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Uttar Pradesh / The army school of Sangh will start from April, organization said- Focus on patriotism, if someone connects it with Hindutva, then its their problem

Volunteers opened army schools even earlier
A few days ago, Bhaskar spoke to Manmohan Vaidya, the head of the Sangh, when the report of the Army School of the Sangh came. He said that the Sangh’s job is to set up a branch, not run a school. Secondly, the news that is coming in the media that the first such army school is being opened is not correct. Even before this, volunteers have opened army schools. Yes, it may be the first army school in Uttar Pradesh. If there is a need to open army school then what is wrong with preparing children for the service of the country? Today, there is a need to educate children to join the army. They should be prepared so that they can serve the country later.

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