Knicks’ RJ Barrett in awful shooting slump after sizzling start

RJ Barrett started the new season afire, nailing his first nine shots from the floor, including all three of his three-point attempts, in the Knicks’ opening loss in Indiana.

Tom Thibodeau’s team will return to that locale Saturday night, and Barrett will look to rediscover that shooting touch after his percentages have dramatically plummeted in the four-plus games thereafter.

The second-year guard hardly was the lone misfiring culprit in Thursday’s 100-83 loss to Toronto in Tampa. The Knicks finished a wretched 3-for-36 from long range against the Raptors, including an NBA record 23 straight misses without one made by the starting five.

Barrett, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2019 draft out of Duke, has connected on just 26.3 percent (19-for-72) from the field since his sizzling start Dec. 23 against the Pacers. He also has clanked 21 consecutive attempts from beyond the three-point arc.

In fact, Barrett (0-for-8) and starting small forward Reggie Bullock (0-for-9) became the first teammates in NBA history to each go 0-for-8 or worse from three-point range in the same game.

Knicks RJ Barrett
RJ Barrett’s shooting woes continued during the Knicks’ loss to the Raptors Thursday night.
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Barrett wasn’t made available to the media following Thursday’s game, and the Knicks (2-3) did not practice nor make anyone available on New Year’s Day ahead of Saturday’s visit to Indiana.

Thibodeau had gushed earlier in the week that Barrett “has been terrific” and “playing an all-around game” in back-to-back wins against Milwaukee and Cleveland. Despite his poor shooting numbers, the 20-year-old Barrett is averaging 15.4 points, 7.4 rebounds and 3.6 assists through five games.

“He’s played well without shooting well. We know the shooting is coming,” Thibodeau said Wednesday. “He’s doing a lot of things for us defensively, moving well without the ball. He’s getting downhill.

“There’s a lot of room for him to grow. He’s been diligent with his work. Just having a wing to do things he can do, his versatility is a big asset for the team and willingness to make plays for people.”

Thibodeau said after Thursday’s loss that he wanted to review the game film before commenting directly on Barrett’s and the team’s poor shooting game, especially since the Knicks entered leading the league in 3-point percentage (45.9%).

“I think when teams play zone you are going to get a lot of open looks, but we’ll take a look at it,” Thibodeau said. “It’s the right play. To me, it’s like if you get the right play, if you get the movement, if you force the defense to collapse, you kick it out, and if one of your shooters is open, that’s all I go by.

“So if a guy’s wide open, there’s no one within five feet, you’ve got to shoot it.”

Even with his team firing blanks, Thibodeau noted that the Knicks led by seven points in Thursday’s third quarter — and they still were within three with under nine minutes remaining in the fourth – due to their defensive commitment. The Knicks have allowed 105.2 points per game, fifth-lowest in the NBA.

“You always think you can do better. [Toronto] didn’t shoot a great percentage. You hold a team like that to 100 points, you should have a shot to win it,” Thibodeau said. “If we would have made some of our threes, we probably would have had a good chance to win it.

“Our defense is something that we have to continue to work on — containment on the ball, ball pressure. We’re not perfect. I think if we put forth the effort, we fly around, put pressure on the ball and our weak side is aware, we can cover up [our] mistakes.”

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Gabby Barrett & Cade Foehner’s Relationship Timeline: From Meeting On ‘American Idol’ To Pregnancy & More

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner are an ‘American Idol’ success story — not only do they both have flourishing country music careers, but they fell in love on the show.

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner‘s love story is like something out of a rom-com! The pair met in 2018 when they were thrust into the spotlight on Season 16 of American IdolAlthough Gabby insists it wasn’t love at first sight, they got to know each other throughout filming, and their relationship quickly went from strength to strength. In 2019, Cade popped the question and they said their “I do’s” just a few months later. Now, with a number one single under her belt and a baby on the way, Gabby has cemented herself as a rising star on the country music scene. Look back at the timeline of her relationship with Cade!

First Meeting On ‘American Idol’ In 2018

Although the couple began dating quite soon after they met on the set of American Idol, Gabby told Ryan Seacrest it was a “slow burn”. While the TV host insisted he “felt like it was love at first sight” Gabby explained, “it took a little bit longer. But it definitely came with time.” She also told PopCulture that she, “had to get to know him first. So the thing was, I saw him originally. He has a really cool look, my husband … He has lots of hair, just [a] super-cool rocker dude, and I wanted to make a video with him of us singing together. And so I initiated it.” She added, “I didn’t think he liked me at first but then he texted me, and I was like, ‘Oh, I see what’s going on here.’ So it was a mutual thing, but I went after him first.” Cade was eliminated in the Top 5 while Gabby placed third, however this wasn’t the end of their romance.

Their Romantic Engagement

Cade popped the question in 2019. Image: AP

Cade officially got down on one knee in March 2019, less than one year after they began dating. “I’ve been thinking about proposing for quite a while,” Cade told People at the time. “It’s getting harder and harder to be apart. Doing all the traveling we have to do, sometimes we have to go a month without seeing each other. That’s a little much for me, so I decided to go ahead and do this thing.” He proposed during a trip to Los Angeles in a hotel where the pair hung out in the early days of their relationship. “Cade starts saying all these sweet things and I didn’t think anything of it because he normally does it all the time,” Gabby explained. “But I noticed he kept going on and on and then he eventually said, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’ Then he got down on one knee and he asked and I said, ‘Yes!’”

An Intimate Wedding In Texas 

Gabby and Cade wed in a small Texas ceremony. Image: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The American Idol sweethearts wasted no time making their way to the altar. They wed in an intimate ceremony in Garrison, Texas on October 5, 2019. The couple revealed the news on their respective Instagram pages the morning after. In a photo posted on their accounts, they gazed lovingly at each other while Gabby looked exquisite in an off-the-shoulder lace, ivory gown. Her blonde hair was pulled up into an elegant chignon — which you can see here.

Exciting Baby News

Gabby revealed that she’s expecting her first child with Cade in early 2021. Image: Jamie Schramm/CMA

The couple revealed in August 2020 that they will soon be a family of three! “We are very excited,” the country singer told PEOPLE in their August 16 announcement. “The Lord has blessed us with a little one, and we’re really excited to finally be able to share the news with everybody and just have a big old family celebration about it.” The reality TV stars will welcome a baby girl in April 2021. “We were really excited whether it was a boy or a girl. I always wanted a girl growing up, as well as a boy, so to have a girl first is just really exciting. I hope she gets his hair — definitely not mine.”

Headline-Making Performances 

The couple perform at the ACM awards together. Image: CBS

The parents-to-be made headlines throughout the 2020 country music awards season, taking the stage together to perform Gabby’s chart-topper “I Hope”. At the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sept. 16, Cade couldn’t take his eyes off the expectant mother during the acoustic rendition of the song. He also took the stage with Gabby at the Country Music Association Awards for her duet with Charlie Puth. While the pop star played piano and accompanied Gabby on vocals, Cade played guitar in the background. Talk about a talented couple!

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Amy Coney Barrett is CONFIRMED to the Supreme Court by Senate

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court Monday evening by the Senate in a 52-48 vote – with Republican Susan Collins crossing the aisle to vote against her.

Donald Trump’s third nominee was not in the chamber to watch the roll call vote, which allows her to join the eight justices on Tuesday morning, and potentially to decide on cases about voting before the November 3 election. 

Senate president pro tempore Chuck Grassley declared her confirmation at 8.06pm; outside the Supreme Court conservatives chanted Coney Barrett’s name as soon as she was confirmed.

Her confirmation transforms the court to a 6-3 conservative majority and comes after fierce opposition from Democrats, whose presidential nominee Joe Biden has resisted pressure to promise to pack the court if he wins – but who says he will order a commission on reforming the high court. 

Before the final vote she was praised by Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell who said: ‘By every account, the Supreme Court is getting not just an outstanding lawyer but a fantastic person.  

‘This is one of the brilliant, admired and well-qualified nominees in our lifetime,’ he said.

She will be the only justice confirmed with a law degree from ‘any school not named Harvard or Yale.’ 

The newest justice: Amy Coney Barrett, 48, was confirmed on Monday evening 52-48 by the Senate and will be able to join the other justices Tuesday morning

Voting under way: The final minutes before Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to be the ninth justice of the Supreme Court

Voting under way: The final minutes before Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to be the ninth justice of the Supreme Court

Three for three: Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, has now shepherded Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett on to the high court – each one in controversial circumstances

Objection: Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer said that Republicans have tarnished themselves with the rush to put Barrett on the seat instead of letting voters decide the next president and allowing them to nominate a replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Objection: Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer said that Republicans have tarnished themselves with the rush to put Barrett on the seat instead of letting voters decide the next president and allowing them to nominate a replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

McConnell added in an acknowledgment of the controversy over killing Rhth Bader Ginsburg’s seat days before the election and in defiance of her dying wish: ‘I think we can all acknowledge that both sides in the Senate have sort of parallel oral histories about the last 30 or so years. 

‘Each side feel the other side struck first and struck worse.’

Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, however, scorned the process which saw Coney Barrett confirmed on the eve of an election when McConnell had stopped even a hearing for Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s nominee, in 2016.

‘You may win this vote. And Amy Coney Barrett may become the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. But you will never, ever, get your credibility back,’ he said to Republicans on the Senate floor.

Democrats had made the nomination before an election the center of their case against her, and highlighted her conservative rulings while a federal appeals court judge.

They had also warned that she may vote down Obamacare, move to overturn Roe v. Wade, which enshrines women’s right to choose, and imperil restrictions on gun ownership, but could not stop McConnell’s express train to fill the seat before the election.

The 48-year-old becomes the youngest member of the court, and almost certainly one of its most conservative. 

But with Collins – whose re-election in Maine next week is already in jeopardy, according to polls – voting against Coney Barrett, she is the only one of Trump’s nominees not to have at least one Democratic vote, and the only one with a Republican voting against her.  

Justice Clarence Thomas is on the docket to swear in the 7th Circuit appellate judge to the Supreme Court at a White House ceremony.

‘Justice Clarence Thomas will administer the official Constitutional Oath to Judge Amy Coney Barrett at the White House tonight,’ a senior White House official told The New York Times. 

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows sought to assure reporters Monday that the Rose Garden ceremony would include safety precautions, but he did not say whether face coverings would be required.

‘We’re doing tonight the best we can to encourage as much social distancing as possible,’ he said.

Three seats: Donald Trump got his third nominee confirmed with just eight days to go until the election - which Amy Coney Barrett may well become involved in deciding the outcome of

Three seats: Donald Trump got his third nominee confirmed with just eight days to go until the election – which Amy Coney Barrett may well become involved in deciding the outcome of

Clarence Thomas

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, 72, will swear in Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in a White House ceremony as soon as she is confirmed in the Senate vote Monday evening

The White House is planning a Rose Garden celebration of her confirmation, similar to the 'superspreader' event announcing Barrett's nomination last month that sparked a White House coronavirus outbreak ¿ infecting the president, first lady and their son, as well as several top aides and lawmakers

The White House is planning a Rose Garden celebration of her confirmation, similar to the ‘superspreader’ event announcing Barrett’s nomination last month that sparked a White House coronavirus outbreak – infecting the president, first lady and their son, as well as several top aides and lawmakers

The plans had set off alarm bells as it sounds eerily similar to the Rose Garden event last month when Trump announced Barrett’s nomination, inviting a whole crowd of aides, advisers, lawmakers and supporters to witness the occasion.

That event sparked a White House outbreak of COVID-19, which infected the president, first lady Melania and their son Barron, as well as about a dozen others within Trump’s inner circle.  

Not present in the Senate was Mike Pence. Pence announced earlier Monday that he was ditching his plans to attend after Democrats demanded he steer clear of the Capitol as five of his aides tested positive for coronavirus. 

The White House, however, is still looking to hold a Rose Garden celebration with a ceremonial swearing in of Barrett either Monday or Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters on the tarmac at Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania on Monday, President Donald Trump assured the celebration would be a rather small, ‘very nice event.’  

On Sunday, the Senate held a procedural vote to advance Barrett’s nomination and kicked off 30 hours of debate, which will clear the way for a vote Monday evening. 

‘This is something to be really proud of and feel good about,’ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said during a rare weekend session.

McConnell lauded that Democrats ‘won’t be able to do much about this for a long time to come’, in contrast to legislative actions, which can be undone with new executive or legislative terms.

Barrett, a 48-year-old appellate judge for the 7th circuit, is a staunch Roman Catholic and life-long conservative. Her personal pro-life views have raised eyebrows among progressives who claim she will dismantle a woman’s right to an abortion by working to overturn Roe v. Wade.

She is a member of People of Praise, a small and ultra-conservative charismatic group whose members speak in tongues.

Republicans had painted questions over her faith as an attack on Catholics at large and Democrats had steered clear of the group in their questions to her. 

Her lifetime appointment to the highest U.S. court will also drastically change the makeup of the Supreme Court for a generation to come. 

The mother of seven – five biological and two adopted from Haiti – has embraced her classification as the ‘female Antonin Scalia’ and says his jurisprudential practice of ‘applying the law as written’ will be how she serves. 

During the three days of confirmation hearings earlier this month, including a day of opening statements and two days of questioning, Barrett reiterated her stance as a textualist and originalist, stressing this means she would apply the Constitution to cases as it’s written and was intended by the drafters.

In the short term, Barrett could help decide election and voting-related issues as the vote on her confirmation comes just over a week before Election Day.

Donald Trump has made it clear he feels the results of the election could end up at the Supreme Court – and with a conservative majority of 6-3 with Barrett seated, it’s more likely they would rule in favor of the president.

Also about a week after the election the Supreme Court will take up a case on the Affordable Care Act, which Democrats fear will be overturned if Barrett has anything to say about it.

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Barrett is Confirmed by Senate as New Supreme Court Justice | The NY Journal

Barrett is confirmed by the Senate as the new Supreme Court Justice.


The Senate confirmed Amy coney barrett as a new judge of the Supreme Court. The Republican majority validated the candidate proposed by the president, Donald Trump, with what thus reinforced the conservative bias of the highest court since there are currently six magistrates of this ideology compared to three progressives.

It is an unprecedented decision due to its proximity to the elections.

Barrett was confirmed with 52 votes in favor, almost all of Republican senators, and 48 against, all the democrats and a republican legislatorSusan Collins, who confirmed her disagreement against Barrett as unfair so shortly before the presidential election.

Soon more information …


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Amy Coney Barrett on the Wheels

Today, the Senate votes on the appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Rarely has a new member of the Supreme Court had the opportunity to stand out so soon. As of Monday evening she could speak out legitimately to settle a dispute.

President Trump can only rejoice that attention is, if only momentarily, diverted to the Senate vote. Constantly on the defensive on the COVID file, he will have the opportunity to remind all Republicans that he has delivered the goods by offering them a third Conservative nomination to the highest court.

Not only are Justice Barrett expected to tip the scales decisively in the Conservative side, but her early judgments, which will most likely be linked to the current election, will be watched very closely. There is already an accumulation of urgent requests concerning the extension of certain deadlines. Which ballots will be counted? How long can we accept them?

Let’s add a little to the suspense by specifying that several of the pending causes are linked to pivotal states. They come from North Carolina, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. It is already a given that Donald Trump cannot hope for a second term if he escapes two of these three states. His room for maneuver is limited and he can hardly imagine gains in other traditionally democratic states.

While the issue of access to abortion is often brought up when the name of Judge Barrett is mentioned, other hot files will come before him long before anyone thinks of questioning Roe vs. Wade.

The Axios site recalled Sunday that on November 4 and 10, the Supreme Court will hear important cases for the recognition of the rights of the LGBTQ community and access to health care.

If Democrats want to capitalize on the Tory judge’s appointment, they’re sure to point out that the court’s Tory majority may well bring down another piece of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Considering the recent surge in COVID cases, slashing access to health care at specific times could highlight the benefits of the Democratic platform.

In eight days, our neighbors will choose their president, but also 435 representatives and a third of the senate. Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation could hardly have come at a more tense time.

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Lindsey Graham is accosted by two women who slam Amy Coney Barrett as ‘racist and unqualified’

Sen. Lindsey Graham has revealed he was accosted by two women at an airport who berated him over the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

The 65-year-old Republican shared a video on Twitter on Monday showing the moment two women approached him as he was walking through Ronald Reagan Washington National airport and slammed Barrett as ‘racist’ and unqualified to take the Supreme Court seat.

‘I arrived in DC today & was confronted by 2 women – one of whom was from Seattle – who called Judge Amy Coney Barrett a racist & unqualified. This is the modern left, hostile & unhinged. I won’t be intimidated. I can’t wait to #FillTheSeat,’ the South Carolina Senator, who is up for re-election this November, tweeted.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, 65, shared video on Twitter on Monday showing the moment he was accosted by two women at the Ronald Reagan Washington National airport

The two women berated him over his support in nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, slamming her as a racist and unqualified for the job.

When the woman pictured  told Graham she is from Seattle he said: 'Seattle’s a good example of how things are getting out of control,' citing civil unrest and protests in the city

The two women berated him over his support in nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, slamming her as a racist and unqualified for the job. When the woman pictured right told Graham she is from Seattle he said: ‘Seattle’s a good example of how things are getting out of control,’ citing civil unrest and protests in the city

The women slammed Amy Coney Barrett as a racist. Barrett has been criticized for her decision to dismiss a workplace discrimination suit in which a black transportation employee sued his employer after being fired, claiming his superior called him a racial slur. Barrett argued that saying the n-word was not enough to demonstrate proof of a hostile work environment

The women slammed Amy Coney Barrett as a racist. Barrett has been criticized for her decision to dismiss a workplace discrimination suit in which a black transportation employee sued his employer after being fired, claiming his superior called him a racial slur. Barrett argued that saying the n-word was not enough to demonstrate proof of a hostile work environment

At the beginning of the clip a woman is heard telling the senator, ‘Look me in the eye.’

Graham proceeds to ask her where she’s from and she says she’s from Seattle.

‘Seattle’s a good example of how things are getting out of control,’ Graham said, citing civil unrest and protests in the city.

Another woman who is not visible in the clip retorts: ‘You’re an example of how things are getting out of control, sir.’

She continues: ‘You’re gonna make my children, my daughter, who stood on the shoulders of giants, you’re gonna take her rights away by voting for this woman who’s a racist?’

Another woman who is not visible in the clip told Graham: 'You’re an example of how things are getting out of control, sir'

Another woman who is not visible in the clip told Graham: ‘You’re an example of how things are getting out of control, sir’

One of the women confronted him about his support of Barrett saying: 'You’re gonna make my children, my daughter, who stood on the shoulders of giants, you’re gonna take her rights away by voting for this woman who’s a racist?'

One of the women confronted him about his support of Barrett saying: ‘You’re gonna make my children, my daughter, who stood on the shoulders of giants, you’re gonna take her rights away by voting for this woman who’s a racist?’

‘Well I’m enthusiastically going to support Judge Barrett,’ Graham curtly replies, as he makes towards the airport exit.

‘Why?’ one of the women demands.

‘Because she’s highly qualified,’ he replies.

Barrett has been criticized as racist in her decision to dismiss a workplace discrimination suit in which a black transportation employee sued his employer after being fired, claiming his superior called him a racial slur, as per The Hill.

Barrett argued that saying the n-word was not enough to demonstrate proof of a hostile work environment.

Contrary to that stance, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in 2013 that using the world just once was enough to create a racially hostile workplace.

Barrett, who has two adopted Haitian children, said in her senate hearing ‘that racism persists in our country’, but she didn’t say whether it’s ‘outright or systemic.’  

'Well I’m enthusiastically going to support Judge Barrett,' Graham curtly said to the women as he made his way out of the airport

‘Well I’m enthusiastically going to support Judge Barrett,’ Graham curtly said to the women as he made his way out of the airport

Republicans have been rushing the Barrett’s confirmation in a bid to have another conservative voice on the nation’s highest court.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on Barrett’s confirmation on Monday October 26. 

However, Barrett’s nomination is controversial for its timing as it’s just one week away from the election.

President Barack Obama was barred by Congress from filling a Supreme Court seat following the death of Antonin Scalia in February 2016, eight months before the 2016 election and 11 months before his replacement would be sworn into office, meaning Republicans are breaking from the precedent they had set.

Obama had nominated Merrick Garland but the GOP-led Senate refused to hold a hearing or vote on the nominee, claiming it was too close to the election.

Graham has said on previous occasions that he believes it’s wrong to appoint a justice in an election year. 

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Biden opens door to court-packing if Barrett confirmation is rushed

Joe Biden says he IS open to court-packing despite not being a ‘fan’ – and will tell voters his final position before election day once he sees what happens to Amy Coney Barrett

Democratic nominee Joe Biden opened the door to expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court, depending on how the rest of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process is handled. 

‘I have not been a fan of court-packing because it generates, whoever wins it just keeps moving in a way that is inconsistent with what is going to be manageable,’ Biden said Thursday night at an ABC News townhall. 

But with prodding from George Stephanopoulos, Biden said it would be something he’d consider though it ‘depends on how this turns out,’ telling the ABC News anchor he would announce a clear position by the November 3 presidential election.  

Democratic nominee Joe Biden (left) was asked by a Pennsylvania voter Thursday night about court-packing and explained that while he’s ‘not a fan’ he could be open to it if Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation gets rushed 

‘They do have a right to know where I stand and they’ll have a right to know where I stand before they vote,’ Biden told Stephanopoulos, who then pressed him to answer in the affirmative about whether the Democratic nominee would articulate a ‘clear position by election day.’ 

Biden has been getting hit by Trump-aligned Republicans for refusing to say if he’d support a liberal-pushed idea to ‘pack’ the Supreme Court, to offset conservative gains from the Trump years. 

The former vice president has been wishy-washy about giving an answer. 

Biden told Stephanopoulos he wasn’t answering the question purposely because he thought it served as a distraction.  

‘You know if I had answered the question directly then all the focus would be on,  ‘What’s Biden going to do if he wins?” Instead of on, “Is it appropriate what is going on now”‘ Biden said. ‘This is the thing the president loves to do, always take our eye off the ball.’ 

The ex-veep said he’s missed most of the Barrett hearings that took place in the Senate Judiciary Committee starting Monday. 

‘My reading online what the judge said was that she didn’t answer very many questions at all and I don’t think she laid out much of a judicial philosophy,’ Biden said. 

Biden had also specifically been asked about LGBT rights and answered, ‘I think there’s great reason to be concerned.’  

Biden said he believed it was ‘inconsistent’ with the Constitution to push Barrett through ‘once an election begins’ because the only role voters have in picking Supreme Court justices is voting for president and for senators. 

The former vice president said he’d have to see ‘if there’s actually real live debate on the floor’ before he would come to a decision about court packing. 

He said he couldn’t recall a ‘controversial justice’ whose nomination has ‘gone through in a day.’ 

‘It depends on how much they rush this,’ Biden said.   

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Democrats tried to stop Judge Barrett’s confirmation after missing documents | The NY Journal

Judge Amy Coney Barrett could be confirmed next week.

SUSAN WALSH / POOL / AFP / Getty Images

After revealing that the paperwork supplied to the Senate does not include at least seven events in which the judge participated Amy coney barrett When she was a professor at the University of Notre Dame, Democrats tried indefinitely to suspend her confirmation to the Supreme Court, but her motion was rejected.

CNN revealed the calendar of the aforementioned university whose events, such as panels on abortion, were not provided to the Judicial Committee, so that the senators could make a more precise evaluation of the possible legal prejudices that the judge may have in cases about certain rights. Women’s.

In addition to the issue of abortion, the calendar indicates participation in roundtables on religion, a speech before a religious student society, a talk with the anti-abortion group of the Faculty of Law, a round table on the Constitution, among others, indicated the television.

The judge has faced questions about their possible bias on abortion, religion, Obamacare and electoral rights, on which he did not even want to pronounce during the hearings in the Senate, considering them “political” or hiding behind the fact that he should review judicial “opinions” and positions of “experts”, when in many of these cases there is antecedents in courts.

Democrats considered that the process on Judge Barrett was accelerated and, in the absence of documents, it was necessary to postpone its confirmation indefinitely.

“I think this rushed process simulation is a disservice to our committee… it is historically unprecedented.”, He said Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut). “The consequence of this rushed process is that we have given this nominee inadequate scrutiny. I propose to delay these procedures so that we can do our work and request, again, all the documents.

The senator Patrick Leahy (Vermont) also asked to delay the “expedited process” and referred to the missing documents, although it did not want to point out that the lack was intentional.

“I am not suggesting that Judge Barrett intentionally failed to release all of these records to the committee., He said. “I’m absolutely suggesting that the mad rush to confirm it, unsurprisingly, has been bogged down with it.”

The Republicans rejected the motion and the Chairman of the Committee, Lindsey graham (South Carolina) confirmed that the vote in the Committee will be on October 22, and then pass it to the Plenary of the Senate on Friday 23.

Judge Barrett is due to answer written questions from senators on Thursday.

Voices for and against

In addition to settling the confirmation date, in the Committee session – the fourth of the hearings – he had the testimony of various people who support or reject Judge Barrett.

One of them was his former student Laura Wolk, who is blind and recalled how her former teacher helped her to become the first secretary in her capacity of the Supreme Court with the judge Clarence thomas in 2019.

One of the moments that stood out was her concern to Judge Barrett about how she would attend her class, but her then teacher let her know that that would not be a problem.

“” Laura, “he said, with the same measured conviction that we have seen throughout his nomination process,” this is no longer your problem. It’s my problem'”Wolk recalled.

While, Crystal Good, A reproductive rights advisor, who fought for her right to have an abortion at age 16, spoke about the importance of justice for women who need to make decisions like hers.

Others invited to express their positions addressed the scope of Obamacare and the need to avoid punishment for pre-existing conditions, considering that Democrats warn that Judge Barrett could join the intentions of eliminating the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


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Why is it concerning for Latinos that Judge Barrett avoids talking about Obamacare and electoral rights | The NY Journal

Although she appears to speak at a political macro level during her Senate hearings, the judge’s views Amy coney barrett –Or his silence on certain issues– must be taken into account to understand how he would act in the Supreme Court, for this reason it is worrying that he avoids matters such as Obamacare or electoral law, issues that impact the Latino community.

Before moving on to the judge’s statements in the Judicial Committee, it is necessary to point out that the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare, has increased the ability of Americans to obtain health care, especially between communities of color, including Latinos.

According to The Commonwealth Fund, based on data from the federal American Community Survey (ACS) and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) for the years 2013 to 2018, there was better health coverage for older adults and young boys.

“Expansions of ACA coverage have led to historic reductions in racial disparities in access to health care since 2013”, indicates the report. The gap between the Latino and uninsured white rates decreased 9.4 points.

He adds that there has been a stagnation since 2016, the year the President’s government began. Donald trump, who has sought to disappear the program.

Democrats have focused their efforts on the health issue, considering the intentions of the Trump Administration and the hearing this Wednesday, the senator Patrick Leahy (Vermont) was blunt: “Have you ever written or spoken out against the ACA?”

Barrett acknowledged criticism of the program, but argued that it was “academic.” In 2017, the judge, who was a professor of law at the University of Notre Dame, opposed the 2012 position of the president of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, about Obamacare.

Before senators, he said that he had “never” made a political position on the issue, but did not elaborate on what he was referring to.

“No, I have never had the opportunity to comment on the question of politics”, he expressed. “I am not here on a mission to destroy the Affordable Care Act … I am only here to enforce the law and comply with the rule of law.”

Voting rights

In the case of electoral rights, these affect black, Latino and Native American voters, mainly due to changes in state legislation on identification, the purging of lists, the closure of polling places, the reduction of early suffrage and contesting eligibility, highlights the National Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Kristen Clarke, who is part of that Committee, told USA Today that state changes occur primarily in the absence of a federal review.

“Without that federal review process, we have literally seen rampant voter suppression efforts take over parts of the country in recent years,” Clarke warned.

Added to this problem is President Trump’s pressure on an alleged electoral fraud with the vote by mail, which has been necessary in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, which has severely impacted communities of color.

Barrett did not want to answer the senator’s question Amy klobuchar (Minnesotta) on whether voting by mail was essential for millions of Americans right now.

“That is a matter of politics on which I cannot express an opinion”Barrett said briefly.

His stance raises suspicions about how he will act should the Supreme Court decide an election controversy, if President Trump and the former vice president Joe biden they take the fight to tirbunales.

And the separation of migrant children?

Judge Barrett had a climactic moment when the separation of migrant children from their parents, a 2018 policy of President Trump that should have ended in July of that year.

The senator Cory Booker (New Jersey) questioned her “if it was wrong to separate the children” from their parents as an immigration strategy.

Despite the fact that different courts have ruled against that policy of President Trump, Judge Barrett affirmed that it was a political discussion.

“That is a hot topic of political debate in which I cannot express an opinion or be involved as a judge”, He said.

President Trump is confident that his nominee to fill the position of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be confirmed before the November 3 election. The Senate could make a decision on October 22.


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Internet pokes fun at unflappable Amy Coney Barrett’s blank piece of paper with memes

Amy Coney Barrett’s decision to hold up a blank notebook to prove she wasn’t using notes during Tuesday’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing turned into quite the viral sensation on social media, inspiring a host of amusing memes from both sides of the political aisle.

President Trump’s nominee displayed the pad at the behest of Senator John Cornyn, who told Barrett that senators use multiple notebooks, notes and books to reference during the hearing.

Cornyn then asked if she could hold up the preparatory materials she was using to answer the committee’s questions, to which she showed them an entirely blank notepad, aside from its ‘United States Senate’ letterhead.

‘That’s impressive,’ Cornyn said before continuing with his line of questioning.

But though the exchange was merely a brief moment in an otherwise hours-long hearing, it has since been immortalized in meme-hood thanks to the quick witticisms of social media users. 

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett holds up a notepad of paper during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday

The Republican Party of Kentucky was one of the first to put their own spin on what transpired, tweeting a picture of Barrett holding up the notepad with the words ‘#FILLTHESEAT’ superimposed on the page.

The President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., also sought to capitalize on the occasion, writing: ‘Unlike Joe Biden, Amy Coney Barrett doesn’t need notes or a teleprompter to remember her positions.’

Senior Legal Adviser to the Trump Campaign Jenna Ellis, meanwhile, posted a photo of Barrett holding up the blank notes, writing, ‘Judge Barrett’s policy agenda.’

Supporters of the President Trump – and critics of Joe Biden – also turned out in full-force.

One social media user superimposed the words ‘List of Joe Biden’s Accomplishments’ around an image of Barrett, showing her grinning from behind the blank page.

Others imposed the words ‘Democrats are idiots’ and ‘Score: ACB – 10, Dems -0’ on the sheet of paper.

Right-wing digital activist organisation, For America, posted on Twitter a fake conversation between a Democratic senator and Barrett, in which Barrett’s pad of paper was edited to read: ‘I know the cases you are bringing up better than you do.’

One the opposing side of the ideological divide, comedian Kathy Griffin, who has shared a number of high profile clashes with Donald Trump, shared the image of Barrett and her pad, insisting she was holding up a ‘photo of her brain scan.’

David Reaboi tweeted the same image, writing ‘What ACB was REALLY doing with her notepad’, showing a doodle one the page of a handmaid from The Handmaid’s Tale, a book and television series about a totalitarian society in which women are considered property of the government.

Protesters use the costumes worn by women in the series for political demonstrations against politicians and Supreme Court justices whom they deem a threat to women’s rights.

The protests have continued outside the Supreme Court throughout Barrett’s hearings, with a group of activists heard chanting ‘Let the people decide’ on Tuesday, in support of allowing whoever wins the upcoming election to choose Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor.

Sierra Club, an environmental organization, echoed the sentiment with a notepad meme of their own, writing ‘Delay this until the inauguration.’ 

Barrett’s religious beliefs were also ridiculed during the tweetstorm.

Along with her husband Jesse, the Supreme Court nominee is a member of the ultra-conservative religious group People of Praise, who actually inspired the Handmaid’s Tale.

The small group teaches wives they have to obey everything their husbands do – even in the way they vote.

‘I had to ask my husband permission to be here’ are the words one social media user digitally imposed on Barrett’s pad.

The implications that electing someone with such strong religious and conservative views to the impartially rule Supreme Court bench was also theorized.

‘I’m going to overturn everything for Trump,’ One user wrote. ‘Kiss Obamacare Goodbye’, another meme read.

Others suggested that the historic 1973 Roe v Wade ruling that legalized abortion would be at risk of being overturned with Barrett on the bench.

‘All your uteruses all belong to us now,’ one contributor wrote in jest.

But politics wasn’t the only topic of discussion. One contributor used the trend to spark a controversial debate of their own, writing on Barrett’s notepad: ‘A hot dog is a sandwich.’

‘Controversial stance from ACB here,’ the creator of the meme wrote, ‘may be disqualifying.’

Barrett batted away Democrats’ skeptical questions on abortion, health care and a possible disputed-election fight over transferring presidential power during Tuesday’s hearing, insisting she would bring no personal agenda to the court but decide cases ‘as they come.’

She declared her conservative views with often colloquial language, but refused many specifics.

She declined to say whether she would recuse herself from any election-related cases involving President Donald Trump, who nominated her to fill the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and is pressing to have her confirmed before the the November 3 election.

‘Judges can’t just wake up one day and say I have an agenda – I like guns, I hate guns, I like abortion, I hate abortion – and walk in like a royal queen and impose their will on the world,’ Barrett told the Senate Judiciary Committee during its second day of hearings.

‘It’s not the law of Amy,’ she said. ‘It’s the law of the American people.’

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month started Trump’s race to confirm his Supreme Court pick before the election.

As Republicans defend moving forward with the process on the basis that it’s the role of the president and the Senate to carry out the process, Democrats argue they’re breaking a precedent they set.

In 2016, then-President Barack Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Republicans decried the decision at the time, saying it was improper of Obama to confirm a Supreme Court Justice during an election year, and that it should be up to the next president to decide.

But Senator Mitch McConnell says the difference is now that the same party controls the Senate and the presidency, and with the 51 votes needed to form a simple majority, Democrats have little chance of stopping Barrett from being confirmed.

Should Barrett secure her nomination, the Supreme Court will have a 6-3 conservative majority.

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