Until Bareilly Ki Barfi, people would see me as a ‘serious, dramatic’ actor: Rajkummar

Be it his ‘serious’ parts in films such as Shahid, Newton and Omerta; or ‘lighter’ outings in hits like Kai Po Che, Bareilly Ki Barfi (BKB; 2017) and Stree, he has successfully straddled between all kinds of roles through his decade-long Bollywood journey. But Rajkummar Rao readily admits that he was considered a ‘serious’ actor till BKB came along.

“People love to put actors in boxes, and are like, ‘if he/she has done a particular kind of work, then let’s give him more such parts.’ Till BKB released, people would see me as a ‘serious, dramatic actor’. But I, as an artist, never thought, ‘oh, I am going to do something very different.’ I knew that it was a great role for any actor – to portray a dual personality in a beautifully-written script,” says Rao, whose character, Pritam Vidrohi and his humourous undertones, became a talking point of the film.


The Aligarh actor, on his part, says it “never occurred” to him that he was “dabbling in comedy space” with the Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s directorial. “But the end result was amazing. The kind of response I got from people was overwhelming, and I really enjoyed that space. Films such as Newton, Trapped and Shahid take a toll on you, as a person as well as an artist, but when you have a fun part in a film like BKB, you enjoy those great moments,” says Rao, who started his film career with Love Sex Aur Dhokha, in 2010.

Like trade pundits, Rao also feels that BKB gave a completely new twist to his career path. “To be honest, I feel, in a way, some kind of a shift happened in my career with BKB. And, what’s interesting is that I really enjoyed that space (fun) as well. Then, of course, Stree (2018) came along and lot of things changed. As for me, I’ve constantly learnt and grown. As an actor, that’s exactly what you want to do — play completely diverse parts in all your movies,” he says.


At the same time, the Gurugram boy — loved for his ‘serious, dramatic parts’ in films such as CityLights and Trapped maintaind that a “lot of mental and physical” goes into such roles. “For instance, if you are doing a biopic, then you meet the person and try to understand his mental psyche. I guess, more than physical, it’s a lot about going on that internal journey,” says Rao, adding that the “idea is to stay as true to your part as possible.”

But he admits that, at times, that’s not easy. “On the contrary, sometimes, that can be very tiresome. Fun, comedy-laden parts, on the other hand, are all about having fun with the lines on the sets. You have to let it flow, and enjoy,” says Rao, who will next be seen in films such as Chhalaang and Ludo, both of which will release on OTT platforms.

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Sports Canada

NHL: young people will have to take over in San Jose

It may be the end of an era in San Jose with the departure of Joe Thornton, but Sharks general manager Doug Wilson believes the team’s young players will be able to fill the void.

Thornton, who was acquired from the Boston Bruins in 2005, decided to use his free time to join the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday after a tough season for the Sharks. The California club finished last in the Western Association at the end of the 2019-20 season.

However, several young talents in the organization will have the opportunity to take on more responsibility using all the lessons learned from “Big Joe”.

“Tomas Hertl, Timo Meier, Kevin Labanc, this is their time,” Wilson said, according to comments reported by the official website of the National Hockey League (NHL). We must be the sum of all of our elements. ”

“There are teams in this league that have lost good players. Some have already lost their best player in their prime and they have found their identity and been successful. We need everyone to bring something, learn from what happened over the past year and bring the love and energy that “Jumbo” brought to the ice. “

A place to take

The Sharks already have five players who will undoubtedly play on the team’s top two lines in the next campaign: Logan Couture, Evander Kane, Hertl, Meier and Labanc. The last place is therefore to be taken.

“We have five forwards for the top 6, guys who have scored 30 goals or totaled almost 60 points. We need someone to slip into the picture for the remaining spot, ”Wilson said.

And on Thornton’s decision, the GM said he understood the situation.

“Joe, at 41, was looking for an opportunity to win the Stanley Cup. I fully understand that. But we as an organization have been through this in the past and have bounced back quickly. It’s up to us to work. ”

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Headline USA Politics

Young people of Cuban and Venezuelan descent rebel against their parents and support Biden | The NY Journal

“When one begins to speak of the subject in the house the claims and the shouting begin”

Young Cubans and Venezuelans in Florida are using social media, advertisements and even their own cars to express their support for the Democratic candidate Joe biden, rise up against their parents and convince them that the president Donald trump “He is using and deepening the trauma that communism left them” to stay in power.

Adolescents and young adults from both communities have decided to openly express their position and organize “because it is necessary to denounce that the tactics they use to govern and campaign for politics are the same from which they escaped,” some of the members of the movements “Cubans with Biden” Y “Venezuelans with Biden”.

“It’s very hard because when you start talking about it at home, the complaints and the shouting begin. I know it is because of the pain it caused us to leave Venezuela and not be able to return. For this reason, I am outraged by the way in which they are taking advantage of their pain, sowing division and making things more complicated “, said the Venezuelan Valentina Semidey.

The 18-year-old, a resident of the city of Boca Raton, 73 kilometers north of Miami, is studying the first semester of Political Science at Florida State University precisely to understand “what makes intelligent people go so blind. They are convinced that Trump is the only one who has helped Venezuela and that Biden is a communist.

“It doesn’t make sense to me. In fact, the reality is that Venezuela is worse now than it was four years ago. The opposition is more divided than ever and the sanctions have not helped the people at all ”, stressed the young woman who obtained US citizenship this year and will vote for the first time on November 3.

A similar position is shared by Sofía Hidalgo, an American from a Cuban family living in Miami, who at 18 will also vote for the first time and actively participates in “Cubans with Biden.”

“I live with my grandfather on a street full of propaganda in favor of Trump”said Hidalgo, who has painted his car red with colorful messages in favor of the Democratic candidate that say “100% anti-communist”, “100 anti-racist”, “100 anti-fascist”, “100 with Biden” and parks it between the banners of your neighbors.

The young woman, who divides her days between teaching mathematics and helping in political activities, admits that “the division that exists on this issue hurts a lot.”

“There are members of my family with whom I cannot speak because they accuse us of wanting communism to be reinstated in the United States”, stresses.

The two communities are very politically active in Miami and have been heavily courted by Democrats and Republicans. It is no coincidence that the first stop in the city of Senator Kamala harrisAfter being chosen as the candidate to accompany Biden, it was at a Venezuelan arepas restaurant.

The TikTok effect

The boys have used social networks to expose their dissatisfaction with Trump not only because of his political expressions, but also because of his refusal to condemn racism, to apply measures against the climate crisis and for his immigration policies. This year the TikTok network has amplified the message with videos of talks and even dances that have gone viral.

One of the most prolific activists is America Valdes, the daughter of the Cuban comedian Alexis Valdes, who explained there how “Cubans come from a communist and totalitarian state and associate anything from the‘ left ’with this totalitarian communism. But the left doesn’t really exist in the United States (…) The Democratic party is a centrist party, and the Republican party is a rightist party ”.

“It is incredible how we Cubans forget so quickly. Democrats are the ones who made Cuban immigration possible, ”said Kirenia Cantero, one of the founders of the“ Cubans with Biden ”page on Facebook, which has almost 14,000 members.

Adult allies

This week Cuban-American judge Ana María Polo, host of the popular television program “Caso Closure”, took a video on Facebook condemning Latinos who “attack and accuse of being a communist” anyone who supports Biden, especially young people. .

Venezuelan artists Erika de La Vega, comedian and daughter of Cubans, and Michel Haussmann, director of the Miami New Drama company, which operates at the iconic Colony Theater in Miami Beach, published letters condemning the harassment and expressing their support for Biden and the move in your favor.

This Monday they appeared in the city of Doral, one of the epicenters of the Venezuelan diaspora in the Greater Miami area, two billboards and three public benches with images comparing Trump with Hugo Chavez.

“Venezuelans and Cubans in favor of Trump are as radical as the Chavistas themselves. It is sad that knowing what it is to live without freedom of expression, they do not respect the opinions of others “said Semidey, who acknowledges that he has come to feel “fear.”

“That is why this group of ‘Cubans for Biden’ has been so important to me. I knew that it was not going to be possible to convince almost anyone, but it has helped me feel less alone and find ourselves, even with adult allies in this sea of ​​hatred, ”Hidalgo acknowledged.


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Birmingham Headlines UK

Fury as people with suspected Covid symptoms are sent to testing site in Kent that does not exist

Fury as people with suspected Covid symptoms are sent to testing site in Kent that does not exist despite being listed on government website

  • Test and Trace location listed on Government list but it has not been signed off
  • People with Covid symptoms sent to address where testing centre doesn’t exist
  • People seen driving round in circles as they try and find the test and trace centre 

People who need Covid-19 tests have been sent to a non-existent location in Kent.

Officials said the site, in Sevenoaks, had been listed on the Government’s list of test centres online but that there was no site there.

One woman reported seeing cars circling the address as they tried to find the site, according to the BBC.

Angie Waters, 67, whose 74-year-old husband has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), booked a test when she developed a cough.

People in Kent have been sent to a Test and Trace site in Sevenoaks which does not exist (pictured) after it was prematurely included on the Government’s online list of test centres

She told the BBC: ‘I thought to be on the safe side I’d better get tested, I don’t want to put him at risk.’

She added that when she arrived at the address, she ‘noticed all these other cars’ were ‘circling around’ trying to find the site.

‘It was just a joke,’ she said. ‘I spoke to one woman who said she had been going round for an hour.’

Sevenoaks District Council leader Peter Fleming said they had been asked by government officials to try and identify a testing site in the area but said none had been signed off by the government at this stage.

The council leader took to Twitter and said: ‘We have been informed that the SDC site on the Otford Road Sevenoaks has been listed on the government website as a Covid Test site and people have been given timeslots to arrive – this is not the case, this site is not a Test facility.

‘We have been asked by the Kent public health team to help them find a suitable location within the Sevenoaks district for a Covid Test site, however no site has been cleared by government or is operational within the district at this time.’

When asked how this happened, he said: ‘Appears that they were aiming for it to be open this weekend however it hadn’t had their final sign off – however still made it into the test site list.’

Mr Fleming added that a site visit had not even taken place yet and that they worked with public health teams to get the location taken off the website.

The problem has sparked fury from those who had been sent on a wasted journey.

Jon Waite, who told the BBC he had previously been sent to Birmingham Airport and the Isle of Wight, said he was ‘disillusioned’ with the test and trace system.

Venting on Twitter, he added: ‘Be cool if you guys had turned up to open up the Sevenoaks mobile testing site yesterday on Otford Road.

‘People turning up with bookings and the site was non-existent. Would probably have helped the whole pandemic thing a bit don’t you think?’

The Test and Trace system has been plagued with controversy since it launched last month. Pictured: Test and Trace workers at a testing centre in Richmond-Upon-Thames in September

The Test and Trace system has been plagued with controversy since it launched last month. Pictured: Test and Trace workers at a testing centre in Richmond-Upon-Thames in September

The council has since apologised for anyone who made the ‘wasted journey’. 

The DHSC said the error has since been corrected and that people were no longer been sent to the location.

It told the BBC NHS Test and Trace was providing an ‘unprecedented’ 270,000 test per day and was ‘on track to achieve capacity for 500,000 tests a day by the end of October’. 

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Tensions with Indigenous people in Nova Scotia: man arrested over burned out vehicle

In the aftermath of a suspicious fire that ravaged a lobster warehouse, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced on Sunday that it had made a new arrest in connection with the conflict raging between Indigenous and non-Indigenous fishermen in Nova Scotia. .

Michael Burton Nickerson, 31, is accused of setting a vehicle on fire last Tuesday in New Edinburgh, near the Bay of Fundy, where police were called to surrender after an altercation at a lobster factory.

Four days later, on Saturday, a warehouse that dealt with Mi’kmaq fishermen was completely devastated by fire in West Pubnico, a small village in the south of the province.

A man who was at the scene was seriously injured and authorities feared for his life on Saturday.

This place had also been the target of vandals a few days before.

Faced with this escalation of tensions in the region, several ministers of the Trudeau government strongly denounced the violence of the last week and reiterated their desire to uphold the rights of the Mi’kmaq.

In 1999, the Supreme Court allowed them to fish in the waters of the Maritimes and the Gaspé outside the season under certain conditions, but these limits were not clearly specified by the courts and they have since been the subject of debate. It is this thorny question that lies at the heart of hostilities.

Fearing the conflict could escalate further in the wake of the West Pubnico facility fire, Sipekne’katik Mi’kmaq community leader Mike Sack pleaded with the RCMP to increase their presence in the area.

Federal police said on Sunday that officers from Prince Edward Island had been called in to assist. They have training in conflict defusing and crowd control.

“The RCMP in Nova Scotia will continue to take steps to ensure that those who undermine or pose a risk to the security of any person or property are held accountable for their actions in accordance with Canadian law,” said insisted the police force by press release.

The Royal Gendarmerie had arrested another man in connection with this tense situation.

Chris Gerald Melanson, 46, allegedly physically assaulted Chief Sack on Wednesday. He was formally charged with assault.

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IRS Commissioner Details Who Are the People the Agency Seeks to Send Out Due Stimulus Check | The NY Journal

The official mentioned in a hearing in Congress at least five groups of potential beneficiaries

The IRS began sending the stimulus checks last April.

William Thomas Cain / Getty Images

One of the main groups that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants to reach through the online tool known as “Non-filers” The homeless are to claim the stimulus check due.

This was confirmed by IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, in a hearing before the Subcommittee on Government Operations of the Oversight and Reform Commission of the House of Representatives during the first week of October.

“We have remained especially focused on issuing those payments to people who are homeless, who normally have no obligation to file a tax return, or who otherwise live their lives outside of normal lines of communication,” the official said. in your exhibition.

This is a major challenge for the agency given the fact that most of these people have little or no mastery of digital tools, and much less access.

Rettig added that agency staff try to target “many low-income, military, veterans, retirees, elderly, limited English proficient, and homeless communities across the country.”

To achieve its goal, the IRS announced that on September 24 it would begin mailing letters to potential recipients of the CARES stimulus payment and with information on how to request the money by submitting your data through “Non-filers”.

In a statement, the office indicated that the notification by mail will be sent to people who have not filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019. Based on an internal analysis, it was determined that these are people who are not normally required to file. tax returns for having very low income. The IRS examined W-2 and 1099 forms, and other available third-party returns to determine who they would send the letters to.

At that time, the entity said it would send about 9 million letters, most of which will be to California, Texas, Florida and New York.

Earlier this month, the IRS reported that it extended the deadline to November 21 to complete the process online.

According to the IRS, there are at least four general scenarios in which potential beneficiaries of coronavirus assistance can make use of “Non-filers”:

1. If your income is less than $ 12,200 annually
2. If you are married, and you and your spouse filed joint returns for income of $ 24,000 or less
3. If you are not generating income at the moment
4. If you are not required to file federal tax returns for any other reason


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Headlines UK

People reveal why some of the most commonly avoided activities aren’t as bad as you might believe

Have you ever been faced with the decision about whether or not to do an everyday task because you’re scared about how difficult or embarrassing it might be? You’re not alone.

This week a Reddit user started a discussion about the most ominous-sounding jobs that people tend to avoid in an attempt to break down the myths surrounding them and offer encouragement to others.

Issues such as going travelling by yourself, sitting down to write your will and even booking an appointment for a prostate examination were all thrown into the mix. 

The sub-Reddit, entitled ‘What is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be?’, has already seen almost 16,000 people from around the world interact with it.

Having a prostate exam is one task that many men struggle to build the courage to do. However, one person described how simple the procedure is and how it doesn’t hurt in the slightest (stock image)

People of Reddit were asked what everyday activities and issues aren't as bad as some people would have you believe

People of Reddit were asked what everyday activities and issues aren’t as bad as some people would have you believe

One of the first topics someone raised, which they argued isn’t as bad as people make out, is owning up to mistakes.

u/sunshinegunpowdersaid: ‘Owning your mistakes. Not even the big ones, the smaller ones.’

The user said the best thing to do when you make a mistake is just to apologise and move on from it.

Other people agreed, with one person replying: ‘God, doesn’t this just make everything easier? Like, it eliminates the need for people to stop and correct you, then the bickering and blaming starts, then the defensiveness. It just nips it all in the bud so that everyone can just move past it.’

Another issue that Reddit users claim people blow out of proportion is going travelling by yourself.

One person said: ‘Solo traveling – *do so with proper prior planning and understand the risks.’ People who had experience with travelling solo agreed, with one commenting: ‘When I was single I loved solo traveling. You get to meet new people and how you spend your day is 100 per cent up to you.’

Another pointed out that when you travel by yourself, your day is entirely your own and you don’t end up worrying if anybody else is enjoying themselves. 

People took to Reddit to share the activities they think a lot of people dread or avoid that aren't actually that bad

People took to Reddit to share the activities they think a lot of people dread or avoid that aren’t actually that bad

A more sobering issue brought up by one person was the task of sitting down and writing your own will.

u/dreamingrain said: ‘People are weird about thinking about their death or having conversations about what they should do. Have the conversation. I assure you, we all die, and dying intestate or without a personal directive makes it way more difficult for your family.’

One person responded and said that their father died two years ago and they were left dealing with his affairs and making decisions on his behalf because he had not left a will. They explained that having a will written not only gives your loved ones security but also makes your passing a smoother experience for those you leave behind. 

Another person from the US said: ‘My step mom’s sister passed away from cancer young. She wrote her own obituary, made all her own funeral arrangements, and wrote directions she wanted the funeral procession to drive.’ 

Other people went further with their advice and suggested that you inform your trusted family members where all your legal or important documents are kept so that when the time comes, your will is easily retrievable. 

Health was another topic that was suggested in the sub-Reddit, with one person suggesting that having a prostate exam wasn’t as bad as most people feared.

Writing a will was another problem that people said isn't as difficult as people think. Approaching our own mortality is difficult but some users on Reddit said it helps make life easier for those loved ones you leave behind (stock image)

Writing a will was another problem that people said isn’t as difficult as people think. Approaching our own mortality is difficult but some users on Reddit said it helps make life easier for those loved ones you leave behind (stock image)

u/Count2Zero said: ‘A prostate test. Yes, the doctor will stick a finger up your butt to check your prostate. The whole “I’m never letting a doctor touch me there!” attitude is mind-blowing. People make it sound like it is the most degrading and painful experience they’ve ever had. It’s NOTHING. Seriously, chill out, people!’ 

Meanwhile, having an injection was also pointed out as a major issue for some people, with one even saying: ‘People overthink/overreact the needle pain which is never as bad as the sting.’

One person countered by suggesting that the pain wasn’t the issue and that it was more a case of being afraid of the needle, while another even admitted that the pain is never as bad they were expecting but the build up made it worse for them. 

Another suggestion made on the page tackled the historically challenging issue of being single.

u/SpinachWithFlowers raised the issue and others quickly agreed, with one person saying: ‘I wish more people would get used to being single. I’ve seen so many friends just run from horrible person to horrible person because they’re afraid to be alone.’

Another said they have been single for 19 years now and enjoy the freedom to do whatever they want. They revealed they will only enter into a relationship if the right person comes along but they are in no hurry to find them. 

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People share VERY unflattering cat photos

Not feline their best! Owners share VERY unflattering photos of their cats – including one who found himself caught in the blinds

  • People from across globe shared amusing snaps under #unflatteringcatphotos
  • Amongst funniest photos includes one furry feline who got stuck in the blinds
  • Others were snapped posing on the sofa in rather uncompromising positions 

While owners may be biased and think they have the most beautiful bundle of fur, these unflattering photos suggest that even the cutest of cats have their bad days. 

People from across the globe have taken to an amusing Twitter thread under the hashtag #unflatteringcatphotos, to share some very unphotogenic snaps of their four-legged friends.

From uncompromising positions to dodgy angles and snarling faces, it’s unlikely these unattractive snaps made it onto Instagram.

There’s nothing like a quick photo when you’re caught off-guard – as this furry feline quickly found out

This pet owner, from the UK, captured the moment her furry feline got stuck in a rather unfortunate position

This pet owner, from the UK, captured the moment her furry feline got stuck in a rather unfortunate position 

One pet lover captured this amusing shot and joked it was Meowsers' Tinder profile picture

One pet lover captured this amusing shot and joked it was Meowsers’ Tinder profile picture

Willie's owner did a great job at capturing her feline's very unimpressed expression

Willie’s owner did a great job at capturing her feline’s very unimpressed expression

Another person, from the UK, decided to contribute to the Twitter thread with a snap of his dearly departed Coco mid-laugh

Another person, from the UK, decided to contribute to the Twitter thread with a snap of his dearly departed Coco mid-laugh

One cat owner, from the US, apologised to her four-legged friend Lilly before posting this unflattering angle on social media

One cat owner, from the US, apologised to her four-legged friend Lilly before posting this unflattering angle on social media

Another person, believed to be from the UK, decided to use their glasses to give the illusion of their cat having a very tiny head

Another person, believed to be from the UK, decided to use their glasses to give the illusion of their cat having a very tiny head

Another person shared this unfortunately-timed snap alongside a caption which read: 'Met a handsome stranger on today's walk'

Another person shared this unfortunately-timed snap alongside a caption which read: ‘Met a handsome stranger on today’s walk’

Jasmine, believed to be from the UK, caught her cat off guard. The result...this very shocked expression!

Jasmine, believed to be from the UK, caught her cat off guard. The result…this very shocked expression!

One person, from the US, shared a snap of her relaxed-looking cat Theo posing in a rather unflattering angle

One person, from the US, shared a snap of her relaxed-looking cat Theo posing in a rather unflattering angle

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Entertainment Canada

“Clouds”: “I’m here to touch people’s hearts” – Justin Baldoni

Filmed last year in Montreal, the film “Clouds” is directed and produced by Justin Baldoni. In an interview, the filmmaker explains how this true story of a teenager with cancer is still relevant today.

“Clouds” follows 17-year-old Zach Sobiech (Fin Argus) as he learns that his cancer has worsened and he has only a few months to live. With the support of his parents (Neve Campbell and Tom Everett Scott) and his girlfriend Amy (Madison Iseman), he will undertake to make the most of the time that remains to him and will decide to live his dream by becoming a musician.

For the love of Montreal

The first turn of the crank was given a year ago, almost to the day, a reminder that Justin Baldoni uses to remember his experience in Montreal. “You are wonderful in Montreal!” He says bluntly at the start of the interview via video.

“Several reasons explain my choice to shoot with you,” he says. The first is that I had never been there and I really wanted to shoot this movie in a fun place since the script is very emotional. […] Since I am invested in the films that I make, I didn’t want to be in one of those states in the United States that are in the middle of nowhere. So I decided to shoot in a place where we could be surrounded by culture. “

“Then, Montreal looks like Minnesota with its river, the greenery, and even the style of the houses. “Clouds” also takes place in France and Old Montreal is perfect. We also chose Montreal because of the tax advantages. Oh yes, and let’s be honest … the food too. I really wanted to eat well! Because it must be said that Montreal has some of the best restaurants in the world! […] And yes, I have to admit that I put on some weight during my stay. “

“The people in Montreal are an integral part of what made this filming experience so wonderful,” he adds. The energy of the city is extremely special, the people there are nicer and warmer than here in Los Angeles. It’s a very welcoming city. “

For the filmmaker and producer, the fact that “Clouds” was filmed before the pandemic does not change the power of his message. “I wanted to make this feature film because I believe that the story is universal because it is about the human experience. It’s about hope, not to let what happens to us define us. Yes, unfortunately this movie is all the more relevant today, in the midst of a pandemic. “

Rarely, Justin Baldoni is a producer and has been able to choose between waiting for the end of the pandemic and selling the film to another distributor, or changing the mode of distribution. “It was my studio that had the final say on how the film was to be released. We bought out the half that belonged to Warner Bros. Studios. and sold it to Disney +. “


“I am confident that once the situation is safe for everyone again, the cinemas will come back. It’s a culture (going to see a movie in theaters) that’s been around for a hundred years. It’s entertainment, it’s the place we come together as a community to have a common experience. This is where we go to forget our struggles and experience someone else’s struggles. “

“I believe that, for now, a movie like ‘Clouds’ is best served by streaming. As a director, do I want my film to hit theaters and make US $ 100 million because that way I’m going to make lots of money? Of course. But first and foremost, I’m in an industry that changes hearts, that’s why I’m a director. I’m not here to make hundreds of millions, to have 75 cars and 15 homes. Would that be nice? Yes. But that’s not what I would do with my money. I would probably give it if I was in a position to do so. I’m here to touch people’s hearts, to try to change the world and leave this place better than I found it. ”

  • “Clouds” is available on Disney +.

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Headline USA Politics

“People are desperate,” says New Jersey governor: calls for relief package to be passed before election | The NY Journal

Murphy is optimistic that there will be a deal before the November 3 election.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

While negotiations between lawmakers to pass a new relief package still continue, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said Thursday morning that is optimistic that there will be a deal before the November 3 elections, as reported in NJ.

Murphy said New Jersey and other states need more help, an extension of unemployment benefits and more support for small businesses, especially in the restaurant and hospitality industry, which has been hit hard by the pandemic.

Murphy said now is the time to pass a new relief package, as it is not too late. “People are desperate. We have to do something. We have to stop playing politics with this and do itHe commented.

The governor’s comments come days after U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said that it will be difficult to get a bill passed in congress before the elections.

The reason lawmakers have not come to an agreement so far is that the Democrats in the US House of Representatives are pushing for a $ 2.2 trillion relief package, while Trump has made a $ 1.8 trillion counter offer. of dollars, a difference of about $ 400 billion.

–You may also be interested in: Why some think that a new stimulus check will NOT be approved


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