Sanjay Dutt has third stage advanced lung cancer, Know how serious it is

Bad news for Sanjay Dutt’s fans. Dutt is battling lung cancer. He has advanced stage III cancer. They can go to America for treatment.

Bad news for Sanjay Dutt’s fans. Dutt is battling lung cancer. He has advanced stage III cancer. According to reports, he can go to America for his treatment. However, no statement has come from Sanjay Dutt in this matter and his family can announce about it tomorrow. He was admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai on August 8 after complaining of chest pain and difficulty in breathing. There he had a Kovid-19 test, reports of which came negative. After spending two days in the hospital, Sanjay returned to his home on August 10 after being discharged.

Ever since returning from the hospital, he has declared that he is not well and needs medical treatment. After this, he told a social media post that he is taking a break for some time from work. He wrote in his Instagram post- ‘Friends, I am taking a short break for medical treatment. My friends and family are with me and I want my loved ones not to get upset and not even speculate about them. I will return soon with your love and prayers.

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Dutt has many projects

Talking about the workfront, Sanjay Dutt is quite busy. He will be seen opposite Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapur in the film ‘Sadak 2’ . Apart from this, his film Torbaaz is also going to be released after some time. At the same time, the actor is going to be seen with Yash in KGF Part 2. Recently, the look associated with Sanjay Dutt’s KGF Part 2 has also been released, in which Sanjay’s look was also highly praised. Apart from this, he is also working in a film with Ajay Devgan. Sanjay Dutt’s fans are praying for his well being on social media as soon as this news goes viral.

Bengaluru (Bangalore) Big Story

Bengaluru Violence Live Updates: Amit Malaviya said – Two-minute silence for the concoction ‘Bhim-Mim Ekta’

The nephew of Karnataka MLA Akhanda Srinivasamurthy has been arrested on charges of writing the post. With this, 110 people have been arrested in this case so far. Stay tuned for all the major updates related to this event

BJP spokesperson and head of IT cell Amit Malviya has targeted those who gave the slogan of Muslim-Dalit unity, regarding the Bangalore violence. Amit Malviya tweeted that what is happening in Bengaluru should be kept silent for 2 minutes to concoct the slogan of Bhima-Mim’s unity. Congress MLA Akhand Srinivas Murthy, whose house has been burnt, is a Dalit. The seat from which he is MLA is a reserve seat.

Seeing the growing uproar, the police finally had to fire. Two people lost their lives in this firing. Police have arrested the nephew of the MLA who posted the objectionable. The Amir-e-Shariat of Karnataka has also appealed for peace against this incident of violence. State Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai has said that those involved in the violence will not be spared.9:18 AM IST | 12 AUG 2020

Actually it is alleged that the nephew of MLA Akhand Srinivas Murthy wrote an objectionable post on the social media against Prophet Mohammad. As the news spread, hundreds of people from the Muslim community gathered around his house around 7:30 pm. Angry people threw stones at the MLA’s house. Because of this, the anger did not calm down, then set fire to 2-3 vehicles present there. After this, the angry crowd reached DJ Halli police station and there was fierce commotion and sabotage.9:18 AM IST | 12 AUG 2020

Police arrested one hundred and ten people in the case of huge violence in Bangalore last night. Two people have died in this violence and sixty policemen including one ACP have been injured. Looking at the pictures of violence so far, it seems that violence has been done in a planned manner.

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Bengaluru: Violence erupted after the Facebook post of a nephew of an MLA in Bangalore. The angry mob attacked the MLA’s house and the police station. Two protesters died in police firing. 60 people including an additional commissioner have been injured. At the same time, the nephew of Karnataka MLA Akhand Srinivasamurthy has been arrested for writing the post. With this, 110 people have been arrested in this case so far.

Actually it is alleged that the nephew of MLA Akhand Srinivas Murthy wrote an objectionable post on the social media against Prophet Mohammad. As the news spread, hundreds of people from the Muslim community gathered around his house around 7:30 pm.


Suri Cruise, 14, Rocks Leopard Print PantsWhile Shopping With A Friend In NYC— Pics

Suri Cruise looked stylish and all grown up when she stepped outside with a friend to go to a downtown Manhattan supermarket and returned while lifting a heavy bag.

Suri Cruise, 14, was seen on an outing that didn’t include her mom Katie Holmes, 41, on Aug. 10 and it proved she’s getting older and looking fantastic! The brunette beauty visited a downtown Manhattan supermarket with a friend during the sighting and wore a stylish pair of blue leopard print pants as well as a gray top and blue sandals. She also stayed safe from the COVID-19 pandemic by wearing a face mask and kept her long locks down.

Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise lifting a heavy bag while on an outing in New York City on Aug. 10, 2020. (LRNYC / MEGA)

At one point, she was carrying what appeared to be a heavy green bag after leaving the supermarket as her friend walked beside her and also carried similar bags. She seemed calm and relaxed and looked confident as she continued to walk by many locals in the Big Apple. Although Suri usually goes on outings with her mom, her most recent stop at the store isn’t the first time she’s been seen alone or just with a friend.

On Aug. 1, she stepped outside all on her own to pick up her two dogs from a groomers in NYC and looked equally as awesome. She wore a white short-sleeved crop top with loose blue jeans and sandals. She also wore a blue face mask and carried a cute red purse as her hair was tied back into a ponytail.

Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise walking with a friend during her shopping trip. (LRNYC / MEGA)

Suri, whose father is Tom Cruise, 58, was also spotted without Katie when she went out with some gal pals on July 14. They all enjoyed lunch as the teen wore a long light pink flowy dress that was perfect for summer. She paired it with white sneakers and a hot pink face mask.

Suri’s summer hangouts come after NYC had its residents stay in quarantine for most of the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the city is still being cautious, many people, like Suri, have been going on errands or fun outings while staying protected with their face masks. We hope to see more cute sightings of Suri and her mom soon in the next few weeks of the month!

Entertainment Hollywood

Dwayne Johnson tops Forbes Highest Paid Actors list… as streaming giant Netflix makes up a QUARTER of the group’s combined $545.5million earnings

  • The actor earned $87.5million, $23.5m of which came from Netflix
  • The streaming giant shelled out $140.5million to just six of the top 10
  • Also earning big were Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, and Ben Affleck 
  • Representing Bollywood was Akshay Kumar at number six with $48.5m
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda made his debut at number seven, earning $45.5m 
  • Adam Sandler had the biggest paycheck from Netflix, earning $31million of his $41million yearly take from the platform 

Dwayne Johnson has topped Forbes magazine’s list of Hollywood’s highest paid actors for the second year in a row.

The wrestler-turned-actor bested the competition by taking home $87.5million.

Hefty paychecks from Netflix helped these A-listers earn big, according to Forbes. The streaming giant shelled out a combined $140.5 for six of the actors gracing the top 10.

Netflix checks make up 25% of the $545.5 million made by the group as a whole.

Payday: Netflix checks make up 25% of the $545.5 million made by the group as a whole

The actor formerly known as The Rock’s bottom line got a boost courtesy of a $23.5million payday from Netflix for the upcoming Red Notice. His Under Armour line Project Rock has also been profitable.

Ryan Reynolds hit number two, taking home $71.5million. The charming Canadian received a hearty chunk of change for his Netflix work, making more than $20million each for Six Underground and Red Notice. Netflix announced they were making another Reynolds movie in July, meaning he can only expect another big payday.

Mark Wahlberg took the third spot with $58million. His action comedy Spenser Confidential was a giant hit on Netflix, becoming the third most-watched original film on the platform. Behind the scenes Wahlberg made big bucks as the producer of the docuseries McMillions and Wahl Street. 

Ben Affleck joined at number four, earning $55million. The Oscar-winner returned to the big screen with The Way Back earlier this year. He also appeared in Netflix’s The Last Thing He Wanted. 

Big bucks: Ryan Reynolds hit number two, taking home $71.5million. Over $40million of that came from Netflix. He's seen in May 2019 above

Big bucks: Ryan Reynolds hit number two, taking home $71.5million. Over $40million of that came from Netflix. He’s seen in May 2019 above

Next in line: Mark Wahlberg took the third spot with $58million
Back in action: Ben Affleck earned $55million after a brief hiatus from movies

Next in line: Mark Wahlberg took the third spot with $58million while Ben Affleck followed with $55million

Revving engines: Vin Diesel earned $54million despite his guaranteed blockbuster F9's release being postponed. He's seen in March 2020 above

Revving engines: Vin Diesel earned $54million despite his guaranteed blockbuster F9’s release being postponed. He’s seen in March 2020 above

Vin Diesel is just behind with $54million annually, putting him at number five. Though he’ll have to postpone his massive backend payday for F9 after the film’s release was pushed to April 2021, he cashed in on the franchise as producer on the animated Netflix series Fast & Furious Spy Races.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar made it to number six with $48.5million. While he earned some of that sweet streaming cash from The End for Amazon Prime, a majority of his checks come from his wide range of endorsement deals.

Lin-Manuel Miranda made his list debut at number seven, earning $45.5million. Disney snagged the worldwide movie rights to his Broadway superhit Hamilton for a whopping $75million earlier this year. He’s primed for another big success next year when the adaptation of In The Heights comes out. 

International appeal: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar made it to number six with $48.5million

International appeal: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar made it to number six with $48.5million

Music to my ears: Lin-Manuel made $45.5million, largely from Disney's $75million purchase for the movie rights to Hamilton. He's seen in January 2020 above

Music to my ears: Lin-Manuel made $45.5million, largely from Disney’s $75million purchase for the movie rights to Hamilton. He’s seen in January 2020 above

On the list: Will Smith came in at number eight with $44.5million
Streaming star: Adam Sandler earned $41million, largely from his deal with Netflix

On the list: Will Smith came in at number eight with $44.5million while Adam Sandler earned $41million, largely from his deal with Netflix

Will Smith came in at number eight with $44.5million. While he still commands high fees for acting, he also rakes in money with his social media and digital content, running a new Snapchat series and popular Instagram account.

Adam Sandler ranked nine with $41million. He is a bona fide Netflix darling, earning $31 million  — 75% of what he made all year— as part of his four-film, $250 million deal signed in 2014. He plans on riding that momentum, signing another four-movie deal with the platform in January. And for his critically-acclaimed turn in Uncut Gems, he added $5million to his coffers.

Rounding out the top 10 is international icon Jackie Chan, who earned $40million. He keeps things consistent, releasing on average five films a year. Endorsement and licensing deals help flesh out those numbers.

Veteran: International icon Jackie Chan earned $40million. He's a dedicated worker, still producing about five movies a year. He's seen in Decemebr 2019 in Beijing above

Veteran: International icon Jackie Chan earned $40million. He’s a dedicated worker, still producing about five movies a year. He’s seen in Decemebr 2019 in Beijing above


Five-year-old boy who rode his bike into neighbor’s yard is shot dead at point blank range in front of his two sisters, 8 and 7

North Carolina police charged a neighbor Monday with the murder of a five-year-old boy who was riding his bike in his own yard when he was shot at point blank range. 

Darius Sessoms, 25, was taken into custody by Wilson police around 24 hours after he approached Cannon Hinnant in front of the young boy’s father’s house and shot him in the head. 

Hinnant’s seven-year-old and eight-year-old sisters witnessed the killing, their mother told WRAL.    

The motive for the murder is still unclear but neighbors claim Sessoms had dinner with Hinnant’s father Austin on Friday and had been over at the house earlier that day. 

He lived right next door and the killing is not believed to be random.

A GoFundMe established by a family member claims that the death was motivated by a ‘senseless act’ and that the young boy rode into Sessoms’ yard. 

‘Sunday, August 9, 2020 a sweet soul named Cannon Hinnant was taken from this world over a senseless act,’ it reads. 

‘A beautiful 5 year old baby boy riding his bicycle was shot by his neighbor point blank in Wilson NC. One minute he is enjoying his life, the next it all ends because he rode into his neighbors yard.’ 

Cannon Hinnant, 5, was riding his bike in front of his father's house in Wilson on Sunday when Sessoms approached and shot him in the head. The motive has not been released

Cannon Hinnant, 5, was riding his bike in front of his father’s house in Wilson on Sunday when Sessoms approached and shot him in the head. The motive has not been released

Hinnant was playing in front of his father's house with his seven-year-old and eight-year-old sisters when he was shot in the head at point blank range on Sunday evening. Pictured above, the family home and the children's bikes as police continued the investigation

Hinnant was playing in front of his father’s house with his seven-year-old and eight-year-old sisters when he was shot in the head at point blank range on Sunday evening. Pictured above, the family home and the children’s bikes as police continued the investigation

The young boy was set to start Kindergarten Monday and had just learned to write his name.  

‘He was just a loving kid,’ his mother Bonny, who lives in another part of North Carolina, told the Wilson Times. 

Hinnant’s family said they have known the suspect for years and did not believe he could be capable of murder. 

‘We used to play together and I never thought he’d kill someone. A mother now has to lay her son to rest at 5-years-old which she should never have to do. He’ll never be forgotten,’ Rachel Pipkin, a cousin of Cannon’s mother told CBS. 

Police were called to the scene on Archers Road at around 5.30pm Sunday where Hinnant was found with a gunshot wound. 

Emergency responders tried to save him and he was taken to the Wilson Medical Center but later died. 

Sessoms was immediately identified as the suspect.  

He fled the scene in a black 2019 Toyota Corolla and was later located by authorities in a residence in Goldsboro. 

Police charged him with first degree murder and he is being held with no bond.

According to the Wilson Times, Sessoms was previously convicted of felony larceny of firearms in Wilson County in March 2016, misdemeanor maintaining a place for a controlled substance in Wake County in April 2016 and felony marijuana possession in Nash County in November 2016. 

Goldsboro Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshals Service task force assisted in his arrest.  

‘The Wilson Police Department sends its sincerest condolences and prayers to the family of Cannon during this tragic time,’ a police spokesperson said Monday. 

Neighbor Doris Labrant witnessed the shooting through her window from across the street. 

She told WRAL she saw Sessoms run up to the young boy, put the gun to his head and fire before running back to his own house. 

‘My first reaction was he’s playing with the kids,’ Labrant said. ‘For a second, I thought, “That couldn’t happen”. People don’t run across the street and kill kids.’

On seeing Hinnant’s father’s reaction, however, she realized that the shooting was real and ran to lock herself inside and call 911. 

‘Austin ran out of that house screaming and picked him up. They’ll never get over it,’ she said.

‘You don’t expect to see somebody shoot someone.

‘It’s almost like seeing a movie and then all of a sudden it dawns on you it’s not a movie.’

She added that Sessoms’ parent have lived on the street for about 28 years and that she had not previously heard any altercations between the families.

‘There was no yelling, screaming,’ she claimed.

Neighbors gathered around the scene on Sunday night, shocked that the killing happened in their quiet neighborhood.

‘It’s usually quiet here. You might hear cars kind of loud and stuff like that, but as far as this right here going on, no, you don’t see nothing like this. It’s sad, it hurts and justice needs to be served,’ said neighbor Frank Harvey told CBS.

Speaking the WRAL, the boy’s grandmother said that the family is happy to see Sessoms in custody but are devastated by Cannon’s death. 

They held a tribute Monday afternoon in which they called for an end to violence against children. 

‘Really everybody just wants answers as to why this was done. There will be justice,’ said Allan Wooten, the boy’s uncle. 

The event was attended by the town’s Mayor who also paid tribute to the young boy. 

‘I have a child that’s 5-years-old. My heart broke right then. I went home right then and I took my baby and just hugged her,’ said Carlton Stevens 

If anyone has any information that could help, they are urged to contact Wilson Police at (252) 399-2323 or Crime Stoppers at (252) 243-2255. 

NEWS in Hindi The Buzz

राहत इंदौरी का वो शेर जो NRC-CAA के विरोध का नारा बन गया

Rahat Indori Popular shayari During CAA-NRC Protest: राहत इंदौरी ने CAA-NRC के मुद्दे पर अपनी राय रखते हुए कहा था कि यह देश किसी व्यक्ति विशेष, पार्टी या धर्म की संपत्ति नहीं है. इसे उन्होंने शायरी के जरिए लोगों के बीच रखते हुए कहा था कि ‘सभी का खून है शामिल यहां की मिट्टी में, किसी के बाप का हिंदुस्तान थोड़ी है.’

Rahat Indori Death

‘किसी के बाप का हिंदुस्तान थोड़ी है’, राहत इंदौरी की ये लाइन नागरिकता संशोधन कानून (CAA) और भारतीय नागरिक रजिस्टर (NRC) के विरोध में प्रदर्शकारियों के लिए बुलंद आवाज बनी. CAA-NRC के विरोध प्रदर्शन के दौरान राहत इंदौरी की इस शायरी ने खूब सुर्खियां बटोरी. विरोध कर रहे प्रदर्शनकारियों के हाथों में मशहूर उर्दू शायर राहत इंदौरी के इस शेर के पोस्टर भी देखे गए.

दरअसल, सीएए-एनआरसी के मुद्दे पर राहत इंदौरी ने अपनी राय रखते हुए कहा था कि यह देश किसी व्यक्ति विशेष, पार्टी या धर्म की संपत्ति नहीं है. इसे उन्होंने शायरी के जरिए लोगों के बीच रखते हुए कहा था कि ‘सभी का खून है शामिल यहां की मिट्टी में, किसी के बाप का हिंदुस्तान थोड़ी है.’

‘लगेगी आग तो आएंगे घर कई ज़द में
यहां पे सिर्फ़ हमारा मकान थोड़ी है,
जो आज साहिबे मसनद हैं कल नहीं होंगे
किराएदार हैं, ज़ाती मकान थोड़ी है,
सभी का ख़ून है शामिल यहां की मिट्टी में
किसी के बाप का हिन्दोस्तान थोड़ी है!

CAA-NRC के विरोध प्रदर्शन में मशहूर हुए इस शेर पर राहत इंदौरी ने खुशी जाहिर करते हुए कहा था कि लोग अपनी मांगों को उठाने के लिए इसका इस्तेमाल कर रहे हैं. राहत इंदौरी ने कहा था कि इस शेर का ताल्लुक हर उस भारतीय नागरिक से है जो अपने हिंदुस्तान के लिए कुर्बान होने का जज्बा रखता है. उन्होंने ये भी कहा था कि मैं जहां भी जाता हूं लोग यही शायरी सुनने की फरमाइश करते हैं.

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बता दें कि मशहूर शायर राहत इंदौरी अब इस दुनिया में नहीं रहे हैं. राहत इंदौरी का आज (मंगलवार) दिल का दौरा पड़ने से निधन हो गया. वे 70 वर्ष के थे. कोरोना पॉज़िटिव पाए जाने के बाद वे अस्पताल में भर्ती थे. मंगलवार की सुबह ही उन्होंने ट्वीट करके कोरोना टेस्ट रिपोर्ट पॉजिटिव आने की सूचना दी थी. साथ ही जल्दी ठीक होने की दुआ की अपील भी की थी. राहत इंदौरी ने इंदौर के अरविंदो अस्तपाल में अंतिम सांस ली.


Kangana Vs Kubra Sait endorsed ‘Suspend Team Kangna’, Kangana replied back

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is in the news about her statements. She is demanding justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. Apart from this, Kangana has been continuously targeting many celebs. Meanwhile, on Monday, the hashtag suspended team Kangana started trending suddenly on Twitter. In such a situation, actress Kubra Sait tweeted that she also wants Kangana’s Twitter account to be suspended. In such a situation, Kangana gave a befitting reply to Kubra Sait.

Kubra Sait tweeted and wrote, “Yes, I will support this suspension with full passion. It would be nice if Twitter India would see it. Today is the only day when something positive has been tweeted on this account. It is rare, but enough is enough.

Replying to this tweet of the actress, Kangana’s Twitter team wrote, “Dear Kubra Sait, you and Kangana have spent good moments as friends and colleagues, which can be called positive. What they have done to you is that you are running a campaign against their freedom of expression. What are you having trouble with? Or do you want to make some people happy. ”

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This was followed by another tweet, which read, “Tell your mafia friends that Kangana has been fighting a battle against nepotism, gender discrimination, inequality in fees and racism without Twitter for 5-6 years.” He started tweeting two days ago. He is one of the vocal voices of the country, so what is the rationale of suspended team Kangana.

Bollywood The Buzz

Sushant Singh Rajput’s former assistant claims, actor was dating Kriti Sanon not Rhea, said- I used to call him Didi

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is going to be two months. People are still paying tribute to him on social media. CBI has an actor’s case in hand. The matter is becoming serious. People are demanding justice. People say that it is not a suicide but a planned murder. Sushant Singh Rajput’s experts are sharing some special moments by remembering old things. In the interview with Zoom, Sushant’s former assistant Ankit Acharya has spoken openly on the relationship between actor and Kriti Sanon. 

Ankit considered Sushant like his elder brother. Recalling his last meeting, he said that Sushant was more than a brilliant person. Who was there before Riya Chakraborty in Sushant’s life? On the question of who he was with, Ankit told that before Riya’s arrival, Kriti was Madam. That means I used to speak Kriti Didi. Sushant was not in depression when he was with him at that time. So it was at that time to laugh with them, eat together, talk together. But I don’t know what happened to them after that. Yes, it is true that Kriti was a sister at that time.

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There was no problem in Sushant’s life. Ankita further says that yes, when Kriti was a sister, she had no such problem. Just when my health deteriorated, I used to say that call a doctor. Such as fever, cough, body pain is all normal. So we used to call the doctor. So do not know about Kriti Didi, he did not share, this is the case. 


BLM protesters gather outside Chicago PD in support of looters as organizer claims ‘anything they wanted to take, they can take because these businesses have insurance’

‘Looting is reparations’: BLM protesters gather outside Chicago PD in support of looters who ransacked city Sunday night, as organizer claims ‘anything they wanted to take, they can take because these businesses have insurance’

Black Lives Matter Chicago said early Monday’s looting of stores was a form of ‘reparations’ as the group held a protest Monday night in support of the more than 100 people arrested after an evening of violence. 

Downtown Chicago was otherwise quiet after authorities cut off access, with drawbridges leading into the city pulled up and freeway exits blocked after riots sparked by a false rumor of a child shot by police.

At least 13 police officers were injured as the violence claimed an estimated $65 million in property damage. 

Ariel Atkins, a BLM organizer, called the looting ‘reparations’.

 ‘I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats,’ Atkins said. ‘That makes sure that person has clothes.

‘Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance.’

Drawbridges leading in to Chicago were lifted on Monday evening to prevent a repeat of the violence of Sunday night

Drawbridges leading in to Chicago were lifted on Monday evening to prevent a repeat of the violence of Sunday night

Earlier, Mayor Lori  Lightfoot had warned looters who ransacked the city that they are being sought by police and angrily hit back at questions over whether a failure to prosecute those involved in the looting after George Floyd’s death had created a sense of impunity.  

The man whose actions sparked the unrest, 20-year-old Latrell Allen, was charged with attempted murder of police.

Allen, who had previous arrests for child endangerment, domestic battery and burglary, was confronted by police on Sunday afternoon and fled, turning around and shooting multiple rounds at officers as he fled. He was shot and injured by police, returning fire, and rumor then spread that a child had been killed by officers.

Social media was soon alight with rallying cries for protests and looting. 

On Monday afternoon, SWAT teams were seen patrolling the streets, in a bid to avoid a repeat of the chaos. 

Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx dropped charges against several hundred protesters arrested for looting and other offenses during the George Floyd protests. 

David Brown, Chicago Police Superintendent, said at the Monday press conference that looters could have been behaving ‘as if there are not consequences’ because of ‘what happened previously’.

A reporter, addressing the police chief, said: ‘It almost sounds as though you were saying the reason we have this is the courts and the prosecutors were not doing their job, that they were going too easy on the looters from the last time around. Is that my understanding?’

Brown replied: ‘Don’t take it from me. Just go about what’s been done. I don’t want to do your job for you but go about what’s been done. There were no consequences for the people arrested.’

At this point, Lightfoot stood up and addressed the reporter.

‘Let’s be clear,’ she said. ‘Don’t bait us! OK? Do not bait us. Do not bait us. 

‘This is a serious situation. People are concerned about their safety. Officers are concerned about their safety. So don’t bait us. 

‘What we’re saying is, as a result of what happened last night, there have to be consequences. 

‘We’ve got teams of people that are aggressively out there identifying the people responsible, looking at the plates, and working on bringing them to justice.

‘But when we do, and we do make those arrests, our expectation is that is going to be treated with the level of seriousness that it should be, period.’

She angrily denied that Foxx’s decision, or any other ruling by the Chicago authorities, contributed towards the unrest. 

‘Don’t try to bait us, mischaracterize, pit one against the other,’ she said. 

‘We’re not playing that. We’re in a serious situation here, and we need a serious response. That’s what we’re saying, period.’

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Police Supt. David Brown held a news conference Monday morning, condemning the riots

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Police Supt. David Brown held a news conference Monday morning, condemning the riots

The tense stand-off that lasted several hours on Sunday night and in to Monday morning was described by Deputy Police Chief Yolanda Talley as ‘very hostile’.  

In response to that incident, people on social media organized for a caravan of cars to descend on the city’s downtown shopping district to loot. 

Police found out about the posts and within 15 minutes were downtown – but the violence had begun. 

Cars plowed through storefronts to give the crowds easy access.

Despite there being 400 officers dispatched to the area, the officers struggled to keep up with the crowds. 

One officer was attacked with a bottle, another had his nose broken and a group of different officers were shot at by drive-by assailants while trying to arrest other looters. 

Along the Magnificent Mile, people were seen going in and out of stores carrying shopping bags full of merchandise as well as at a bank, the Chicago Tribune reported, and as the crowd grew vehicles dropped off more people in the area.

One officer was seen slumped against a building, several arrests were made and a rock was thrown at a police vehicle, the newspaper said. 

Police worked early Monday to disperse the crowds.

There was a large police presence Monday morning outside an Apple store located north of Chicago’s downtown area.

Blocks away, debris was strewn in parking lots in front of a Best Buy and a large liquor store.

Train and bus service into downtown was temporarily suspended at the request of public safety officials, the Chicago Transit Authority said on Twitter. 

Bridges over the Chicago River were lifted, preventing travel to and from the downtown area, and Illinois State Police blocked some expressway ramps into downtown. 

On Monday morning, police were still arresting people at a Best Buy which was among the stores that had been ransacked. 

Some of the city’s bridges were raised and tunnels were closed while police tried to regain control of the situation.   

Lightfoot said it was disturbing that the looters targeted small businesses that are still struggling to recover from months of COVID-19 closures. 

‘This was an assault on our city. It undermines public safety and breathes a sense of insecurity among our residents. 

‘It undermines our recovery efforts – these same stores were hit previously, not just by looting but by closures related to COVID-19.

‘They are also small stores and restaurants all of which we’re in the process of recovering and getting back to work, and now this.’  

She said there was ‘no justification’ for the looting, and said it had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter, or George Floyd, or Michael Brown – the Missouri teenager shot dead six years ago Sunday. 

‘I don’t care – I do not care – whatever justification was given for this,’ she said. 

‘There is no justification for criminal behavior ever.

‘You have no right to take and destroy the property of others. 

‘Our residents deserve to be safe. 

‘Our businesses deserve to understand and enjoy safety and security,’ she said. 

She pleaded with prosecutors and the courts to do their part to bring those responsible to justice once they are found and identified.

‘Our police officers deserve to be able to do their job without having to worry about shots being fired, being maced – this is not anywhere near acceptable. 

‘I call upon our state’s attorney and our courts to make sure these individuals are arrested and held accountable. 

‘Put your best people on this. We have made the case – these people need to be held accountable. ‘We can’t continue to allow this to happen,’ she said. 

‘We woke up in shock this morning. These individuals engaged in brazen destruction. 

‘This had nothing to do with legitimate protected First Amendment speech. Regardless what occurred in our downtown was abject criminal behavior, pure and simple. 

‘There cannot be any excuse for it. Period. 

‘This was not legitimate First Amendment speech, not poor people engaged in petty theft to feed themselves and their families… 

‘This was straight up felony criminal conduct,’ she said.   

It was one of a handful of incidents of unrest across America that coincided with the sixth anniversary of Michael Brown’s death


Play these fun whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | Whatsapp games with answers

Fun whatsapp games Texting Games To Play For Couples

You can also get to know a new boyfriend or girlfriend quite well by playing text games. In our busy days, we may not be able to call and say hi, all the time, but a private little text game will keep you smiling through your 9-5 day.

Get ready to have some serious fun. Some texting games are for girls only, if you have a jealous streak. Let the games begin! Never, ever, would I.

Have fun testing each other’s limits. Don’t be too personal or outrageous but stuck to real life, or super- funny scenarios. Never, ever, would I steal office stationery. Nor have you “borrowed” a pen…forever. Never, ever, would I kiss a stranger?

 [amazon box=”B0819H77TB” “small”]     

This game is usually played as a drinking game – where if you have, done the deed you drink a shot. Swap this for an emoticon answer and keep it real. A thumbs up or down will also work. Texting games to play with a girl will bond you in a fun, flirty way.

If you’re playing in your downtime after hours, you could include alcohol but because there’s just two of you paying it would be better to swap out shots, for sips of a cocktail or beer.

Getting smashed is not the idea here – just to have fun and get to know each other a little more. It’s a spark for future conversations too. It’s parable best to nix the beverages unless you’re ready to spend the next day recovering from a major hangover.

Never, ever, would I drink too much on a work night. Text games can keep you connected throughout your working day. A little buzz – that you’re thinking of each other – and fun to be a bit silly too.

Kiss, Marry, Kill | whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare

Kiss, Marry, Kill

This one is a classic that your girlfriend or boyfriend will love playing with you. Tease each other and see which celebs, actors, musicians, sports star of just about anyone your partner would – kiss, kill or marry!

How about Britney Spears? Barrack O’ Bama? Tom Hanks? Kim Kardashian? Beware – adding real people that you both know is asking for trouble.

Yes, you suspect your girlfriend has a secret little crush on your brother but adding his name to the mix will only make her feel embarrassed! Get creative with your names and have fun!

Remember this is all fun – just because your boyfriend dreams of kissing or marrying Drew Barrymore doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. It’s make-believe and pretend.

If you’re a little insecure, and not quite confident enough to entertain the idea of your love interest with other people, it’s a better idea to skip it – as it is an ideal texting games to play with only with girls.

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Keep yourselves amused by adding another category if you want to – blackmail, send a plague too, curse persistent insomnia, serenade in the moonlight. It’s up to you. Keep it flirty and fun and you’ll both get a kick out of your answers.

20 Questions – whatsapp games

A classic text game for the couple that enjoys guessing games. All you need to do is think of an object, for example, carrots. Then your girlfriend or boyfriend has 20 questions they can ask to whittle down the field.

Animal, mineral or vegetable is always a good one to narrow the options. If you would like to up the stakes, you can still use the game to choose who pays for a date, or who gets to pick the movie on your date.

If you’re both competitive, you can keep a total running score, and offer a prize to the weekly winner too. The prize, or not, you can have fun to play knowledge detective.

This game will suit people with a bit more patience. If your girlfriend or boyfriend gets bored quickly, then this may be too much like hard work. Keep it real, and stretch your brain with this clue game. It’s up to you if you give a hint or not.

It’s all about having fun, so start easy and work towards more unique objects. Chose flirty forfeits if your love interest loses – kisses and hugs, ice- cream in the park. So, it’s a win-win!

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Funny Picture Challenge – whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare

This unique text game will refine your Google research skills as you can try to outdo each other in finding absurdly hilarious images. The idea here is that one person proposes an outrageous theme or title, and the other person sees a matching picture.

Think ice skating puppy or a man dressed as an ice- cream, go crazy – zebras doing a line dance, people in a bizarre hat. Your imagination is your only limit. Think out of the box with this one and get ready to chuckle all day long.

If you both love celebrities you can challenge each other to find amusing pics of your favorite actors, musicians or artists captured doing funny things. Even ordinary things will seem amusing versus red carpet poses example, Kim Kardashian, shopping for toilet paper.

Pictures are quick and easy to send and will brighten your day. Turn up the fun instantly by taking exciting picture challenges. For example, an eskimo on a surfboard, a roller skating panda.

Guess the Lyric/Line – play these whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

Guess the Lyric/Line

You both need to be film buffs or music lovers for this one to work. You will need to quote a line from a film or lyrics from a song. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will then need to guess the movie title, actor or song, and musician.

Keep track of points or play for fun. If you’re both big fans it will be fun, if not it will be torture for your crush to Google everything, and feel like hard work.

It’s a cool trivia text game, but you both need expert knowledge and are familiar with the same films and artists for this one to be enjoyed.

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You can make it a little easier too if you like. Finish the title, finish the lyrics or name the actor. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is battling to answer, then it’s probably best to go for super well-known classics. It’s better to play fair than win. It’s all about fun, not an IQ test.

If you’re both experts, you can up the ante and include more obscure facts like awards, random trivia, and personal biographic info. You’ll both enjoy the challenge of testing your super fan status.

Texting games to play with your boyfriend will keep him distracted all day long – in a right way.

Name Trivia Challenge

You will need to select a category first, to play this game. It’s sometimes a drinking game at parties and if you can’t answer there is a forfeit. For couples, you could play with a prize in mind and use a scoring system.

Subtract from 10, for example, to perform using points. Categories can be anything you like, for example, country names, celebrities, American states, televisions shows, film titles.

The idea here is to add another name, using the last letter of the name used an example, celebrities: Jennifer Anniston, Norma Jean Baker, Renee, and Zellweger.

When you play in a group you can use a double letter name to reverse the order; when playing as a couple, this rule need not apply – you will revert the turn to yourself.

Truth or Dare

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

You can have endless fun playing this text game with your girlfriend or boyfriend. For the dares, you will need photographic evidence that they have been completed. Be sensible and don’t get over personal or cross the line with your truth questions!

Keep it friendly and flirty, or it could lead to trouble.

Honesty is required and a willing spirit. If your partner is not the adventurous type, it may be a little too much, too soon. Use your judgment to decide if you’re both ready to play this revealing game.

You could ask anything at all but don’t go crazy. Example, have you ever gone skinny dipping? Have you ever accidentally shoplifted something? All good – have you ever cheated on your girlfriend?

Would you rather ….

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

Would you rather ….

This one will keep you thinking up fun scenarios and clue you up to your love interests likes and dislikes in a funny texting game. Conjure up dilemmas that will keep their interest piqued – which one is worse?

Which option would your boyfriend or girlfriend pick? You can choose safer alternatives or risk!
You’ll have the most fun with double- dilemmas. So, there should be two things to choose from in each scenario.

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These are as follows:

  • Would you rather be a world-famous stunning model with a super low IQ or a genius scientist who is not attractive at all?
  • Would you instead have a big nose and small but or small nose and big bottom? You will soon get the hang of it!

Would you instead work for a horrible boss for an excellent salary, or, a great boss for an average paycheck? Live on tropical island amity a great job and be wheat intolerant or live in the suburbs, with an average job, allergy free?

Would you rather live weak as a person with unquestionable morals or live rich with questionable ones? Would you rather be overweight and happy or have the body of your dreams and have IBS?

Be your Muses – whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

This one if for the creative couple who enjoy books, co-write your own stories. Decide what the word limit will be and keep the plot moving. Can you finish each other’s sentences? Put your creative powers together and have fun with this text writing game.

It will twist and turn, keeping you both ready to add the next line. Example: Rose felt happier than ever because she’d won the lottery. She quit her job.

It’s up to you – sentences, paragraphs, but when you’re texting you need to keep it a little shorter. It’s not a novel that you’re writing (Although that may be fun too). You’re having fun with words and letting your imagination free.

You can keep the story going for as long as you’d like to. Who knows? Your texting story game could lead to the outline of the best-selling novel, or just keep you amused.

Don’t overthink you’re writing either; nobody is checking your grammar – it’s all about fun texting your boyfriend or girlfriend and being creative.

If you’re a little more serious in your relationship, you could try your erotic fiction or love fantasy story. If you’ve just started dating this is probably not a good idea. Ditto if you have a jealous nature.

You don’t want to confuse fiction with reality and feel like you don’t live up to some fictional character.

[amazon box=”B07H97FRX5″ “small”]  

Q n A

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

This is a personal trivia game where you can ask each other question and get to know each other a little more. This texting games to play with a girl can be really funny and exciting.

Steer away from interview style rambling questions that are too probing. What you’re aiming for our light and fun. These are

Examples of such Q n A are as follows:

  1. Early bird or Night owl?
  2. Beach vacation or mountain escape?
  3. Teenage crush? First pets name?
  4. Bath or shower?
  5. Midnight cookie jar or potato chips?

Don’t ask leading questions but simple ones, if you like, you can make matters a little more detailed. For example, top three pizza toppings? But don’t go for essay answers, it’s just a game. A little tease and wink hello, I’m thinking of you and want to know you more.

Have fun getting to know some of the more random personal details of your boyfriend or girlfriend with this QuickDraw Q n A style texting game.

Don’t overthink your questions or answers. Keep it light and breezy, and bit too personal. It’ll keep you amused all day long. Are you ready to play?

30 Fun Whatsapp Games to Play Over Text That’ll Keep You Connected During Quarantine 

Texting games can be a fun way to keep up with friends during the coronavirus  quarantine or a great way to spice up an ongoing conversation. From fun games to play over text with friends to love games to play over text with your boyfriend, the best texting games will keep you entertained for days.

Whether you want a nice dose of nostalgic, fun texting games to pass the time during quarantine or you’re looking for some cute emoji games to play over text with your girls, here are 30 of the most fun texting games for girls and guys alike.

You can play these fun texting games on your phone with anyone—from friends to your girls to your boyfriend to your extended family. So grab your phone and get a fun texting game started!

30 Whatsapp Games to Play Over Text

1. 20 Questions – whatsapp games | whatsapp games with answers

To play the 20 questions texting game, one player must pick something from their imagination; it could be an object, place, or even an obscure celebrity. Then your friend will try to guess the object you chose in 20 “Yes or No” Questions or less.

2. Emoji Translation

If you and your friend both have an emoji keyboard, give this texting game a try! The rules of the game are simple: You send an emoji (or a string of them), and your friend tries to interpret what it means.

3. Friendship Tag –

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

This texting game is a great way to discover how well you and your pals know each other! Simply, ask your friend or loved one questions about yourself or your relationship together to see how well your friend knows you.

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4. Trivia

The great thing is about trivia is that it can be played anywhere—including your phone! To start, have you and your friend pick a category familiar to you. Then, ask each other different questions from that chosen category. Each correct answer scores a point and the first person to earn 10 points, wins!

5. Kiss, Marry, Kill

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

Take a modern twist on this classic and fun school game. To play the Kiss, Marry, Kill, you will select three people (they can be anyone from mutual friends to A-List celebrities) and your friend has to choose which one to kiss, which one to marry, and which one to kill.

6. Would You Rather?

“Would You Rather” is a fun texting game, and it’s also known as “either-or” and “this or that.” The Would You Rather game requires you and your friend to pick one of two difficult choices.

7. Most Likely To

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare

This texting game can be played with one or even a big group chat. Ask a most likely to question. If you’re playing with a group, everyone will mention the person the question fits. If only two people are playing, both will choose the person who most likely the question fits.

8. Never Have I Ever

This texting game can also be played during a video call and is a great way to get to know people or learn more about your friends. This game is usually played with alcohol but you can always play with a different form of punishment like point deduction, post an embarrassing photo to social media– it’s up to you! The rules to the game are as follows: 1) A deed beginning with “Never have I” is read.

2) If you have done the deed, you take a sip from your drink or the set punishment. 3) No lies!

[amazon box=”B07H97FRX5″ “small”]  

9. Guess the Riddle

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

Riddles are always fun and brain-teasing. The rules for this texting game are simple. Ask your friend a riddle. Set the number of tries they have to get the correct answer. Pro Tip: Don’t pick overcomplicated riddles as it makes it hard to solve and can suck the fun out of the game.

10. Name Game

This texting game is one of the most spectacular ways to waste time. You and your friends choose a topic, such as celebrities or zoo animals. The first player will say a word in the chosen category. The second player then says a word or a name that begins with the last letter of the first player’s word.

11. Word Unscramble – whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

This texting game is the closest to Scrabble! You pick a word, and then your friend has to come up with other words that could be formed using the letters from the selected word.

12. Story Time

Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

In this texting game, you and your friend will make up a story – one sentence at a time. One person starts the story with a line. The other player adds to the story with another line. This game can go on for as long as the players want or when the story comes to a logical stopping point.

13. Unpopular Opinions

In this fun game, you and your friends will take turns sharing your unpopular opinion on various topics like restaurants or hit movies and commenting on each other’s opinions.

14. Take a Trip

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

Start this texting game by writing “I am going to ____ and I am taking ____.” Both you and your friends have to finish this sentence by filling the blanks with words starting with the letter A and working through the alphabet until you get to the letter “Z”.

[amazon box=”B084VM3BHV” “small”]      

15. Gun to Your Head

In this fun texting game, you ask your friends what they would do if a gun were pointed to their head. For example: “Gun to your head, which celebrity event would you sneak into?” The rules are you cannot attack your attacker and you have to answer the question.

16. Name that Tune

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

The rules of this texting game are easy. You simply text a lyric to your friends and whoever correctly names the song first is the winner. If no one gets it from the line you send out, you can keep sending them lyrics until they guess it or admit defeat.

17. Questions Only

This texting game is a great way to pass time with friends. All the participants can only ask each other questions—nothing else! When asked a question, you can only reply with another question and you cannot repeat a question that’s already been asked. If someone takes too long to answer, they are out.

18. Abbreviations

whatsapp games e | whatsapp games with answers

To play this game, all you have to pick a category, mention an abbreviation or acronym in that category and your friend has to tell you the correct meaning of the abbreviation. The person with the highest number of correct answers wins the game.

[amazon box=”B07SDFC9QT” “small”]

19. WWYD?

Calling all the creative storytellers out there! WWYD is a fun texting game full of situations and questions. Come up with a hypothetical scenario and pose it to your friend. Ask them what they would do to escape the situation or how they would adapt.

20. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

This texting game is great for movie buffs. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a trivia game based on the “Six Degrees of Separation” concept which says that any two people on the planet can be linked with a maximum of six steps. To begin, present Kevin Bacon and another actor or actress to your friends. Watch them try to link the two together by linking their movie roles in as few rounds as possible.

21. Tell the Truth

Set a punishment for any player who declines to answer  (some examples are sending everyone $5 over Venmo, posting an embarrassing picture on Instagram, sliding into a celebrity’s DMs). Then, pick a person to go first and ask that person a personal question and that person has to answer or face the punishment (if you play over Snapchat or FaceTime, you can do dares!).

22. Make It Rhyme

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare

To begin, one person enters a word or phrase to which the second person must respond with a word or phrase that rhymes with the previous text. You will go back and forth until one of you can no longer come up with a rhyming response.

23. Finish My Sentence

This texting game is best played with close friends and romantic partners. One person will start a sentence and the other will complete it. The sentences can be cool, funny, and even a little dirty.

24. Hangman

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

It’s hard to picture playing Hangman without the stick figure dangling in the wind but it’s possible! Text your friend a series of underscores representing the number of letters in the word you’ve chosen. Your friend will respond with a letter they believe might be in the word. If the guess is correct, send your friend the underscores again, this time filling the correctly guessed letter. If they are wrong, you can reply with the number of guesses that remain (in a typical game of hangman, they’re 6!).

25. Ghost

The goal of this texting game is to add letters to a growing word without actually completing it. You can set rules like the word must have a certain length or the category in which the word may fall but you must have an actual word in mind. Each player adds a letter, one after the other, and the person who completes the word receives a “G”. The game continues until one friend gets all the letters in the word “ghost.” This is similar to the game Horse!

26. Where’s Your Location?

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

To begin this texting game, examine your surroundings, and notice that make it unique (like a coffee table, a chalkboard, or an espresso machine). Your friend guesses where you might be, using your hints as stuff to go off of. You can be as vague or specific as you like. This game is like iSpy except you’re describing a location instead of an object.

27. Text Strip Questions Game

If you’re looking to get a little flirty with your latest Tinder match, then this texting game is for you. You and your boo will ask each other trivia questions and anyone who gets the answers wrong has to remove a piece of their clothing.

28. The Laughing Game

whatsapp games | Whatsapp games dare | whatsapp games with answers

This texting game has a fun twist: the person answering the question may only respond with pre-selected answers! At the beginning of the game, you and your friends will choose words that will act as answers (like bees, flowers, owls, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg). Next, you will ask each other questions and the answers can only be the words that have been chosen.

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29. Lightning Fast

This texting game is a great way to see into someone’s inner psyche. You will send your friend a word and they must reply with the first thing that pops in their mind when they read that word– easy peasy and oh so much fun!

30. Fantasy Team

Have you ever wondered who you want on your team during a zombie outbreak? Or your own personal boy band? In this texting game, you and your friend will take turns building your own personal team ready for action. Simply, decide on a task or a scenario and set the number of people per team. Take turns recruiting people until you reach the number you decided upon (make sure there are no repeats). The person with the strongest team wins!