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BMW’s Digital Key Plus will let iPhones unlock the iX from a pocket or bag

BMW has announced an upgraded version of its mobile car key technology dubbed Digital Key Plus. It promises to allow iPhone owners to unlock select BMW cars without having to take out their phones. The feature relies on ultra wideband (UWB) which has been included in Apple’s flagship iPhones since the iPhone 11 thanks to the U1 chip. Digital Key Plus will debut on the all-electric BMW iX which launches later this year in Europe and next year in the US.

The big benefit of Digital Key Plus, according to BMW, is that it uses UWB so it works with an iPhone that’s still in your pocket or bag. In contrast, the current Digital Key system used by Apple and BMW is NFC based, so you have to hold an iPhone (or Apple Watch) near the car’s tag to unlock it. BMW also emphasizes the security of its new UWB approach, noting that it’s resistant to relay attacks that might try and jam or intercept its signal and offers “the greatest possible security.”

At present, only a limited number of iPhones include the U1 chip that offers UWB support. It debuted in the iPhone 11 and was later included in the iPhone 12, but was missing from the budget iPhone SE 2020 that released early last year. The U1 chip was also included on the Apple Watch Series 6, released last year.

Apple built support for digital car keys into iOS with version 13.6 last year, following its announcement at WWDC 2020. MacRumors notes that BMW is currently the only car manufacturer to use the technology, though Business Korea reports that Hyundai has plans to adopt the feature later this year.

There’s a push to make UWB a standard for digital keys. When it announced support for digital car keys in June last year, Apple said it was working on an industry-wide standard that would use its U1 chip. In today’s announcement, BMW says it’s working with Apple and the Car Connectivity Consortium to build UWB support into version 3.0 of the Digital Key specification.

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How the expectation that inflation accelerates in the United States will affect your pocket | The State

In 2021, prices are likely to skyrocket in many sectors in the US.

csamhaber / Pixabay

In almost 40 years, the United States has not experienced significant inflationBut that may change soon, due to a large-scale federal deficit, stifled demand due to quarantine restrictions, and a change in monetary policy from the Federal Reserve.

But what exactly is inflation?

Inflation is the opposite of deflation, which is a decrease in price levels.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the US economy has experienced very low inflation and even deflation. Outside of some sectors, like healthcare, people in the US haven’t had to deal with many price increases.

However, In 2021, US citizens are likely to see prices skyrocket in a good variety of sectorsThanks in part to COVID-19 vaccines that will likely drive demand for tourist travel and sporting events, according to Yahoo.

Hyperinflation, which is generally defined as inflation above 50%, is destructive to an economy. In recent years, hyperinflation has destroyed the economies of countries like Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Argentina.

But you should not worry about this happening in the US, since Inflation expected in the United States in 2021 is 2% to 4%, not close to what is expected in Venezuela for 2021, which is 438%.

On the other hand, there could be some good things with moderate inflation. When it happens, high prices in the economy encourage companies to invest and expand. Interest rates rise, so banks start paying interest on checking accounts again. AND higher wages, which will occur in certain sectors of the labor market, give workers an incentive to spend more money.

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CD Projekt Red promises Cyberpunk 2077 refunds ‘out of our own pocket if necessary’

CD Projekt Red (CDPR) has issued yet another statement regarding the ongoing Cyberpunk 2077 debacle, this time clarifying its stance on retail refunds for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game that have been riddled with bugs and performance issues since launch last week. The developer now says it will honor every refund request it receives between now and December 21st out of its own pocket.

“We’ve just started reaching out to people who sent us a message with a confirmation of receipt. We send these emails out in waves, so don’t worry if you don’t receive an answer immediately,” CDPR writes in its new statement, issued via the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account on Friday afternoon. “At the same time, we’d like you to know that our intention is for every owner of a physical copy, or a digital copy bought at retail, who has valid proof of purchase (and sends us an email at [email protected] within the time window) to receive a refund. We will do this out of our own pocket if necessary.”

CDPR says digital buyers should pursue refunds from Microsoft and Sony, as both companies have now established formal refund programs for the game. Best Buy is also now taking refunds for Cyberpunk 2077 through Monday of next week.

This latest clarification from CDPR follows the general confusion the studio caused earlier in the week when it advised disappointed buyers to pursue refunds through Microsoft, Sony, and retail stores. CDPR at the time also said it would accept refund requests itself, but it did not disclose until after it issued that initial statement that it had not established any kind of formal refund program with any of its partners.

What followed were revelations that while Microsoft would indeed honor most requests for digital Xbox versions of the game, Sony would not for PlayStation buyers due to its more stringent refund policy. Sony ultimately pulled the game from its digital storefront on Thursday evening in an unprecedented move, prompting Microsoft to expand its existing refund policy specifically for buyers of Cyberpunk 2077, though the game can still be bought digitally for Xbox devices.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update brings AR features for newer devices

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the smartphone entry in the long-running Nintendo franchise, has been updated with a pair of new augmented reality features. The first, AR Camera, lets you place characters and furniture from the game in the real world and photograph them. Meanwhile, the AR Cabin feature lets players decorate a virtual cabin, fill it with characters, and then view it in augmented reality from their smartphone.

Along with the new AR modes, Nintendo says the update means more areas of each campsite can have furniture and items placed within them.

AR Cabin lets you assemble a virtual room and then explore it in augmented reality.
Image: Nintendo

Unfortunately, the new features have increased the game’s system requirements, and previous versions of the game are now unusable after the update. A support post notes that iPhone users now require iOS version 11 at a minimum (or ideally iOS 13 and above) rather than iOS 9, which was the previous requirement. Android users, meanwhile, now need to be running Android 5 or above on a 64-bit device with at least 1.5GB of RAM. That’s up from the previous requirement of Android version 4.4 and 1.5GB of RAM.

According to the same support document, “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp cannot be downloaded or played on devices that are no longer supported.” The change has left some players furious. The replies to the official Pocket Camp Twitter account are littered with complaints from players who can no longer access the game after the update. A particular problem appears to be the requirement for a 64-bit Android device, with some players reporting that they’re unable to run the game on their 64-bit hardware because of a 32-bit operating system.

While AR Camera lets you place objects and characters from the game in the real world.
Image: Nintendo

“In certain cases, some devices may not be supported even when they meet the conditions listed,” a support post about the update from last month read.

Nintendo says that save data can be transferred to a new device if players have already linked their Nintendo Accounts with their game. When setting up a new device, you’ll need to select the “Link Nintendo Account” option when starting the game for the first time, which will let you import the existing save data. Note that Leaf Tickets, an in-game currency that can be purchased with real money, cannot be transferred between Android and iOS devices.

Coinciding with the update, Nintendo is offering a free month of the “Furniture & Fashion Plan,” which offers benefits like expanded storage for items and the chance to get exclusive furniture and clothing. The subscription normally costs $7.99 (£7.99 / €8.99) a month. On the flip side, if you’re one of those players who no longer has a device that can play the game, Nintendo advises that you’ll need to cancel any in-game subscriptions to prevent future charges.

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Four new pocket parks set up in Abu Dhabi’s Shakhbout City

Abu Dhabi: Four new public parks have been set up in Abu Dhabi’s Shakhbout City suburb, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City announced on Tuesday.

Spanning 24,575 square metres, the pocket parks will provide leisure spaces for the communities in the suburb. They have been set up at a cost of Dh15.3 million, and include play spaces, play equipment, seating areas, barbecue stations, greenery, and lighting infrastructure.

The Municipality added that it has plan to increase the number of pocket parks in Shakhbout City in future to ensure that the community has adequate space for leisure.

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DJI Pocket 2 With Upgraded Camera and Four Microphones Launched

DJI Pocket 2 pocket-sized stabilised camera has been launched with an upgraded camera and more microphones. Successor of the DJI Osmo Pocket, it offers up to 140 minutes of battery life and weighs 117 grams. It has a three-axis gimbal, is supported by a 4K camera, and has a larger sensor and wider lens compared to its predecessor. It has an improved audio system with four microphones, and pre-programmed shooting modes. The DJI Pocket 2 comes with a price tag of $349 (roughly Rs. 25,747).

The DJI Pocket 2 has a modular design with a removable plate. Like the DJI Osmo Pocket, it too can be used as a stand-alone stabilised camera, connected to mobile devices through the dedicated phone connector, or operated remotely with wireless accessories for greater camera control.

“Whether you are out and about capturing everyday stories or a vlogger who requires more creative flair, the built-in intelligent features and different video templates allow anyone to create cinematic and engaging content,” said Roger Luo, DJI President, in a statement. Everyone and anyone can shoot a video, but Pocket 2 can help you capture footage like a pro, taking your visual storytelling skills to a whole new level.”

DJI Pocket 2 price

DJI Pocket 2 is available for purchase from and authorised retail partners, in two options. There is no word of India pricing or availability at the moment. For $349 (roughly Rs. 25,747), you can purchase the DJI Pocket 2 with the Mini Control Stick and Tripod Mount. The DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo priced at $499 (roughly Rs. 36,813) includes the Mini Control Stick, Tripod Mount, Wide-Angle Lens, Wireless Microphone + Windscreen, Do-It-All Handle, and Micro Tripod.

DJI Pocket 2 Camera

DJI Pocket 2 sports a 1/1.7-inch image sensor. Images can be captured in 64-megapixels or 16-megapixels in a high-resolution mode. It has a 20mm/f.19 lens. Videos can be recorded up to 4k/60fps at a maximum bitrate of 100MBps. HDR video has also been added, which the company says will result in vivid colours. DJI Pocket 2 offers up to 8x zoom using the 64-megapixel mode or 4x lossless zoom in 1080p or 16-megapixel mode. Autofocus has also been redeveloped, using a Hybrid 2.0 AF blend of phase and contrast detection to increase speed and accuracy.

DJI Pocket 2 Features

DJI Pocket 2 has a Pro Mode, through which you can control advanced camera settings like ISO, shutter speed, EV, and focus mode. Through ActiveTrack 3.0, you can select a subject and DJI Pocket 2 will keep it in the frame automatically. It also has slow motion features and three different time-lapse operations. The Hyperlapse option automatically integrates electronic image stabilisation (EIS) for additional smoothness.

The panorama modes, users can capture four photos in through 180 degrees pano, and can merge nine images through thee 3×3 Pano setting. Users can also directly livestream to Facebook or YouTube through the DJI Pocket 2. There is also a Story Mode, in which users can preset camera movements, colour profiles, choose templates, and share to social media.

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Canon PowerShot Zoom Pocket-Sized Monocular Telephoto Camera Launched

Canon PowerShot Zoom, a new unique point-and-shoot monocular camera, has been launched in the US. This product was launched after being tested under a crowdfunding project in Japan. It essentially acts as a telescope, allowing users to zoom over a large distance, and it also lets you take pictures and videos of the zoomed-in subject. The company that this digital camera is useful while watching a game at a sports stadium, during birdwatching, and even capturing your kid’s facial expressions when they are on stage.

Canon PowerShot Zoom price

The Canon PowerShot Zoom is priced at $299.99 (roughly Rs. 21,900) in the US and its availability is pegged for late November, reports The Verge. It comes in a single White colour option. It’s worth noting that no pricing or launch details have been listed on the company’s US website yet.

Canon PowerShot Zoom specifications, features

Canon PowerShot Zoom has a three-way one-touch switchable button that lets you view at 100mm to 400mm optical zoom, and up to 800mm digital zoom. Camera features include autofocus, face tracking, and optical image stabilisation. There is a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor that is 1/3-inch in size and comes with a variable aperture of f/5.6 to f/6.3. This means the camera won’t likely produce great quality night shots.

Canon notes that the Powershot Zoom will allow users to capture Full-HD 30p videos as well. It has a 0.39-inch OLED-based Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) featuring approximately 2.36 million dots. The camera weighs 145 grams.

Users can connect the camera to the Canon Camera Connect app and use their mobile phones as a Remote LiveView to see what’s seen through the camera’s viewfinder. The app also allows for easy transfer of images and videos from PowerShot Zoom to the phone. The camera offers support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and has a microSD card slot for storing content. The Canon Powershot Zoom features a USB Type-C port for charging and comes with an inbuilt microphone support.

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Canon’s PowerShot Zoom is like a pocket telescope that takes photos

Canon has announced the PowerShot Zoom, an unusual camera that’s more like a digital monocular than a point-and-shoot. The company has been showing off the idea for a while and recently crowdfunded it in Japan; now it’s coming to the US.

The PowerShot Zoom is a tiny device with an electronic viewfinder, a 1/3-inch 12-megapixel sensor, and two switchable equivalent focal lengths of 100mm and 400mm with a digital zoom up to 800mm. The lens is f/5.6-6.3, so this probably isn’t well-suited to low-light use. Image quality in general is not really the focus.

Canon says the product has been designed for people who enjoy outdoor activities like birdwatching and hiking, however, and it could be a useful accessory for spectators at sports events like the Olympic Games — if they actually go ahead. The camera charges over USB-C and saves images and video to a microSD card, plus you can transfer images to a smartphone over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The PowerShot Zoom will go on sale in the US late next month for $299.99.

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