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JAN MOIR: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made a grave mistake 

Every time I think that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have gone too far, they go one terrible step farther. 

It’s like some awful game of truth or dare, one in which they don’t care about or understand the consequences, only about their own personal gratification and exultation, now and forevermore, amen.

Their latest caper is a new low, perhaps an all-time low, for how much lower can you go than organising your own photoshoot in a national military cemetery, a sacred place where war dead are laid to rest, then sending the pictures around the world to advertise the virtue and depth of your mourning?

Oh my God. Can’t someone save them from themselves? Halloween may be over, but not for this couple of blundering ghouls.

On Sunday, the Sussexes took it upon themselves to ‘personally recognise’ Remembrance Day by visiting the Los Angeles National Cemetery to pay their respects to fallen Commonwealth soldiers.

Every time I think that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (pictured at Los Angeles National Cemetery) have gone too far, they go one terrible step farther

They drove 85 miles from the comfort of their Montecito mansion (beep, beep, here we come) to lay flowers picked from their own garden and to place a wreath with a simple message from Harry that read: ‘To all of those who have served, and are serving. Thank you.’

From the gravity of his expression and the fact that he was wearing his service medals, it was clear that the Prince didn’t mean the royal battalion of Buckingham Palace butlers, dutifully spooning granny’s scrambled eggs from silver chafing dishes.

Meanwhile, at his side, Meghan did her best to assemble a flattering expression that somehow conveyed all the sadness and loss that their surroundings demanded, with a gloss of international wounded humanity shimmering on top.

This visit, their heartfelt instincts to honour the fallen, would have been commendable and even laudable — except for one thing. The couple brought along their own personal photographer to capture every second of this supposedly private moment, to wrench every last drop of emotion from the occasion. Click.

Oh my God. Can’t someone save them from themselves? Halloween may be over, but not for this couple of blundering ghouls

Oh my God. Can’t someone save them from themselves? Halloween may be over, but not for this couple of blundering ghouls

Harry and Meghan appeared to have the 114-acre cemetery to themselves — Americans commemorate their Memorial Day in May – and the celebrity photographer they had hired got straight to work. Click.

The couple walked hand in hand down a grassy knoll, where serried ranks of white gravestones bore testament to a nation’s terrible loss. Click. They knelt down, they stood up. Masks on, masks off. Heads bowed, then unbowed. Click, click, click.

Well, why not? No one was there to see them mourn so prettily, although one can only wonder what bereaved Americans thought of the couple using the 90,000 war graves as a photogenic backdrop to their piety. Perhaps even as footage to be included in their new Netflix documentary series? No one would be surprised if that happened.

Amid rising criticism, Prince Harry has denied that the visit was a publicity stunt, although he remains upset that he was refused permission for a wreath in his name to be laid at the Cenotaph in London on Sunday.

His supporters claim the snub from courtiers was petty. Prince Harry is a military veteran, they cry: why should he not be allowed to pay his respects? After all, he has served in combat and done a lot for veterans, via the Invictus Games and other ventures.

Pictured are Prince William and Prince Charles laying a poppy wreath at the Cenotaph on Sunday

Pictured are Prince William and Prince Charles laying a poppy wreath at the Cenotaph on Sunday 

Yet Harry cannot have it both ways, especially when it comes to matters of protocol and privilege. He wanted to be an ordinary citizen and he got his wish. There is no way back on to the royal balcony now.

As it stands, he is no longer a serving member of the Royal Family — and that is his choice. Therefore, he no longer represents the Queen, the Army or his regiment. With no official role, military or otherwise, he is not only outside the royal spaceship and superfluous to ceremonial needs, he is floating further and further into a gassy orbit of insignificance.

Slowly, it is beginning to dawn on him that being a member of the House of Windsor is not a Hokey-Cokey. In, out, shake it all about? I’m afraid not.

The light of truth is beginning to dawn on this pair of dim bulbs — that once you are out, you are out for good.

It is easy to see why Harry and Meghan wanted a new life for themselves, and who can blame them? Playing second fiddle to stuffy, dutiful William and Kate was never going to appeal.

Yet the difficult issue for the Sussexes now is that any success in America is predicated on their royal hinterland: on who they were, not who they want to be, on their past glories and not their future splendours.

So they have to keep acting like they are royal, making speeches and touring cemeteries at no one’s behest except their own.

Perhaps that is why there was something so very, very sad about the sight of this young British prince a-roving through an American cemetery in his medals, desperately seeking countrymen to mourn, looking for some corner of a foreign field that is forever England.

If his mother could see that this is what her beloved son has been reduced to, she would weep.

For Harry has been ousted from the military role that was the making of him and the best of him: the one good thing that came to define him as an adult.

That’s why I wonder if, when he looks at himself in the mirror in one of his grand Montecito rooms, does he see the man he wanted to be?

The Prince is clearly searching for some kind of meaning in this new world where he can only validate himself through a camera, a crowd, a convention from his old life.

And on Remembrance Sunday, as every other day, there was his young wife at his side, silently lamenting through the lush folds of her black coat while negotiating the graveside turf in a pair of £700 shoes. Click.

The most prominent ghosts that stalked the cemetery on this sunny, misbegotten day were not the thousands of poor, dead soldiers but the chilling spectres of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

It was only a morning’s work for the Sussexes, but it gave the world a glimpse into who they think they are, how they are doing and what they hope to become.

For once, the concept of public duty is gone and they are no longer serving the monarch and the country, what is left? Only the mirage of empty gesture and symbolism as they play-act being royal for an easily pleased audience.

In the land of opportunity, the hand of Hollywood has already clutched at the Sussexes. On a blameless Californian day, they paraded around a cemetery like film stars on manoeuvres.

This was bad enough, but what will happen on future days of national British mourning? How will they cope in exile with the storms that will come, the terrible tragedies that await us in the future? How will Meghan and Harry signify that they continue to care and that their caring should matter to us all?

After this spooky stunt, I shudder to think.

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Arsenal may have made Saliba mistake with solution right in front of them

When Arsenal signed William Saliba last summer, hopes were high that the Gunners had a long-term answer at centre-back.

Unai Emery let the Frenchman return to Saint Etienne as part of the deal, in order for the 18-year-old to continue progressing in Ligue 1.

However, a combination of injuries and the Covid-19 outbreak, meant Saliba only managed 17 appearances in all competitions.

Emery’s successor, Mikel Arteta admitted that it was a lost season for Saliba, as he failed to progress to the level Arsenal were looking for.

Arsenal tried their best to give the defender another loan deal in the summer window, but after that failed to materialise, he has been left to play with the Under-23s in north London.

William Saliba’s only competitive Arsenal action this season has been with the Under-23s

Earlier this month, Arteta explained the thinking behind leaving Saliba out of his Europa League squad: “I am fed up with the situation because as you could see we tried to find a way in the last few days [of the transfer window] to give him some football,” he said.

“I explained that he needed that transition year when we decided to buy him and send him on loan to Saint-Etienne, for many reasons that didn’t happen, he didn’t have that transition year and he needs to go through that.

“At the moment, with the amount of central defenders that we have in the team we had to leave him out of the squad which is painful because we have some injuries and we could have used him, but it’s part of this profession.”

William Saliba has only featured in preseason friendlies for Arsenal. (Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
William Saliba has been linked with a move back to France when the January window opens

Arteta went on to confirm that Saliba will be available for loan in January, despite his side conceding 10 times in their opening eight league games.

Arsenal’s loan manager Rob Knapper would have extensively scouted Saliba’s performances back in France and clearly reported he wasn’t ready for the demands of Premier League football.

But next to Saliba in that team was a player who has taken to England’s top-flight like a duck to water.

Wesley Fofana was signed by Leicester City at the end of the window and aged just three months older than the Arsenal defender, there were thoughts of a similar acclimation period.

Similarly to Saliba, Fofana’s final season in France was ended prematurely due to coronavirus – but unlike his old teammate, he already looks every bit, the Premier League player.

Does William Saliba deserve a chance in Arsenal’s first-team? Have your say below.

Wesley Fofana has hit the ground running with Leicester City

Speaking after his side’s win at Wolves, a victory that moved the Foxes to the top of the table, Brendan Rodgers was unequivocal in his praise for Fofana.

“We knew he was a top player for someone so young, and when we spoke to people out there and seeing all the clips, you could see he has anticipation as a defender, he has speed, he has aggression, he defends forward, so all the attributes we like here,” said Rodgers.

“I think the surprising thing is that if you look at the seven games he’s played and the level of the teams we’ve played, and the consistent run of games, how he’s coped with that. He’s absolutely colossal for a young guy.”

Arteta clearly believes that for the short-term at least, Saliba would be a detriment to his starting XI. But there must be a pang of frustration at the Emirates, that the player that was directly next to him, already looks the real deal.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer told he made “mammoth” Axel Tuanzebe mistake

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may very well have shattered Axel Tuanzebe’s confidence, former Manchester United defender Paul Parker believes.

The 22-year-old returned to the starting XI for the time in 10 months in United’s 2-1 victory over Paris Saint-Germain in October.

Tuanzebe turned in a mature and solid display against the Parisians, as he did in the Red Devils’ following European fixture against RB Leipzig.

The centre-back, however, had a game to forget in United’s 2-1 defeat to Istanbul Basaksehir on Tuesday night.

Tuanzebe was substituted during the half-time interval, with Solskjaer replacing the former England Under-21 international with his fellow academy graduate Scott McTominay.

Axel Tuanzebe had a game to forget in Manchester United’s Champions League defeat to Istanbul Basaksehir

And Parker believes the Norwegian’s decision to axe the defender at half-time could do irreparable damage to his confidence.

“Everyone is going to make mistakes, but it’s the manner of the mistake that matters most,” Parker told Eurosport. “Fergie would scream and shout if there was an error, but he would notice how it had come about.

“To be caught out like that so early in the game is astounding. When you pay such huge sums for players, like Harry Maguire, you expect them to think for themselves and organise the side. Maguire didn’t do that.

Axel Tuanzebe was subsituted during the half-time interval of Manchester United’s 2-1 loss to Istanbul Basaksehir

“In the third phase of play as the attack broke down, you wonder why Maguire didn’t tell Axel Tuanzebe to drop back.

“You wonder if Henderson shouted to Nemanja Matic to tell him of the danger. Why did neither of those things happen? A mistake like that has never happened when David de Gea has been in goal.

“United weren’t gambling to score, it was poor communication. The team are looking for leadership from their captain, especially one who is a central defender.

Newcastle United (a) – Premier League, Oct 17

Paris Saint-Germain (a) – Champions League, Oct 20

Chelsea (h) – Premier League, Oct 24

RB Leipzig (h) – Champions League, Oct 28

Arsenal (h) – Premier League, Nov 1

Istanbul Basaksehir (a), Champions League, Nov 4

Everton (a) – Premier League, Nov 7

“I am worried about Tuanzebe and how he has been treated by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He had a great game against Paris Saint-Germain, then had no involvement until the next Champions League game.

“He got another opportunity last night and then got dragged off. I’d be concerned about how that will affect him mentally.

“He might wonder why he was subbed when he wasn’t at fault for the goal, and be looking at the £80 million captain alongside him.

“Taking Tuanzebe off could be a mammoth mistake in the long term.”

Manchester United will be back in action on Saturday afternoon, travelling to Goodison Park to take on Everton.

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Paul Hollywood is unrecognisable as Bake Off fans mistake snap for Tom Cruise

Great British Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood left fans swooning over a throwback snap.

It’s Eighties-inspired cooking this week in the Great British Bake Off tent and the main star thought he would treat fans to a throwback from the 80s.

The celebrity chef, 54, has cemented his status as a silver fox with his good looks and smooth-talking charm.

So it’s no wonder the ladies went absolutely and utterly wild for his throwback snap on Instagram on Tuesday.

Paul Hollywood is unrecognisable as Bake Off fans mistake throwback for Tom Cruise

Many Great British Bake Off fans were convinced he bore similarities to Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise.

Among the comments, one wrote: “Bit of a Tom Cruise look going on…. The 80s is my favourite decade, love everything about it.”

In the snap, Paul smouldered to the camera with his dark locks and piercing blue eyes.

It’s Eighties-inspired cooking this week in the Great British Bake Off tent and the main star thought he would treat fans to a throwback from the 80s

He wrote alongside the snap: “Here’s one from the late 80,s, its also the theme for the Bake Off tonight, “THE 80s”…! 8pm on @channel4.

“Quiche, vol au vents and custard slices at the ready X.”

He added the hashtags: #bakeoff#gbbo#getbaking#staysafe#80s.

The celebrity chef, 54, has cemented his status as a silver fox with his good looks and smooth-talking charm

Social media was awash with women gushing over the silver fox’s looks in the 80s as they declared him “handsome back then and sexy now”.

Among the flurry of comments, they wrote: “Handsome back then and sexy now!”

“Very Tom Cruise ‘ Cocktail’.”

“Apart from the eyes but you also look like a very young Tom Cruise @paul.hollywood.”

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Paul Pogba laments “stupid mistake” which cost Man Utd against Arsenal

Paul Pogba took the blame for a Manchester United defeat that leaves them winless in the Premier League at Old Trafford this season.

Pogba gave away the second half penalty that decided the contest and admitted: “We know it’s a poor performance. Myself, I cannot give a foul away like this.

“I thought I would touch the ball but I didn’t. (I) cost us the goal today with the penalty.

“Like I say, details. We have to do better, the team, myself, it starts with me.I felt like I touched him a bit, I knew I was in the box, I shouldn’t have given a penalty away like that.

Pogba was at fault for conceding the second-half penalty

“Maybe I was a bit out of breath, it made me do this stupid mistake I will learn from that, I’m not the best defensively in the box, I can work on that.”

United have now been beaten in three and drawn one of their four home Premier League matches, leaving them 15th in the table.

The hosts struggled to create chances against Arsenal and there was a clear lack of cohesion between midfield and attack.

What did you make of Pogba’s performance against Arsenal? Have your say here.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang punished Pogba for his clumsy challenge on Hector Bellerin

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On his side’s lacklustre display, Pogba added: “We also need to do more with the ball creating chances.

“We didn’t expect to be man for man, but after this we can adapt, we have to find a solution but we didn’t. That’s why we weren’t dangerous with the ball

“But like I say, the team performance needs to be a lot better.”

Meanwhile, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer simply put the defeat down to bad day at the office.

He said: “We didn’t turn up, especially in the first half. Second half we played better, we never seemed to have to defend too much. But when we did have to, we were too slow and gave away the penalty.”

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Anurag Basu believed casting Priyanka Chopra in Barfi was a mistake: ‘It is bizarre to me how that film got made’

Priyanka Chopra has played countless glamourous roles in her almost 20-year-long Bollywood career but the role of an autistic girl, Jhilmil, in Anurag Basu’s Barfi remains one of her most admired characters. In an old interview, the actor said that she could see the film slipping out of her hands when director Anurag first came to narrate the script to her. He didn’t feel convinced about his choice after he saw her in a glamourous avatar and felt that he should look for someone else.

Priyanka had asked Anurag to give her five days and do a workshop with her to see if she could actually play the role of an autistic girl. Despite not having any dialogues, Priyanka and co-star Ranbir Kapoor pulled it off like pros once they settled into their characters.

Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor in a still from Barfi.

In an interview to film critic Anupama Chopra for Film Companion, Priyanka had revealed that when Anurag came to meet her at her house and saw her in a glamourous avatar as she had just returned from an event, he said, “I don’t know if this can happen, I think I’ll go. I think I made a mistake. I think I should cast a real autistic girl only. This is a stupid idea. How can I expect Priyanka Chopra to do this, look at you.” He said that he wanted someone who was very innocent and believable.

The actor then convinced him to give her five days and do a workshop to figure out if they could do it at all. “We did a four-day workshop. I spent a lot of time with autistic children, did a lot of research and reading. There is such a range of autism, we had no reference for Jhilmil. First, we decided the pyjamas because autistic people are like kids.” She said they had to create the scenes from scratch as they didn’t have any lines and it was completely impromptu.

Also read: Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah producer finds his Dayaben, makes her do garba with Jethalal. Watch

“This is bizarre to me how Barfi got made. I don’t even know,” she said while talking about how they created a forehead touching scene to show a connection between Jhilmil and Barfi. Priyanka said it was her idea as any other couple would have kissed to show love for each other but autistic people don’t like physical proximity. She added that after the first two days of shoot, ‘it was just flying’ for her and Ranbir, as they got into the groove.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer told biggest mistake in bid to emulate Liverpool’s success

Ryan Giggs believes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to forget about single signings winning Manchester United the league and instead follow Jurgen Klopp’s title-winning formula.

Liverpool won their first league crown in 20 years last season, with Klopp’s squad well placed to repeat the feat this time around.

Solskjaer has been heavily backed in the transfer window in recent years, with a host of high-profile signings since his appointment.

But Giggs believes that United need to replicate the gradual progression seen by Klopp and Liverpool, if they are to win their first title since 2013.

Solskjaer managed to earn a top-four finish in his first full season as Man Utd manager

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“I think we have got Liverpool to look at, the last time they won it, they thought ‘we’ll win it again soon’,” Giggs told Jamie Carragher on The Greatest Game podcast.

“Even Klopp, it took four-and-a-half years to win it, it takes a long time.

“I think what Klopp did, he improved every season or won a trophy, won the Champions League, you see that improvement so the pressure is off a little bit.

The United legend recorded 2.19 points per win over 798 Premier League games – but Klopp has 2.21 following the title-winning season
Jurgen Klopp guided Liverpool to their first title in 20 years last season

“Whereas every manager, every signing is seen as: ‘He’ll win us the league’, but it’s not like that.”

Solskjaer is the fifth manager to try and fill the void left by Sir Alex Ferguson, with Giggs himself having a short stint as caretaker boss in 2014.

The Norwegian is pitting his wits against not only Klopp, but Pep Guardiola at Man City, Jose Mourinho at Tottenham and many more.

When will Manchester United next win the Premier League title?  Have your say here

Man Utd haven’t won a title since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013

With that in mind, the Red Devils legend, who won 13 Premier Leagues during a glittering career, believes United fans could be facing a long wait before the club’s 21st triumph – particularly if Klopp and Guardiola stay in their current positions.

“100% it could [be 10 or 12 years],” Giggs added. “It could be 15 or 20 years before you know it.

“Especially if Klopp and Guardiola stick around, they’ve got the resources and obviously the players.”

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Donny van de Beek told he’s not playing for Man Utd because of transfer mistake

Donny van de Beek isn’t playing for Manchester United because the club made a mistake in signing the wrong sort of individual.

That’s according to former Red Devils midfielder Owen Hargreaves, who has pointed out Manchester City do not make the same mistakes.

Man United were in hot pursuit of Dortmund forward Jadon Sancho all summer but were priced out of a deal for the England international.

Instead, United signed Van de Beek from Ajax, parting with £35million.

There is no dispute the Dutchman is a top operator but Hargreaves doesn’t believe United needed another player in his ilk.

Donny van de Beek watched Manchester United draw with Chelsea from the bench

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United already have Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba who can play as number eights, leaving no room on the pitch for Van de Beek.

As things stand, Van de Beek is yet to start a Premier League match for United this season.

Hargreaves told BT Sport: “Because they’ve got two number eights in there with Bruno and Pogba and maybe again it comes down to recruitment.

The Dutchman is yet to start a game in the Premier League

“When City need something, they go get something that they don’t have and I think United had those two players there.

“I’m sure he’s going to get a run of games but when you spend £40m on a player you’d like to think he’d play. But I think Ole will find a place when it’s available.”

Did Man United sign the wrong sort of player in Van de Beek? Have your say here.

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The serious mistake you make when changing the sheets on your bed | The NY Journal

One of the maximum hygiene recommendations at home is to change the sheets on the bedAt least once a week, because believe it or not, different microorganisms can inhabit them that could put your health at risk.

But it is useless to perform this act if you make a mistake when removing all the bedding.

It is not enough to change the sheets weekly. Health experts point out that it is necessary to change the pillowcases every 2 or 3 days.

This is because they need to be washed more frequently, since they can accumulate remains of dead cells (about 50 million a day), sweat, creams, lotions, makeup, hair, as well as other particles that accumulate during the day Pollen, dander or pet hair, mold and dust particles, bacteria and viruses, and even saliva and nasal secretions.

“It is difficult to quantify, but it is very likely that we lose tens of thousands of epithelial cells every day. Furthermore, these desquamation cells are accompanied by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of microbes ”, explains Guillermo Quindós, professor of Microbiology and director of the department of Immunology, Microbiology and Parasitology of the Faculty of Medicine and Nursing of the University of the Basque Country, in Spain.

Also, Quindós indicated that the heat we emit causes a lot of moisture to accumulate in the covers due to sweat, saliva, liquids, fecal material, dead cells, among others, so if the covers are not constantly washed, they can cause appearance of bacteria and fungi that can spread throughout the body.


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Van de Beek told he made huge mistake joining Man Utd by Dutch legend Van Basten

Dutch legend Marco Van Basten has told Donny van de Beek that he made a huge mistake signing for Manchester United.

Holland international Van de Beek has played just 61 Premier League minutes for United since arriving from Ajax for £35million in the summer.

He failed to even get off the bench when the Reds were held to a goalless draw by Chelsea on Saturday.

And while United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has promised that the 23-year-old’s time will come, Van Basten believes the midfielder has blundered by going to Old Trafford.

Van Basten, who had a glittering playing career with Ajax and AC Milan, said: “Donny should not have gone to Manchester United.

Van de Beek has yet to start a Premier League game

“When you are a good player you want to play every week.

“It is really bad for a player like Donny to play only six or seven games this year.

“That is shocking for your match rhythm.

“I know he is earning loads and loads more than he used to.

“But as a top player you have to be critical and look at the chances of playing when you sign for a new club.

“Donny should have waited for better prospects and signed for another club.”

Van Basten spoke out in his role as a pundit on ‘Rondo’ a programme that is aired on Dutch television channel Ziggo Sport.

Dutch legend Van Basten says Van de Beek made a mistake

Manchester United are looking to plot their path back to the top.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may have missed out on Jadon Sancho in the summer, but he still made some big moves in the transfer market with Donny van de Beek, Alex Telles and Edinson Cavani all arriving.

But their start to the season has been a mixed bag, with a home defeat to Crystal Palace and a 6-1 thrashing by Spurs at one end of the scale, and a tremendous 2-1 win over PSG in Paris at the other.

The question now is whether they can find the right balance?

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Solskjaer played a huge part in United’s charm offensive for Van de Beek after a proposed move to Real Madrid broke down.

But the Dutchman’s only two starts this season have been in Carabao Cup games at Luton and Brighton.

He is battling attacking central midfielders Paul Pogba, Juan Mata and in-form Bruno Fernandes for a place in the United team.

And Solskjaer opted to call on Pogba when Mata was substituted against Chelsea.

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