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A New Study Finds 6 Months On A Low-Carb Diet Fights Type 2 Diabetes | The State

Lately all nutrition trends and Health, they talk about the medicinal benefits what does following a low carb diet. Recently a new study, endorses the benefits of this dietary pattern such as best option so that patients with type 2 diabetes go into remission. In fact the meta-analysis findings, published in BMJ, are consistent with the official recommendation of the American Diabetes Association about the immense benefits of limiting carbohydrates. They estimate that it is the best method for lower blood sugar.

In this analysis, data from 23 randomized controlled trials that involved more than 1300 participants with type 2 diabetes. Most of the studies compared a low-carb diet or very low in carbohydrates, defined as less than 26% or 10% of calories daily, and also low in fat. The results were relevant, the patients who followed a low-carbohydrate diet for six months they got higher remission rates than those who tried other types of dietary changes.

Complementary to this study, there are more references. Such is the case of the experience of Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, professor of the School of Medicine of the West Virginia University who has published various studies on changes in diet and diabetes, who stated that reduce carbohydrate intake and eating foods that are richer in nutrients could help patients to reverse the course of the disease. At the same time he stated in an interview: “The good news about diabetes is that it is a dietary disease, so it is reversible with measures de lifestyle that target carbohydrates.

So this theory makes sense with recent recommendations about the benefits of ketogenic diet to help control blood glucose levels. At the same time Cucuzzella declared that normally lpeople with type 2 diabetes are ‘Intolerant to carbohydrates’, though the term that doctors they usually use for describe type 2 diabetes is “Insulin resistance” people with the condition could also be considered carbohydrate intolerant. Their bodies they do not metabolize neither respond well to carbohydrates, and the final result is high insulin levels, which precede high hyperglycemia.

Therefore regarding the dietary specifications, fats and proteins do not cause blood sugar levels to rise as with carbohydrates. So that reduce the consumption of sweets and starches, it is of great help to help patients to keep their diabetes under control along with medications and timely medical follow-up.

However doctors and nutritionists They argue that the difficult part is maintaining a low-carb lifestyle. It is worth mentioning that the most benefits of a low carbohydrate diet are observed after six months, among which aspects such as weight loss stand out, lower body fat percentage and the reduction of drug use, decreased after 12 months, as the analysis found.

In such a way that the decrease in Benefits could occur because patients they stop following the diet over time. Finally the key to long-term success and that without a doubt will lead us to have a optimal health, healthy weight and live better and longer, It will always be constancy.



Saguenay mother fights cancer and COVID-19

Fighting cancer is already a big challenge. Doing it in the midst of a pandemic and contracting COVID-19 is something else. This is the fight led by a mother from Saguenay.

Jessica Létourneau learned on March 9 that she had breast cancer. Within days of the first containment measures, the uncertainty was palpable. “The worst part is the wait. […] Do we have to take down my immune system? I was ready to fight, ”explains the mother.

Jessica underwent chemotherapy and then radiotherapy treatments. However, with only three treatments remaining, she tested positive for COVID-19. These treatments are then suspended.

“I found it more difficult than announcing my cancer because there was nothing I could do. It’s like a runner who comes to the end of his marathon and falls. Once again, it was uncertainty, because we didn’t know when it could resume. “

Jessica Létourneau nonetheless found certain inconsistencies in the public health discourse. “On December 26, I was able to go to Costco, but I had to wait for two negative tests before resuming my radiation treatments. This is my survival, this is not a tanning treatment. “

The treatments finally started again at the beginning of January. Today she feels good and wishes to deliver a message of caution. “I understand some don’t understand the impact, but we all know someone who needs the health care system. When I see someone reckless, it saddens me, because that’s how it came to my house. “

The next step is permanent breast reconstruction. Again, the date of the operation is unknown due to the pandemic. The wait continues.

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EOTB’s Ashley Cain says baby Azaylia needs more surgery as she fights leukaemia

Ex On The Beach’s Ashley Cain says baby Azaylia needs more surgery as she fights leukaemia.

The four-month-old was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in October. This is one of the rarest forms of leukaemia and Azaylia will need a stem cell transplant to beat the disease.

Sharing a smiling image of himself holding his child, the reality star told Instagram followers: “Yesterday started with an ECG and Echo scan used to look at the heart and nearby blood vessels and provide information on the rhythm of the heart to check for any potential damages as a result of her chemotherapy.

“Today Azaylia goes into theatre for surgery to fit an additional central line on the other side of her chest.”

The new central line will be used by doctors to give the baby her chemo directly into her body and also to complete medical tests.

Ex On The Beach star Ashley Cain says his infant daughter Azaylia needs more surgery as she continues to fight leukaemia

Doting dad Ashley has been at his daughter’s side every step of the way during treatment

Ashley continued: “I feel like this swipe across illustrates the quote ‘Everyday isn’t good, but there is good in everyday!’ and it’s important for us, even on bad days to appreciate the positive moments we encounter.”

After their daughter’s shock diagnosis, Ashley and his partner Safiyya Vorajee immediately took to social media to plead with fans to help them find a suitable donor in a bid to save their only child’s life.

Doctors told the couple that their baby had an aggressive form of leukemia and tumours on her lungs, stomach and kidneys
Doctors told the couple that their baby had an aggressive form of leukemia and tumours on her lungs, stomach and kidneys

After detailing Azaylia’s heartbreaking diagnosis, the couple was completely overwhelmed with the endless support they received.

More than 80,000 signed up for the DKMS and Anthony Nolan bone marrow donor register in one weekend – twice as many as usually sign up in a year. Now, 100,000 have signed up in her name.

Azaylia was taken to hospital for tests at just eight-weeks-old and her diagnosis was discovered
Azaylia was taken to hospital for tests at just eight-weeks-old and her diagnosis was discovered

Azaylia was taken to hospital for tests at just eight-weeks-old and her diagnosis was discovered.

Doctors told the couple that their baby had an aggressive form of leukemia and tumours on her lungs, stomach and kidneys.

After their daughter's shock diagnosis, Ashley and his partner Safiyya Vorajee immediately took to social media to plead with fans to help them find a suitable donor
After their daughter’s shock diagnosis, Ashley and his partner Safiyya Vorajee immediately took to social media to plead with fans to help them find a suitable donor

In October, Ashley asked fans to pray for his “beautiful brave little girl.”

He told fans it was: “The single most upsetting, terrifying, and heartbreaking experience I have ever been through.

“I found out my beautiful daughter Azaylia Diamond Cain got diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of leukemia which has come with many complications.”

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Armando Manzanero: his story of fights and successes with Luis Miguel | The State

Luis Miguel and Armando Manzanero they formed a successful duo that triumphed from the first album they recorded together, Romance (1991), and on the three upcoming albums. The Mexican composer died on Monday at the age of 85, after fighting Covid-19, and that artistic relationship between the master of boleros and El Sol de México will remain in the memory as part of his prolific career.

The musical society that they formed was of great importance in their respective careers, and they reflected it in ‘Luis Miguel, the series’, where Manzanero was played by actor Pierre David. Beyond the fictional licenses of the Netflix-produced strip, it was clear that the artist’s decision to turn to the genre of romantic ballads was accompanied by the key role of the Mexican composer’s lyrics.

Romance: Manzanero and Luis Miguel on the wave of success

In different interviews Manzanero revealed that none of the twelve songs that they included in that first album were “new”, quite the opposite: “I had written them forty years ago, many of them, others thirty years ago, and they found their place when Luis Miguel interpreted them“.

That turn in the singer’s career meant a crossing of generations, where grandmothers, mothers and teenagers sang the same melodies. After the resounding worldwide success, they made two other albums together: Segundo Romance (1994); Romances (1997); and in 2001 Manzanero collaborated in Mis romances.

However, at the end of the ’90s the relationship had already had its conflicts, and the journalists who interviewed them always asked them about the status of their “labor duo”. During one of his visits to Santiago de Chile, in 1997, the presenter Álvaro Salas asked Luis Miguel: “Is it true that Armando Manzanero is as short as they say? Because they say his greatest success was under the table“.

This attempt to expose any riskiness was thrown overboard by the artist, who left his interviewer speechless: “Look, you can measure his height from head to sky and Armando Manzanero is taller than you“.

Watch the video at minute 6:05

“Ungrateful and selfish”: Manzanero against Luis Miguel

In 2017 Manzanero spoke in Sale el Sol (Imagen Televisión) and confessed that his relationship with the singer had been turned upside down by the latest attitudes of the interpreter. There the hard metaphor expressed by the composer became famous: “It is easier for an elephant to enter through the eye of a needle than for Luis Miguel to do something for others“.

That step from “love to hate” had among its reasons the singer’s decision not to participate in another artist’s tour, and to notify at the last minute that he was withdrawing from the tour. “He left a man who is great, like the singer Alejandro Fernández, badly. If you did that, What can you expect from him? He went crazyManzanero said in front of the journalists.

“There are people who do not know gratitude. I don’t want to talk about him, but I think the truth is, what a shame, “he added. Meanwhile, the Sun of Mexico was silent, concentrating on recording his album ¡México por siempre! Which was released that same year.

United they will never be defeated

By 2018 the link had improved and Manzanero did not evade the question that the press asked him the most: “Are you in a fight with Luis Miguel?“. At 83 years of age, the master composer assured in dialogue with Suelta la sopa (Televisa) that he felt nothing but admiration for the singer: “I congratulate him with all my soul, I am very proud to have participated in several works with him“.

He even left the door open to a last collaboration together when the artist wanted: “Really, the fruits that our union has given us, and the quality of things that it has given to the youth, is something that is paid for nothing; if I ever wanted to return to the romantic world I would like to participate“.

Rogue and intelligent to answer questions about his confrontations and his old sayings about the singer, Manzanero explained: “You have to understand that this is a business. The interpreters are looking for their success every day, and our work as songwriters is always temporary ”.

“So, if we’re doing well, even if I don’t like you, on stage I’ll hug you,” he said, making clear the importance of maintaining serenity in any artistic society so that it continues to function. At the end, Manzanero opened up about Luis Miguel’s talent: “It is definitely the biggest, there is no other. Interpreting is the best. It is imposed, and it showed that the classic never goes out of style“.


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Barry McGuigan’s year in boxing review and best fights to come in 2021

What a year that was. The whole world has been impacted by the pandemic, businesses destroyed and jobs lost.

For its part, boxing has ­responded impressively and played an important role in keeping spirits high.

We could not have known, when Tyson Fury destroyed Deontay Wilder in February, what was to come. That ­performance earned Fury a share of the Ring magazine award for fighter of the year.

The other recipient, lightweight Teofimo Lopez, was the standout performer of boxing’s post-lockdown ­recovery.

I did not have Vasyl Lomachenko winning a round until the eighth. His reaction, carping about the result, was unbecoming of a ­champion.

Fury became WBC heavyweight champion in February with victory over Wilder

On the domestic front, ­Lyndon Arthur’s victory against Anthony Yarde matched Lopez for shock value.

Yarde moaned like Loma, but was well beaten by a disciplined light-heavyweight who relied largely on his jab.

It is now for Yarde to ­rebuild and come again.

The same applies to Daniel Dubois, who lost his great ­domestic heavyweight duel to Joe Joyce in a similar manner.

There is no quit in Dubois. The injuries he sustained to his eye socket were career-threatening. Fingers crossed, he’s back firing in 2021.

Daniel Dubois can bounce back from his defeat to Joe Joyce
Daniel Dubois can bounce back from his defeat to Joe Joyce

Errol Spence proved there is a way back after serious ­injury. The way he dominated a rugged Danny Garcia, after his horrific car crash, should inspire Dubois.

I tip my hat to Saul Alvarez, who proved against Callum Smith last week that he might be getting even better.

There is talk of a third bout with Gennady Golovkin, who flattered to deceive against Kamil Szeremeta the night before Canelo’s masterclass.

If Canelo is to drop down to middleweight, I would prefer to see him against WBC champion Jermall Charlo than a 38-year-old superhero on the slide. If Canelo stays at 168lb, Billy Joe Saunders has his hand up, and, at light heavy, Artur Beterbiev would be a fantastic challenge.

Canelo Alvarez produced a scintillating performance to see off Callum Smith
Canelo Alvarez produced a scintillating performance to see off Callum Smith

The fight we are all looking forward to next year is ­Anthony Joshua versus Fury.

Firstly, I want to commend Joshua for his six-figure ­donation to amateur boxing federations in England, ­Scotland and Wales.

The government was ­remiss in excluding amateur boxing from its £300million Covid bailout. This sport gets into underprivileged areas, giving problem kids an ­opportunity to shine.

Which fight are you most looking forward to next year? Have your say below.

Anthony Joshua beat Kubrat Pulev to keep himself on track to face Fury
Anthony Joshua beat Kubrat Pulev to keep himself on track to face Fury

In the ring, Joshua’s ­performance against Kubrat Pulev won rave reviews, but I was ­disappointed he did not get him out in the third.

Maybe he was mindful of what happened against Andy Ruiz, when he was chopped down in the same round.

I thought Joshua was nervous and apprehensive for the next couple of rounds before poleaxing Pulev in the ninth.

I’m guessing Fury will be encouraged by what he saw. More of that next year.

Merry Christmas.

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UK fights new coronavirus strain that is more contagious

President Donald Trump has slammed the UK’s decision to impose new lockdown restrictions ahead of Christmas after a dangerous new strain of the coronavirus was detected in England. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday announced London and parts of southeast England will go into ‘Tier 4 lockdown’ – the highest level of the UK’s coronavirus alert system – starting at midnight. 

Johnson imposed the measures amid a surge in cases in the region that doctors believed is being fueled by a fast-moving new variant of the coronavirus that is more than 70 per cent more transmissible than existing strains.  

Boris Johnson

President Trump criticized the UK’s decision to impose strict lockdown restrictions in large parts of England on Saturday

Trump made clear the US would not be following suit, claiming the 'cure cannot be worse than the problem itself'

Trump made clear the US would not be following suit, claiming the ‘cure cannot be worse than the problem itself’

Although it is not believed to be more fatal, the mutant strain has sparked fears of a potential outbreak in the US, which is already grappling with record-breaking rates of hospitalizations and virus-related deaths. 

President Trump on Saturday however made it clear the US would not be following suit with Johnson’s decision.  

‘We don’t want to have lockdowns. The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself!’ Trump said in a tweet replying to the news.    

Trump has repeatedly expressed he is against imposing another nationwide lockdown for the sake of the economy and struggling businesses.  

Meanwhile Johnson, whose initial response to the pandemic was criticized for being too slow, had resisted calls to change plans for the Christmas relaxation, earlier this week saying it would be ‘frankly inhuman’ to ban it.’

However, those now in Tier 4 will not be allowed to mix with others over the Christmas holiday, while everyone else will be permitted to see friends and family only on the actual day, December 25.

Under Tier 4 lockdown – which affects about a third of England’s population – residents will be required to stay at home except for essential reasons such as work. 

Non-essential retail will close, as well as indoor leisure and entertainment, and social mixing will be limited to meeting one other person in an outdoor space. 

Boris Johnson is taking a Covid press conference today as he creates a new Tier 4 to tackle a new ‘highly contagious’ coronavirus variant  

The country reported 27,052 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday and 534 deaths, and there has been growing concern about a surge in infections and hospitalizations brought by the new strain.  

The number of cases in England has soared in the last two weeks because of a variant of the virus, identified as VUI202012/01, that scientists said is up to 70 per cent more transmissible than existing strains. 

What are the new Tier 4 rules? 

The Tier 4 rules will be essentially the same as the blanket lockdown that England was under in November. 

Non-essential retail must close, as well as leisure facilities, and personal care such as hairdressers. 

However, places of worship can stay open. 

People in other Tiers will be advised not to go into the highest bracket areas, while residents of Tier 4 must not stay overnight in lower infection spots. 

London now has the highest infection rates in England, and officials said the new mutation accounted for some 60 per cent of the capital’s cases. 

‘This virus has taken off, it’s moving fast and it’s leading inevitably to a sharp increase in hospital admissions,’ Britain’s Chief Scientific Officer Patrick Vallance said. 

England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, said the UK has alerted the World Health Organization that the new variant identified this week appears to be accelerating the spread of COVID-19. 

The government’s scientific advisers came to that conclusion based on preliminary modelling figures, and they are continuing to analyze the available data, he said.

‘There is no current evidence to suggest the new strain causes a higher mortality rate or that it affects vaccines and treatments although urgent work is underway to confirm this,’ Whitty said in a statement. 

Whitty said the existing tier system was working in areas with a very low level of the new variant, but cases were rising fast in places where it was prominent.

Britain has been one of the worst hit European countries – with more than 67,000 deaths linked to coronavirus and more than 2million cases reported.

Other countries have also reported variants of the virus. South Africa said on Friday one such strain was driving a second wave of infections there.

‘We think it (the variant) may be in other countries as well,’ Vallance said. ‘It may have started here, we don’t know for sure.’ 

With just days to go until Christmas, Johnson also announced that a planned easing of socializing rules that would have allowed up to three households to meet in ‘Christmas bubbles’ from Dec. 23 to Dec. 27 , will be canceled for Tier 4 areas and sharply curtailed in the rest of England.

News of the latest crackdown came as countless Britons flocked to the country's high streets (Oxford Street, pictured) and supermarkets today as they stocked up on Christmas essentials

News of the latest crackdown came as countless Britons flocked to the country’s high streets (Oxford Street, pictured) and supermarkets today as they stocked up on Christmas essentials

‘It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you we cannot proceed with Christmas as planned,’ Johnson said.

He said he concluded there was ‘no alternative open to me’ and people must sacrifice this Christmas to have a better chance of protecting the lives of loved ones.

No mixing of households will be allowed in Tier 4 except under very limited conditions outside in public places. Travel in and out of Tier 4 areas won’t be allowed unless essential. 

In the rest of England, people will be allowed to meet in Christmas bubbles for just one day instead of five, as the government originally planned.

The changes upend the plans of millions of people who were looking forward to gathering family and friends next week and force scores to revise their travel plans at the last minute. 

Before Saturday, government officials maintained they would allow small, private gatherings to go ahead.

While restaurants, pubs, bars and theaters in much of England had to close Wednesday and were prepared for a bleak Christmas, all shops in Tier 4 areas that don´t sell food or medicine received only hours´ notice that they must shutter after Saturday until officials review the situation on Dec. 30.

The British Retail Consortium said it was ‘hugely regrettable news,’ especially coming just two weeks after a month-long lockdown in England ended and at the height of the year´s peak retail period.

‘Retailers have invested hundreds of millions of pounds making stores COVID–secure for customers and staff,’ said Helen Dickinson, the trade body´s chief executive. ‘For businesses, the government´s stop-start approach is deeply unhelpful.’   

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Hockey: fighters appreciated the extreme intensity of the fights

More questioned than ever today, fights in hockey were the main reason for the presence of certain Quebec players on the ice several years ago. They said the public and the skaters themselves were far from bemoaning the fighting at the time.

As part of the documentary Fights of a lifetime which will be broadcast on the TVA Sports channel on Friday, former hockey players recognized for their pugilistic talent are not afraid to admit that they appreciated the high intensity, the explosiveness and the action when they threw the gloves in front of a crowd euphoric.

Among the participants interviewed, former player of the North American League (LNAH) Joël Thériault talks about how he felt in the moments leading up to a duel with bare fists. He particularly remembers a clash with Jacques Dubé in front of “14,000 people at the Coliseum in Quebec”.

“This is the greatest liberation you can have. There is nothing else that matters. This is the biggest moment now. I don’t think a human can be more in the present moment than there. I believe an athlete in the ring or a doctor can be [un peu ainsi], he explained of his hockey fights. We’re talking about enjoying what is happening right now: that moment, when you enjoy it, is extremely high in intensity, because you know it won’t last an hour and you know it can be fatal. There are some who stay on the ice. ”

“When this tunnel is created and there is no one left around, it’s a moment … You have to be privileged to have been able to experience them,” he added.

Another former hockey player who played for a long time in the LNAH, Martin Larivière seems to agree with Thériault completely.

“Adrenaline is your life, after all. You’re at war, for 30, 40 seconds, “noted the one who has totaled at least 200 penalty minutes in seven campaigns on the circuit.

To promote himself

For Paul LaPlante, former rival of the real Hanson brothers and former leader of the Carcajou-Quebec squad, the fights on the rink represented, for the players involved, a way of valuing themselves while interacting with the spectators present in the arena. , whether at home or abroad.

“Let’s say the score is good and you come out on top. First, you’re happy, even if that’s boring to say. Then, if it’s happening at your place, you are the king of kings. But if you’re on the outside, you’re also happy, because you’re doing sh … the world, “he said.

Fights of a lifetime will be presented on TVA Sports on Friday at 7 p.m.

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Antony Joshua and Tyson Fury to Sign Two Fights for $ 665 Million | The State

After Antony Joshua beat Kubrat Pulev, his promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed that they are already seeking a two-fight deal with Tyson Fury. which will be worth $ 665 million dollars.

Fury’s promoter Bob Arum said he will discuss plans with Hearn on Monday morning, starting with a $ 266 million showdown in the Middle East and a possible rematch in the UK, versus 90,000 people at Wembley.

Reigning WBA, IBF and WBO champion Antony Joshua refused to directly call the “Gypsy King” for their planned 2021 showdown after beating Pulev in the ninth at Wembley Arena.

Hearn said: “We are all in that fight and really what we should be doing is making it official.”

Hearn confirmed last week that Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Qatar are the main contenders to host the first fight and due to the two hour gap with the United Kingdom. they hope to break all pay-per-view records in that country.

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Undefeated British boxer taunts Andy Ruiz with a picture on Instagram

Ex-boxer accused of beating her husband to death

Sports UK

Boxing on TV tonight as Anthony Joshua fights Kubrat Pulev

Anthony Joshua is back in action tonight for the first time since he won back his three heavyweight world titles from Andy Ruiz Jr just over a year ago.

The Londoner takes on mandatory challenger Kubrat Pulev in a fight which has been three years in the making.

The rivals were due to clash in Cardiff in 2017 but the Bulgarian pulled out with a shoulder injury and was replaced by Carlos Takam.

Pulev has worked his way back into the mandatory position and will attempt to become a world champion at the second time of asking have previously been stopped by Wladimir Klitschko.

And he hopes Joshua is too distracted by a potential fight with fellow world champion Tyson Fury which has been agreed in principle for next year.

Pulev said this week: “I’m ready for this fight, we spend a long time waiting because 2017 I had a problem and that is why I tell my trainer we must go for the win.

“That is why I said let’s not fight now (in 2017) because I believed this fight would come again one day and I’m here now, ready to fight good and ready to win.”

As is customary, Joshua vs Pulev will be live on Sky Sports Box Office tonight from 6pm at a cost of £24.95, a price which has provoked much debate.

The fight can be ordered via remote or by heading over to the Sky Sports Box Office website.

Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev had words

The main event will likely start between 10.30pm and 11pm depending on how quickly the undercard fights are completed.

Among the earlier bouts are Hughie Fury’s heavyweight clash against Mariusz Wach and Lawrence Okolie’s bout with Nikodem Jezewski.

Okolie had been due to take on Krzysztof Glowacki for a cruiserweight world title but the Pole tested positive for Covid-19 last week and was ruled out.

Okolie said: “For me the most important thing is fighting, the (world) titles will come.

“It is a good opportunity to put in a mature performance and my trainer Shane (McGuigan) said he will not be happy unless I do certain things, so I will make sure I do.”

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Fired Tesla engineer takes on the tech giant in court and fights to be allowed to sue for defamation

A former Tesla engineer is preparing to take on Elon Musk’s company in court, alone, to accuse the tech giant of ruining her professional reputation.

Cristina Balan, a Romanian-born self-described mechanics nerd, was hired from Boeing in 2010 to help design the battery pack for the Model S all-electric luxury sedan. Her initial was stamped onto the car’s battery packaging.

Her problems began in 2014, when Musk emailed all staff to tell them to abandon the idea of a corporate hierarchy, telling them that it was a ‘dumb’ and time-consuming, outmoded way of thinking.

Cristina Balan worked for Tesla from 2010-14, and is now suing them for defamation

Elon Musk, the South African-born Tesla founder, asked for employees to raise issues

Elon Musk, the South African-born Tesla founder, asked for employees to raise issues

‘Anyone at Tesla can and should email/talk to anyone else according to what they think is the fastest way to solve a problem for the benefit of the whole company,’ he wrote, in the text obtained by

‘You can talk to your manager’s manager without his permission, you can talk directly to a VP in another dept, you can talk to me, you can talk to anyone without anyone else’s permission.

‘Moreover, you should consider yourself obligated to do so until the right thing happens.’

Balan had concerns about the foot mats in the Model S, which she said tended to curl up beneath the pedals in a potentially dangerous flaw. She believed that the company was awarding contracts for materials based on friendships, rather than quality and price.

She said interior-engineering supervisors at the time acknowledged safety issues but noted that a recall on the floor mats would have been expensive.

She emailed Musk, and requested a meeting.

A few days later, she told the Los Angeles Times, an HR manager appeared at her desk and said: ‘So you want to talk to Elon, right? Well, let’s go.’

Balan described herself as a mechanics geek, who played with pliers and machines as a child

Balan described herself as a mechanics geek, who played with pliers and machines as a child

She was led through the Fremont, California offices, and into a room where she was met with her boss and a company lawyer.

‘I knew I should have returned to my desk,’ she said. ‘This is weird, I thought. This is not going to be a meeting with Elon.’

Balan told the paper that the HR manager strongly suggested she drop her complaints about the supplier contracts.

Balan said no.

‘OK, this is your exit interview,’ Balan recalls being told.

She was handed resignation papers and asked to sign them.

When she protested, she said, a Tesla official threatened to have her led outside in handcuffs.

The official, she said, told her: ‘This is what happens if you don’t know how to keep your mouth shut.’

Balan worked for Boeing before joining Tesla in 2010 as an engineer on the Model S

Balan worked for Boeing before joining Tesla in 2010 as an engineer on the Model S

Balan said she insisted on adding a line to the documents: ‘I’m resigning for the position that I was put in a month ago bc I dare to speak up to the Sr management, also bc people that had the chance to speak up were threatened.’

She was then escorted from the building by security guards.

Balan filed an arbitration case, and in 2017 The Huffington Post told her story.

Tesla communications executive Dave Arnold then demanded that the online publication run a 600-word Tesla response in full.

In part, it read: ‘Ms. Balan spent company time working on a ‘secret project’ without her manager’s approval and booked an unapproved trip to New York at Tesla’s expense to visit a potential supplier for her own personally-created project.

‘She also illegally recorded internal conversations within Tesla without anyone’s permission, which is clearly criminal conduct.’

The Huffington Post took the piece down after her complaints, although it can be found online.

She was furious at Arnold’s allegation that she had engaged in ‘clearly criminal conduct’.

She said the ‘secret project’ Arnold referred to was a windshield sun visor project she had worked on, which had attracted support from Tesla top executives, including Musk, whom she briefed personally about the technology behind it, according to emails entered into evidence.

And she said the ‘unapproved’ trip to New York was in fact the idea of Tesla’s head of manufacturing technology, Rich Heley, who emailed Balan and said: ‘You should go to ny.’

Balan says that her former employer defamed her, describing them as 'vindictive'

Balan says that her former employer defamed her, describing them as ‘vindictive’

Balan has struggled to find work after she left Tesla in 2010

Balan has struggled to find work after she left Tesla in 2010

Balan filed a defamation claim in January 2019, which is now before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after a judge in Seattle ruled that she could proceed with her case. Tesla is appealing against that ruling.

Her hearing had been scheduled for last month: now it has been rescheduled to March 2021,

At the beginning of the arbitration process, Tesla’s lawyers used her employment agreement to argue the matter must remain in private arbitration and not in public court.

But Marsha J. Pechman, senior judge of the U.S. District Court in Seattle, disagreed.

In June 2019, she found that although some of Tesla’s allegations were directly related to employment and must remain in arbitration, others could be tried in federal court, including whether Balan was defamed by Tesla’s assertion of criminality.

She noted that Tesla had not made a case to back up their claims that her behavior was criminal.

Tesla lawyers had no direct answer, but then filed an appeal to the Ninth Circuit.

Balan is representing herself at court, in a bid to avoid ruinous law firm fees

Balan is representing herself at court, in a bid to avoid ruinous law firm fees

Balan provided to the LA Times a file of documents that bear witness to her being a valued and respected member of the team.

Her case is seen as highly significant because it tests the limits of the legal practice known as mandatory arbitration: it looks at whether an arbitration agreement can follow an employee for years or even decades after they’ve left a company.

Balan is representing herself to save money. She believes that Tesla will try to wear her out financially by dragging the case through the courts as long as possible.

She said her net worth is $50,000, as she has been unable to find work since Tesla fired her.

Balan told the paper she was preparing for the appeals court hearing from a makeshift office in her 11-year-old son’s bedroom.

When he gets too noisy, she takes her iPad and moves to her car, she said.

In her defamation suit Balan is asking for legal expenses and whatever punitive damages the court sees fit.

Tesla has not responded to any requests for comment by the Times. 

She said she would welcome any monetary awards, but money’s not her motivation.

‘First of all, I want to clear my name,’ she said. ‘I want to see the pride in my parents’ eyes that they’ve had for me all my life.

‘And I want to show the level of vindictiveness Tesla can go to when they want to destroy somebody.’