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Alex George brands brother Elliott his ‘rock’ after death of their brother Llŷr

Dr Alex George has given heartfelt thanks to his brother Elliott, months after the tragic death of their brother Llŷr.

Alex told in July that Llŷr had taken his own life at the age of 20 following a mental health struggle, having planned to follow in Alex’s footsteps and become a doctor.

Now Alex has branded Elliott his “rock over the last few months.”

Sharing a snap of the two of them at a race track, Dr Alex – who’s been battling coronavirus on the frontline – penned: “So proud of my brother, been such a rock for me over the last few months. Love you mate. Family first.”

Alex thanked Elliott for being his ‘rock’

Alex has been open about his grief, sitting down for a heart-to-heart with Lorraine and sharing important messages for those who need to hear them.

“You are never alone,” he wrote on Instagram, “There is always hope. Please reach out. People care. I care.”

And he told Lorraine that he and Elliott sat in silence for five hours as they drove back to London from south Wales.

Llŷr took his own life in July

Llŷr was going to follow in Alex’s footsteps and become a doctor

He recalled: “I was at a restaurant when I found out. I had a phone call from my dad and I could tell from the call he’d passed away, just that something bad had happened.

“When he said it was Llŷr, my world kind of ended in that sense, the world came down on my shoulders almost.

“My brother Elliott picked me up and drove me back to Wales.”

He recalled finding out about Llŷr’s death

Lorraine Kelly reached out to Alex amid his grief

Alex added: “We sat in silence for like five hours, between each of us crying and shouting, letting out this anguish I guess, it was weird.

“I went into different parts of my mind, really dark parts to be honest. Just disbelief, I couldn’t believe this had happened.”

He went on to praise his mum and dad, and how well they’d raised the family.

If you’re struggling and need to talk, the Samaritans operates a free helpline open 24/7 on 116 123. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] if you’d prefer to write down how you feel. You are not alone.

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María Alejandra Requena: Two years after the death of her husband, she returns to bet on love | The NY Journal

Maria Alejandra Requena.

María Alejandra Requena / Courtesy

A little over 2 years after her husband died, the journalist from Cnn in Spanish, Maria Alejandra Requena, returns to bet on love, and confirms that he has an affair with the actor Luciano D’Alessandro.

He did it through his Instagram account with a clear message of what this new bet on love means: How can you heal a broken heart? With love! He ❤️ “.

A few days ago, the actor had shared a photo on his Instagram account, where they were seen both, but only half their faces and wearing masks. The text read: “She ❤”.

Some of his followers, especially the famous ones, realized that it was Requena, and without giving his name, he congratulated them. Such is the case of Marjorie de Sousa, Alejandro Chaban or Erika de la vega.

Both born in Venezuela, we saw him in ‘Operation Pacific’ this year for Telemundo, while we see her daily on the CNN en Español news network. Although there are not many details about how they met or how long they have been together, their friends do say they are happy.

Let us remember that María Alejandra suffered a severe blow when in April 2018, her husband, Ismael hurtado, suffered a cardiovascular accident, and after three days in a coma he died. From that marriage his two children were born, Miranda Y Andrew.

Mariale and Ismael were married for 20 years and dating for 6. But after more than 2 years of much suffering, today life and love are smiling at him again.


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DAVID LEAFE looks back on the life of Bobby Ball following the funnyman’s death aged 76 

Although not known for cracking jokes in public, Her Majesty the Queen could not resist a light-hearted exchange with the comedy duo Cannon and Ball after the Royal Variety Performance of 1987.

The previous week they had been introduced to the Duke of Edinburgh at a charity dinner.

‘We were told to address him as ‘Your Majesty’ when we were introduced,’ recalled Bobby Ball. ‘But I said, ‘Ow are you cocker? All right?’

‘When we were lined up to shake hands with the Queen after the command performance, she came to me and said ‘Hello cocker, how are you?’ It was great.’

The royals were among the many fans of a comedy partnership which ended with the news of Bobby Ball’s death in a Blackpool hospital at the age of 76. He had been admitted for a chest infection but tested positive for Covid-19.

In their heyday, comedy duo Bobby Ball (left) and Tommy Cannon (right) were bringing home £200,000 a month. The pair had met in the 1960s while working as tractor welders

At its peak, the Cannon And Ball Show was one of ITV’s most successful light entertainment programmes, drawing Saturday night audiences of up to 20million people.

As catchphrases like ‘Rock on Tommy’ and ‘You little liar’ entered everyday conversation, and no less an authority than Eric Morecambe described them as ‘the next Morecambe and Wise’, their popularity saw their summer tour in 1985 outsell Bruce Springsteen.

Although they continued to tour after television executives decided that middle-aged northern comics had had their day, Bobby Ball’s career resurgence in later life took him in a different direction – acting in popular TV series including Last Of The Summer Wine, Heartbeat, Benidorm and The Cockfields.

One of Ball's best-known roles was as Lee Mack's dad in Not Going Out. Pictured: Ball (right) with comedian Lee Mack (left)

One of Ball’s best-known roles was as Lee Mack’s dad in Not Going Out. Pictured: Ball (right) with comedian Lee Mack (left)

He also appeared on I’m A Celebrity and Strictly Come Dancing, but one of his best-known roles was as Lee Mack’s dad in Not Going Out. Mack – pictured below right with Ball – once described him as his real-life ‘comedy father’.

‘The first thing I can remember as a sort of performance was doing Bobby Ball impressions in the playground at school,’ he said.

‘He has a magical sense for comedy that nobody has been able to replicate.’

That gift was key to an act following in the traditions of Laurel and Hardy, with Tommy as the straight man exasperated by his silly sidekick Bobby.

A typical sketch went like this:

Tommy: ‘Tell them what you did last week when you went to British Home Stores to buy a house.’

Bobby [to the audience] ‘Yes, well, he sent me to Homebase for the foundations.’

Tommy: ‘What else did you do? Went to the greyhound track and bet on the rabbit.’

Bobby: ‘It won, didn’t it?’

Such exchanges belied a very real friendship between the two men who were both from Oldham and had mothers who worked in the local cotton mills.

Born Robert Harper in 1944, Bobby originally fancied himself as a singer, as did Tommy Cannon – born Thomas Derbyshire – who was six years his senior.

They met in the 1960s when they worked as welders at a tractor factory and in their spare time they toured working men’s clubs as a singing double-act until they realised that comedians were being paid £3 a night more than they were. They duly added a comedy element to the act, with Bobby sitting in the audience and heckling Tommy.

All went well until Bobby’s trousers fell down on his way to the stage, after which he began wearing the trademark braces twanged to hilarious effect from then on.

After years on the northern club circuit, they hit the big time – ITV giving them their own show following their guest spot on Bruce Forsyth’s Big Night Out – and suddenly the £20-a-week welders were taking home £200,000 a month. They bought matching Rolls-Royces, beachfront homes in the Canary Islands and even yachts. But fame and fortune soon took a toll.

Bobby Ball (left), who is survived by his second wife Yvonne (right), became a Christian in later life as did his comedy partner Tommy Cannon

Bobby Ball (left), who is survived by his second wife Yvonne (right), became a Christian in later life as did his comedy partner Tommy Cannon

Bobby, who was by then married to his second wife Yvonne, began womanising, drinking a bottle of whisky a day and frequently getting into fights.

He and Tommy fell out, refusing to be around each other any more than their work required and not speaking off-stage for three years.

A turning point came in 1986 when they were appearing together in pantomime in Bradford. There, Bobby’s conversations with the Alhambra Theatre’s chaplain saw him turn to Christ and he made amends with Tommy who followed suit and became a Christian seven years later. 

Later they would interpose their comedy tours with gospel shows and together wrote one of the unlikeliest publications of the 1990s, Christianity For Beginners: Faith, God And All That, by Cannon and Ball.

Their shared beliefs helped cement a bond which endured long beyond the height of their fame. 

Yesterday, Tommy Cannon, 82, said that he was ‘devastated’ to have lost ‘my partner, my best friend.’

He also described Ball as ‘the funniest man I know’, a sentiment which will be echoed by his many millions of fans – including, no doubt, those royal ‘cockers’ known more formally as Prince Philip and the Queen.

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Piers Morgan receives death threats after taking on Covid conspiracy theorists

Twisted conspiracy theorists have threatened Piers Morgan ‘s life after he told them to unfollow him on social media.

The star was sent death threats after demanding a national lockdown.

The Good Morning Britain presenter slammed “Covidiots” who believe “insane conspiracy theories”.

But the request for them to unfollow him didn’t go down well.

One sick user crossed a line with threats – which Piers re-tweeted to demonstrate what he has to put up with.

“Can all Covidiots please just unfollow me and f**k off,” he initially put.

Piers won’t tolerate people denying the virus’ severity

“This 2nd wave is extremely serious & I’m not interested in your insane conspiracy theories, your dumb fake charts, your ‘proof’ that covid’s ‘not as bad as the flu’ – or any of your ignorant abusive garbage.”

But one user replied: “Once we have come for the government we will come for you #TickTock” – followed by a sickening photo of a noose.

The 55-year-old showed his followers, saying: “Awww, now the death threats. cc @TwitterUK”

Piers was quick to share the threat

Piers and Spencer often clash over their Covid views

He then went on another blocking spree.

“UPDATE: Covidiots are still following me, & still spewing their conspiracy cr*p and abuse. So sadly, I now have to move to full (permanent) lockdown & block them all.”

A further 280 people have died from Covid-19 in the UK, it was announced on Thursday.

He says some people have to wake up to a second wave

The death toll in the country since the pandemic began now stands at 45,955.

A further 280,995 tests were carried out and 23,065 more cases were confirmed, meaning 965,340 have now tested positive for the disease.

Piers recently clashed with Denise Welch, calling her a “Covidiot” for suggesting the government is “fear mongering” over the virus.

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Open verdict at inquest into superbike champion Sean Emmett’s second wife’s death

The wife of a British superbike champion who plummeted to her death from a hotel on her honeymoon died of head and chest injuries resulting from the fall, a coroner ruled today.

Newly-wed Abigail Elson, 27, died after falling from a fourth-floor window at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai.

Her husband Sean Emmett has denied any involvement in his wife’s death, maintaining she ‘flipped’ out of the window after dropping her wedding ring.

The couple, who were on their honeymoon, had been on a 12-hour drinking session before returning to their hotel room on the fourth floor in February 2013. 

Former Grand Prix racer Mr Emmett was arrested by detectives from Surrey Police and the Dubai authorities on his return to the UK in December 2013 – but no charges were ever brought. 

Coroner Alison Hewitt recorded an open conclusion at an inquest today.

Mr Emmett been arrested by Surrey Police and the Dubai authorities on his return to the UK in December, but no charges were ever brought. Pictured, the couple together on their wedding day

Abigail Elson, a 27-year-old vicar's daughter, fell from a window at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel on February 19, 2013 on her honeymoon

Abigail Elson, a 27-year-old vicar’s daughter, fell from a window at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel on February 19, 2013 on her honeymoon

Emmett with his third wife Lana Saoud on their wedding day in 2017

Emmett with his third wife Lana Saoud on their wedding day in 2017

Newlyweds had a stormy relationship which lead to prison time, inquest hears 

The inquest heard details about Mr Emmett’s stormy relationship with Abigail and his convictions and cautions for domestic incidents involving her, his first wife Louise and his current wife Lana.

The coroner was told about more than eight reported occasions, which took place between January 2011 and February 2013, where allegations of physical abuse and verbal arguments were made during his relationship with Abigail.

The coroner was told how Mr Emmett was jailed for three months for hitting his third wife and breached a previous order relating to his first wife. 

Ms Elson was reportedly pushed, punched, strangled, and even had her head shut in a car door by Mr Emmett. In one police report, she described him as ‘controlling and jealous.’ 

While giving evidence, Emmett was asked more than 30 times by Alexandra Felix, the lawyer for Abigail’s parents about incidents of domestic violence that took place between the couple.

On each occasion he responded: ‘I decline to answer.’

Ms Felix accused him of being ‘controlling’ and becoming ‘violent and obnoxious when drunk.’

The inquest was told that both frequently visited pubs and that much of their relationship revolved around drinking alcohol, which often resulted in physical and verbal abuse. 

Emmett denied being violent or controlling but his legal team did not challenge details of his past.

Police told the hearing that in 2004, Emmett was given a caution for breaching a civil injunction which had been put in place between him and his first wife Louise, following allegations of domestic violence.

Emmett’s former neighbours at the home he shared with her in Surrey told MailOnline that police were frequently called to the property and it was widely known that they had a ‘difficult’ relationship.

Police also told the inquest that both Emmett and Abigail spent the night at a local police station following a fight at their home in Surrey and that she confided to her parents and a friend that he was ‘often violent towards her.’  

Announcing the verdict, Ms Hewitt said: ‘At about 01.58 hours, the deceased fell from an open window to the ground below, thereby sustaining fatal injuries.’

Mr Emmett did not attend the inquest at Woking Coroner’s Court in Surrey.

Ms Elson’s parents Carolyn Elson and Reverend Christopher Elson attended the hearing but declined to comment after the verdict.

The inquest previously heard claims that superbike champion and father-of-three Emmett had throttled his wife two years before her death.

A talented musician, Ms Elson attended the Royal Academy of Music and Cardiff University and was set for a promising career as a lawyer before suddenly dropping out of law college shortly before her exams, meeting Mr Emmett in a local pub soon after. 

The couple had a tumultuous relationship and police were called to the house they shared on several occasions prior to their marriage.

In one incident in July 2011, Ms Elson’s ear required stitching at hospital and she told police officers at the time that Mr Emmett had punched her.

Mr Emmett ‘lied about the incident’ and said that she had cut her ear with scissors, the coroner was told. 

The inquest also heard how Ms Elson had once jumped in front of a moving car in Weybridge after she found out Mr Emmett had abandoned her during a night out and gone home. 

The couple had married just two weeks earlier at a ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa, before flying to Dubai on February 18 to celebrate their honeymoon.    

The inquest had heard how Mr Emmett had allegedly become ‘angry’ with his new bride moments before she fell the following day, because she refused to ‘obey’ him and turn down the music she was playing.   

Mr Emmett had told the inquest that after putting on loud music, Ms Elson was dancing around the room as he sat on the bed having a coffee.

CCTV footage from the hotel on the night of her death showed Mr Emmett and Ms Eldon searching for a ring in the hours before her death. 

He denied becoming ‘irritated’ and angry over her refusal to turn the volume down and her wedding ring subsequently falling, insisting they were ‘happy’ and ‘merry.’

Alexandra Felix, the lawyer for Ms Elson’s parents, Reverend Christopher Elson and his wife Carolyn, claimed she threw her wedding ring out of the window as the two argued and did not accidentally drop it. 

Mr Emmett claimed that they opened their fourth-floor window to have a cigarette and were having a light-hearted conversation about Ms Elson having to obey him, following their marriage. 

He insisted that they were ‘standing comfortably.’

Ms Elson's family had raised the alarm with police, claiming Mr Emmett (right) had delivered beatings upon his younger partner before their wedding

Inquest was told Sean Emmett, 50, was 'excessively jealous' and 'controlling' during their relationship

Ms Elson’s family complained about a history of alleged beatings which their daughter said were meted out to her by the former professional motorcyclist

Mr Emmett met Lana Saoud (pictured) weeks after his wife's death. The couple married in 2017

Mr Emmett met Lana Saoud (pictured) weeks after his wife’s death. The couple married in 2017 

Mr Emmett alleged that Ms Elson kept pulling her wedding ring on and off her finger and joking ‘I obey you’ when she had it on and ‘I don’t obey you’ when she took it off.

He added: ‘It slipped out of her hand as she was playing with it. And then it went ‘ting, ting, ting and fell to the floor.’

Mr Emmett admitted that he thought it was a ‘bit queer’ that a fourth-floor window with such a drop could fully open but he did not consider it dangerous. 

Ms Elson had received £35,000 as a result of botched surgery that had taken place at Cardiff Hospital while she was studying in the city, which paid for their wedding. 

Ms Elson told a close friend in a Facebook message that she did not want Mr Emmett to have access to her money because she feared that he would squander it and accused him of being a ‘control freak,’ the inquest was told. 

The inquest had been told that Ms Elson visited her GP over her drinking, which was recorded at 200 units per week.

A medical examination of Ms Elson’s body showed that she had bruises to her arms, legs and thighs. Mr Emmett said that he could not explain how she got them.

Ms Elson fell to her death from a fourth-storey window at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai (pictured). Mr Emmett said his wife had been reaching over their balcony in the honeymoon suite to try and retrieve her wedding ring when she fell

Ms Elson fell to her death from a fourth-storey window at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai (pictured). Mr Emmett said his wife had been reaching over their balcony in the honeymoon suite to try and retrieve her wedding ring when she fell

MailOnline can reveal that Emmett met the Lebanese national in Dubai, just weeks after Abigail’s death while he was ordered to remain in the country as police investigated it.

Emmett returned to Britain in November 2013 with Ms Saoud joining him soon after – after Dubai police concluded that Abigail’s death had been suicide. 

They married in October 2017 in Weybridge, Surrey.

Mr Emmett, a former professional Grand Prix racer, was asked to give his account of the events leading up to Ms Elson's death

Mr Emmett, a former professional Grand Prix racer, was asked to give his account of the events leading up to Ms Elson’s death

Det. Con. Snape told the coroner how Mr Emmett had breached a domestic violence protection order ‘immediately’ after it was imposed which was put in place to protect Ms Saoud. 

He was jailed for four weeks after being convicted in October 2014.

In January 2015, he then attacked Ms Saoud again, leading him to be jailed for 12 weeks for battery. She suffered a swollen nose and cheek bone and injuries to her neck. 

When asked by the coroner if he had been convicted of breaching a domestic violence protection order, Mr Emmett replied: ‘Yes.’

He was then warned that he would have to provide a detailed answer as he had been convicted for the offence.

Mr Emmett replied: ‘I’m very sorry about it, I regret it immensely. Thankfully, Lana and I have moved on from that and we have been happily married for three years.’

Earlier, the inquest heard about the moment Ms Saoud – whom he met in Dubai shortly after Ms Elson’s death – called the police after he hit her in 2015.

Lana Saoud sat in court as Ms Felix read out a transcript from a 999 call she made following the incident in January 2015.

In it, Ms Saoud tells a 999 operator: ‘My boyfriend is hitting me. My boyfriend is a wife beater.’ She adds: ‘Apologise right now. You are a wife beater.’

When asked about the incident Mr Emmett replied: ‘I decline to answer.’ 

MailOnline can reveal that Emmett’s conduct towards the women in his life led to his father Terry refusing to speak to him and a wider rift within the family.

Mr Emmett and his father had not spoken for ‘several years’ with sources close to the family revealing that he regularly expressed his disappointment at some of his son’s conduct.

The source added: ‘Terry died in 2009 with a broken heart because he felt so let down by Sean. He tried to intervene in all the domestic disputes he was involved in but eventually gave up and just stopped talking to him.’ 

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Philippine Police Dies After Fighting Cock Attack | The NY Journal

An event that occurred in the Philippines has gone around the world, as it is somewhat surreal and worst of all, it had a tragic end.

It turns out that in that country a policeman named Christian Bolok lost his life after being attacked by nothing more and nothing less than a fighting cock.

It turns out that Bolok was part of a police operation deployed in the province of Northern Samar, where its inhabitants had already reported several cockfights that were carried out clandestinely and would seek to end them.

While the policemen carried out the corresponding investigations, Christian had the idea of ​​holding one of the roosters with his hands, which ended up attacking him, causing a very deep wound on his leg that caused the man to bleed out in a matter of minutes.

Although some policemen tried to treat him, they could not do anything for him and Bolok died at the scene due to the amount of blood he lost.

Finally, 3 people were arrested in this operation and 2 fighting cocks were confiscated.


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City worker, 44, accused of shaking four-week-old daughter to death

A City worker accused of murdering her four-week-old daughter claims she found her lifeless body after she had been fed, and denied ‘controlling’ the baby’s father, a court heard today. 

Clare Sanders and her Lithuanian boyfriend Tomas Vaitkevicius, 45, allegedly shook Eva on three separate occasions.

Sanders said she found Eva looking ‘lifeless’ beneath her blanket in her bedroom after Vaitkevicius, the baby’s father, had given her a final feed for the night.

Sanders, who earned £90,000-a-year as a financial consultant, was heard screaming: ‘My baby, my baby’ by neighbours upon finding Eva.

The 44-year-old also denied ‘controlling’ her lover by threatening to abort Eva, the Old Bailey was told. 

Clare Sanders, 44, pictured outside the Old Bailey in February, where she has denied murder

Clare Sanders, 44, and her Lithuanian boyfriend Tomas Vaitkevicius, 45, allegedly shook Eva on three separate occasions

Clare Sanders, 44, and her Lithuanian boyfriend Tomas Vaitkevicius, 45, allegedly shook Eva on three separate occasions

Eva was rushed to hospital where medics battled to save her life but she was pronounced dead on September 1, 2017. A post-mortem gave the cause of death as traumatic brain and spinal cord injury.

Bernie Richmond, QC, defending Vaitkevicius, today claimed Sanders ‘manipulated people to get what she wanted.’ 

Giving evidence about the day Eva died, Sanders said: ‘It was a good day, he (Vaitkevicius) was stepping up and doing things. I think around the 10.30pm mark Tomas took over the feed.’

Sanders explained she and Vaitkevicius were celebrating the four-week point of Eva’s life and had enjoyed a few drinks that evening after dinner.

On the last feed, some 60ml of formula milk was left in the bottle, which Sanders ‘thought was unusual’ and she and Vaitkevicius agreed to keep an eye on it.

Friends of the couple had purchased a baby monitoring device which Sanders said she usually turned on after feeding her.

But jurors were told the device may not have been switched on on August 31, as Sanders said she heard no crying coming from the bedroom and went to check on Eva.

‘It definitely worked but I did not know if it was switched on. I just carried on in the kitchen,’ she told the court.

‘I think he (Vaitkevicius) went back into the lounge. I went to check the baby and she looked lifeless, I scooped her up and screamed.

‘She was lying on her back. She just seemed lifeless. She had milk coming out of her nose and mouth. Her head just slumped forward. I just picked her up and screamed.

‘Milk was coming out of her nose and mouth, it seemed like a bit of a gush.

‘Tomas came into the bedroom. I think he just took her from me. I think I asked him what had happened. There was nothing, she was just lifeless.

‘He told me to go and get help. I was just screaming. He commenced CPR on the bed. I think I went to the hallway to see if I could find my phone.’

Sanders then ran out of the flat and began to plead with a neighbour for help: ‘I just said Eva was not breathing,’ she continued. ‘I thought she was dead’.

Sanders was living with her Lithuanian lover in a flat on this road in Mitcham, South London

Sanders was living with her Lithuanian lover in a flat on this road in Mitcham, South London

Tomas Vaitkevicius, 45, (pictured) denies murder and the alternative charge of allowing the death of a vulnerable child

Tomas Vaitkevicius, 45, (pictured) denies murder and the alternative charge of allowing the death of a vulnerable child

Sanders’ mobile phone had been used to search ‘Shaken baby syndrome NHS’, ‘Shaking babies’ and ‘baby is shaking’ on 27 August, 2017, the court heard previously.

She told the court that on August 27, she thought Eva was off-colour and picked her up to check on her, when the baby’s ‘feet and hands began shaking.’

After bringing her to her chest and cuddling her, she said Eva’s shaking stopped, so the family went out for a picnic.

‘I was on the bus,’ she explained: ‘I was searching different terms for shaking baby.’

Speaking of her relationship with Vaitkevicius, Sanders said: ‘I had pretty much worked out I could do it on my own.

‘I did not feel there was any rush. I did not want to turf him out, homeless on the street.

‘He was not working with anyone making any money. He was still Eva’s father.. I just did not think co-habiting and co-parenting was going to work.’

Sanders' mobile phone was used to search 'Shaken baby syndrome NHS on 27 August, 2017, six days before Eva's death, the Old Bailey (pictured) heard

 Sanders’ mobile phone was used to search ‘Shaken baby syndrome NHS on 27 August, 2017, six days before Eva’s death, the Old Bailey (pictured) heard

Earlier prosecutor Tom Little told jurors: ‘Eva was, the prosecution say, violently shaken on at least three separate occasions. Three separate occasions in the early weeks of her very young life.

‘These violent events were not so close in time that they could have occurred on the same day, but on different days and we say they were days apart.

‘There are no viable alternative perpetrators. No one else living in the house who could have killed Eva. Nor are there any realistic, viable alternative explanation for Eva’s death.’

Sanders and Vaitkevicius, from Mitcham, both deny murder and an alternative count of causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable child. The trial continues.

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Death rate in people with severe Covid-19 in England ‘has halved since peak’

Death rates from people with severe Covid-19 in hospital have dropped to around a half of the rate at the peak of the pandemic, a new study has revealed.

Researchers from the University of Exeter and the University of Warwick found a significant drop in death rates between March and the end of June.

Dr Bilal Mateen, of the University of Warwick, said: “The reduction in the number of people dying from COVID-19 in hospitals is clearly a step in the right direction, but it’s important that we do not become complacent as a result.

“It’s possible that the higher death rates at the peak of the pandemic are in part because hospitals were so overcrowded at that point.

“Even at the lowest point, nearly a quarter of admissions to intensive care were still dying- that’s a huge number of people, and we have to do all we can to control the spread of the virus and keep hospital admissions as low as possible.”

Coronavirus patient

In the study, the team analysed over 21,000 hospital admissions across England from March to June.

They found that death rates were highest in late March, at 26% among people in high dependency units, and 41% among people in intensive care.

In comparison, rates in June dropped to 7% in high dependency units, and 21% in intensive care.

Death rates were highest in late March, at 26% among people in high dependency units, and 41% among people in intensive care

Dr John Dennis, of the University of Exeter Medical School, who led the research, said: “Importantly, we controlled for factors including age, sex, ethnicity and other health conditions such as diabetes.

“This suggests the improvement in death rates in more recent months is not simply due to younger, or previously healthier, people being admitted to critical care.

“A number of factors are likely to be at play here, including improved understanding of how to manage COVID-19 amongst doctors, and the introduction of effective treatments.”

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Woman stabbed her Hispanic boyfriend to death in New Jersey | The NY Journal

Samantha massimino

Ocean County Jail / Courtesy

Samantha A. Massimino was accused of fatally stabbing her ex-boyfriend during an argument Saturday in New Jersey.

Massimino (33) faces aggravated charges of homicide and carrying weapons in the stabbing of Reinaldo Feliciano Jr (35), according to the Ocean County Attorney Bradley Billhimer’s Office.

Cops responded to a 911 call about an incident at a Toms River home around 4 a.m. Saturday and found Feliciano with a stab in the leg. He was rushed to a hospital, where he died about 45 minutes later.

The couple was involved in a “Physical altercation” when Massimino grabbed a knife and stabbed Feliciano, authorities said.

Massimino was arrested the same Saturday. She was held without bail on Monday and her next court appearance was not yet scheduled, she reported. New York Post.


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Death of Jacques Godin: a “rare and unique” man for Danielle Proulx

Danielle Proulx, Jacques Godin’s main playing partner in the “Under the Lion” series, will be remembered as a “huge actor”.

• Read also: Actor Jacques Godin has passed away

• Read also: Death of Jacques Godin: “a great, great actor” – Monique Miller

“He was rare, and quite unique as a person,” the actress said in an interview with QMI Agency of the actor who died Monday of heart failure at the age of 90.

“It’s not someone who was on the platforms. He was a pretty low-key man, pretty secretive, but as soon as the cameras turned on he was so extraordinary! ”Added Danielle Proulx.

Controversial relationship

“Under the lion’s sign” – a rereading of Françoise Loranger’s soap opera, which first had her first life on Radio-Canada in 1961 – lasted for two seasons on the same antenna, in 1997 and 2001.

Danielle Proulx therefore played for two years Annette Julien, the servant who took care of the children of the tyrannical millionaire Jérémie Martin, who Jacques Godin personified. The two characters had had a secret love affair for decades, with one child even born out of that relationship in a context where the employee was underage.

“There was a great chemistry between us. We got along very well and saw things the same way. He was a great professional. We had mountains of texts, and our homework was always done. We were happy to do this together. We pinched each other every day, “comments Danielle Proulx about her complicity with Jacques Godin on the set of” Under the sign of the lion “, a series that the actress would like to see be rebroadcast on one channel or another.

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