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Anti-ICE protests turn ugly in Portland

‘No borders! No nations! Abolish deportations!’ Violent anti-ICE protests continue in Portland after Biden inauguration as Seattle police chief vows to get tough on left-wing vandals

  • Dozens of protesters gathered at an ICE facility in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday night 
  • Video posted on social media showed the crowd chanting: ‘No borders! No nations! Abolish deportations!’ 
  • Officers with the Federal Protective Service declared an unlawful assembly at 10pm 
  • Protesters who resisted orders to disperse were targeted with tear gas and flash bangs in the streets 
  • The same ICE building was targeted by 200 Antifa protesters last Wednesday 
  • Meanwhile Seattle’s interim police chief Adrian Diaz announced a new policy for arresting and prosecuting people who vandalize during protests  


Protests outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Portland turned ugly on Saturday night as federal authorities threatened mass arrests for trespassing. 

Dramatic videos posted on Twitter showed the crowd chanting: ‘No borders! No nations! Abolish deportations!’ 

Officers with the Federal Protective Service, a branch within the Department of Homeland Security, declared an unlawful assembly at about 10pm and ordered protesters to disperse.  

‘If you trespass on federal property with a weapon … you will be arrested,’ a recording warned the crowd before officers began deploying tear gas and flash bangs. 

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Protests outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Portland turned ugly on Saturday night as federal authorities threatened mass arrests for trespassing

'If you trespass on federal property with a weapon … you will be arrested,' a recording warned the crowd before officers began deploying tear gas

‘If you trespass on federal property with a weapon … you will be arrested,’ a recording warned the crowd before officers began deploying tear gas

Video posted on social media showed the crowd chanting: 'No borders! No nations! Abolish deportations!'

Video posted on social media showed the crowd chanting: ‘No borders! No nations! Abolish deportations!’

A line of police officers in riot gear deploy tear gas at protesters who refused to disperse in Portland on Saturday night

A line of police officers in riot gear deploy tear gas at protesters who refused to disperse in Portland on Saturday night

It’s unclear how many protesters, if any, were arrested over Saturday night’s skirmishes. 

Dozens of protesters were seen resisting officers’ orders to leave the area. They held up umbrellas to shield from clouds of tear gas filling the air. 

It came days after the same ICE building in Portland’s South Waterfront district was targeted by some 200 protesters last Wednesday following President Joe Biden’s inauguration. 

Protesters spray painted the side of the ICE facility, which was boarded up for security

Protesters spray painted the side of the ICE facility, which was boarded up for security 

A candlelight vigil for immigrants who died in ICE custody was set up by the protesters

A candlelight vigil for immigrants who died in ICE custody was set up by the protesters

On Wednesday night, protesters pelted the building with rocks and eggs, eliciting another show of force by federal officers. 

Earlier in the night demonstrators carrying anti-Biden and anti-police signs smashed the windows of Portland’s Democratic Party headquarters.

‘We wanted to symbolize that both parties are the oppressor,’ a 25-year-old protester, who asked not to be named, told CNN. ‘We’ve all experienced firsthand that police violence is police violence regardless [of which political party holds power]. … It doesn’t make a difference to the person being beaten.’ 

Similar unrest unfolded on Wednesday in Seattle, where police said Antifa members smashed windows at the federal Nakamura Courthouse. 

Biden has yet to respond to the incidents or offer a plan to curb the violence. 

Asked about the matter at a press briefing on Friday, Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki said: ‘I haven’t spoken with him specifically about those events, but it’s something our national security team, the homeland security adviser, is closely monitoring, of course.’ 

The ICE facility in downtown Portland was targeted by about 200 Antifa protesters on Wednesday night. Pictured: Federal police deploy tear gas to disperse crowds

The ICE facility in downtown Portland was targeted by about 200 Antifa protesters on Wednesday night. Pictured: Federal police deploy tear gas to disperse crowds

A group of protesters shield themselves from chemical irritants fired by police on Wednesday

A group of protesters shield themselves from chemical irritants fired by police on Wednesday

Police officers respond to protesters rallying against the new Biden-Harris administration and to call upon them to abolish ICE in Portland on Wednesday night

Police officers respond to protesters rallying against the new Biden-Harris administration and to call upon them to abolish ICE in Portland on Wednesday night

Meanwhile Seattle’s interim police Chief Adrian Diaz has vowed to crack down on protests there. 

Anyone who destroys property during protests in Seattle will now be arrested and prosecuted under a strict new policy coordinated with City Attorney Pete Holmes, Diaz announced Saturday. 

Details about the new policy were not immediately available, the Seattle Times reported. 

A spokesperson for Holmes’ office indicated that they were unaware of any changes, telling the newspaper: ‘We only learned about it after the fact.’ 

Diaz criticized the protests that have roiled the city for months, saying that the demonstrators are more focused on vandalism than social justice.  

‘They’ve been focused on lighting fires, they’ve been focused on, you know, breaking windows, and these are things we need to work on,’ he said.

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VIDEO: Fast and Devilish, “Chucky” Lozano scored the fastest goal in Napoli’s history in Serie A | The State

No doubt Hirving Lozano is giving a lot to talk about this Serie A season. The Mexican player has become the maximum reference of a Napoli that little by little it is climbing places in the general classification.

And this time, only 9 seconds were enough for “Chucky” to put his team ahead on the day of the Italian league tournament against Hellas Verona.

Lozano took off at full speed as soon as his team moved the ball in the center circle and reached the rival area where The ball fell, he controlled perfectly and beat the rival goalkeeper to notice the fastest goal in the history of his team.


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Convincing is better than imposing | The State

Sometimes you are very clear about what to do, however you cannot get others to see the advantages of your idea. You can impose your criteria, but it will not do any good, because for a company to function, the team’s adherence to the company’s objectives, the cohesion among its members and the motivation to continue in the race until reaching the proposed goals is needed.

Every leader can exercise power over his workers because he has a position of hierarchy, an authority that empowers him to give orders and demand what he wants. But restricting people’s freedom, manipulating, blackmailing, coercing them … only leads to negative results in the medium and long term.

It is possible that at first it is possible to impose one’s own will, but all influence on others will be lost, hostility will grow, distrust will be born and detachment towards the company will nest and, with it, low productivity and stagnation.

For all the members of the company to be convinced that they are an important part of a team and cooperate for the common good, it is necessary …

Explain the “what” and “why”. To persuade others without authoritarianism, it is necessary for people to understand not so much what is being proposed to them, but why it is necessary. When a Leader is able to talk about why it is necessary to address a change, a new project, a modification in procedures, workers perceive that it is not an imposition, but that they are the ones who want to do what is necessary and that they really want to make an effort to improve.

Show that people come first. It is necessary to speak not only of economy, but also of values ​​and feelings. The most important thing is to allow everyone to express their concerns, listen actively and seek solutions to maintain the environment of flexibility and well-being that should govern the company.

Work harder than anyone. Lead it involves carrying the weight of the load. This means that we cannot distribute tasks and that’s it, but we will have to be prepared to work hard. It is logical: if you have started a project, you should be the one who knows the most about it; so that you will have to inform, organize, lead, justify, present previous experiences, analyze … There is no reason to overwhelm with data and long meetings, but to convene the teams often both in groups and one-on-one, so they can communicate concerns and doubts, so that everyone participates and contributes ideas, new points of view and solutions.

Have good control of emotions. Nontax leadership often clashes with people, be they bosses or collaborators. Having good control of emotions means knowing how to manage common situations in companies, where risk is always present and continuity at stake. Emotional management is the key to convincing.

To be honest. No one becomes a true leader overnight. There are individuals who have great charisma, but good leadership is earned every day with honesty, respect for others, ethical integrity, humility … These are the requirements that really convince.

There are leaders who do not need to give orders. Generally, they are those who speak in the plural and who only use the singular to recognize their own mistakes. They know, as Victor Hugo used to say, that there is “nothing so stupid as winning. The true glory is in convincing ».


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Snowstorm will impact 10 states including New York and New Jersey | The State

The last snow storm in New York City was in December 2020.

TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty Images

A storm system runs through much of the country and one will impact several eastern cities, including New York and Philadelphia.

The reports of AccuWeather indicate that the first storm already hits with snow or frost at Nebraska, Iowa and the northern parts of Illinois, indiana and Ohio, as well as the south of Wisconsin and Michigan.

The second storm will start on Monday and continue through the weekend with multiple days of snow, an accumulation of between 3-4 inches in areas of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, metropolitan area of Ilinois, michigan and Iowa.

Other states will be hit with frost, says meteorologist Brett Anderson’s report.

“A storm for the early part of next week is on track to produce snow, ice and a winter mix across an area roughly 1,500 miles long from parts of Kansas to eastern New York State and the south. from New England, ”the report states.

It was anticipated that road trips will be difficult, due to ice and possible snowfall, especially along the I-95 corridor in the east.

“Motorists can face downright dangerous road conditions over long stretches of highway”, experts say.

In the Eastern region the snowfalls vary, but in New York there are several days marked with high probability percentages, mainly Tuesday with 70%.


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New York immigrant families most affected by COVID-19 ask to be a priority in 2022 budgets | The State

In theory in draft budgets of the State and the City of New York by 2022 are trying to balance the accounts not to touch a single dollar for the optimal functioning of public schools, and directing more resources to the feeding plans of the poorest. In reality, you have to try to shovel the immense financial hole caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

And that will only be possible, if I know receive special funds from Washington.

Everything indicates that if there is no financial aid from the new Federal administration of Joe Biden, the immigrant families most devastated by COVID-19 in the Big Apple, they could see the worst side of this tragedy in the coming months.

At preliminary spending and investment plan of Mayor Bill de Blasio, calculated at $ 92.3 billion for the next fiscal year, One of the crucial points is the total reopening of the public schools of the Big Apple in the fall, whose classrooms will be occupied in a 41% by students of Hispanic origin.

This objective will only be possible if the City receives relief from $ 2 billion of coronavirus relief from the federal government that are needed for 1,700 New York City Public Schools open your doors five days a week.

“Our schools have to come back in September, completely,” De Blasio said when he presented his spending plan that already looks very deficit, given the millions of dollars that the city stopped receiving since the pandemic spread last March and forced the economic closure.

Specifically, in the preliminary draft budgets, the focus is on putting more dollars on the side of the programs that guarantee food availability, COVID-19 tests, access to vaccines regardless of immigration status, free legal support and some programs to avoid evictions due to late rent.

More complicated “budgets”

While the exercise of balancing expenses is very complicated for the New York authorities, for thousands of undocumented immigrant families who lost their income completely, the future looks even more intricate. And increasingly painful.

“My husband never got a job in restaurants anymore. Before, only with your tips we could cover many expenses. And I could help him with temporary jobs, now I can’t move from the house, because I have my three children at home because I opted for distance classes”, Narrated the Mexican Lupe Solórzano, resident for 18 years of Upper Manhattan.

With months of back rent and without receiving any federal relief check, the Solórzano family considers that the reopening of the schools in a “safe way” would mean the first step to to be able to regain “a certain normality”.

“Online education is never the same. We understand that if we want to break the cycle of our poverty, we have to bet everything that they go to college in the future. And second, if they are in classes we we can go out to solve as we have always done. But everything now depends on how the pandemic goes ”, shared Lupe.

The panorama of school buildings with similar services, before the crisis, looks like a complicated subject.

Just to cite one example, the overtime pay for teachers, known as ‘pay per session’, would be reduced by $ 21 million next fiscal year, shows the municipal president’s proposal.

That could mean fewer after-school activities or fewer resources for the educators working in those programs. Also, in the savings plan projected by the Mayor of the City of New York It is detailed that the different agencies will only be able to fill a vacancy if three other jobs are empty.

Specifically, this mathematically translates into fewer staff on campus in the future to attend to the educational quality of each student.

The State and the City project benefits “on paper” for vulnerable communities. Photo: Fernando Martínez.

There are priorities

A spokesperson for the New York City Council, where the spending and investment plan for 2022, stressed that the Mayor’s preliminary budget only marked the beginning of the negotiations: “we will be determined that the social safety net and initiatives to helping communities of color disproportionately affected by COVID-19 ″.

Councilor Ydanis Rodríguez assured that there could be no other formula for “Recover the city from the pandemic” If we do not include in this equation those who are being the hardest hit by this public health crisis.

“With the closing of the school buildings last March and with the current hybrid scheme of face-to-face and distance classes, it could be ensured that there was a saving in 2020 in normal expenses from schools. This budget drags a crisis from the Trump era. Now we must count on the new federal administration and Congress to overcome this deficit ”, reasoned the Dominican councilor.

Waiting for money from Washington

Those who are in charge of organizing New York State expenses they also think the same. Governor Andrew Cuomo showed two packages last week. In a more austere option, it is assumed that New York will receive federal funds that amount to $ 6 billion, the other more optimistic option represents $ 15 billion in disbursements from Washington, a figure that is closer to the current budget deficit of the state.

In the accounts of the most optimistic investment project of the state agent, would be destined $ 1.3 billion for overdue residential rental assistance plans, $ 150 million to address food insecurity and $ 10 million in ‘Liberty Defense Fund’ offering free legal support to undocumented New Yorkers. There is also an ambition to add $ 130 million to help small businesses such as restaurants affected by the pandemic.

“It’s $ 21 billion in lost revenue for two years in a row. Why the loss of income? They were closed, people didn’t work, they didn’t pay taxes. The gap was projected to be worse, but as the economy began to function again, the gap began to close, ”Cuomo said.

The controversy: taxes on the richest

Given the proposal of a group of state legislators from increase taxes in different ways to the richest, the state president shows very distant. However, Colombian Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz who represents the Jackson Heights- Corona District 39, in Queens, he assured that “the budget dance is just beginning. “

“We will have to negotiate that and we will fight it. All the reports indicate that large corporations and the wealthiest people in New York have increased their income during this public health crisis. Meanwhile, we don’t have to describe what happened to the undocumented working class, that became an essential workforce ”, explained the assembly member.

In Cruz’s view, there are two good signs for immigrant communities in Cuomo’s investment scheme for 2022: investment in food programs so that no new yorkers go hungry and legal aid for the undocumented.

A decadence never seen

The Dominican Carmen Ramírez, With 50 years of residence in the Big Apple, she does not remember a stage “as terrible” as the one the city has suffered since “this virus appeared.”

The 80-year-old immigrant, far from complex technical budget calculations, ensures that the more is invested in defeating COVID-19, the closer the recovery will be.

“This is a thriving city that I have never seen like this in so many decades. If it goes more money to fight this virusEveryone will be able to go back to the street to work, study, build and make it great again ”, said Carmen.

Meanwhile, the Hispanic retiree Alex Casello who has been 40 years living in the ‘city of skyscrapers’, he exhibits without a doubt that he had never seen on the streets so many decadent images of poverty.

“The City has to invest in schools where students feel motivated to go. We must also teach our immigrant communities that things cost. And that we must pay our taxes. We know that in this system somehow what we pay is going to come back to us. The reconstruction of New York will depend on those who came looking for a dream ”, concluded Casello.

Alex Casello: Our communities must value the importance of paying their taxes as well. Photo: Fernando Martínez.

Let no New Yorker go hungry:

  • 2 million New Yorkers They face needs to pay for their food according to reports from the City Council.
  • 53% increased lawsuits on public pantries and other free food programs in NYC since March 2020.
  • 1,000 pantries and dining rooms are in the five boroughs of NYC.
  • $ 52 million is the amount planned for food security plans in fiscal year 2021-2022.
  • $ 25 million were the emergency funds approved for pantries in 2020.
  • $ 150 million Governor Cuomo proposes in his investment plan, due to be approved in July, to fight hunger across the state.
  • 15% was the increase of the new Joe Biden administration to the national budget of the SNAP coupons, under the argument that 1 in 5 Hispanic households in the country they don’t have enough resources to feed themselves.
  • 3rd place is New York for the states with the highest percentage of immigrants not included in federal aid packages, followed by California and Texas.
  • 530,000 New York immigrant families who work in the informal economy (street vendors, sex workers, domestic workers, day laborers and other sectors such as construction and maintenance in general) have been excluded from relief plans of the federal administration.
  • 1 in 5 individuals living in NYC are currently in some situation of rent moratorium on their residences.


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The House would take a key step this week for the third stimulus check of $ 1,400 | The State

Democratic leaders in Congress.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Part of the president’s $ 1.9 billion plan Joe biden it could pass its first test in Congress this week in the House of Representatives.

The plan is to advance the $ 1,400 direct dollars per person, in the middle of the debate among congressmen for the comprehensive plan against COVID-19.

“House Democrats are considering passing legislation next week with new money for vaccines (and) direct payments, an opportunity to put some points on the board.”, said Jake Sherman, a contributor to Politician.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi (California), and the Senate Majority Leader, Charles schumer (New York), are on the same channel about the new stimulus check. They do indeed support President Biden’s entire bill, but they face problems with some Democrats and a high number of Republicans.

One of the Republicans’ conditioning factors is that the money should not go to all Americans, but only to those directly affected by the pandemic.

Republican Senator Pat toomey (Pennsylvania) believes that the plan “would be a colossal waste and economically damaging” for the United States.

In the same vein, the Democratic senator Joe manchin (W.V).

“It’s time to target where the money is going”Manchin said.

The House vote could be positive for Democrats, as they have a sufficient, albeit limited majority.

The bill must be sent to the Senate, where the biggest problem lies, as has been advanced, given the 50-50 division with the only difference vote for Democrats in the voice of the vice president. Kamala harris.

Democrats require 60 votes, so they need to convince 10 Republicans.

Although President Biden wants approval of the plan as soon as possible, the White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, He acknowledged that this could take several weeks, perhaps early March.

“The package was designed with $ 1.9 billion as a starting point”, said. “This is a discussion, this is a conversation, and [el presidente Biden] it is not alien to the process of preparing the invoice… The initial package that is proposed is rarely integrated exactly ”.

There is no deadline as such, but if congressmen wanted to impose one it should be the end of March, when the protections and distribution of funds to unemployment of the $ 900,000 million aid plan end that allowed the sending of $ 600 dollars per person.


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The pandemic continues to destroy jobs in New York | The State

New York City’s unemployment rate dropped slightly in December to 11.4% from 12.1% the previous month. It is still stubbornly higher than that of the state, which was 8.2% (0.2 percentage points less than in November) and that of the country, which was 6.7%).

And all this while last month jobs were destroyed.

The State lost 37,200 jobs from them, 22,100 from private companies. It is the corrosive stamp of the COVID pandemic on the job market.

The percentages improve because, as happens throughout the country, they only represent a part of reality. There are many more people who have given up the idea of ​​having a job and do not count as unemployed.

With 157,600 fewer jobs, the education and health services sector has closed. The second most affected by the crisis, followed by commerce, transport and home services such as water or gas.

The sector most affected in the year is the hotel, bar and restaurant industry, which has seen almost 39% of all jobs evaporate in the year that just closed. Some 366,600 people no longer wait tables, prepare food or drinks, receive travelers in hotels or provide services in concert areas in the state. Many of the places where this happens have closed.

It is the industry that has lost the most jobs by far in the state. The restrictions on internal service in the city and the cold are once again being a setback for an industry that also depends a lot on internal consumption that has been withdrawn for months due to the crisis and the lack of tourism.

In NYC alone, bars and restaurants have lost 140,700 jobs, 43% of the total for the year. These figures recalled Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, who described the crisis as “something that has never been experienced before.” Only between November and December 11,700 jobs have been lost in the sector “which can be attributed to more permanent restaurant closures, the closure of service within the premises for the second time and fewer customers on the street due to winter temperatures,” says Rigie .

From this organization, Washington is once again called upon to approve the Restaurant Acts, which involves the granting of grants, or money that does not have to be returned, to keep businesses open. In the last fiscal stimulus, this specific aid was not contemplated but better conditions were given to the owners of premises to apply for PPP loans that are partially forgivable.


578,000 are the jobs that have been lost in New York City compared to December 2019. A 12.2% drop

-5.8% is the percentage of job losses in construction in New York State

5.9% is the unemployment rate in New York State after the city is excluded, in 2019 it was 4.1%.


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Biden Accelerates and Extends Hunger Relief Aid | The State

President Joe Biden on Friday made a plea in favor of his $ 1.9 trillion ($ 1.9 trillion) pandemic rescue plan shortly before signing a series of Executive Orders that aim to alleviate the hunger they suffer low-income families, ensure workers’ rights, and begin taking steps to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour.

Referring to the long lines of people searching for food at food banks and the anxiety families live with, Biden went on to sign an Executive Order expanding federal nutrition assistance to low-income people. The limits to this type of executive actions force the Administration to improve the scope of the existing programs and in this sense the guidelines of the Department of Agriculture are changed to expand their distribution and calculation.

The goal is to reach more people.

Biden lamented that almost 30 million people go hungry and some 12 million children are in this situation. The Administration estimates that one in five Latino households does not have enough food due to the current situation, something that the president described as “inconceivable.” “Families cannot wait another day,” he said before signing an order thatIncrease access to food that children from low-income families normally have thanks to school and that have been transferred to a benefit called P-EBT.

This benefit is about $ 5.70 per child per day. Some households have problems accessing these aids and have not been able to obtain these P-EBTs, which are also not enough for a nutritious diet. Biden, with his signature, orders that these benefits be increased by 15% so that the cost of food is better reflected and that it is easier to apply for this aid. “This can help 10 million families, especially those who cannot provide food for children who are studying remotely from home and not receiving breakfast or lunch at school.”

The department is also changing the guidelines to make it easier for increased emergency SNAP benefits, already approved, to reach the households of lower-income people.

Although the general policy of SNAP has to be established through Congress – the Farm Bill – the guidelines that are issued can change the way the program is administered and that is what the president can modify without having to move adhesions in the Chambers and therefore quickly. And Biden wants to make the Department of Agriculture update the bases to establish these benefits and better accommodate the economic realities of families.

As Brian Deese, the director of the National Economic Council or NEC, explained in a previous appearance, the latter is really the basis of how the value of SNAP benefits or food stamps is determined. It is possible that the account shows an increase in the value that has been in place for years, and before the pandemic, far removed from the need it has to cover.

Deese keeps repeating that the situation is “precarious”, which is why it is necessary to act with all possible resources, executive orders that do not eliminate the need to implement the Rescue Plan to which, for the moment, they oppose a good number of Republican legislators.

The president also ordered the Department of Labor to clarify that workers with pre-existing medical conditions and who are at greater risk if they fall ill with COVID have the right to refuse a job that could harm their health or that of someone in their home and qualify for to unemployment insurance.

“Right now in 40% of homes in America there is someone with pre-existing conditions,” explained Biden who rejected that someone could have to be forced to accept a job and harm the health of a family member or even put him at risk of death. “No one has to choose between living and their health or that of their loved ones,” he said to affirm the right to unemployment insurance.

Deese explained that all workers have the right to a job that allows them to have security about the effects on health.

Delivery of checks

The president is going to ask the Treasury to expedite the procedures to send the check for $ 1,200, the first Economic Impact Payment, which has not yet reached eight million people. According to Deese, these are essentially people who are not required to file their taxes but have the right to the check.

To improve the efficiency of the social network due to the pandemic, the Administration will create coordination teams between federal programs administered by the states so that there is greater coordination to reduce waiting time and support in issues such as access to loans by of minority entrepreneurs and there is more efficiency in the payment of unemployment insurance, among other tasks.

The director of the National Economic Council Director, Brian Deese./ EFE / EPA / Ken Cedeno / POOL

Federal minimum wage

While waiting for Congress to approve an increase in the minimum wage, which has been $ 7.25 since 2009, Biden has instructed the Department of Labor to prepare an executive order in less than 100 days that specifies that the federal government will only hire companies pay at least $ 15 an hour and provide paid leave to their workers.

The last orders of the day have a labor nature and rescind three signed by Trump, which eliminated the right to collective bargaining and worker protections for federal employees. They also make it easier for political appointments to keep jobs reserved for those with civilian jobs, and it will also study which federal workers earn less than $ 15 an hour to promote increases.

“With $ 15 an hour we must have people who are not working but still under the poverty line,” said Biden, referring to an action that needs to go through Congress to make this minimum wage a reality.

Deese explained that they will also work so that the aid reaches small family businesses “mom and pop” that do not have strong connections with banks to get aid started. The NEC director referred in particular to Latino and black businesses.

The White House emphasizes that these orders are not enough. “America is suffering,” said Biden, who spoke again of hunger, home evictions and job losses. “We need to act, if we do, our economy will be strong in the short and long term, this is what economists on the right and left are telling us.”

Biden also alluded to the “moral obligations we have among Americans. I do not think that people want to see their compatriots, their friends and neighbors hungry, lose their homes the sense of dignity, hope and respect, I do not believe in it not in the middle of a pandemic. The new president said that there is a national emergency and action must be taken accordingly. “We have the tools to keep the virus under control and we have to use them,” he said, referring to the public spending demanded by his Rescue package and for which he says there is support among businesses, Wall Street, unions, mayors and governors of both parties.

Moodys, quoted the president says that this will create 7.5 million jobs in a year.

Deese dismissed criticism and reluctance from Republicans who do not support this new plan, saying a $ 900 billion plan was approved in December. “It is help that was needed months ago, now we need more to get ahead.” The White House is convinced that the deeper the crisis, the more it will cost to get out of the hole of the crisis and that will be more than the cost of the package that is now being demanded.


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Floyd Mayweather brands Conor McGregor ‘Con Artist McLoser’ and blasts his ‘racist’ critics

Floyd Mayweather brands Conor McGregor ‘Con Artist McLoser’ insisting ‘that bum will never be me or be on my level’ and blasts ‘racist’ critics in explosive rant on Instagram

Floyd Mayweather has slammed Conor McGregor for being a ‘bum (who) will never be on my level’ after his UFC defeat to Dustin Poirier and also blasted his ‘racist’ critics.

McGregor suffered a second round defeat to UFC 257 rival Poirier on Saturday night to ruin his return to the octagon after retirement. 

After the Irishman’s defeat, Mayweather shared an Instagram post by YouTube channel RingIQ TV which asked why he is criticised for having the same character and temperament as McGregor.

Floyd Mayweather (left) has branded Conor McGregor (right) a ‘bum’ and ‘Con Artist McLoser’

McGregor (left) was beaten just two rounds into Saturday's UFC comeback with Dustin Poirier

McGregor (left) was beaten just two rounds into Saturday’s UFC comeback with Dustin Poirier

In a furious rant, Mayweather captioned the Instagram post: ‘I seen this post and my take on it is that the world knows Con Artist McLoser (McGregor) can steal everything from me and be loved but I’m hated. That just lets you all know that racism still exist. 

‘Just know, that bum will never be me or be on my level. I’m just built different, my mindset is on another planet, my skills are second to none, I’m a natural born winner and yes I talk a lot of trash, but every time I back it up. 

‘This is what they hate. It’s sad that you can be a poor black kid from the ghetto that has dealt with racism your whole life and work extremely hard to put yourself and your family in a better position, and most of the hate come from my own people. 

The boxer slammed McGregor and his critics by reacting to an Instagram post comparing them

The boxer slammed McGregor and his critics by reacting to an Instagram post comparing them

Mayweather and McGregor faced off in an unprecedented crossover fight back in 2017

Mayweather and McGregor faced off in an unprecedented crossover fight back in 2017

‘Connor cannot even win in his own sport, but talking about coming back to boxing to fight Pacquiao. Nobody wants to see that, it’s like my leftovers eating leftovers.’

McGregor and Mayweather faced off in an unprecedented crossover boxing match in 2017 , which saw the American beat the UFC star via a tenth round knockout.  

In the build-up to the Las Vegas showdown four years ago, McGregor used the words ‘monkey’ and ‘boy’ in a way which had been construed by many as offensive.

During one press conference, McGregor shouted at Mayweather: ‘Dance for me, boy,’ after the American broke out into a dance on stage. How McGregor used the word ‘boy’ has serious racial connotations – and has historically been used to belittle African Americans.

And in another pre-fight interview, the Notorious came under fire for saying ‘I can’t remember if that’s the one with the dancing monkeys or not,’ when trying to remember what film Rocky III was.

There is no scene of dancing monkeys in the film which led to people believing that McGregor was referring to scenes in which black fighters sparred at Apollo Creed’s Los Angeles gym.

Mayweather did not take offence to McGregor’s comments at the time but did react to those connotations in the summer of 2020 in the wake of George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Last year, Mayweather (left) slammed of some of McGregor's comments in the 2017 build-up

Last year, Mayweather (left) slammed of some of McGregor’s comments in the 2017 build-up

Speaking to World Boxing News last year, Mayweather said:’Don’t judge me for the colour of my skin and I won’t judge you for the colour of yours.

‘When Conor McGregor said disrespectful stuff talking about ‘dance boy’ they called us monkeys, nobody got behind Floyd Mayweather.

‘This is so crazy. When it’s racism amongst blacks it’s called colourist. So it’s racism amongst people right now.

‘That’s why every day when I get up I am happy because I did it for myself and for my children. I made sacrifices.’

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Didn’t you get your second stimulus check? Request a Payment Tracking from the IRS | The State

You can request a Payment Tracking by phone from the IRS or send them an email.

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There are several reasons why the second stimulus check may not have reached you. If you should have received it, but this has not happened yet, you may need to contact the IRS to request a Payment Tracking, in order to trace that money.

You should request a Payment Tracking if the Get My Payment tool shows that your payment was issued, but you have not received it within the following time frames:

5 days from the deposit date that appears in Get My Payment and if your bank says it has not received it.
–4 weeks since it was mailed to your address.
–6 weeks since it was mailed and you have a forwarding address on file with your local post office.
–9 weeks since it was mailed and you have a foreign address.

To request a Payment Tracking, you need to call the IRS at 800-919-9835 or mail or fax a completed Form 3911. Find out where to mail or fax that form in the state where you live on the IRS website, according to CNET.

Note that you should not submit Form 3911 if you have already requested a phone trace. And you should not request a Payment Tracking to determine if you are eligible to obtain a check or to confirm the amount you should receive.

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