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Three effective strategies can help you increase your savings in a short time | The NY Journal

If a person starts at age 23 saving $ 420 a month, they will be able to retire as a millionaire at age 67.

Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

We are still in the coronavirus pandemic and the fear of hundreds of people about being laid off from their jobs continues. In the midst of uncertainty, near the 27% of Americans do not have savings to face an emergency and a 11% of the population has already spent all their savings, according to a survey by real estate company Clever.

If you feel that you are not saving enough, we offer you three effective strategies that will help you increase your savings:

1. Put your money to work

If you start saving and investing now, you will have less to invest each month to be able to achieve your goals.

If a person starts at 23 years of age you will need about $ 420 a month to save and be a millionaire at 67. This assuming an average of 6% annual return on investment. On the other hand, if you start at 35 you should at least set aside $ 900 per month to achieve the same goal.

Another of the simplest ways is to start with a 401 (k) plan and take advantage of it if your company offers one.

2. Automate your savings

You can do that your savings are automatically deposited into a retirement account like a GO TO or one 401 (K) of straightforward way, you might never see the money you’re saving and learn to live without that resource.

Experts Recommend save approximately 10% of your salary before taxesBut you can start by saving 1% of your income and gradually increasing your contributions.

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3. Increase your income

The more money you have, the more you can put into your savings account. The simplest way to increase your income could be to negotiate with your superiors for a raise, but in the midst of a pandemic, it is a bit difficult.

Another option may be develop an additional income stream in addition to your regular job. Think of creative ways to earn more money. Offer your services as a carpool driver in your free time, give private classes or invest in real estate.

You can learn how to build a money reserve if you are still working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you want to change your profession or continue studying during the pandemic, there are 5 jobs with salaries greater than $ 100,000 that will allow you to continue working from home.

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Tyrone Mings tips Voluntary Diversity Code to spark increase in black managers

Tyrone Mings is convinced the FA’s new Voluntary Diversity Code will open up the pathway for more black players to move into management.

Aston Villa’s England defender helped launch the blueprint to increase racial equality in the dug out at the boardroom across the domestic game.

Just five of the current 91 Premier League and EFL managers or head coaches are black, Asian or ethnic minority.

Mings said: “Do I think it will make a difference? Yes, I do.

“For me as someone who perhaps wants to go into the boardroom when I finish playing football, it will make a difference to see that there may be pathways and opportunities.”

Mings believes the Voluntary Diversity Code will have a big impact

Football clubs will be required to meet a recruitment diversity target of 15% in new executive jobs and 25% in coaching roles under a code devised by the Football Association.

More than 40 clubs have signed up in total, including sides from the EFL, Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship.

Mings added: “You quite rightly will flush out the clubs that want to help and want to create those pathways against the ones that don’t. I think it’s an important step. Not that is not the finished article.

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“It is not going to change football forever but what it will do is it will improve the diversity in those senior management positions in those coaching roles and in the women’s game too.”

Ex-Chelsea and Aston Villa defender Paul Elliott, who helped develop the code, said: “We want to create greater diversity in leadership positions.

“We are trying to modernise football so it stops relying on its ‘little black book’ and group of networks and actually give equal opportunities to those who are qualified.”

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Sports Canada

COVID-19: Los Angeles sports teams reportedly contribute to increase in cases

The Los Angeles Lakers’ victory is believed to have contributed to an increase in COVID-19 positive cases in California.

That’s what Los Angeles public health officials said on Monday.

Since the start of October, the number of cases has jumped 1,200 a day in Los Angeles, down from around 900 previously.

“It is impossible to determine the exact exposures that contributed to this increase. However, it is highly likely that the rallies to watch and / or celebrate the Lakers, as well as all the other rallies that have taken place in the past few weeks where people were not wearing masks and were in close contact with each other. , have contributed to the increase in the number of cases in Los Angeles County, ”the officials wrote in a statement.

After the coronation of the Lakers on October 11, more than a thousand people gathered in the downtown area of ​​the City of Angels.

Public health officials have chosen to share this information because they fear history will repeat itself with a possible Los Angeles Dodgers World Series victory.

On Tuesday night, the baseball team will have the chance to win the final major league series. She is currently leading 3-2 against the Tampa Bay Rays.

“As fans continue to watch and celebrate Los Angeles’ powerful sports teams, we are aware that if individuals do not meet the health official’s order requirements for distance, infection control and wearing the mask. Cases will continue to increase, which unfortunately will not only lead to an increase in cases and deaths, but also slow down our recovery process, ”officials said.

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Air pollution could increase COVID-19 mortality by 15%

PARIS | Long-term exposure to ambient air pollution could lead to an increased risk of dying from COVID-19, around 15% on average globally, according to an international study released Tuesday.

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The study published in the specialist journal Cardiovascular Research sets out to assess the extent to which this pollution, already the cause of premature death, could also influence COVID mortality.

This proportion would be around 19% in Europe, 17% in North America, around 27% in East Asia, according to estimates by Professor Jos Lelievel of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz (Germany). ) and his colleagues.

Long-term exposure to air pollution is believed to have contributed to 29% of deaths due to COVID-19 in the Czech Republic, 27% in China, 26% in Germany, 22% in Switzerland, 21% in Belgium , 19% in the Netherlands, 18% in France, 15% in Italy, 14% in the United Kingdom, 12% in Brazil, 11% in Portugal, 9% in Spain, 6% in Israel, 3% in Australia and only 1% in New Zealand.

The researchers used previous epidemiological data from the United States and China on air pollution and COVID-19 and on SARS from 2003, a disease similar to COVID-19.

They combined them with satellite data on global exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and data from ground pollution monitoring networks to do their calculations. The authors do not establish a direct cause and effect relationship between this pollution and COVID-19 mortality.

Pollutant particles appear to increase the activity of a receptor called ACE-2, located on the surface of cells, involved in how COVID-19 infects patients, the researchers say.

“We therefore have a ‘double blow’: air pollution damages the lungs and increases the activity of ACE-2, which leads to better absorption of the virus”, according to Professor Thomas Munzel (Johannes University Gutenberg, Mainz), co-signer of the study.

“The transition to a green economy with clean and renewable energy sources will promote both the environment and public health, at the local level by improving air quality and at the global level by limiting climate change”, they plead.

Deeming “extremely likely” the existence of a link between air pollution and mortality due to COVID-19, Anna Hansell, professor of environmental epidemiology (University of Leicester) for her part considers “premature to try to quantify it precisely ”.

She mentions “many other good reasons to act now to reduce air pollution, which the WHO already associates with 7 million deaths per year worldwide (4.2 million of these deaths linked to air pollution). outdoor air and the rest to indoor air pollution). “

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States, U.S. Hit Set New Records for COVID Cases

October 26, 2020 – The coronavirus pandemic continues to pound the United States as record number of cases are reported from around the country.

The 7-day average of new cases in the U.S. topped 68,000 on Sunday. That’s more than 1,000 cases higher than the previous record reported July 22.

Friday and Saturday set records for single-day cases with more than 83,000 reported over the 48-hour period, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center.

Finally, six states — Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, Ohio and Oklahoma — announced their highest numbers on Saturday, both in major cities and rural areas. The counties that include Anchorage, Chicago, El Paso, Minneapolis and Oklahoma City set records Saturday as well.

One epidemiologist predicts case counts will keep going up.

“We easily will hit six-figure numbers in terms of the number of cases,” Michael Osterholm, PhD, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, told CNN. “And the deaths are going to go up precipitously in the next 3 to 4 weeks, following usually new cases by about 2 to 3 weeks.”

Since the pandemic began, almost 8.63 million coronavirus cases have been reported in the United States, with nearly 225,000 coronavirus-related deaths, Johns Hopkins says.

“This is exploding all over the country,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear told The New York Times. The state is among 17 that reported record numbers of cases during the past week.

Chicago placed new restrictions on bars and non-essential businesses on Friday, enforcing a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew. New Mexico also started new restrictions on Friday, including “hotspot” businesses such as bars and restaurants. Retail shops, grocery stores and locations that serve alcohol are required to close by 10 p.m.

“Over the next week, two weeks, three weeks, please be extremely conservative in deciding how much time to spend outside of the home,” New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said in a statement about the new restrictions.

“The visit to friends can wait — it’s not worth your life, or theirs,” she said. “The visit to family can wait — it’s not worth your life, or theirs.”

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3 Herbal Remedies To Increase Sex Drive | The NY Journal

The sexuality is an important part of health and live in balance. The truth is that there comes a time in life when the sexual desire may decrease and the reality is that there are numerous factors that can affect sex drive. Among the main ones are high stress levels, eat a poor diet, personal satisfaction with body image, certain medications, conditions such as the Depression Y altered moods.

Also naturally as part of the aging process it’s normal that the hormones what affect sexual desire, as is the case with estrogen and testosterone, present imbalances and this is one of the main causes of decreased libido. The reality is that the human body is wise and with the passage of time hormonal production decreases, in a way prepares for a mature stage in which the reproduction it is not priority.

Also a critical determinant in the levels of sex hormones is cortisol, known as the stress hormone. Another factor worth checking out is cholesterol, which tends to turn into cortisol, that is why high stress levels greatly affect sexual desire.

One of the most important and directly affecting factors libido and sex hormones, is the dietary intake. For example: consuming a good amount of foods rich in omega-3 fats helps support nerve actions Y neurotransmitters involved in sexual function, also the rich foods in zinc such as pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, spinach and eggs help blood is flowing properly. However, a diet that lacks vitamins Y essential minerals and is based on the consumption of processed foods rich in preservatives, is the door that leads to a poor sex life.

Based on the above, follow a natural diet based on consuming whole foods, giving priority to organic vegetables, healthy fats and animal products of good quality, is a key initial step in correcting a decreased sex drive. Another infallible resource is the consumption of certain natural herbs and supplements, we invite you to discover 3 of the most powerful alternatives.

1. Maca

In recent years, maca has become very popular, the truth is that it is in all health food and wellness-focused stores, thanks to its unmatched medicinal properties. It receives the scientific name of Lepidium meyenii and it is one of the most popular herbs to increase sexual desire. It’s a plant native to the Andes Peruvian plants and is considered one of the most popular remedies in South America for improve fertility. It has scientific references that support the great effects of consume 3 mg per day, to improve sexual desire, it is also considered a great complement to combat depressive states. This research also supports its effects on balance estrogen levels, especially in stages like menopause.

Maca./Photo: Shutterstock

two. Red clover

Red clover also scientifically known as Trifolium pratense, it is popular for being a plant very rich in isoflavones, a type of phytoestrogen (also known as plant estrogen) that has the peculiarity of being similar to female estrogen. Thanks to this it is a great natural supplement what benefits female healthas it helps to combat the symptoms of menopause and also naturally increase libido. There is a study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology International in which the benefits of the intake of 80 mg isoflavones red clover during 90 days. The results were surprising, as the participants not only experienced a increased sexual desire, had great improvements in the mood, sleep and the energy levels, factors that are also related to good sexual performance.

Red clover
Red clover. / Photo: Pixabay

3. Korean red ginseng

Red ginseng Korean (Panax ginseng) is a ancient medicinal ingredient, for centuries has been a very important part of oriental medicine and is related to great benefits for improve heart health and even try diabetes. In recent years, much has been said about the benefits of consuming 3000 mg of red ginseng per day, to enhance the female sexual drive, increase estrogen production and to relieve erectile dysfunction in men. In fact, there is a study published in the Journal of Urology, which was based on the analysis of patients with erectile dysfunction. Candidates consumed 900 mg dand korean red ginseng, three times a day for eight weeks and showed a significant improvement in their sexual performance and the duration of it, the best of all is that the positive results are a reflection of a natural treatment Y no side effects.

Ginseng./ Photo: Shutterstock


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33% increase in deaths from domestic violence amid the pandemic in the Big Apple | The NY Journal

COVID-19, confinement and social isolation triggered a thunderous alarm in New York City: many more victims of domestic or gender aggressors, They were more exposed in a climate of economic crisis, unemployment and tension due to the confinement that the pandemic implies. This October when Domestic Violence Awareness Month is commemorated it shows that The experts’ calculations were not wrong.

At the height of mandatory quarantine due to the public health crisis in the Big Apple, domestic violence in the five boroughs took on gigantic dimensions.

Although the complaints in the different police stations in the New York City Police Department (NYPD) did not increase significantly, compared to 2019, there was an increase in deaths in the midst of situations related to family and partner conflicts.

If the magnifying glass is placed on the city’s public housing complexes (NYCHA), in the first six months of 2019, 7,362 calls were generated to police stations for cases of domestic abuse, while this year marked by COVID-19 6,998 were reported in the same period.

But there is a painful difference. The number of fatalities in 2020, it was doubled in these localities by 100%.

But not only the police figures that point to a 33% increase in deaths, compared to last year, they describe this scourge.

Other indicators persist. Organizations like Sanctuary for Families (SFF), which like dozens of coalitions serve survivors of family violence, have reported that requests for aid between April, May and June skyrocketed by up to 300%.

SFF Legal Center Director, Dorchen Leidholdt, he reasoned before local media that “the pandemic gave abusers a powerful control tool because their victims were much closer to them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in many cases. And the confinement made it even more difficult for him to seek sources of support and assistance ”.

Officially, the police stations 43, 44 and 48 from The Bronx, in addition to 67 (Flatbush) and 75 (East New York) in Brooklyn It is where the Uniformada has received the most complaints of domestic violence throughout the city.

During the pandemic, it is estimated that the cases of domestic violence increased by 30%. (Photo: File)

“I found out I was living with a monster”

Confinement, in the opinion of the experts, led people who never experienced violence to experience mistreatment for the first time and who were regularly targeted, to live more continuous and intense attacks.

This trend is illustrated by case of Adriana Gómez, a 45-year-old Venezuelan immigrant, a resident of Queens, who after five years of living with his Dominican partner, narrated to The newspaper that in the middle of the pandemic he discovered “a person he did not know.”

“When things started to get complicated because he lost his job, he first got in a bad mood because he had to be locked up. His mother sadly died of COVID-19 in May. That put him on the ground. I started getting verbal attacks for the first time. I forgave him because I understood that he was very depressed, ”shares Adriana, who works as a radiotherapy assistant in a hospital in Manhattan.

Adriana when observing that the “kind and cheerful” person she met was turning into “a monster” decided to demand that he leave the house because the rental agreement was only in his name.

“Many women depend on their partners. It was not my case. When observing that this situation had turned him into a jerk, after four months of confinement, I demanded that one Sunday he leave. I could no longer resist having him around ”.

The requirement of the immigrant with 15 years living in the Big Apple became a real “time bomb”.

“I was taking a shower. He broke in and hit me against the wall telling me he was leaving, but he was going to give me a ‘goodbye’. I defended myself as best I could and called the police. The entire judicial process has been very slow due to the closing of the courts. I did not hesitate to report. I don’t depend on him at all. But I know that it is not the case of the majority who depend economically on their partner ”, explained the South American.

The City begins a journey to reiterate to survivors what resources they have in a safe and confidential manner. (Photo File Mariela Lombard)

NYC wears purple

This month in which global lights are turned on for those in the shadows of this scourge seeking help, the Mayor’s Office against the end of Domestic and Gender Violence (ENDGBV) in the midst of the pandemic has a greater challenge: although many people stay home to stay safe from the virus, many victims may be with their abusers experiencing more social isolation than before.

A report shared by ENDGBV called “Restorative Approach to Violent Couples” confirms a considerable increase in victimization rates in New York communities. And it is confirmed that the “national surveys of survivors show that the majority of the injured, they neither call the police, nor seek judicial intervention ”.

This Thursday, amid the certainty that there is a greater risk for the silent victims of domestic and gender violence, several institutions invite the community to learn about the resources that the Big Apple has against this scourge, in addition to participating in a series of initiatives to Show solidarity with the survivors by wearing purple.

In addition, multiple public and private buildings throughout the city will show their support. by lighting their places in purple, such is the case with Yankee Stadium, The Arsenal in Central Park, the Mayor’s Office in Lower Manhattan, the Whitehall Ferry Terminal, the Court Building in The Bronx, and Queens Borough Hall.

Events to raise awareness

  • Thursday October 22 at 6 PM

Virtual Conference: “The abuse facilitated by technology.” Co-sponsored by ENDGBV, C.A. Goldberg PLLC, Sanctuary of Families, the New York Cyber ​​Sexual Abuse Task Force, and Day One will address topics such as the effects of technology-facilitated abuse on young people and justice for survivors through law and Another resources.

Virtual Event: “Hope in faith”. It is organized by ENDGBV, the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit and the Center for Community Faith and Alliance. Testimonies will be offered to inspire religious leaders and the community to speak out about all forms of domestic and gender-based violence.

Brooklyn Survivors Town Hall, where ENDGBV and local community organizations will host a virtual town hall to hear directly from survivors about their experiences and needs (before and during COVID-19).

  • October 29 at 10:30 pm

The virtual panel will be held: “You are not alone: ​​a night with survivors’ voices”: organized by the ENDGBV Survivor-led VOCES Committee and the Brooklyn Public Library, for survivors to discuss domestic and gender-based issues. on violence and the resources available in New York City.

Victim of domestic violence? Report!

  • Victims of violence can visit for all the resources and information available in New York City. Or call 1-800-6214673
  • Learn about all the ENDGBV resources and special activities that can help you navigate to the help you need through the web site.
  • Also survivors can call NYC Well (1-888-692-9355) for help with anxiety. They can also call 911 for emergencies.
  • Victims can send a message to 844-997-2121 or chat with a professional on the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the State support program
  • The Family Justice Centers serve victims by phone, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. at 5 p.m. (Brooklyn: 718-250-5113); (Bronx: 718-508-1220); (Manhattan: 1-212-602-2800); (Queens: 718-575-4545); (Staten Island: 718-697-4300)
  • You can report a threat or situation of violence by contacting your closest NYPD detachment by calling 311.

More deaths than in all of 2019

  • 30% increased cases of domestic violence on average according to the crossing of data from various organizations and public entities during the most rigid months of quarantine in New York City.
  • 35% decreased reports to NYPD in the Big Apple during the months of mandatory confinement, compared to the same period in 2019, so it is presumed that the majority of abuses were not reported.
  • 18 deaths associated with domestic and intra-family conflicts so far in 2020 in NYC.
  • 12 deaths were recorded in all of 2019.
  • 6 murders linked to domestic violence have been reported in NYCHA public housing complexes so far this year versus 3 cases in 2019.
  • 7,362 complaints of domestic or gender-based assaults, from January to June of last year in NYCHA complexes, in contrast to 6,998 complaints in 2020 in the same period of time, NYPD statistics reveal.
  • 43 is the number for the NYPD Police Station covering the areas of Westchester, Castle Hill, White Plains Road and Parkchester Avenues in The bronx where more complaints of domestic violence have been registered so far this year.


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Switzerland imposes measures to stem an “exponential” increase in cases

Face masks will be mandatory from Monday in closed public places across Switzerland, the federal government said on Sunday, among other measures to try to stem the “exponential” growth in COVID-19 cases.

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“This last week, the infections have doubled”, the growth of cases is now “exponential”, declared the president of the confederation, Simonetta Sommaruga, during a press conference, justifying the seriousness of the situation so that the Confederation imposes national measures when the management of the pandemic was since the summer the sole responsibility of the cantons.

They can continue to take measures appropriate to the local situation.

Switzerland had been relatively spared from the pandemic in the spring and had imposed limited restrictions. But during the summer, authorities and citizens had clearly let their guard down.

“Currently, it only takes a week to see the doubling of cases because we have too high a number of people who are infected for each new case”, explained the Federal Minister of Health, Alain Berset, during the same point of press. He pointed out that the test positivity rate is currently very high, around “15, 16%”.

In the face of the ‘worrying’ evolution of contaminations, “we know how to act and now is the time when we must all use what we learned in the spring,” he added.

Several hundred protesters opposing the new restrictions demonstrated in Bern in front of the Federal Palace on Sunday, an AFP photographer noted.

From Monday, spontaneous gatherings of more than 15 people in public spaces will be prohibited. Wearing a mask will be compulsory in enclosed spaces accessible to the public and this obligation will also apply in train stations and airports as well as at bus and tram stops.

Private events – which have proven to be a major source of contamination – of more than 15 people will also be regulated. In addition, in restaurants, bars or nightclubs, it will only be allowed to drink while sitting.

The government also recommends using telework.

Switzerland is the country in Europe where the disease has progressed the fastest last week (+ 146%) according to an AFP count. On Friday, the Federal Office of Health announced 3,087 new cases in the country of 8.6 million people.

The numbers have been rising steadily since the end of the summer and the infection rate for the past two weeks was 230 people per 100,000 population.

For reference, Switzerland is putting the alert to put a country on the red list and force visitors that come to confine themselves for 10 days, at 60 per 100,000.

In total, COVID-19 has killed 1,822 people in Switzerland as of Friday, a rate of 21.3 per 100,000 inhabitants.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Delhi The Buzz

Share of stubble burning in Delhi’s pollution likely to increase

New Delhi, October 18 

The national capital’s air quality was recorded in the “poor” category on Sunday morning and the share of stubble burning in Delhi’s PM2.5 pollution is likely to “increase significantly”, according to a central government agency.    

It was 19 per cent on Saturday, 18 per cent on Friday, around one per cent on Wednesday and around 3 per cent on Tuesday, Monday and Sunday.  

The city recorded an air quality index (AQI) of 275 at 8:30 am. The 24-hour average AQI was 287 on Saturday. It was 239 on Friday and 315 on Thursday, the worst since February 12 (AQI 320).   An AQI between 0 and 50 is considered ‘good’, 51 and 100 ‘satisfactory’, 101 and 200 ‘moderate’, 201 and 300 ‘poor’, 301 and 400 ‘very poor’, and 401 and 500 ‘severe’.  

During the daytime, winds are blowing from the northwest, bringing pollutants from farm fires. At night, calm winds and low temperatures are allowing the accumulation of pollutants, according to an India Meteorological Department official.

According to the Ministry of Earth Sciences’ air quality monitor, SAFAR, the farm fire count around Haryana, Punjab, and neighbouring border regions was 882 on Saturday.

Since transport-level wind direction was favourable for intrusion, stubble contribution in Delhi’s PM2.5 pollution was around 19 per cent on Saturday, it said. 

The Ministry of Earth Sciences’ Air Quality Early Warning System for Delhi said the ventilation index – a product of mixing depth and average wind speed – is likely to be 12,500 metre square per second on Sunday – favourable for dispersion of pollutants.

Mixing depth is the vertical height in which pollutants are suspended in the air. It reduces on cold days with calm wind speed.

A ventilation index lower than 6,000 sqm/second, with average wind speed less than 10 kmph, is unfavourable for dispersal of pollutants.

It, however, said the impact of stubble burning on Delhi’s air quality is likely to “increase significantly” by Monday.

Punjab and Haryana have recorded more incidents of stubble burning this season so far compared to last year and it is largely due to early harvesting of paddy and unavailability of farm labour due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to officials.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) had Friday said meteorological conditions in Delhi have been “extremely unfavourable” for dispersion of pollutants since this September as compared to last year.

With less area under non-basmati paddy cultivation this time, CPCB Member Secretary Prashant Gargava hoped the number of stubble burning incidents will be fewer this year compared to 2019.

Non-basmati paddy straw is considered useless as fodder because of its high silica content and so farmers burn it.

Gargava also said stubble burning peak might not coincide with the peak of adverse meteorological conditions this year due to early harvesting of paddy.PTI 

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UAE weather: Cloudy skies in Fujairah, increase in humidity at night

Dubai: UAE residents can expect partly cloudy skies and an increase in humidity at night.

According to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), today’s skies are looking fair to partly cloudy at times, with an increase in cloud formation eastwards like in Fujairah.

The relative humidity is expected to increase as night approaches and Monday morning over some western areas.

The temperatures are expected to be in the mid to high 30s on average.

Dubai is currently at 25 °C with sunny skies.

Winds are also expected to repeatedly blow, at a speed of 15 – 25 km/h, reaching up to 35 km/h at times.

The winds are expected to blow dust and sand into the air. Drivers have been warned to be careful on the road as the dust might hinder visibility. Those who suffer from allergies should also take precautions when going outside.

Conditions at the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea are expected to be relatively calm.

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