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IPL 2020: Patanjali bidding for title sponsorship

Indian Premier League 2020: Confirming the development, Patanjali spokesperson S K Tijarawala told PTI: “We are considering this”.

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved is considering to bid for the title sponsorship of the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL), according to a company official. The slot of the title sponsorship of IPL was vacated after the Chinese handset maker Vivo decided to exit from it.

The move would help the Haridwar-based firm access a global marketing platform, as Patanjali is focusing on exports for its Ayurveda-based FMCG products.


Confirming the development, Patanjali spokesperson S K Tijarawala told PTI: “We are considering this”.

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“This is for Vocal For Local and making one Indian brand as global, this is the right platform. We are considering into that perspective,” he said.

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However, Tijarawala also added that the company is yet to take a final call on the issue.

“We have to take a final decision, whether we would take it or not,” Tijarawala added.

According to him, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is coming with the expression of interest on Monday and it has to submit its proposal by August 14.

Last week, BCCI and Vivo decided to suspend their partnership for the 2020 IPL beginning on September 19, in the UAE, amid clamour to boycott Chinese products in the wake of the Sino-India border stand-off.

The title sponsorship is a significant part of the IPL’s commercial revenue, half of which is shared equally by the franchises.

Vivo won the IPL title sponsorship rights for five years from 2018 to 2022 for a reported sum of Rs 2,190 crore, approximately Rs 440 crore per annum.

The Haridwar-based Patanjali group has an estimated turnover of around Rs 10,500 crores. It had acquired debt-ridden Ruchi Soya in a corporate insolvency resolution process for around Rs 4,350 crore after competing with Adani Group.

Patanjali Ayurved had reported a revenue of Rs 8,329 crore in FY 2018-19. However overall the group’s turnover was much higher as Patanjali Ayurved consists of mainly its FMCG business and its Ayurvedic medicines.

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Big shock to China, VIVO will not be sponsor in IPL this year

There will be no VIVO sponsor in IPL this year. Sources have given this information

 China has suffered another major setback. There will be no VIVO sponsor in IPL this year. After the Chinese sponsor was placed in the IPL Governing Council meeting, there was opposition from all around. Now it is reported that there will be no VV sponsor in IPL 2020.

The IPL Steering Committee on Sunday decided to continue with the Chinese companies as the main sponsors of the tournament. A dispute is going on between India and China at this time. For this reason, there is a lot of opposition from Chinese companies.

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Let us know that the 13th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to be held in the UAE from 19 September. The final match of the tournament will be played on 10 November. A dispute is going on between India and China at this time.

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IPL 2020: The tournament will begin on 19 September, the final will be played on 8 November

IPL 2020: 13th season of Indian Premier League to be played in UAE. Now the start date of the tournament has also been announced.

IPL 2020: The biggest news has been revealed regarding the Indian Premier League event. IPL 13 will start from September 19 and the tournament finals will be played on November 8. Indian Premier League chairman Brajesh Patel has made this official announcement. Earlier, Brajesh Patel had announced that this year the IPL will be played in the UAE. The IPL could not be organized on time due to Corona virus. But due to the cancellation of the World Cup, the path of IPL auction was cleared for BCCI.

On Thursday itself, there were speculations that the tournament could be held from September 19. Actually it is believed that the BCCI wants to organize only one match in a day, so the tournament is being started early. Brajesh Patel has made it clear that the 13th season of IPL will run for 51 days.

Schedule to be released soon

However, till now the information about the IPL schedule and number of matches has not been provided by the board. It is believed that BCCI may release the IPL schedule within the next one week. A decision will be taken in the meeting of the Governing Council of the IPL.

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Apart from this, there are reports that all IPL franchises can reach UAE with their players a month in advance. Most of the cricketers participating in the IPL have not practiced on the field for the last four months. It may take three to four weeks for the players to regain their old rhythm. Not only this, franchises can also organize practice matches between their players.

Let us know that the 13th season of the Indian Premier League was to be held from March 28. But the first tournament was postponed to 15 April due to Corona virus and then it was postponed indefinitely due to increasing lockdown. As Corona continues to wreak havoc in India, the board has considered the UAE a better option. Whether or not there will be spectators on the ground in the UAE has not yet been decided.

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IPL 2020 : 13th season of IPL to be held in Dubai, chairman announced

IPL 2020: From the last few days, there were speculations about the IPL to be held in Dubai. Now the board has made an official announcement about this.

IPL 2020: Big information has come out for the fans who are waiting for the 13th season of the Indian Premier League. The 13th season of IPL will be held in Dubai. The BCCI has sought permission from the government to organize the IPL in Dubai. IPL Chairman Brijesh Patel has given this information. However, the decision on the remaining issues regarding the event will be decided in the meeting of the Governing Council of the IPL. This meeting can be organized between the next 7 to 10 days.

Brijesh Patel said, “The 13th season of IPL was postponed due to Corona virus. Now the IPL will be held in the UAE. We have sought permission from the government to organize the IPL. “-

However, no other decision has been taken regarding the conduct of IPL. Brijesh Patel said, “The rest of the steps to be taken for organizing the IPL will be decided in the Governing Council meeting itself. “-

The International Cricket Council announced the cancellation of the Twenty-Twenty World Cup on Monday. After this decision of ICC, the way for BCCI to organize IPL between September and November was cleared.

Even before it can be organized abroad

However, BCCI Chief Sourav Ganguly has previously said that his priority is to organize in India. But this was not possible amidst the growing havoc of Corona virus.

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This is not the first time the IPL will be held in the UAE. Earlier, during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the initial matches of the IPL were played in the UAE. The IPL Governing Council had already started talks with the UAE Cricket Board for the event.

Not much information has been officially revealed about the IPL yet, but all the franchises can reach UAE with their players a month in advance. Actually, Indian players have not practiced on the field for the last four months, so it may take three to four weeks to regain their old rhythm.


Twenty-Twenty World Cup postponed due to Corona virus, paving the way for IPL

The Twenty-Twenty World Cup to be held in Australia has been postponed for a year. This decision was taken at the ICC board meeting.

T20 World cup postponed, confirms IPL

Due to Corona virus, the International Cricket Council has decided to postpone the Twenty-Twenty World Cup to be held in October this year in Australia. Now the World Cup will be held in October November next year. The decision to postpone the World Cup was taken at the ICC board meeting held on Monday. With the cancellation of the World Cup, the way has been cleared for the 13th season of the Indian Premier League. BCCI may organize IPL 13 in the last week of September.

For the last two months, there were speculations about the World Cup not being held this year. Cricket Australia, which has the right to host the World Cup, recently indicated that it is not ready for the event. Corona virus cases have seen a boom in Australia in the last few days. Apart from this, by the end of September, Australia has also sealed its borders.

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The cancellation of the World Cup has cleared the way for the BCCI to host the IPL. The BCCI was already preparing to conduct the IPL between September and November. However, due to lack of official announcement on the World Cup, the BCCI has not yet released the new IPL schedule. There are reports that BCCI may organize IPL between the last week of September to the first week of November. Although the situation is not clear on where the IPL will be held.

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No IPL this year as lockdown increases! BCCI can make big announcement anytime

There is a possibility of deciding on the IPL tournament anytime. The tournament can also be canceled. The reason for Corona has already been eclipsed at Wimbledon and the Olympic Games.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to extend the lockdown issued by the Corona virus by 3 May. After this, now the world’s richest T20 cricket league IPL can be decided at any time. The BCCI postponed the IPL to 15 April, in the hope that if the conditions improve, the tournament could be held by looking at a suitable window, but the lockdown was extended until May 3, eliminating all possibilities.

IPL can be canceled

There is a possibility of deciding on the IPL tournament anytime. The tournament can also be canceled. The reason for Corona has already been eclipsed at Wimbledon and the Olympic Games. How can IPL be organized in such a big question?

More than 10,000 people in India have been infected with Corona virus due to Corona virus. While 339 of these people have died. Earlier, Chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly gave a big statement about IPL. Sourav Ganguly had said that in the current situation, it cannot be imagined.

Ganguly said – Forget IPL

Sourav Ganguly said, “It is difficult to organize the IPL in the circumstances that exist now.” At this time airports are closed, people are stuck in homes, offices are closed, no one can go anywhere and it looks like this will continue till mid-May.

Ganguly had said that when everything is closed in the whole world, how will the players come and if the players do not come then how will it be possible to organize the tournament. Where will you get players, where will the players travel. This is a matter of very common common sense, there is nothing in favor of sports in the whole world at any time, forget the IPL.

3000 crores loss

Ganguly said, what will be the future for the game when there is stagnation in the world. IPL will probably not be held in May also. Due to absence of IPL, BCCI and all franchise teams will suffer heavy losses. According to BCCI sources, there will be a loss of Rs 3000 crore on cancellation of IPL.

The BCCI will try to find a solution with all stakeholders. The other option is that if the stakeholders related to the ICC, Cricket Australia and T20 World Cup are ready then the IPL can be held in its place, but now it seems difficult.

PM Modi announced

Let us know that in India, PM Modi has announced to extend the lockdown till 3 May. Besides, he appreciated the patience of the countrymen during the lockdown and also said that our efforts have been successful to a great extent in stopping Corona. However, instead of relaxing the lockdown, PM Modi has given a message of more strictness.

PM Modi has said that the lockdown has to be implemented more rigorously in the next one week. PM Modi said, ‘In the next one week, the fight against Corona will be increased more harshly. By 20 April every police station, every district, every state will be closely examined. How much lockdown is being followed will be evaluated. Who will succeed. Those who will not allow hotspots, there may be relaxation of some important things from April 20. But remember this permission will be conditional. If the lockdown rules are broken then all the permission will be withdrawn immediately.

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IPL will be held in July-August, fans will not be able to watch matches in the stadium!

Kevin Pietersen said that IPL can be made by choosing three places.

new Delhi. The effect of Coronavirus is being seen in the sports world. The grounds are deserted. In India too, this virus is spreading day by day. Because of which the 13th season of IPL has been postponed till April 15. But even after this, the possibility of organizing the IPL seems unlikely. In such a situation, the same question is arising in everyone’s mind that when will the IPL be organized. There is also speculation about this. In this series, former England captain Kevin Pietersen said that the IPL can be organized in July-August.
Pietersen said in the Star Sports show Cricket Connected that if we talk about the event as soon as possible, the IPL could be held in July-August. He said that the IPL should be organized, because the cricket season will start at that time.

Every cricketer wants to play IPL

Kevin Pietersen said that every cricketer in the world wants to play IPL. He told that IPL can be got done by choosing three places. Where the fans do not come and the players should come and play the tournament within 3 to 4 weeks.

Life fans casts hard

this legend said that should be in the empty stadium IPL. The life of the fans should not be at stake and the viewers also need to understand that they cannot watch the matches in the stadium at this time and watch the exciting matches of teams like Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings on TV at home. Former Indian batsman Sanjay Manjrekar, while supporting Pietersen, also talked about the importance of IPL. He said that for many people the IPL is like a livelihood. The IPL was earlier scheduled to be held from March 29, where MS Dhoni was to return after a long time, but the tournament was postponed due to the epidemic.

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Cricket / if T20 World Cup postponed, IPL possible in October-November, players will not get salary if canceled

The T20 League IPL has been postponed to 15 April due to Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the BCCI is now planning to organize the league in October-November. This is possible only when the T20 World Cup in Australia in October-November is postponed. A BCCI official said, “The board is considering conducting the IPL in October-November. Australia has banned outsiders for six months. This can change the situation. ‘

The official said that if the ICC postpones the World Cup by looking at the current situation, then only we can think about it. Postponing the World Cup will be the last option.

If IPL is not done then salary will

not be available, if the current season of IPL is not there then players will not get salary. An official associated with the franchise said that players are given 15% salary a week before the tournament starts. 65% is given during the tournament while the remaining 20% ​​is given at the end of the tournament. President of the Indian Cricketers’ Association, Ashok Malhotra said that the absence of IPL would result in huge losses. Due to this, the salary of domestic players can also be cut.

IPL may be in short format,

while franchise Rajasthan Royals owner Manoj Badale hopes that this time the tournament can be in short format. Badale, who lives in Britain, told BBC World Service, “I would like the IPL to be organized in any form this year, even if it is played only among Indian players, if foreign players are unable to come this time.” But it is difficult to say whether IPL will happen this time or not. ”

Government imposed visa restrictions till 15 April

BCCI postponed the league to 15 April due to travel and visa restrictions imposed by the central government. The central government imposed some restrictions related to travel and visas following growing cases of coronaviruses. Under this, visas for foreign nationals coming to India are suspended from 13 March to 15 April. Only diplomatic, official, UN and international institutions, project and employment visas are exempt. Foreign players and support staff coming to the IPL get a business visa. In such a situation, they are not allowed to enter the country. There are 189 players in 8 teams of IPL. There are 64 foreign players in them. They are banned from coming to India until 15 April due to the government’s visa restrictions.

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Corona: Dhoni will get one last chance even after IPL cancellation, claims childhood coach

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s return to the IPL due to Kovid-19 is not seen yet, but his childhood coach is hopeful that he will make a place in India’s T20 World Cup squad.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s return to the IPL due to Kovid-19 is not seen yet, but his childhood coach Keshav Ranjan Banerjee is hopeful that he will make a place in India’s T20 World Cup squad. The IPL was to begin on March 29, but was suspended until April 15 due to the Corona epidemic and is expected to be canceled amid a 21-day lockdown.

The 38-year-old Dhoni has been away from cricket since India’s defeat in the World Cup semi-finals in July last year. Banerjee told the press trust from Ranchi, “The IPL does not seem to be happening in the current situation. We will have to wait for the decision of the BCCI.

Dhoni’s situation is difficult, but my sixth sense says that he will get a chance to play T20 World Cup, which will be his last World Cup. Banerjee said, ‘After he returned from Chennai I talked to him and I am in constant touch with his parents. He is doing fitness training and is fully fit.

India’s head coach Ravi Shastri had earlier said that the future of Dhoni will be decided by the IPL. As the IPL postponed, veterans like Sunil Gavaskar and Virender Sehwag questioned the return of the two-time World Cup winning captain.

Banerjee said, “It is true that he has not played any tournament since July last year, but he has experience of 538 international matches and will not take time to adjust.” He said, ‘Everything is closed in Ranchi. But he is doing fitness training at his home. They have gym, badminton court and running corridor all.

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Coronavirus pandemic: IPL 2020 postponed to April 15, matches to be played behind closed doors

The Indian Premier League (IPL) this year has been postponed by two weeks after the franchises proposed the tournament begin on April 15.

he Indian Premier League 2020 has been postponed and the tournament could be played behind closed doors. Team owners have suggested that the T20 league be pushed back by a couple of weeks amid the coronavirus outbreak which has been declared a pandemic by the Wolrd Health Organisation.

India has banned visas till April 15 and it would be impossible for overseas stars to join the Indian Premier League. Earlier, according to reports, the franchises had said they were ready to play behind closed doors but not without their overseas players.

All stakeholders in the Indian Premier League have devised a formula so that there is no reduction in the number of matches. The postponement will also allow the foreign players to join the IPL from the start of the tournament.

The IPL Governing Council is meeting on March 14 to discuss the way ahead even as the BCCI said the two remaining ODIs of a 3-match series between India and South Africa would be played in front of empty stands.

On Friday, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said his government would not allow any IPL matches in the city with large gatherings.

“Avoid large gatherings. A lot of people might be thinking about whether it’s right to take such extreme measures. In countries where preventive measures are being taken, only there it (coronavirus outbreak) could be regulated otherwise, it keeps spreading. We have told all DMs and SDMs to strictly follow all the coronavirus cases coming up,” Sisodia told reporters.

“We have banned all sports-related gatherings. If BCCI comes up with some new format then it’s up to them. But we are banning every such sports activity where there is a possibility of thousands of people gathering. Our intent is to avoid gathering and not stop people from practicing,” Sisodia said.ADVERTISEMENT

Maharashtra health minister Rajesh Tope had also voiced his concerns over the IPL being held at a time when most of the world was taking extreme precautionary measures.

Tope said the government could either postpone the IPL matches or have the fixtures only for the televised audience.

“One thing is sure that there will be no sale of tickets,” sources in the state government said, adding a final decision will be taken soon.

“After discussion, we have come to two options: either to postpone matches or to have matches without selling tickets,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ODI series between Australia and New Zealand in Australia is also being played behind closed doors.