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Zayn Malik drops new track hours after he and Gigi Hadid welcome baby daughter

Zayn Malik is set to capitalise on the birth of his baby daughter, just hours after her birth.

The singer, 27, is dropping his new single Better at 5am on Friday morning – just over 24 hours after announcing the birth of his and girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s little girl.

The former One Direction star announced the exciting news of his and Gigi’s little bundle of joy’s arrival on social media in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Taking to Twitter, the new father wrote: “Our baby girl is here, healthy & beautiful. To try put into words how i am feeling right now would be an impossible task.

Zayn and Gigi announced the birth of their daughter in the early hours of Thursday morning

“The love i feel for this tiny human is beyond my understanding. Grateful to know her, proud to call her mine, & thankful for the life we will have together x”

In the black and white photo, Zayn’s heavily tattooed hand is seen holding his daughter’s tiny fingers, in a first look at the newborn baby.

And just 12 hours after the announcement of his daughter’s birth, Zayn posted a link to the video premiere of his new single on his Instagram Story.

The link takes fans to a count down page where they can view his new track at 5am Friday morning.

Zayn’s new single is set to drop just 24 hours after the announcement of his daughter’s birth

Back in April, on her 25th birthday, Gigi sent social media into a frenzy when she hinted that she was an expectant mother.

The model’s adorable birthday bash was rumoured to have doubled as a gender reveal party.

Gigi marked her birthday in lockdown on her family’s Pennsylvania farm where she and her beau Zayn enjoyed some downtime away from the hustle and bustle of New York where they reside together.

In recent weeks, the pair have since returned to New York City after enjoying the rural setting of the Pennsylvanian bolthole.

The expectant mother recently opened up on Instagram about why she and Zayn chose to keep their pregnancy private since announcing it publicly in April.

Zayn and Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy news was shared in April

Gigi explained that in light of the current coronavirus pandemic, she felt that her pregnancy didn’t match up to the importance of other things going on around the world.

The star penned: “I’m so grateful for the positive comments and the questions, and wanting to know we’re all good and safe.

“Everything going is great and I love you guys. I do appreciate those positive comments. A lot of people are confused by why I am not sharing more but I am pregnant through a pandemic.

“Obviously my pregnancy is not the most important thing going on in the world. That’s the reason I’ve felt it’s not something I need to share, apart from with my family and friends.”

She continued: “Obviously a lot of people have lost lives due to coronavirus – that was in the beginning of quarantine and it’s still happening.

Gigi and Zayn chose to keep their pregnancy private since announcing it publicly in April

“And then we moved into the re-emergence of the BLM movement and I thought that our presence on social media should be used for that.”

Gigi and Zayn got back together in December 2019 following their split in 2018 after a string of arguments and conflicting work schedules drove them apart.

They began dating in 2016 and Gigi was even asked to star in Zayn’s Pillow Talk music video.

The lovebirds dated for two years before splitting twice in 2018, then reconciled and haven’t looked back since.

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Pregnant Lacey Turner enjoys luxury spa break with pal after ‘miracle’ baby news

Pregnant Lacey Turner relaxed at a super luxe spa with her pal after her baby news.

Her “miracle” pregnancy news was announced shortly after it was revealed she would be taking a break from her role as Stacey Slater on EastEnders.

And there’s no better way to unwind for the EastEnders actress, 32, than a break at the four-star countryside hotel Sopwell House private members’ spa Cottonmill, in Hertfordshire.

For her belated birthday treat, the soap star chilled out with a massage and soaked up the atmosphere in the relaxation room.

Pregnant Lacey Turner enjoys luxury spa break with pal after ‘miracle’ baby news

Slipped into her bathrobe, Lacey and her pal Sam snapped selfies in the mirror on their girls’ day out.

Also the good pals were able take a dip in the divine pool with its scenic garden backdrop.

She wrote: “Long overdue spa day.”

Slipped into her bathrobe, Lacey and her pal Sam snapped selfies in the mirror on their girls’ day out

It comes shortly after Lacey opened up about her miracle pregnancy news with her husband Matt Kay following their miscarriage heartbreak.

Previously, the mother-of-one has had two miscarriages seven weeks into a pregnancy – before she had her daughter Dusty.

Her daughter Dusty arrived in the world in July last year and Lacey shared her excitement at having a second baby.

Also the good pals were able take a dip in the divine pool with its scenic garden backdrop

She told OK! magazine : “‘It took so long with Dusty… But now they’re coming along like buses! After the heartbreak we went through, it’s a miracle to fall pregnant so quickly.”

At 14 weeks pregnant, the star confessed she still feels “nervous” following her miscarriage heartbreaks in the past.

She told the publication: “I still feel nervous but I think I always will. I got past seven weeks, then nine weeks, and so on. They’re all milestones.  The 20-week mark is the point I feel like I can breathe a bit easier, as it’s the halfway point. Although I went straight onto progesterone as I think that helped last time.

It comes shortly after Lacey opened up about her miracle pregnancy news with her husband Matt Kay

“All of my midwife appointments have been over the phone, which has been quite nice as you can do it from home! I’ve had all my scans privately because of what happened last time.”

Our Girl star Lacey has been married to Matt since they tied the knot in 2017.

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Towie’s Yazmin Oukhellou tells boyfriend James Lock she might be pregnant

Yazmin Oukhello stunned viewers tuned into Wednesday night’s TOWIE when she admitted she thinks she might be pregnant with James Lock’s baby.

The bombshell came at the end of the episode in a preview for next week’s instalment where Yazmin was seen sitting on her bed when she plucked up the courage to tell her on-off beau the news.

‘I don’t know how to say this,” she began. “I think I could be pregnant.”

The camera then cut to James who appeared stunned into silence gazing blankly at his partner.

TOWIE teased that Yaz could be expecting her first baby with boyfriend James

Viewers will have to wait till next week to find out James’ true reaction but the brief moment was enough to send fans into meltdown.

“I don’t know if I can wait til Sunday !!! #TOWIE#pregnant ” tweeted one.

“So Yaz may be pregnant okay I didn’t see that coming…” said another

“Omg is yaz pregnant #towie ” cried a third stunned fan of the show.

It’s been a rocky year for Yazmin and James, who decided to rekindle their romance again after a brutal break-up last year.

The pair left TOWIE so they could both heal

The pair dated for two years before splitting in July 2019.

After shaking off their past troubles, Yaz has now set her sights firmly on building a future with James

Speaking to new! magazine, the brunette beauty said she is wanting marriage and children with her co-stars.

“We’re not rushing anything but I wouldn’t have got back with James if I didn’t see a future with him. I don’t ever look to waste my time, so yeah, I’d be lying if I said I don’t see that with him but it’s very early days so we are taking it slowly.”

To which James chimed in: “Watch this space!”

James said he’s excited for his future with Yaz

Speaking about their on-off chemistry, Yaz said: “Everyone says it, but we’re like magnets. Even when we weren’t together on the show, we’d always find a way to be next to each other.

“I don’t know what it is, it’s just what we have. For me, it’s James’ aura. He’s magnetic and that’s what drew me to him in the beginning. And he’s very handsome.”

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Prenatal Pot Use Impacts Kid’s Future Mental Health

By Dennis Thompson
HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 23, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Expectant mothers who smoke pot in pregnancy could increase their baby’s risk for mental or emotional problems later in childhood, a new study finds.

Marijuana use during pregnancy was associated with a host of problems in the preteen years, researchers report.

Children exposed to pot in the womb were more likely to experience internalizing disorders such as depression and anxiety, as well as externalizing disorders such as lashing out at others or ADHD, researchers found.

These kids also were more likely to have problems socializing with others and sleeping well, and were at greater risk of mental problems like schizophrenia or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

These risks held firm even after researchers accounted for other risk factors such as home life and family history of mental or emotional problems, said lead researcher Ryan Bogdan. He’s an associate professor of psychological and brain sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.

“They are small associations,” Bogdan said. “They’re not whopping large effects that are going to increase the likelihood that children are going to be experiencing these problems by twofold or anything like that. But they exist beyond these confounding variables.”

Also, among the kids studied, a mom’s pot use during pregnancy — however small — influenced the course of a child’s development more than either alcohol or tobacco use, which also were considered, Bogdan added.

“The effects of marijuana in this data set were much larger and more consistent than the effects of alcohol or tobacco use,” Bogdan said.

This is cause for concern because marijuana is often seen as a legitimate means of treating medical problems like morning sickness, said Patricia Aussem, associate vice president of consumer clinical content development for the Partnership to End Addiction.

“While some pregnant women may be using marijuana for recreational purposes or to address nausea and vomiting, exposure to the substance during pregnancy can adversely impact the developing fetus,” said Aussem, who wasn’t part of the study. “If help is needed for nausea, pain, sleep or other problems, the best course of action is to discuss it with their health care provider and follow recommendations that are known to be safe during pregnancy.”


The study was published Sept. 23 in JAMA Psychiatry. Bogdan and his university colleagues evaluated data on children born between 2005 and 2009 to nearly 10,000 mothers across the United States. These kids have been studied since before birth, as part of the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study.

The researchers compared how kids fared if their mom kept using pot after learning she was pregnant against kids whose mom either never used marijuana or stopped during pregnancy.

Pot use during pregnancy was associated with a host of mental, emotional and behavioral problems tracked by widely used screening tools like the Child Behavior Checklist, researchers said.

It could be that the chemicals in marijuana interact with the fetus in ways that alter a child’s later brain development, Bogdan said.

Bogdan noted that the body’s endocannabinoid system — the brain receptors that respond to THC, the chemical in pot that causes intoxication — is not expressed until around six weeks after conception in humans.

“That is roughly around the time that most mothers in the study learned they were pregnant,” Bogdan said. Moms who kept using pot exposed those newly formed brain receptors to THC, potentially altering the course of development, he said.

But because this was an observational study, it’s also possible that other factors related to marijuana use or developmental problems could be to blame, Bogdan added.

Outside factors could include the parents’ genetics; their family history of mood or mental problems; prenatal vitamin use, or kids born early or with low birth weight.

Regardless, Bogdan said he would urge expecting moms to not use pot until more is known about the risks involved.

“These findings really suggest that clinicians and dispensaries should discourage use among women who are pregnant or even considering becoming pregnant,” Bogdan said. “These data and the potential impact of prenatal cannabis exposure on offspring, I think, gives us concern about the safety of cannabis use during pregnancy.”

Aussem agreed.

“There are many studies indicating that prenatal cannabis use can cause problems including low birth weight, impulsivity, problems with attention span and the ability to learn,” Aussem said. “Just as with nicotine, alcohol and other substances, pregnant women should avoid marijuana use throughout their pregnancy.”

WebMD News from HealthDay


SOURCES: Ryan Bogdan, Ph.D., associate professor, psychological and brain sciences, Washington University in St. Louis; Patricia Aussem, M.A., L.P.C., associate vice president, consumer clinical content development, Partnership to End Addiction;JAMA Psychiatry, Sept. 23, 2020

Copyright © 2013-2020 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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Orissa High Court Refuses Termination Of Rape Survivor’s Pregnancy

Court observed that the termination of the pregnancy would put the woman’s life in danger


The Orissa High Court on Wednesday refused to allow the termination of the pregnancy of a physically-challenged woman.

Holding the state responsible for her plight, the high court directed the Odisha government to pay as an immediate measure a sum of Rs 5 lakh by way of ex gratia within seven days.

The court observed that the termination of the pregnancy, which is more than 24-week-old, would put the woman’s life in danger.

The court directed that the state government would further grant a sum of Rs 3 lakh if the 22-year-old woman delivers a male child and Rs 5 lakh if she gives birth to a female child.

Additionally, she will be entitled to receive compensation awarded under the Victim Compensation Scheme, the court said.

“Considering the mental condition of the victim and financial condition of the family, utmost care of the victim is to be taken in continuation of her pregnancy. The best medical facility will be made available so as to ensure proper care and supervision during the period of pregnancy as well as postnatal care at the SCB Medical College and Hospital,” the high court said.

“The entire transport, medical and medicinal expenses, including accommodation of the victim and her mother, if necessary, during treatment, shall be the responsibility of the Jagatsinghpur district administration,” said justice Biswanath Rath.

The entire education of the yet-to-born child will be the responsibility of the state government, the court said.

The woman, also mentally challenged, is a resident of a village in the Kujanga police station area in Jagatsinghpur district. She was raped by a local and the police complaint was filed only on August 13 after her family came to know about it.

By the time, her mother approached the high court, seeking permission to terminate the pregnancy, medical reports indicated that the woman was already pregnant for over 20 weeks.

The high court also issued an 11-point specific direction to the state government, and 14-point general directives to other authorities, including the district courts, State Legal Aid Services Authorities, police and doctors as to how to handle similar cases in the future.

(This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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Katie Price claims family hated all her exes but love new man Carl Woods

Katie Price has claimed that her family have hated all her exes but they’ve given her new man Carl Woods their approval.

The former glamour model, 42, hit back at trolls who accused her of going from relationship to relationship with not much space in between.

But she says her haters are all “jealous” and she’s finally found the real thing in Carl, 31.

They had posted a loved-up picture of the two of them to their shared Instagram account in which they donned matching black baseball caps.

“I’m wait until you know what we know,” they captioned the photo.

Katie Price was trolled over this picture of her and Carl Woods

She hit back at trolls, saying this is the real thing with Carl

Comments from the trolls quickly poured in, with one writing: “Pregnant engagement, moving in together how he’s the love of your life!

“My we’ve been here millions of times with the millions of men.”

Another said: “She needs to act her age and stop behaving like a spoilt teenager.”

Katie was married to Peter Andre between 2005 and 2009

“Same old, same old & repeat,” another agreed.

But Katie, who has been married three times, wasn’t going to take the criticism.

She fired back: “To all you haters why follow us clearly jealous and wish you had what we had, as for my exes they are exes for a reason and trust me you can speculate what you think but you don’t know what happened behind those closed doors so don’t judge!

Katie and Kieran Hayler

“And I actually haven’t been like this and felt the way I do with this amazing connection I do with @carljwoods with any other person.

“The others were rehearsals this is the real person I will spend my life with.

“And have my family’s blessing too which is also the first time as they HATED all my exes and how they treated me which none of you know about.”

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Pregnant Kate Lawler shares baby scan after announcing she’s expecting baby boy

Pregnant Kate Lawler has shared a baby scan snap with fans after announcing she’s expecting her first child.

The former Big Brother star confirmed her happy news this week, and now she’s shared her 16-week scan with fans.

She posted an image of her baby on Instagram, and wrote: “A head, a thumbs up, a wave, a teeny foot and the universal symbol for #SmashYerFaceIn.

“Baby Boj gave us quite an entertaining performance at the 16 week scan.”

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Vaping in pregnancy ‘increases risk of having a child with behavioural issues’

Vaping in pregnancy increases the risk of having a child with behavioural problems, according to new research.

Exposure to flavoured e-cig chemicals in the womb leads to hyperactive offspring, while those with nicotine cause even more dramatic changes to a growing foetus’ grey matter, warn scientists. 

Lead author Professor Mathilakath Vijayan said: “Vape flavourants dull sensory perception and cause hyperactivity in developing zebrafish embryos.”

Smoking conventional cigarettes during pregnancy has been linked to ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and autism in children.

The latest findings, published in the journal Biology Letters, suggest vaping could also trigger neurological conditions.

Young woman vaping

Experiments on zebrafish indicate it harms the developing structure of a baby’s brain. Embryonic development is surprisingly similar in the humble marine creature.

Smoke toxins can pass to a foetus and have an affect on brain chemistry, explained Prof Vijayan.

He said: “Vaping during pregnancy exposes the developing baby’s brain to chemicals in the vape.

“Our results suggest flavours have the potential to impact pre-natal brain development.”

His team at the University of Calgary, Canada, used a technique called PMR (photomotor response). It causes zebrafish embryos to move under light.

The animal model showed exposure to vaping in the womb altered their behaviour – and dulled sensory perception.

Prof Vijayan said: “We tested the effects of flavoured blue raspberry and cinnamon and unflavored vape liquids with and without nicotine.

Smoke toxins can pass to a foetus and have an affect on brain chemistry

“While the unflavored vapes had no impact, the flavoured vapes even without nicotine caused profound behavioural changes which were similar to nicotine alone.

“Vaping during pregnancy exposes the developing baby’s brain to chemicals in the vape.”

He added: “Flavoured vapes with nicotine caused even more behavioural alterations.”

The use of e-cigs during pregnancy has been on the rise, partly due to the perception they are safer than traditional tobacco.

Last year the Royal College of Midwives advised pregnant women to use them to help them quit smoking.

But Prof Vijayan said there is limited information on the health impacts to unborn children.

He said: “With more than 7,000 vape flavours on the market, each having unique profiles of chemicals in the final aerosol, characterising their potential neurotoxicity will be an onerous task.”

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One in 10 women in England are smokers at the time they give birth, rising to one in five in the worst areas.

Prof Vijayan added: “Results from this study provide the first evidence that the PMR may prove to be an ideal candidate for screening vape flavours for developmental neurotoxicity.”

Studying pregnancy in zebrafish is ideal as the process is much faster – and can be watched as it unfolds.

One day after fertilisation, a woman’s egg has divided into two – and nine months later a child is born.

In zebrafish, the split happens in 15 minutes. After 24 hours, the embryo is a recognisable organism with a beating heart and circulating blood cell.

Speed is not the only advantage. In the first days of the life, the embryo is transparent. It is possible to follow the development in real time under a microscope.

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Pregnant Helen Flanagan hospitalised as morning sickness is ‘on another level’

Helen Flanagan has opened up on the perils of her third pregnancy, revealing she’s suffering with severe morning sickness.

The Coronation Street actress, 28, revealed the happy news that she and fiancé Scott Sinclair are expecting their third child on Monday night by sharing a collection of family snaps onto her Instagram account.

Helen and Scott already have two adorable daughters Matilda, three, and one-year-old Delilah, but the actress revealed she’s struggled with her third pregnancy and had even been hospitalised.

Helen took to Instagram on Tuesday to reveal she’s been suffering extreme morning sickness, caused by a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum.

Helen Flanagan has opened up on the perils of her third pregnancy, revealing she’s suffering with severe morning sickness

The star candidly opened up to her 946,000 followers about her struggle.

Helen shared a beautiful photo of her eldest daughter Matilda holding up a heartwarming drawing she’d made for her mum, which read: “I hope you better.”

The actress revealed she’s struggled with her third pregnancy and had even been hospitalised

Next to the snap, Helen shared another of her hand holding an ultrasound picture while laying in a hospital bed.

In the post’s caption, Helen wrote to fans: “I’ve been a lot quieter on my social recently as I’ve had hyperemis gravidum.

“I had this with both girls but this time was on another level.

“I am so relieved to be over the worst and so very happy and so grateful for my baby.

“My mum has just been the best and I have no idea how I would have got through it without her!

“Scott’s been amazing with the girls and the nurses at the Royal Bolton Hospital were so lovely which I’m so grateful for. I just can’t wait to meet my little one so in love with them already”.

She then told her fans: “I’m going to film an IGTV on hyperemis soon and any other mummy’s to be with hyperemis I feel you x”.

Helen suffered hyperemesis gravidarum with both her girls’ pregnancies.

Helen and Scott are already parents to two girls

She previously opened up about it to Ok! magazine, saying: “I have just been really poorly.

“I couldn’t go into work and do any filming. I had hyperemesis gravidarum, it lasted for five weeks. It doesn’t sound like a long time but I was just so ill.

“Luckily it cleared up at ten weeks. I know some women have a horrific time and end up in the hospital for nine months, so I was lucky, but it was horrendous.”

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Pregnant Bindi Irwin proudly announces the gender of her baby in emotional post

Bindi Irwin has announced the gender of her first child in an emotional social media post.

The 22-year-old daughter of late wildlife legend Steve Irwin announced that she was expecting her first child with hubby Chandler Powell in August, just five months after the pair tied the knot in an Australian Zoo during lockdown.

Now, the happy couple have shared another exciting update on their baby joy by revealing the gender of their little bundle.

Taking to Instagram to reveal the exciting news, Bindi gushed that she was over the moon to be welcoming a little baby girl into her life.

Alongside a sweet photo of herself and her beau cuddling a Tortoise while holding their baby’s sonogram, Bindi broke the news that she and Chandler are expecting a daughter.

Bindi gushed that she was over the moon to be welcoming a little baby girl into her life

The wildlife conservationist penned: “Baby girl, you are our world.

“Our beautiful daughter is now about the same size as a hatchling Aldabra tortoise and is as healthy as can be.

“We can’t wait for her arrival next year.”

Bindi and Chandler married during lockdown

Bindi and Chandler announced their pregnancy news in August with another Instagram post, where they both beamed from ear-to-ear while holding a tiny Australia Zoo uniform.

“Baby Wildlife Warrior due 2021,” the happy couple wrote.

“Chandler and I are proud to announce that we’re expecting! It’s an honour to share this special moment in our lives with you.”

Bindi is the daughter of wildlife legend Steve Irwin

“Though I’m still in my first trimester, we really want you to be part of our journey from the beginning of this new life chapter.

“We couldn’t wait to share the news as this beautiful little being has become the most important part of our lives. Your support means the world to us.

“Please let me know your best advice and send good vibes & prayers to our little sweetheart. Love & light.

The pair tied the knot on March 25 this year at Australia Zoo where they first met.

Bindi is over the moon about welcoming a daughter

Their wedding ceremony was rushed forward and limited to only six guests to beat the curfew imposed by the Australia Governement during the coronavirus pandemic.

The stunning ceremony featured many touching tributes to Bindi’s late dad Steve Irwin, who died in 2006 from a stingray attack while filming.

Bindi met Chandler, who hails from Florida, when he visited Australia Zoo in 2013.

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