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Nvidia’s Shield TV now supports PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers

Nvidia is updating its Shield Android TV software to include support for the latest next-gen console controllers. If you own a Shield TV or Shield TV Pro device, you can now pair the PS5 DualSense or Xbox Series X controllers to play Android games or PC titles through Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service.

To pair a PS5 DualSense controller, you can head into the Bluetooth section of the Shield TV, and then hold down the PlayStation button until the light pulses blue. For Xbox Series X / S controllers, you can hold the pairing button until the Xbox button starts blinking.

Alongside the controller support, Nvidia is also adding Control4 home automation system support in this Shield TV 8.2.2 update. This allows the Control4 remote or app to navigate around the Shield TV UI to launch apps. This Shield TV update also brings the devices up to Android’s December 2020 security patch level.

Nvidia has consistently updated its Shield TV software for years, improving its AI-powered 4K upscaling features last year along with improvements to remote control customizations. Nvidia also added IR and CEC volume controls last year to its latest devices.

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Mike Pence gets his COVID shot as Trump’s ‘human shield’ on SNL

Saturday Night Live mocked Vice President Mike Pence’s televised COVID-19 vaccination from the White House, joking that he was acting as President Trump’s ‘human shield’ while Rudy Giuliani is offered a rabies shot.

‘I’m sure all Americans are excited to see me, the guy who let COVID spread everywhere, get one of the first vaccines,’ said Pence, who in real life is the head of the White House coronavirus task force. 

SNL cast member Beck Bennett made light of the vice president wearing short sleeves while getting his shot on Friday at the White House, which he mistakenly thought was going to be administered through his buttocks.

He also sought to allay fears about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine, calling it ‘completely safe and harmless.’

‘That’s why President Trump refuses to take it or talk about it,’ Pence says.

The newest episode also introduced to America the show’s replacement for Jim Carrey, who bowed out of portraying President-elect Joe Biden – SNL cast member Alex Moffat. 

Moffat debuted his Biden imitation alongside Maya Rudolph, who returned as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, who slaps Pence across the face when he suggests that the election results may not stand up. 

Vice President Mike Pence, who is played by Saturday Night Live cast member Beck Bennett (left), is about to get his COVID-19 vaccination at the White House

The latest episode featured SNL cast member Alex Moffat (left) debuting his imitation of President-elect Joe Biden. He appeared alongside Maya Rudolph, who once again portrayed Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

The latest episode featured SNL cast member Alex Moffat (left) debuting his imitation of President-elect Joe Biden. He appeared alongside Maya Rudolph, who once again portrayed Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

President Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was offered a rabies shot by the White House doctor. Giuliani is played above by Kate McKinnon

President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was offered a rabies shot by the White House doctor. Giuliani is played above by Kate McKinnon

Pence was portrayed as a feckless, yes-man to Trump, whose absence was felt.

‘He’s a colorful man and even more fun on steroids,’ the vice president said.

When Harris slaps Pence for suggesting that the election results would be overturned, the vice president protests: ‘Trump made me do it!’ 

When Pence noted that he was ‘rocking short sleeves,’ he mentioned that his looking ‘swole as F’ was ‘not an allergic reaction.’

‘I’ve been lifting weights in my driveway like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, but that’s where the similarities end,’ Pence said.

The reference is to the long-running gag on SNL which has suggested that Pence’s conservative stance on LGBTQ issues is due to his being a closet homosexual.

After Pence get the injection, he observes how he ‘didn’t feel a thing.’

‘Yep. It’s totally painless,’ the doctor said to him.

‘No,’ the vice president chimed in. ‘I meant for the past four years, I haven’t felt a thing. 

‘Just kind of watched the country burn.’ 

SNL also made fun of Pence’s socially conservative behavior, including his reference to his wife, Karen, as ‘mother.’

When Rudolph came into the sketch as Harris, Bennett’s Pence covered his bare arms in shame.

‘No, no, no, no, no,’ a panicked vice president said. 

‘Kamala Harris, you can’t see my bare forearms like this. Eyes off my elbows!’

‘I promise you, I am not interested,’ the vice president-elect responded.

When Pence asked Harris how she got into the White House, she responded: ‘I won more votes.’ 

Pence responded: ‘I suppose you and Joe might be in here soon if those election results hold up.’ That’s when an agitated Harris slaps Pence.

The vice president said Trump ‘made me do it’ by threatening to ‘make my Spotify playlist public.’ 

After Harris appeared, she invited Biden to join her on stage. 

The president-elect then limps toward the stage with the aid of a cane and a cast on his leg. In real life, Biden suffered a hairline fracture in his foot while playing with his dog. 

‘I’m like Colonel Sanders. A different guy every time!’ Moffat’s Biden said.

‘There’s a good chance that by this time next year, I’m going to be Mario Lopez.’

In real life, Lopez, the former Saved By The Bell star, is starring in a new Lifetime movie in which he portrays Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Harland David Sanders. 


Priyanka Chopra shares pic in a face shield, protective goggles and a mask, kickstarts her work weekend in London

Actor Priyanka Chopra has shared a new picture from London. She took to Instagram Stories to share a picture with her fans to show how she began work in London.

Priyanka shared a selfie from her car on Saturday morning. She was seen wearing all the protective gear possible. She had a face shield on, a pair of clear goggles and a blingy mask. London is currently under a second lockdown after a spike was registered in coronavirus cases recently.

“Early morning work weekend. Let’s gooooo!,” she wrote with her picture. On Friday, Priyanka had shared another picture of a trippy staircase in London. “Home @chasefoster,” she wrote. Priyanka and her singer husband Nick Jonas had also celebrated Diwali in London. She shared a picture of herself in a saree and of Nick in casuals, holding two lit lamps in their hands. “Happy diwali to everyone celebrating. From our family to yours,” she captioned her post.

Priyanka will soon be seen in We Can Be Heroes and is looking forward to audiences reaction to the film. Billed as an action-adventure, We Can Be Heroes features her as the nemesis to a group of children who team up to save the planet and their superhero parents who are kidnapped by aliens.

The film is written, directed and produced by Robert Rodriguez, who helmed the blockbuster hit Alita: Battle Angel. Priyanka on Thursday shared the teaser of the movie on Twitter and reminisced her time on the sets. “I had the best time shooting this movie, especially with Robert Rodriguez and these amazing super kids!! Loved playing their nemesis…. who do you think is going to win, them or me?! Streaming on Netflix New Years Day,” she tweeted.

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Apart from Chopra, the film features actors Pedro Pascal, Christian Slater, Boyd Holbrook, Sung Kang and veteran actor Christopher McDonald. Child stars Akira Akbar, Nathan Blair, Andrew Diaz, Andy Walken and Hala Finley are also part of the cast.

Priyanka also has The White Tiger up for release on Netflix. She also recently shot for Matrix 4 in Berlin.

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Columbia launches high-tech jacket with external thermal shield to keep you warm

With temperatures continuing to drop across the Northern hemisphere, unfortunately it’s time to put away the light autumn jackets, and bring out the winter thermals.

If you suffer in the cold, Columbia Sportswear’s new jacket could be just the thing.

The high-tech jacket features ‘Omni-Heat Black Dot technology’ that promises to keep you warm, even on the coldest days.

As the name suggests, Omni-Heat Black Dot technology is a textile covered in multilayered black dots that capture solar heat and keep you warm.

Dr Haskell Beckham, Columbia’s Senior Director for Apparel Innovation, said: “To maximise a shell fabric’s heat retention, we looked closely at low-emissivity windows that rely on a thin layer of metal on the glass.

If you suffer in the cold, Columbia Sportswear’s new jacket could be just the thing.

As the name suggests, Omni-Heat Black Dot technology is a textile covered in multilayered black dots that capture solar heat and keep you warm

“We’d never seen insulation placed on the outer layer of a jacket before, and we’ve been extremely impressed with the heat absorption and retention performance throughout our testing in the laboratory and in frigid climates around the world.”

Each dot is made of aluminium and covered with a black coating to enhance heat absorption for scattered or direct sunlight.

This allows the jacket to heat up quickly and retain heat, keeping you nice and toasty.

The Omni-Heat Black Dot technology isn’t the only feature to help keep you warm though – the jacket also has a reflective aluminium lining covered in fuzzy fibers

The Omni-Heat Black Dot technology isn’t the only feature to help keep you warm though – the jacket also has a reflective aluminium lining covered in fuzzy fibers.

The lining bounces back the body’s own heat, while the fuzzy fibres help to retain this heat.

Unsurprisingly, the jacket isn’t exactly cheap.

It comes in two styles – a quilted version called Three Forks Black Dot Jacket (£270), and a longer version called Dawn Watch Black Dot Jacket (£315).

Mirror Online tests the Omni-Heat Black Dot Jacket

Mirror Online’s Shivali Best tested Columbia’s new jacket this week, and it was a resounding success.

Despite featuring heavy insulation, the jacket is surprisingly light, and could easily be bundled into a bag if the sun makes an appearance.

While I was initially skeptical of the shiny outer material, it was actually quite fashionable and would easily match most outfits.

Mirror Online’s Shivali Best tested Columbia’s next jacket this week, and it was a resounding success

In terms of warmth, the jacket is pretty incredible.

The combined forces of outer and inner insulation result in a gloriously toasty experience, while the detachable hood offers even more protection against the British weather.

London is currently only 10°C so the heavy insulation was perhaps unnecessary, but with temperatures dropping by the day, this jacket could be the perfect thing over winter.

With a price tag of £315, the jacket definitely isn’t cheap, but could be a great option for people who really feel the cold, or for those who live in an area that is cold year-round.

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Florida man, 33, ‘shot his girlfriend dead and wounded roommate who tried to shield her body’

Florida man, 33, ‘shot his girlfriend dead and wounded roommate who tried to shield her body after she said she wanted to get a restraining order against him’

  • Christopher Pequeen, 33, is accused of killing his girlfriend in Bartow, Florida
  • He also injured his girlfriend’s roommate, who survived the attack
  • The victims were not named by the police 
  • Pequeen has previously been convicted of 18 felonies and 17 misdemeanors
  • If convicted of murder, Pequeen could possibly face the death penalty 

A Florida man allegedly shot his girlfriend dead, and wounded her roommate when she tried to shield her body from the bullets, following an argument on Sunday morning.

Christopher Pequeen, 33, was arrested and now faces a capital murder charge after the attack on the two women – who were not named by police.

Pequeen and his girlfriend lived in a duplex in Bartow, Polk County, with another couple, The Ledger reports.

Pequeen’s girlfriend reportedly told her roommate at 5am that she had argued with her boyfriend, and that he had covered her nose and mouth with his hand and cut off her breathing.

She reportedly said she was afraid he would kill her and she wanted a restraining order. 

At 8am, Pequeen allegedly burst into the bedroom where his girlfriend and the other couple were talking, and immediately hit his girlfriend with a pistol.

Christopher Pequeen, 33, was arrested and charged with murder, along with several other counts after allegedly killing his girlfriend on Sunday morning

He then proceeded to shoot his girlfriend in the chest while she was sitting on the bed, knocking her backwards, per the police affidavit.  

Pequeen then allegedly shot the female roommate as she attempted to shield the woman from harm, before shooting his girlfriend twice more.

Pequeen is then said to have threatened the male roommate and had him turn over everyone’s cell phones – before the couple managed to escape and seek help.

Both women were taken to the hospital after running to a neighbor’s house to call 911.

According to NBC News, the girlfriend died at the hospital, while the roommate survived and was listed in stable condition.

Pequeen took off from the scene and allegedly attempted to bury the gun and dispose of the cell phones before the K-9 unit reached him, with the dogs injuring the suspect.

If convicted of murder, Pequeen could possibly face life in prison or the death penalty

If convicted of murder, Pequeen could possibly face life in prison or the death penalty

Pequeen was arrested on charges of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, armed robbery, tampering with physical evidence in a capital felony, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, shooting into a building, and touching or hitting a police dog.

‘This is an example of how horrific domestic violence can become,’ Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement obtained by NBC News.

‘Christopher Pequeen is a coward and a murderer.’ 

Pequeen has previously racked up 18 felony charges and 17 misdemeanor charges. Under Florida law, he likely wasn’t allowed to own a firearm.

Pequeen was being held in the Polk County Jail as of Monday afternoon. He could face the death penalty if he is convicted of murder.

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Upbeat Outlook Could Shield Your Brain

By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Nov. 3, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Being positive may help protect your memory as you age, a new study indicates.

Researchers analyzed data from almost 1,000 middle-aged and older U.S. adults who took part in a national study. The upshot: Being upbeat pays dividends.

Participants were assessed three times: between 1995 and 1996, 2004 and 2006, and 2013 and 2014. At each assessment, the participants described different positive emotions they’d experienced during the past 30 days.

In the final two assessments, they also completed memory performance tests — recalling words immediately after they were presented to them and again 15 minutes later.

The researchers studied the connection between positive affect — feeling enthusiastic and cheerful — and memory decline, after accounting for age, gender, education, depression, negative affect and extraversion. The results were published online recently in the journal Psychological Science.

“Our findings showed that memory declined with age,” study co-author Claudia Haase, an associate professor at Northwestern University in Chicago, said in a journal news release.

But the amount of decline wasn’t uniform, the investigators found.

According to co-author Emily Hittner, a PhD graduate of Northwestern, “Individuals with higher levels of positive affect had a less steep memory decline over the course of almost a decade.”

The study findings add to a growing body of research on the links between a positive attitude and healthy aging.

Possible areas of future research include identifying factors that connect being positive and memory protection, such as physical health or social relationships, the researchers said.

More information

The Alzheimer’s Association offers tips for keeping your brain healthy.

SOURCE: Psychological Science, news release, Oct. 22, 2020

WebMD News from HealthDay

Copyright © 2013-2020 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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Flu Shot May Shield You From Severe COVID

The flu vaccine also appears to significantly reduce a COVID-19 patient’s risk for ending up in an intensive care unit (ICU), researchers say.

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Katrina Kaif gives a 2020 update to airport look, shares pic in PPE kit and a face shield: ‘Outfit’s not bad either’

Katrina Kaif has shared a new picture from the airport and it shows her dressed in full PPE kit from head to toe. She posted the photo from the Mumbai airport but did not disclose her destination.

In the photo, Katrina was seen wearing a face shield, a mask and her personal protective equipment. She looked happy as she struck a confident pose. “Safety first. outfits not bad either,” she wrote with her photo.

Her photo got compliments from her friends and fans. Actor Huma Qureshi called her ‘bomb’. A fan wrote “Lovely stay safe queen katrina.” Another wrote, “Outfit is not bad bcz you are not bad.”


Katrina’s film Sooryavanshi was supposed to release in March but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new release date has still not been announced. While Akshay Kumar will be seen as ATS officer Veer Sooryavanshi who is on a lookout for terrorists planning a deadly strike on Mumbai, Katrina will be seen as his doctor wife in the film. The Rohit Shetty directorial also stars Jackie Shroff with guest appearances by Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn as well.

Katrina will also be seen in Phone Bhoot with Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khatter. The trio took to Instagram to share the first look of the film with their fans and announced that the film will release in 2021. It is expected to go on the floors soon.

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In the picture, Katrina, Siddhant and Ishaan were seen dressed in black suits with white shirts. “The one-stop-shop for all bhoot related problems, #PhoneBhoot ringing in cinemas in 2021,” Katrina wrote in the caption. Ishaan, on the other hand, revealed in his caption that the first look of the cast of the film has been “locked” since March due to the Covid-19-induced lockdown and shutdown of the entertainment industry.

Katrina also has a solo superhero film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar.

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iPhone 12 Pro Ceramic Shield Prone to Scratches, Durability Test Finds

iPhone 12 Pro has been put to a durability test by YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. The test includes multiple rounds to ascertain the resistance of the latest iPhone from scratches, flames, and bends. However, the prime focus has been given to the Ceramic Shield glass that Apple introduced with the iPhone 12 series to provide better durability. The special glass covering is touted to be tougher than any smartphone glass. But is it good enough to resist scratches, too? The durability test video revealed some details.

The over nine-minute video posted by the JerryRigEverything channel shows that despite giving a better drop protection, which has been seen in some earlier tests, the Ceramic Shield glass on the iPhone 12 Pro is just as prone to scratches as any regular glass protection. The narrator, Zack Nelson, demonstrates that the new model started getting scratches at hardness level six of the Mohs scale and the marks get even deeper at level seven. This is similar to the scratch resistance available on models including the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and last year’s iPhone 11.

“Ceramic Shield is not the product that will bring us to the next level of Mohs hardness,” Nelson said in the video.

On the toughness part, the narrator also pointed out that Apple’s claim of giving four times better drop resistance might also come from the design of the new iPhone — alongside the distinctly designed glass protection.

“A piece of glass has six sides: front, back, and all four edges,” he said. “And with five of those six sides protected by this phone frame in a way that most smartphones are not built, it really does make this iPhone 12 Pro more shatter resistant.”

Apart from the front glass, the video tests the durability of the iPhone 12 Pro frame that is made of stainless steel. It is found to be quite hard to scratch, though the paint on top of the frame is easily to remove. Similar is the case with the back panel that has a rough fronted texture on top.

For the rear camera setup of the iPhone 12 Pro, Apple has retained its sapphire crystal lens cover. This also receives scratches at level six and seven of the Mohs scale.

Nelson also used his lighter to put some heat on the OLED display of the iPhone 12 Pro to see whether it gets any impact through flames. That testing resulted in “zero damage” — presumably, thanks to the Ceramic Shield glass protection.

“It is possible that Apple’s new screen material is keeping the heat away from the pixels,” the narrator said in the video.

The overall frame of the iPhone 12 Pro also seems quite solid as it didn’t bend, kink, or crack even after applying some pressure.

Similar to the iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone 12 also went through a durability test earlier this week under which it found to have almost the same kind of toughness that exists on its premium sibling.

Are iPhone 12 mini, HomePod mini the Perfect Apple Devices for India? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below.

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Save on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6, Pokémon Sword and Shield, and more this weekend

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Welcome to the weekend. In tech deals world, this week consisted mostly of a few notable Prime Day 2020 leftovers that hung around after Amazon’s big shopping event. Even those are mostly done now, but in their place are some fresh, new deals you might not have seen before — that is, unless you’ve been deal-hunting on The Verge earlier this week. With every week that goes by, we’re getting closer to Black Friday, so expect the deals to start ramping up.

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