Zoom Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication Feature: How to Enable it

Zoom has introduced two-factor authentication for better security and privacy of users. The new 2FA feature asks users to present two or more pieces of evidence, or credentials that authenticate their ownership of the account. This includes a password or a PIN, something the user owns like a smart card or mobile phone, or something the user has like fingerprint or voice. The popular video conferencing app allows for enabling 2FA only for users with specific roles or specific groups, apart from the option for enabling it for all users in one account. This comes after Zoom announced that its revenue for the May-July period more than quadrupled from the same time last year to $663.5 million (roughly Rs. 4858 crores).

Zoom has been privy to many privacy breach allegations, and since then the company has introduced several security features for its users. The new Zoom 2FA option looks to add an additional layer of security for those who need it. It says that 2FA users have the option to use authentication apps that support Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol, or have Zoom send a code via SMS or phone call, as the second factor of the account authentication process.

How to enable Zoom two-factor authentication by admins:

  1. In order to enable Zoom 2FA on the account-level, admins must first sign-in to the Zoom Dashboard.
  2. Once signed-in, head to the navigation menu and click on Advanced > Security
  3. Enable the ‘Sign in with Two-Factor Authentication’ option in the Security section.
  4. Select one of the options mentioned in the section. For instance click on ‘Enable 2FA for all users in the account’ to enable the security for all users in your account.
  5. For enabling 2FA for users with specific roles, click on ‘Enable 2FA for roles with the specified roles’. Click Select specified roles mentioned and then click OK.  
  6. There is also an option called ‘Enable 2FA for users that are in the specified groups’ and you can choose the specific group that will have this additional security and then click OK.
  7. Click ‘Save’ to confirm your desired Zoom 2FA settings.

For individuals, Zoom allows for enabling and disabling a range of authentication methods such as SAML, OAuth, or even password-based authentication. The new Zoom 2FA feature looks to offer an additional wall of security and helps organizations meet compliance obligations for sensitive data and customer information. It also eliminates the need to invest in separate single sign-on service for small businesses and schools. Of course, the new Zoom two-factor authentication looks to protect users against identity theft and security breaches that are now becoming increasingly common on the Internet.

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A Total War Saga: Troy Review

The first thing I noticed, as a long-time fan of this series, is that A Total War Saga: Troy is extremely and unabashedly stylish. The world is ringed by surreal, soaring mountains that suggest ancient Greek pottery. The battle resolution animation shows the opposing generals fighting theatrically under a heavenly spotlight. The color palette is perfect for making me feel as though I’ve been transported to the Bronze Age world. And this personality seeps over into a fairly satisfying campaign as well. There are some cracks in this ornate amphora, particularly when it comes to AI, but unlike the previous Saga game it’s not a black sheep of the Total War family.

Creative Assembly has been getting better and better at faction design with almost every game and DLC pack it’s released in the last few years, and Troy’s playable campaign factions are no exception. As Achilles, you have the invigorating task of defending your title as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the Aegean, with a roster of aggressive, mobile melee units to back you up. As Hector, you have to constantly compete for your dear father’s affection with your annoying kid brother who got us into this mess in the first place, in hopes of eventually inheriting the city of Troy. The tough, tanky spearmen in his roster play great with defensive terrain and holding cities against assault. Each leader I played felt distinct and interesting, in terms of goals, campaign abilities, and fighting style.

These heroes also have their own dramatic, story-based win conditions called Homeric Victories that walk them through some of the highlights of their role in the Iliad, such as Menelaus having to reclaim Helen and Hector having to make sure the city of Troy does not fall. This is a great nod to the source material, and helps further differentiate each campaign – and it’s great that it doesn’t get in the way if you want to pursue a more traditional Total War victory instead. Sometimes answering Agamemnon’s call to war can be a bit more trouble than it’s worth. There are also some special, discoverable objectives with unique rewards, like becoming Anax – basically a tribal king – of one of the map’s several geographic areas.

The map, as I mentioned, is absolutely stunning. From the lush, hilly valleys of the Peloponnese to the rocky, rugged islands of the Cyclades scattered across the wine-dark sea, every corner is a joy to explore. Undiscovered areas are covered in a beautiful weathered texture like baked clay, with ancient writing floating across the surface forebodingly. Sailing into this unknown causes the edges to visually burn away in a fantastic, subtle effect. Everything about this world and this interface radiates personality. And on the ground, when battle is joined, period-accurate mud brick houses and simplistic farms remind you just how far back in time we’ve travelled. Most historical strategy games act like nothing before Alexander the Great is even worth mentioning, so the novelty of a Bronze Age setting is refreshing and effective.

Interacting with other leaders is often not as pleasant, though. While the convenient Quick Deal feature from Three Kingdoms makes a return, foreign leaders make a nuisance of themselves by spamming requests for absurdly lopsided trade deals, or constantly asking for free gifts of resources while offering nothing in return. It’s an issue that used to crop up in older Total War games, but I had thought we were past it by now. No, Lycomedes, you can’t have 250 bronze for free. And you can’t have it when you inevitably come back next turn, either.

It’s not that I can’t afford it, though. In Troy’s economy it’s possible to be producing enough food by Turn 50 to easily trade for whatever else you need. The flexibility of the barter system, which replaces money with other resources like wood, stone, and bronze, is great in theory; especially with the stronger infantry requiring relatively scarce bronze to train and upkeep, I can see what the designers were going for. But as the game goes on, scarcity decreases to the point that everyone can have everything they want, more or less. And having practically infinite resources takes a lot of the tension and decision-making out of the strategy layer.


These kinds of AI quirks extend to the battlefield as well, particularly with ranged units set to skirmish mode. All too often it results in them getting stuck on the terrain, or suicidally charging into the enemy melee troops for no clear reason instead of attacking and falling back like they’re supposed to. Epic heroes, likewise, will sometimes get stuck in an animation loop and be rendered useless, or do a 180 in the middle of the fray to launch a powerful area attack that only hits grass. Along with a handful of crashes to desktop when opening certain interface windows, this all makes it clear that this odyssey could have used a little more polish.Even more so than usual, Troy’s clashes are all about maneuvering.

When the AI isn’t being a bugbear, though, field battles can be great fun. Bows and cavalry, staples of most other Total War games, are more of a novelty in this distant era, which has forced the designers to get creative in creating a new battlefield ecosystem. Even more so than usual, Troy’s clashes are all about maneuvering, with lighter and more nimble armies able to gain the advantage against heavier, slower ones by being able to decide the where and when of the fighting. And the battle maps are excellently designed for this, with the best choke points and flanking routes usually located a brisk march away from either side’s starting zone. Being able to get to them first can make a huge difference in how the battle will play out.

A Total War Saga: Troy Review Screenshots

Siege battles are a bit less enjoyable. Most of the time, the only siege weapons you’ll have access to until much later on are battering rams, so you can’t punch a hole in the walls without actual divine intervention. Scaling the walls with ladders can be borderline suicidal, inflicting hugely disproportionate casualties on the attackers even when using high quality assault troops. If you have the luxury of time, it’s almost always better to surround a city and wait for them to starve themselves into submission. This is accurate for the era, but it can also take away from the drama and momentum of a campaign as your conquests turn into waiting games.Dull sieges are accurate for the era, but can take away from the drama.

There are several other things I found counter-intuitive as a long-time fan of the series, but they fell into place nicely once I could see past my preconceptions. Two-handed spearmen, for example, are essentially the replacement to heavy shock cavalry and should be used for rear and flanking charges – not at all like how we’re used to using spearmen in other Total Wars. Likewise, managing the positioning of skirmish troops while keeping an eye on everyone’s stamina bars can turn the tide in big ways. It definitely takes some getting used to, but is plenty satisfying once you do. And despite being so infantry-focused, the diversity between factions and even within a given faction’s roster offers plenty of options to pursue different playstyles.

Troy’s battles also suffer early on from an issue that’s also prevalent in Three Kingdoms: Low-tier units are simply too easy to rout. Until you have the buildings and the bronze to start hiring higher-tier line troops, a lot of battles can feel like more of a joust than anything. One side will simply crumble before you really have any time to maneuver. I find these kinds of engagements very chaotic and unsatisfying, and it had me wishing for a game setting to tweak the base unit morale or make the overall battle tempo to be a bit less hectic. Mods usually come along to fix stuff like this eventually, but that’s not a great excuse for the developers to ignore it.

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‘Remove China app’ removed from play store, downloaded more than 50 million times

The app, which became increasingly popular in India, was removed from the Play Store. The app was downloaded more than 5 million times in a few weeks.

Google has removed the ‘Remove China App’, which has become a symbol of anti-Chinese sentiments in India. This app was becoming very popular in India. Its popularity can be gauged from this, more than 5 million times were downloaded in a few weeks. The app received 1.89 lakh reviews and 4.9 stars.

The ‘Remove China App’ was released on the 17th of last month. After that, the app started being used to express anger towards China near Indians. This app continues to be popular in the country for many reasons. The damage caused by the growing tension along the Indo-China border and the Kovid-19 epidemic were considered to be the major reasons.

Google removed ‘Remove China App’ from Play Store

Opposition to China was seen in Indian citizens with the sentiments of the people. It has been claimed that this can delete the so-called Chinese app like TickTalk and UC Browser. However, One Touch App Labs, which created the app, had said to make it for educational purposes. He also said that app developers do not intend to use it for commercial purposes.

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Was being used as a Chinese protest in India

Despite this, Google did not tell about the removal of the Remove China app from its Play Store. He has not revealed why the option to download the app from the Play Store has been taken away and neither has clarified whether it will be available again on the Play Store. Jaipur’s company ‘One Touch and Chape Labs’ has admitted in its tweet that its app has been suspended by Google from the Play Store.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Info Lifestyle Relationship The Buzz Top Story Trending World

COVID19: Divorces up by 30% in Saudi Arabia as women found husband married other women secretely

13,000 weddings were also held in in the Kingdom in February, an increase of 5%

Among the cases are female doctors, community women and employees who were forced to request annulment of their marriage after they discovered their husbands had married other women in secret.

Abu Dhabi: The number of marriage contracts made across Saudi Arabia in February reached 13,000, an increase of 5 per cent over contracts made in the same month last year, and Saudi citizens accounted for the vast majority. In contrast, the number of divorce deeds for the same month was 7,482, according official statistics.

During the COVID-19 crisis, observers noted a 30 per cent increase in requests for divorce and Khula’, a procedure through which a woman can divorce her husband in Islam, by returning the dowry (mahr) or something else that she received from her husband, as agreed by the spouses or court decree.

Among the cases are female doctors, community women and employees who were forced to request annulment of their marriage after they discovered their husbands had married other women in secret, according to Okaz newspaper.

The pandemic, home quarantine and the curfew contributed to uncovering what was hidden, and the courts’ family counsellors try to bridge the rift between the couples away from court sessions to protect families and prevent the dispersion of children.

A woman seeking annulment or Khula’ needs specific procedures to fulfil her request with the return of the husband’s dowry and she may request annulment without compensation if she proves that she has been harmed by the husband.

Self-isolation promotes marital bonds

Talal Muhammad Al Nashiri, social worker and head of the Jeddah Therapy Association, said marital relations differ from one person to another, and they become more coherent and stronger when an external threat to the individual, family or society occurs.

“We observe the cohesion of members of society and their solidarity in facing diseases, epidemics and disasters, and this is the nature of human beings who unite and show more cohesion against external influences. We also observe a large percentage of society members who apply isolation and care for the safety of family and community members,” he said.

From this standpoint, he added, isolation strengthens family relations and increases family bonding with their participation in all matters of family life.

The electronic portal of the Ministry of Justice revealed that the number of marriage contracts made in February reached 13,000, an increase of 5 per cent over the marriage contracts made in the same month last year, and the marriage contracts whose parties are Saudis represented 88 per cent of the total marriage contracts in the Kingdom.

Statistics showed 45 per cent of the total marriage contracts were made in Makkah and Riyadh.

The number of marriage contracts made daily in Saudi courts ranged between 285 and 938 before the coronavirus crisis.

On the other hand, the number of divorce deeds for the February reached 7,482, and 52 per cent of the total divorce deeds were made in Makkah and Riyadh, while the number of divorce deeds made daily across the Kingdom ranged between 163 and 489 before the coronavirus pandemic, and the number of monthly divorce deeds ranged between 3,397 and 7,693 over the past 12 months.

Sources said the electronic portal of the Ministry of Justice has stopped publishing any statistics since February because of the suspension of work at the courts.

Where is affection and compassion?

The executive supervisor of the Takamul Aid Initiative, Manal Al Harthy, said that marital relations were not immune to the pandemic, as wives resorted to law firms to request divorce during the pandemic, and some of them filed an electronic lawsuit immediately after receiving legal advice to know the required steps, . She added that divorce occurs at any time and has no reason or occasion other than fuelling anger between the two spouses, and may not be documented in court immediately, and the husband may review relations his wife.

Law offices recorded a remarkable increase in requests for divorce, Khula, and annulment of marriage of about 30 per cent during the coronavirus crisis,

Some 22 cases were filed by teachers, doctors, and businesswomen, and the lawyer and judicial notary Saleh Musfer Al Ghamdi said he received five divorce requests within two weeks from wives, including doctors and businesswomen. “Among them is a doctor who discovered that her husband married secretly to an Arab resident,” Al Ghamdi said.

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Govt bans popular file-sharing site WeTransfer in India

The DoT has cited national interest and public interest as the reasons for banning the website.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has banned the popular file-sharing site The DoT has cited national interest and public interest as the reasons for doing so.

According to a news report by Mumbai Mirror, DoT issued a notice to internet service providers across the country to ban three URLs. The first two notices asked to ban two specific URLs on the website whereas the third notice was to ban the entire WeTransfer website.

WeTransfer is a popular file sharing website on the web. It has millions of users across the world but the company has garnered higher popularity in India during the ongoing lockdown days. The website allows users to send files to up to 2GB straight to the recipient’s email without the need to create a separate account for it. While the paid plan allows file-transfer of higher capacities, most of the users’ job is done by the free plan. After the ease of use, this is the second reason why the website has become so popular in the country.

It is unclear as to why the government has banned the website and what exactly did it find objectionable on the page but for now most of the leading ISPs have blocked the access of WeTransfer for their users.

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Bans in India aren’t new. Many websites have been banned in India. In fact in one of the Lok Sabha session of 2019, the ministry of information and technology showed that there had been a 442 per cent rise in the number of URLs blocked in India. These URLs have either been found malware, or encouraging pornography of any kind or a threat to national security. The ban applies to the entire website. WeTransfer is a file-sharing website that send files from one to another and has no access to the content of the file. WeTransfer is a just a carrier and it shouldn’t be banned for some content that has uploaded by its users. Yes, the site can be used for sending pornographic content as well which is the reason given by DoT but then again it is the users and not the website behind it.AD

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US creates history, SpaceX-NASA launches human space mission

After 9 years, America was on the verge of creating history, but due to bad weather, on May 27, the human space mission had to be stopped. The US space agency NASA (NASA) was preparing to send astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) via the Dragon spacecraft of the private company SpaceX.

  • Robert Benken and Douglas Hurley leave for space station
  • For the first time, the spacecraft of a private company took humans
  • Program released under agreement between NASA-SpaceX

Bad weather stopped the US from writing history in the space world 3 days ago, but today, on May 31, the US space agency NASA (NASA) private spacecraft Dragon (Dragon) spacecraft gave 2 astronauts the international space Successfully flew to the International Space Station (ISS).

Two astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley left for the International Space Station via the Dragon Spacecraft.

Capsule reached Earth’s orbit: Trump

President Trump said after the successful launch, ‘I am thrilled to announce that the Space X Dragon capsule has successfully reached Earth orbit, and our astronauts are safe and sound. With this launch, the phase of lost and less action over the years has officially ended. This is the beginning of a new era of American ambition.

After 9 years, America was on the verge of making history, but due to bad weather, on May 27, the human space mission had to be stopped. The US space agency NASA (NASA) was preparing to send astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) via the Dragon spacecraft of the private company SpaceX.

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At 2.03 pm on May 27, 2020, NASA was to fly two American astronauts to the ISS with a Falcon rocket, however, the mission was halted 16.54 minutes earlier.

Then NASA said that due to bad weather, the launch is not happening. Now this mission will be three days later. Space X’s Dragon Spacecraft was mounted on a Falcon rocket. Inside which are the names of American astronauts – Robert Benken and Douglas Hurley. Both astronauts have already traveled to the International Space Station.

Spacecraft belongs to the company of industrialist Elon Musk

Both these astronauts have been sent from the American company Space-X’s Spacecraft Dragon to the International Space Station. Space-X is the company of American industrialist Elon Musk. It is working with NASA on several space missions for the future.

The Space-X Dragon spacecraft is mounted on the Falcon-9, America’s most trusted rocket. After this the Falcon-9 rocket was to be launched from launch complex 39A. This mission is named Demo-2. In the Demo-1 mission, the Dragon Spacecraft successfully transported goods and research items to the space station.

What will be the benefit to nasa

After 9 years, the US space agency NASA has resumed its commercial crew program. After the success of this mission, America will not have to take recourse to Russia and European countries to send their astronauts into space. That is, by spending crores of billions of rupees, rockets of Russia and European countries will not have to send their astronauts to the space station.

Fly spacecraft to both astronauts mastered

In this mission, Robert Benken will determine the docking of the spacecraft, the attachment to the space station, the separation of undocking, the space station and determine its path. Benken has visited the space station twice before. One in 2008 and the other in 2010. He has done spacewalk three times.

At the same time, Douglas Hurley was made the commander of the Dragon spacecraft. They were given the responsibility of launch, landing and recovery. Douglas has gone to the space station in 2009 and 2011. He was a civil engineer by profession. Later in 2000, he was associated with NASA. Prior to this there were fighter pilots in the US Marine Corps.

What will both astronauts do on ISS

According to a pre-determined schedule, both astronauts will remain at the International Space Station for 110 days. Let us tell you that the Space-X Dragon capsule can spend time in space for 210 days at a time. After that he will have to come back to earth for repairing.

It is possible that both the astronauts return from the dragon spacecraft or someone else is sent back to Earth from the space station in their place.

American space shuttle program closed 9 years ago

On 27 July 2011, NASA closed its most successful space shuttle program. The same day the Space Shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth. 135 flights were made to the space station through the space shuttle program.

In this program that lasted 30 years, more than 300 astronauts were sent to space. Since 2011, the US has been continuously sending its astronauts to the space station via rockets from Russian and European space agencies.

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11 digit mobile number from now on, TRAI recommends, use zero before calling from landline

11 digit mobile numbers

new Delhi. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has made new recommendations, according to which it also includes a ‘Unified Numbering Plan’ for landline and mobile services. According to this recommendation, it will be mandatory to put “0” before calling the mobile number from the landline. Apart from this, it has also been suggested to increase the number of digits in existing mobile phones from 10 to 11. Let me tell you that there is no need to apply zero to make a call from landline to mobile.

If these recommendations of TRAI are implemented, then about 10 billion mobile numbers will be affected. Under this, the number of digits in mobile numbers will be 11 and the number will start with 9 digits. At the same time, it has also been suggested to change the number of mobile numbers distributed for the dongle to 13 digits.

There have also been recommendations for landlines to move fixed line numbers to sub-levels of 2 or 4. Let us tell you that some operators had issued landline connections with numbers starting from 3, 5 and 6, but these numbers are no longer in service.

At the same time, TRAI has blamed the Department of Telecommunication for the short broadband connection in the country. According to the report, TRAI has also filed a complaint with the Department of Telecommunications in the Prime Minister’s Office.

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The complaint states that the Department of Telecommunications is ignoring the recommendation to increase the number of broadband. Explain that the number of Internet users in India has crossed the 50 crore mark, while only two crore people have landline broadband.

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TikTok is now rated 2 stars on Google Play because Indian YouTubers are roasting and frying it

There is a war going on between TikTok users and YouTube watchers in India. For now, the result is that TikTok rating has fallen steeply in the last one week and it is now a 2-star app.

way from the real-world hullaballoo, where people are fighting coronavirus blues and struggling to survive, in the Indian virtual world, there is a sort of mega war going on. On one side are TikTok users, which number millions in India, on the other side is the army of YouTube fans, or rather the fans of some popular YouTubers who are angry and angry is an understatement at TikTok in India. The result is that for now, it is TikTok that is under severe strain, at least in the Google Play store where its rating has fallen from a high of little over 4 stars to 2 stars. And it continues to fall.

TikTok is not a small-time app. It has over a billion downloads. This should indicate just how fiercely it has been attacked by Indians. A rating falls from 4 stars to 2 stars for an app with such a huge install base means that there are probably tens of thousands of users who have rated it 1 star in the last one week or so.

So what is going on? It all started with Amir Siddiqui, a popular TikTok user, and Carry Minati, a popular YouTuber. While the ways of TikTok users and YouTubers are mysterious and don’t always follow the logic that we take for granted in the real-world after all how else do you explain the feuds like T-series vs PewDiePie let’s try to figure out this latest saga involving Indian TikTok and YouTube fans.

— It all started with a spat, carried out on TikTok and YouTube, between Carry Minati and Amir Siddiqui. But before that there was a video by YouTuber Elvish Yadav, who “roasted” TikTok users and called them “garbage” in his video.

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Amir responded. He posted a video on TikTok “roasting” YouTube and accused YouTubers of plagiarising content. Ouch! He stated that the YouTube community isn’t as united as the TikTok community. Amir accused the entire YouTube community of plagiarising content and even dared Carry Minati, a popular YouTuber to roast him.

No wonder, his video was not taken well by YouTubers. Popular YouTuber Carry Minati, who is apparently popular because he too “roasts” well, then posted a video “roasting” TikTok star Amir. He even made fun of Amir’s grammar, or in other words, he didn’t hold back, he punched left, right, center. And to ensure that the message is received well he accused Amir of playing the victim card.

— Minati had posted his video on May 8. Soon it garnered millions of views and millions of likes. His fans claim the video was on its way to become the most-liked non-musical video on YouTube. But then on May 14, his video was deleted by YouTube.

This likely happened because some people apparently fans of Amir — reported it for harassment and cyberbullying. This made YouTubers and Minati’s fans he has many of them given that he is subscribed by close to 17 million people on YouTube very angry. Minati, after his video was deleted, also got support from YouTuber Ashish Chanchalani, Bhuvan Bam, and even actor Himansh Kohli.

— Amir Siddiqui posted a video again, claiming his video was not against the entire YouTube community but against people who belittle others on the platform. He also said how he opposed the idea of cyberbullying and urged Minati to influence his fans against it.

— Minati too posted a reconciliatory video. He even cried a little in it.

— Now tears often enrage people. They show that the suffering is real. They harden the hearts of followers against injustice and they often lead to battle cries, all in the name of defending the honor. That seemed to have happened in this case. It seems YouTube users decided to take revenge. They decided to hit at TikTok. Some even said that no more roasting of TikTok, let’s just fry it.

— It seems thousands of Indians are now rating TikTok one star. Most of them are also using a template for feedback. For example, one reads, “Dear TikTok team. I love this app but I have some problems using the app as I am very active in it but I don’t get more than 100 views and 20 like only on my video. Even posting the problem with the TikTok team in the app. But my problem is not solved” Or a variation of something like this.

— Before TikTok was hit by angry YouTubers, the app had a rating of 4.6 stars. Now it is rated 2 stars.

Info The Buzz Whatsapp

WhatsApp accused of misusing its supremacy for payment service, CCI investigating the case

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been accused of misusing its prime location by offering payment services through its messaging app. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is investigating the matter. The case is based on a complaint filed in mid-March.

What is complaint?

According to a Reuters report, he is accused of using the soon-to-be-launched WhatsApp payment service to misuse the dominance in his digital space. So that he can set his foot in the field of digital payment. According to the report, the complainant in the case is a lawyer, whose identity has not yet been revealed. 

CCI, the officer reviewing the case, may order its investigation branch to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the allegations, or to extrapolate the case if no truth is found in it. The matter is currently in a preliminary stage. Senior members of the CCI are reviewing it.

Payment service may be in trouble

If the commission finds WhatsApp wrong, then WhatsApp may be in trouble over the payment service. The company has made all preparations for the payment service. WhatsApp has about 400 million users in India, more than any other country in the world. 

Testing started in 2018

Facebook instant messaging app WhatsApp can launch its WhatsApp Pay service in India by the end of May. Three private banks, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank have joined hands for the payment service. In 2018, WhatsApp started testing its WhatsApp Pay feature in association with ICICI Bank.

Payment service will be launched in a phased manner

According to the company, WhatsApp’s payment service will offer digital payments based on Unified Payments Interface (UPI), but will be launched in a phased manner. According to an estimate, there are currently over 100 million UPI subscribers in India.

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10.8 billion transactions from UPI in 2019

18,36,000 crore transactions have been done in 2019 through 10.8 billion transactions from UPI, which is 214% higher than the year 2018. In the year 2019, 9 banks are associated with UPI ecosystem. With this, the number of banks providing UPI service has increased to 143 by the end of December 2019.


Spotify Premium gives 3 month trial for free, cuts down annual subscription to Rs 699

Spotify has brought in a range of offers for its users as a cure for the lockdown blues.

potify has brought in a range of offers for its users as a cure for the lockdown blues. The Swedish music streaming company has extended its free premium trial subscription from 1 month to three months. The free one-month offer which is a trial period will now last for three months.

The free three month trial subscription is available until June 30 for individual, student, couple (Duo), and family plans where they can be applied. For Indian users, individual, family and student plans are available.

Spotify has also brought back its annual prepaid plan which comes at Rs 699 for one year. This has been discounted by 51 per cent. Initially, this offer was available at Rs 1189. This plan, too, is available until June 30, Spotify’s website stated.

This means the annual pan will save 51 per cent as compared to the monthly plan which comes at Rs 129 for Premium Subscription. For a day the Premium Subscription comes at Rs 13. Or 7 days, it comes at Rs 39. For a month, it comes for Rs 129. For three months, it comes at Rs 389. For six months, it comes at Rs 719.

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To get the 90-day subscription, users should head to,, or, as required. will show the available annual plans for users.

Spotify is also offering a family plan for 3 months. Under this offer, 6 premium accounts for family members are available for Rs 179 per month for prepaid users.

Users will have the leverage to cancel their subscription anytime. The USP of this plan is that for one account,six members can use the account. Also there are parental controls provided with the plan.

The first time Premium family users can get the subscription for free.

Users can also switch to any plans of their choice from Spotify Premium.

For users in the US, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Mexico and Brazil, Spotify has curated a list of podcast speakers. A report by Variety stated that for the first quarter of 2020, Spotify forecast total Monthly Active Users of 279 million-289 million and Premium subscribers to be between 126 million-131 million.