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Indian Railways launches mobile app for employees

Railway Board Chairman launched the HRMS mobile app, in which the employees can see the…

Google map turns 15, brings new features to celebrate with users

Google map turns 15, brings new features to celebrate with users

Google Maps on Thursday launched a redesign that prominently solicits users’ reviews and photos of places they visit, seeking to grow its data in a field led by local search apps such as Zomato, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. More than 1 billion people now turn to Google Maps to see and explore the world, the company said.

10 reasons Telegram founder ‘thinks’ using WhatsApp is dangerous

10 reasons Telegram founder ‘thinks’ using WhatsApp is dangerous

Telegram founder Pavel Durov in an official blog post listed out several reports to criticise WhatsApp and explained why he thinks using WhatsApp is dangerous. Telegram is a WhatsApp rival app and Durov went no holds barred in stating his bias against WhatsApp. “Some could say that, as a founder of a rival app, I may be biased when criticizing WhatsApp. Of course I am. Of course I consider Telegram Secret Chats to be significantly more secure than any competing means of communication – why else would I be developing and using Telegram?” To back his claim of WhatsApp being dangerous and hinting the people should ideally delete it from their phones, Durov referred to several news reports. Here are the reasons, as per Durov why using WhatsApp is dangerous

Work From Home: A New Way Of Earning From Home, Women Can Earn Money By Reselling Goods From Smartphone Apps

In today’s time, every one of you has a smartphone, so why not use your…

Google wants to board Bangalore Municipal Corporation bus

Tech giant wants real-time data to make its Maps more useful In return, transport corporation…

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Stay alert / find hidden camera address in trial room or public restroom

Objectionable photographs of women are taken from hidden cameras in a trial room or public restroom, which they are not even aware of. In such a situation, it is very important to know how to find the hidden camera. You should also know how to detect it.
On seeing the camera or microphone radiation, the visible line starts jig-jagging.

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These features make Google Assistant better, you will not even know about them

In this era of technology, people use Google’s most advanced technology assistant (Google Assistant) to search for anything on the Internet. Currently Google is available as an app for assistant users on devices such as smartphones, laptops and smart speakers. Through this technique, users can gain information ranging from listening to songs, knowing cricket scores to the latest news by giving just one command.

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Tiktok left Facebook behind in 2019, became number one in terms of downloading

Smart phones and the Internet, which have reached almost every hand, have covered the geographical distances of the world in some apps. Facebook is at the forefront of major social media sites and apps used prominently. Statistics show that Facebook dominated the mobile app world in this decade.

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WhatsApp self destruct messages are coming soon and here’s the main reason behind it

WhatsApp is bringing auto disappearing messages and it will be available for groups. The main reason behind the feature is to de-clutter messages in groups that nobody may read.