He is refused a last shower before his death

Relatives of a dying man lament that he did not even get a shower during the weeks he spent in palliative care before he died.

“He asked it many times and it was always ‘no’. For him, it was a basic need and a comfort care, now, “laments Natacha Chouinard, his ex-spouse and caregiver.

Admitted to the palliative care unit of Sainte-Croix Hospital in Drummondville at the beginning of December, Denis Thibault died there on January 4 from generalized cancer.

One of his last wishes would have been to take a shower, he who had to wear incontinence briefs and wash with a washcloth since his admission.

“To be well, it takes a minimum [d’hygiène] », Judges his son, Steve Thibault.

Except that a nurse questioned by Mme Chouinard reportedly told him that a shower was simply out of the question due to COVID.

“As a patient care attendant for 15 years, it hurt my heart to hear that,” she recalls.

Her offer to shower the 71-year-old herself was also turned down.

Showering was possible in humanitarian cases at Sainte-Croix Hospital in Drummundville, despite additional COVID-related equipment stored in some bathrooms.

Courtesy photo

Showering was possible in humanitarian cases at Sainte-Croix Hospital in Drummundville, despite additional COVID-related equipment stored in some bathrooms.

COVID alert

The 7e floor of the establishment where Mr. Thibault was hospitalized had been under a special protocol since December 9 due to the presence of potential cases of coronavirus

A misunderstanding of the measures in place or an excess of zeal could explain the refusal wiped by the septuagenarian, since showers were still allowed there in humanitarian cases.

“Outbreaks cause a load [de travail] additional. With the lack of personnel, this request to take a shower may not have materialized, “admits Guillaume Cliche, information officer for the CIUSSS de la Mauricie-et-du-Center-du-Québec.

As for relatives, they must absolutely be accompanied by an employee to provide care, regardless of their job title, he emphasizes.


As head of the Council for the Protection of the Sick, Paul Brunet sees this story as another example of a “rapid, reckless and inhumane” decision caused by the panic surrounding the pandemic.

“We made some decisions because we ran out of time and resources. It may explain them, but that does not excuse them, ”says the spokesperson.

Despite his cancer and the inability to take a shower, Denis Thibault remained in a good mood.

“Even with the illness, my father took everything to the positive side. He called it “his little sores,” “recalls his son Steve, who stayed at his bedside until the end.

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Elvis Presley wild conspiracies as fans bizarrely convinced he faked his death

Fans around the globe were left devastated when Elvis Presley was found dead in his bathroom on August 16 1977.

The King of Rock, morbidly obese by the time of his death, was found dead in his Graceland bathroom, having fallen off his toilet and attempted to crawl to the door for help.

He was morbidly obese, having feasted on a diet of his favourite banana, peanut butter and bacon sandwiches, and was suffering from poor eyesight, high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat in the months leading up to his death.

Despite his ailing heath, fans have become increasingly intrigued by the circumstances of his death.

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll died at the age of 42, but much like a number of late stars with his level of fame, some people are convinced he’s still alive and well.

Fans around the globe were left devastated when Elvis Presley was found dead in his bathroom on 16 August 1977

Conspiracy theorists think Elvis, who would have turned 86 this week, escaped his all-consuming fame by faking his untimely death.

In the 43 years since his death, many have refused to believe the story – and resorted to conspiracy theories instead, with some even claiming to have proof of numerous “sightings” of the Hound Dog singer.

Here are the most bizarre theories.

Elvis changed careers to become a background actor

Some claim Elvis was in Home Alone

Some people even claimed Elvis appeared as an extra in the 1990 blockbuster Home Alone and say he appeared in the background of the scene when Kevin McCallister’s mum unsuccessfully attempts to fly to Chicago.

It’s quite far-fetched, but rearrange the letters in Kevin McCallister and you’ll be able to spell ‘I. Mr Elvis. Act’.

Mafia involvement and witness protection

Apparently Elvis was friendly with mobsters and used to help the FBI – and when the criminals found out, he had to go to ground forever

Some believe Elvis was connected to the mafia.

According to Time Magazine, one of the biggest theories on why Presley may have faked his death is because he had to in order to escape the mob.

Gail Brewer-Giorgio, the author of the 1988 bestselling book Is Elvis Alive, said in an interview with TIME that she pored through thousands of FBI documents to come to the conclusion that Presley was an American hero who had to go into witness protection.

“Do I know if Elvis is alive today? No, I don’t know,” she said. “But I know he didn’t die on August 16.”

Apparently he was friendly with mobsters and used to help the FBI – and when the criminals found out, he had to go to ground forever.

Spotted in a restaurant

A witness claims to have seen Elvis in a restaurant on August 23, 1991

Another theory, reignited in 1992 with the release of documentary Live Special: The Elvis Conspiracy, claims several people had supposedly come into contact with Elvis since his death.

One “witness” gave a testimony on the programme claiming, on the night of August 23, 1991, claimed she saw a man fitting the description of the singer in a restaurant with two “bodyguards”.

She quickly whipped out her camera and took two photos of “Elvis” which apparently “shocked him”.

Her snaps show a man vaguely resembling Elvis – sporting his trademark sideburns – trying to cover his face with his hand.

“When I took my first picture and the clip went off, I shocked him,” the “witness” recalled on the documentary.

“The bodyguard ran towards me and then he ran around the side and grabbed the stuff from the table and then they started running out to the back door.

“I thought, maybe I can get a couple more good shots.”

Signed his own death certificate

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A letter between The King to US president Richard Nixon might hold the key to unravelling the mystery.

Elvis’s death certificate has been made public with conspiracy theorists saying the document proves a vital link that the legendary rock and roll star did not die on August 16, 1977.

In the letter to Nixon written in 1970, Elvis asks the president to make him a Federal Agent at Large and then signs off with his signature.

Handwriting experts have carried out an analysis of the signature on the letter and the one on Elvis’s death certificate and suggest the writing was by the same person.

Footage of a 1990 documentary has re-emerged after Elvis’s death certificate was recently released to the public.

Gail Giorgio, who wrote a best-selling book called Is Elvis Alive, says in the programme the two documents are crucial pieces of evidence The King faked his own death.

In the letter to Nixon written in 1970, Elvis asks the president to make him a Federal Agent at Large and then signs off with his signature

She appears in the documentary – The Elvis Files – holding a letter in her hand and a copy she had obtained of Presley’s death certificate.

Ms Giorgio says the evidence is “mind-boggling” adding: “If I check this letter against Elvis’ death certificate, which had to be filled out after he died, I would find out he filled out and signed his own death certificate.

“It has never been revealed and I was told by a member of the family to have it checked out.”

As part of her inquiries, Ms Giorgio sent the letter, the death certificate and two medical reports to a graphologist to examine.

Paul Weist, the expert she sent the documents to, claims the writing slant, letters and size of the writing were all the same.

The weird mis-spelled grave

Elvis Presley’s Graceland grave

In his resting place at Graceland, Elvis’ gravestone gives his full name as Elvis Aaron Presley.

But his middle name is actually spelled Aron – a pretty huge error for whoever was working on his tombstone – and conspiracists believe it was done deliberately because putting his real name would have been taboo since he was really alive.

Sighting at his own vigil

Fans have bizarrely suggested that the man in the background Elvis or a brother of his

Hundreds of Elvis fans flocked to Graceland in 2019 to commemorate the anniversary of his death as part of the annual vigil.

But some conspiracy theorists reckon Elis himself also attended.

In a livestream of the event, a white-haired man in a red shirt can be seen walking through the crowd, before another, similar looking man is seen wearing a blue shirt and sporting a white beard at the back of the stage.

Fans have bizarrely suggested that one of the men is Elvis and the other is a brother.

Secret voice recording

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A secret recording taken four years after his funeral emerged of a man claiming to be a cultural icon talking about life on a remote island.

Die-hard fans claimed the voice of the man was identical to Elvis’s and proved that he faked his death to get out of the public eye.

In the tape the man says he has travelled all over the world in disguise, fearing eventual exposure.

He says: “I realise that sooner or later it’s probably going to end.

“You know I hate to think it’s going to end, but I know sometimes the secret [of being alive] has got to be let out and if it hadn’t have been for getting involved in what I’m involved in now, things and such, maybe it’d be different.

Die-hard fans claimed the voice of the man was identical to Elvis’s and proved that he faked his death to get out of the public eye

“As far as appearing nationally, I think it would be silly to get back into something that’s taken me this long to get out of.

“People ask me all the time where I’m living, and naturally I can’t say, but it’s a good place to hide.

“There was an island that I learned about a long time ago and I guess I always knew some day I’d probably have to use it.

“Anyway, I must have spent a year on the island.

“I started travelling all over the world and it’s been enjoyable but it’s been a constant battle of growing beards and this and that to keep from being recognised.”

Working as a gardener in Graceland

The clip sparked yet another theory that the Graceland gardener is Elvis himself

Footage captured in 2016 shows a gardener looking suspiciously like Elvis strolling across the green at Elvis’ Graceland mansion.

In the video, the man (who is wearing a blue polo shirt) stares at the camera briefly before tending to the garden.

The clip sparked yet another theory that the gardener is Elvis himself.

The YouTube channel behind the strange video was certain the man in the video was 86-year-old Elvis Presley.

His wife’s admission

Priscilla claimed she had talked to her husband “the other day”

His wife Priscilla gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey in America claiming she had talked to her husband “the other day”.

In the 2005 interview on the TV host’s show, Presley’s wife was addressing how Presley spoiled their daughter, Lisa Marie.

Priscilla said: “It’s exactly what he said the other day” before correcting herself and saying, “you said,” to Oprah.

They also say Lisa Marie evaded Larry King’s question during a 2003 chat when the host asked if she ever feels “communication” with her father.

Elvis took his own life deliberately

Priscilla claimed Elvis took his own life deliberately

Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla, who he divorced in 1973, made the bold claims ahead of a documentary into the legend’s life.

Opening up for HBO’s Elvis Presley: The Searcher, Priscilla said Elvis “knew what he was doing” with his drug addiction and refused to accept help from desperate family members who wanted to save him.

“He knew what he was doing and people go, ‘why didn’t anyone do anything?’ Well, that’s not true,” said the now 72-year-old.

“People there in the inner group did – but you did not tell Elvis what to do. You’d have been out of there faster than a scratched cat. They would try and – no way.”

Her comments fuelled the theory that Elvis was intent on suicide and had left two notes to that effect shortly before he died.

In recently discovered notes to his friend and road manager Joe Esposito Elvis wrote: “I’m sick and tired of my life” and “I need a long rest”.

His stepbrother Rick Stanley said: “To me, it’s a clear indication that suicide was on his mind.”

Elvis went into hiding to escape fame

Several people claim to have seen Elvis after he was supposed to have died

A considerable number of people believe that the King did not die in 1977, but went into hiding for various reasons and is still alive.

Several people claim to have seen Elvis after he was supposed to have died. One rash of alleged sightings took place in Michigan in the late 1980s.

In 1988, the downtown Burger King attracted international attention after a story in the Kalamazoo Gazette identified it as one of two places that a local woman and her daughter claimed to have seen the late King of Rock and Roll.

A reporter interviewed Louise Welling, of Vicksburg, who said she had seen Elvis at the Felpausch supermarket in Vicksburg, and that her daughter had seen Elvis at the Burger King.

He faked his own death and was picked up by helicopter

Monte Nicholson was approached by a man with a couple of intriguing photos

A veteran policeman turned deceased rock star investigator has previously spoken of a mysterious photo that convinced him Elvis Presley is not dead.

Monte Nicholson, a veteran employee of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for 19 years, claimed that soon after Elvis’s death the retired cop was approached by a man who claimed to have worked with the iconic singer.

Speaking on 1990 documentary The Elvis Files Monte described the 1977 encounter.

“One day, he showed up at work and had pictures of Elvis Presley getting in a helicopter which looked like a government helicopter,” Monte said.

“There were men surrounding Elvis also getting into the helicopter who looked like what we often see depicted as government agents, with the blazers and the wire in their ear and what not.

“That pictured in itself was not particularly suspicious as it is common knowledge that Elvis himself was involved as an honorary police officer with many police agencies all over the country.

Monte claimed that soon after Elvis’s death the retired cop was approached by a man who claimed to have worked with the iconic singer

“The interesting thing, the curious thing about this pictured is that this individual claimed it was taken several hours after Elvis allegedly died.”

Intrigued by the possibility Elvis faked his death, Monte contacted the man and asked to see the photos again.

He denied having them at first before changing his mind and asking for money to see the images.

Monte arranged a meeting with the mysterious contact and arrived at an arranged time and location, only to find an empty property with the man no where to be seen.

Despite the fact that neither man nor photos were ever seen again, and that his word was the only proof that the photos were taken after Elvis’s death, Monte was inspired to write a book about the encounter.

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The joke in bad taste about the death of Maradona made by the former coach of the France team | The State

Domenech and Maradona during a friendly match between France and Argentina.

Michael Steele / Getty Images

Raymond Domenech, the new coach of Nantes of the League 1 French rose controversy this Friday, after making a joke in bad taste about the death of Maradona at a press conference.

While talking about possible reinforcements for the team, the coach had the “idea” to refer to the legendary Argentine 10 who died 7 weeks ago.

I am very secretive during the transfer window. I would have liked to sign Maradonabut he’s dead“Said Raymond Domenech.

The strategist has been characterized by various conflicts, being one of the most remembered when he fought with the players of the French team, which he directed, since during the 2010 South Africa World Cup ran from concentration to Nicolas Anelka and he faced the comrades who expressed their discontent with a protest the next day.

It is also in the public domain his fanaticism for astrology, which has led him to do not trust players born under the sign of scorpion, reason why it did not lead to Robert Pires to said World Cup.

As if that were not enough, in his biography he criticized the stars Thierry Henry, Patrice Evra and Frank Ribery: “When things went wrong, everyone was the first to jump off the boat. I couldn’t take that gang of idiots anymore. I had no energy left, ”he said.

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UFC Fighter Arrested for Attempting to Stab His Sisters to Death, Report | The State

Rivera is in police custody.

Douglas P. DeFelice / Getty Images

The world of mixed martial arts received shocking news, as the Mexican UFC fighter, Irwin Rivera, He was arrested on two counts of first degree first degree murder.

As reported by journalist Eric Kowal and various US media, The Mexican fighter was arrested Thursday afternoon for attempting to stab his two sisters to death.

According to the information, the 31-year-old athlete, who holds a record of 10 wins and 5 losses throughout his career, remains in police custody at the West Palm Beach Florida Detention Center.

Different sources, such as ESPN, agree that the events took place when The women, aged 22 and 23, were visiting their brother’s house and received this brutal knife attack while they were sleeping in a guest room.

A more comprehensive report by Diario MMA indicated that one of them managed to escape and asked the neighbors for help. Both had injuries to the back, head, face, arms and hands. Initially, Irwin Rivera he managed to escape and was later detained by the police. He is said to have declared that the attack on his sisters “was his purpose” because “a higher power indicated it to him.”

On the other hand, Fox News published that so far no amount has been established for the fighter to be released on bail, clarifying that in Florida, first degree first degree murder charges carry a possible death sentence or life imprisonment.

Rivera’s most recent performance on the Octagon was last September at UFC Night., when he lost a split decision to Andre Ewell.


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The WHO revealed what were the main causes of death in the world in recent years | The State

The World Health Organization (WHO) has established a report, or rather, of a summary that reveals which have been the main Causes of death so far from century.

Since cardiovascular diseases, through non-communicable diseases and diseases related to old age, the task of the who is to design protocols and guides prevention, as well as strategies with its various members, to continue working.

Heart disease in the first 10 places

For 20 years, heart disease, that is, the different diseases that affect the heart, are the first cause of death all over the world. In fact, since 2000 the figure has gone from more than 2 millions from people around the world to almost 9 million in 2019.

In this way, this type of diseases represent 16% of all deaths from various causes.

In the area of western pacific, a little more than half of the 2 million deaths they have been due to problems in the heart.

However, in the region of Europe, there has been a reduction deaths from heart-related problems, dropping up to 15%.

Diabetes is one of the causes of death that has increased the most throughout the study period. Source: Pixabay


He Alzheimer’s, as well as other diseases related to dementia, are also among the 10 leading causes of death in the world.

In the continent European and throughout the American continent, this disease occupies the third place. The people most affected are women, who represent 65% of cases.


Between 2000 and 2019, deaths from diabetes increased to a 70% worldwide. In the case of mens, the figure reaches up to 80%. In the area of Eastern Mediterranean, deaths caused by diabetes have been duplicate.

In fact, it is the cause of death with more percentage increase all over the world. This is due to various factors, such as the obesity, a bad feeding, among other.

Communicable diseases

Although the WHO has detected a reduction deaths due to this type of disease, pneumonia, as well as other respiratory infections were the ones caused highest number of deaths in 2019.

These they registered in countries with low or middle income. So it still represents a challenge.

How the data was obtained

He balance that WHO does during this period, which runs from 2000 to 2019, has been calculated following the data obtained from the available sources of the various member countries and the international community.

According to the Dr. Bochen Cao, who is the technical director of the WHO World Health Estimates, these statistics are based on the use of Scientific methods solid enough for process them, analyze and synthesize them.

These data are also necessary to create strategies to help those members who most need and assign means for the prevention and combat diseases.

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The 7 worst breakfast foods if you have diabetes

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Alia Bhatt, Soni Razdan mourn death of their cat Sheeba, Pooja Bhatt, Riddhima Kapoor offer condolences

Alia Bhatt and her mother Soni Razdan have mourned the loss of their pet cat, Sheeba. Alia shared adorable pictures with the little ball of fur on Instagram as she bid her goodbye.

Sharing pictures with Sheeba, Alia wrote, “Goodbye my angel.” The picture shows Alia holding the cat in her hands as she played with her. The second picture shows the actor in bed, looking into her phone with Sheeba sitting on the bedside and staring into the phone.


Alia’s industry colleagues also came in her support and expressed condolences. Ranbir Kapoor’s sister Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, Bhumi Pednekar, Mouni Roy, Zoya Akhtar, Esha Gupta shared heart emojis in the comments section while Tahira Kashyap dropped a broken heart emoji. Shilpa Shetty wrote, “Heartfelt condolences.”

Meanwhile, Soni Razdan shared pictures of the cat on her Instagram and wrote, “RIP Sheeba. We named you after the Queen of Sheeba because from day one you had such a regal air. My mornings will never be the same again. Thank you for the abundance of love you blessed me with Sheebles will miss you so much.”


Riddhima was among the first ones to react to the post. She wrote, “Oh no aunty! So sorry to hear.” Pooja Bhatt commented, “Oh No…am so, so sorry to hear this Soni! How devastating.” Aahana Kumra wrote, “Oh no…god bless her soul…Sending you love.”

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Alia is currently, shooting for Gangubhai Kathiawadi. She, along with Soni, sister Shaheen Bhatt, boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, his mother Neetu Kapoor, sister Riddhima and others, recently returned from the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. They had also met Deepika Padukone and husband Ranveer Singh at the park as the couple was also vacationing there. Later, Alia attended Deepika’s birthday bash in Mumbai along with Shaheen and Ranbir.

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Miley Cyrus Mourns The Tragic Death Of Her ‘Angel’ Dog Mary Jane: She ‘Was More Than A Friend’

Miley Cyrus posted a sweet tribute to the pit bull mix she adopted years ago with ex Liam Hemsworth, revealing the dog suffered from cancer.

Miley Cyrus, 28, is mourning the loss of her sweet dog Mary Jane. The 10-year-old pit bull mix sadly had to be put down after battling cancer for over a year. “Anyone who knows me & it doesn’t have to be well is aware that my best friend in the whole world is a rescued pit bull mix named Mary Jane,” Miley began her emotional tribute to her furry friend on Thursday, Jan. 7.

Miley Cyrus pays tribute to her dog Mary Jane who passed away on Jan. 7. (Instagram)

The Hannah Montana alum went on to detail Mary Jane’s health struggles. “MJ was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago …. & since then multiple types and tumors,” she explained. “I was told it’d be an uncertain amount of time until she’s gone. Advised to spend every second savoring her special spirit… which wasn’t anything new. I had been for 10 years,” she added. Miley originally adopted the adorable black and white dog with ex-husband (but then boyfriend) Liam Hemsworth back in 2012.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus is seen walking her dog. (SplashNews)

Miley also shared a powerful message about love and loss with her millions of followers. “In life it is easy to take things for granted. To let little miracles pass you by without moments of gratitude. To be oblivious when the rays of heaven shine down onto you,” she penned in the lengthy note. “But when it came to my ANGEL mary Jane… never once did I forget the gift I had been given. She made it impossible to. She was a dog with wings in a way,” she added.

The Plastic Hearts singer has long been a dog lover, adopting beagle Barbie, chihuahua mix Bean, sheepdog Emu and Rottweiler mix Happy over the years. The star shared a particularly special bond with Mary Jane — named for Miley’s love of marijuana — even getting a tattoo of the pup on her arm. Miley went on, “This time it was my duty to return all her favors and keep her comfortable, happy, & free of any pain for as long as possible… She has always done that for me. She is no longer hurting but I am. That’s what love is.” She and ex-boyfriend Cody Simpson, 23, also adopted pup Bo in quarantine.

Most recently, she wrote a song for the dog called “Mary Jane” which was released on Dec. 11. The 28-year-old reposted the song along with a sweet video montage dedicate to her “angel” dog. “Mary Jane passed with grace, dignity, peace & power. She lived by the golden rule of kindness and compassion towards all. She was strong when she needed to be but never for to [sic] long. She would never let her soul close. She lived so open. To love and be loved. If only we were all more like Mary Jane,” Miley concluded.


Heart Failure Nearly Doubles COVID Death Risk

By Steven Reinberg
HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, Jan. 7, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Patients who suffer from acute heart failure may be nearly twice as likely to die if they get COVID-19, a new study finds.

“Our results support prioritizing heart failure patients for COVID-19 vaccination once it is available,” said researcher Dr. Amardeep Dastidar, a consultant interventional cardiologist at North Bristol NHS Trust and Bristol Heart Institute in England. “In the meantime, heart failure patients of all ages should be considered a high-risk group and be advised to maintain social distance and wear a face mask to prevent infection.”

Heart failure is the progressive weakening of the heart’s ability to pump blood and can cause breathlessness, ankle swelling and fatigue. Sudden and severe worsening of symptoms is a medical emergency that requires hospitalization.

In an analysis that included 283 patients admitted to a single hospital with acute heart failure, the researchers found a substantial but statistically insignificant drop in admissions for acute heart failure during the pandemic.

In the eight weeks before COVID, 164 patients were admitted, compared with 119 patients after COVID, according to the study published Jan. 7 in the journal ESC Heart Failure.

“This finding may reflect public concerns about social distancing at the start of the national lockdown, delayed reporting of symptoms, and anxiety regarding hospital attendance,” Dastidar said in a journal news release. “In support of these explanations, our data demonstrate an increase in referrals during the later weeks of lockdown in line with U.K. media reports encouraging patients to seek medical attention if needed.”

The number of deaths of patients with acute heart failure nearly doubled during the pandemic. Some 11% of patients in the before-COVID group died within 30 days, compared with 21% of the after-COVID group, the researchers found.

“This may suggest a direct interaction or susceptibility to worse outcomes for acute heart failure patients with superimposed COVID infection,” Dastidar said. “It is noteworthy that our region had very low rates of COVID infection during the study and yet a connection with higher mortality was still apparent.”

More information

For more on heart failure, see the American Heart Association.

SOURCE: European Society of Cardiology, news release, Jan. 7, 2021

WebMD News from HealthDay

Copyright © 2013-2020 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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Saif Ali Khan says failure of his films was like ‘mini death in the family’, convinced him to stop chasing ‘box office success’

Actor Saif Ali Khan has said that after a string of commercially disappointing films, he made the decision to chase ‘quality of work’ instead of chasing ‘box office success’. Saif will next be seen in the Amazon Prime Video series Tandav.

He said that the commercial failure of films such as Kaalakaandi, Laal Kaptaan and Chef was like a mini death in the family. Combined, the three films made less than Rs 20 crore at the box office.

“I worked so hard on Laal Kaptaan,” Saif told Bollywood Hungama. “Every film has become a baby of ours. And Laal Kaptaan was crazy, because there was so much makeup time, and we travelled and we did things that you can’t do, unless you love film. Also that acting experience of playing a Naga sadhu, with five kilos of hair and makeup, it changes you. And even if the film doesn’t run, very sad, like a mini death in the family… We move on after a while.”

But there was a silver lining to the experience, Saif said. It prepared him for his role in Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, in which he once again had to ride horses and use swords. “Kaalakaandi doesn’t run, but you come across so many actors in the digital space, different kinds of actors you wouldn’t have met,” he said. “Chef might not have run, but maybe I’ll learn what not to do.”

Also read: Adipurush director Om Raut on Saif Ali Khan’s ‘foot-in-mouth problem’: ‘Saif sir has his own way of thinking’

Saif had a change of fortune at the box office with the blockbuster success of Tanhaji, paired with his starring role in the hit series Sacred Games. He followed it up with Jawaani Jaaneman, and has a slate of populist films lined up. The actor will be seen in Bhoot Police, Bunty Aur Babli 2 and the mythological epic Adipurush.

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New 24-hour death toll around the world

More than 15,700 deaths from COVID-19 have been recorded worldwide in 24 hours, a record, according to a count made by AFP on Wednesday from reports communicated by health authorities.

• Read also: All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

On Tuesday, 15,769 new deaths were recorded around the world. And on average over the past seven days, nearly 11,400 deaths have been added to the pandemic’s toll daily, a figure that approaches the worst week on record, from December 16 to 22 when nearly 11,700 deaths were announced on average. every day.

While the launch of vaccination campaigns gives some countries hope to halt the current progression of the pandemic, the number of deaths recorded around the globe seems to have reached a plateau – the highest since the appearance of the virus – in more than a month.

On November 24, for the first time, the number of weekly deaths crossed the symbolic threshold of 70,000 deaths (more than 10,000 per day). Since then, despite slight fluctuations, the world has not gone back below this bar.

Over the past week, six countries alone have recorded more than half of the deaths in the world. These are the United States, (19,149 deaths, or 2,736 per day on average), Brazil (5,051, 722), Mexico (4,977, 711), the United Kingdom (4,738, 677) of the Germany (4540, 649) and Russia (3679, 526).

The figures released by Russia are questionable, with statistics agency Rosstat and the government admitting that some 186,000 people died from the coronavirus in 2020, far more than the official toll transmitted daily, reporting 59,951 dead as of January 6. .

The United States, facing a dramatic rebound in the pandemic since the fall, lamented a new 24-hour death record on Tuesday with more than 3,930 dead, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

France is the ninth country with the most deaths in the past seven days, with 2,204 deaths (315 per day on average).

In total, since the WHO office in China reported the onset of the disease at the end of December 2019, the pandemic has killed at least 1,869,674 deaths for 86,365,637 contaminations worldwide.