To bolster the historical data and figure out why the storms were weakening slower over time, the researchers also created computer simulations of hurricanes. They found that hotter temperatures allowed the hurricanes to hold on to more moisture, which they could continue to tap as a source of heat energy once they reached land.

Although the results of the computer models showed the same pattern as the historical data, the change in how long hurricanes kept their strength on land wasn’t as dramatic. That suggests that there are other factors, like the characteristics of the terrain a hurricane runs into, that influence how the storm behaves over land. Technological advances in how scientists measure storm intensity could also have an effect on the historical data, although the researchers chose to limit their study to hurricanes that made landfall after 1967 to get more reliable data from satellite observations.

Right now, an intense tropical storm hitting an inland community is still unusual, but when it does happen, the results can be devastating. The study results could help communities start to brace for more high-powered hurricanes in the future. A typical hurricane might move about 430 kilometers in one day, according to Chakraborty. That could put the city of Atlanta, Georgia, within striking distance of a storm that’s still got 50 percent of the strength it had at sea. While the city at times suffers remnants from hurricanes and tropical storms, a direct hit from a hurricane-strength storm is rare. As the planet continues to heat up, “it would not be surprising if category one — even category two — hurricanes start to become more common in a place like Atlanta,” says Chakraborty. Slow-dying hurricanes would pose bigger threats for coastal communities, too, if they stall out over the same area but maintain much of their strength.

“They’re identifying a potentially really important problem that basically is sort of simple, but nobody’s ever thought about at all,” says Dan Chavas, an assistant professor of Atmospheric Science at Purdue University. Chavas wrote a commentary article about the new study that was also published in Nature today.

Since this is the first study to look into climate’s influence on the speed of a storm’s decay on land, there needs to be more research to see if the same thing is happening in other parts of the world. Chakraborty has already begun looking into storms that start in the Pacific basin and says his preliminary research shows a similar phenomenon emerging.

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Losing weight for men: what are the best foods to achieve it without losing strength or muscle mass | The NY Journal

One of the main concerns for men when it comes to lose weight, is related to loss of muscle mass. That is why small Changes in lifestyle, can be derived in Big results and above all to provoke a considerable fat loss already long term.

For example: a person who consumes two soft drinks a day that contribute approximately 240 calories, simply changing this habit for the consumption of water saves 3,360 calories per week. This translates into a weekly loss of half a kg, which is equivalent to 3,500 calories solely for stop drinking soda and good is also associated with other great benefits for health. While this is just one example, the good news is that there are several simple everyday habits which are essential to lose weight. In fact there is a declaration of Andy Yurechko, doctor of Augusta University Medical Center in Georgia, who believes that the people who dieting more successfully avoid fads and focus on long-term sustainable practices. “A healthier type of diet is something we can do every day.”

Various specialists point out that a good advice is to divide the objective into Two phases: the first gain muscle mass for a few weeks, and the second to opt for an eating plan that allows remove fat. The truth is that regardless of the objectives of each person, it will always be relevant to health protect muscle mass and avoid losing what we have won, thanks to physical activity and a good diet. It is because of that the best dietary guideline for men, it is the one that double feed the muscles and of course lose fat, for which it is essential to generate a energy deficit. Through a correct planning meals and daily calories, it’s essential; We invite you to discover the foods of which it is essential ensure the presence of the following foods.

Lose weight and gain muscle mass:

1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the best sources of proteins of high biological value, which means that they contain the complete amino acids that the body needs. It is well known that proteins are essential to lose weight and above all feed the muscle, in the case of the egg it draws special attention its leucine content. It is the amino acid responsible for making muscles grow, they are also considered a very complete and satisfying food that benefits weight loss and control. Best of all, it is very accessible and versatile add them in the daily diet.

Egg. / Photo: Shutterstock

2. Chicken

Another extraordinary source of protein from high biological value and leucine, at the same time represents one of the best alternatives to consume meat without being the red and processed variants, which are related to harmful effects on health. Lean chicken meat has the genius of being very low in fat, calories and it is the most versatile for include in all meals. Only 50 grams of chicken contain between 2-3 grams of leucine.

Grilled chicken
Grilled chicken./Photo: Pixabay

3. Banana

Carbohydrates are essential for good muscle function and they are one of the main sources of energy, that is why they are related to burning calories. While it is important to monitor the foods from which they are obtained and avoid any type of carbohydrates coming from processed foods. That is why fruits are a wonderful alternative and bananas in a special way, they are very nutritious and his potassium content that acts as a protector of the muscles, bones and nervous system. At the same time they are considered a very satiating fruit, ideal for fight food cravings and cravings.

Bananas / Photo: Shutterstock

4. Legumes

In recent years, legumes have been classified as a key superfood group in all healthy diet. They are characterized by containing a winning combination of nutrients, as is the case of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fiber, key substances in the functioning of the organism and in weight loss. Benefit digestive, cardiovascular and intestinal healthThey are very satisfying and easy to integrate into the diet.

Vegetables. / Photo: Shutterstock

5. Avocado

Secure a good consumption of healthy fats, is essential to ensure a healthy weight loss and energize the body. One of the main mistakes when wanting to lose weight, it is restrict fat intake as much as possible. The most important thing is to select the healthy fat variants, such as the heart-healthy or unsaturated and found in foods like avocado, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds and blue fish.

Avocado. / Photo: pixabay


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