Man carried out of Arizona supermarket by son following anti-mask meltdown

The man’s expletive-filled tirade was caught on film

Like father, but not like son.

Video footage has gone viral of a man having an anti-mask meltdown in an Arizona grocery store and being carried out by a young man identified as his son.

In a quick clip that’s been viewed over 5.6 million times since hitting Twitter on Monday, the unnamed shopper exploded into an expletive-laced rant inside a supermarket that The New York Post identified as a Sprouts Farmers Market in Tucson.

‘These people won’t learn! You’re a bunch of idiots wearing masks, you know it’s not real!” the disgruntled customer said, apparently arguing with someone off-screen near a bakery case. “Look at you fools. You got a f—ing doily on your face!”

As he ranted, two younger men tried to guide him away from the scene.

“Dad,” one said, trying to reason with the angry man.

At one point, a young man identified as the disgruntled customer's son hoisted him up and carried him outside the store.

At one point, a young man identified as the disgruntled customer’s son hoisted him up and carried him outside the store. (Jam Press)

Another customer in a surgical mask then approached and ordered the screaming shopper with the offensive language to “shut up.” The younger man identified as the son stepped between them and pushed his father back, away from a mask-wearing man he appeared to be charging at.

“Dad, come on, dad!” the two young men yelled.

“Come outside! Come outside and show me how tough you are!” the dad hollered at the other customer.

The unnamed shopper exploded into an expletive-laced rant, reportedly inside a Sprouts Farmers Market in Tucson, Ariz.

The unnamed shopper exploded into an expletive-laced rant, reportedly inside a Sprouts Farmers Market in Tucson, Ariz. (iStock)

Hugging his arms around the man identified as his father, the young man in the gray T-shirt quickly walked his dad out of the store, at one point hoisting him up and carrying him outside as he continued yelling.

The father, meanwhile, was clearly in violation of not only the store’s policy, but also the policy of the surrounding county: In a public health mandate effective July 15, all persons over age 5 are required to wear a face mask in public in Pima County, if a 6-foot space for social distancing cannot be maintained.


Kim Zolciak Claps Back At Trolls Accusing Her Of Getting Plastic Surgery During Quarantine

Kim Zolciak did not mince words when it came to responding to haters on her Instagram story who said she ‘altered’ her face while in quarantine! See the ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ star’s full response!

Word to the wise: do NOT come for Kim Zolciak! The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 42, took to her Instagram story on August 11 and doled out some harsh words for trolls who accused her of getting plastic surgery while she is in quarantine. “If you b**ches could only behave for, I don’t know, a week on my Instagram,” Kim began her video response, clearly in the comfort of her home rocking a makeup free face with her glasses on.

“Listen, I live a f**king dream — great husband, healthy amazing kids, I’m healthy, three successful companies my own TV show; I don’t really give a f**k if you think that my face looks altered, because I want to know who’s getting a f**king altered face during quarantine, sweetie,” she continued. “I want to know who’s getting a f**king altered face when they’re on blood thinner.”

But Kim’s response didn’t end there. “Please tell me a plastic surgeon that’s gonna to touch my face, please,” she said directly to her camera. “If you find one, let me f**king know. Anyway bitter b**ches, listen, find Jesus, find some f**king positivity in your life stop being f**king nasty because some of you are f**king ugly.”

kim zolciak
Kim Zolciak seen out and about. She took to her Instagram story on August 11 to clap back at trolls who accused her of ‘altering’ her face during quarantine [SplashNews].

After she shared those scathing words, Kim went on to observe, “it is often the ugly ones that are ‘Christ lovers’ that comment nasty sh*t on my page. Just wanted to share that food for thought.” Yikes! While this recent clap back was really something to witness, Kim is no stranger to defending herself on social media.

In fact, after sharing a sultry swimsuit snap capturing her backside on June 3, Kim went to her comment section to address one follower who said, “Kim sweetie the photoshopping is out of control.” Kim, naturally, was ready to fight back, and simply responded with, “hey sweetie watch my story to calm your nerves.” Kim has been forthcoming about her health and body over the years, but clearly, she is always more than ready to take on those who cross the line!

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Kangana Ranaut calls Mahesh bhatt “Pakistani Pimp” over Sadak 2 trailer

The trailer of the film ‘Sadak 2’ has received a lot of mixed response from the audience. Alia Bhatt has spoken a dialogue in the trailer of this film, which is not liked by many people. Kangana Ranaut has called Mahesh Bhatt a Pakistani broker, targeting this dialogue. Actually, Alia Bhatt is looking at a photo of a tantric in a scene. She says that I have lost myself because of these gurus. Alia has started trolling on social media somewhere. This dialogue of Alia has hurt many people. 

On this, a film Critic wrote that in a scene in the trailer, Alia Bhatt was seen speaking the dialogue that I have lost myself due to these gurus, for one time, remove the word guru from this dialogue and replace it with Moulvi or Pastor. Do. Mr. Bhatt you can do it. No discussion. You just have to replace the word and relaunch the trailer. I am not asking for anything more from you. Mahesh Bhatt Sahab, Road 2 trailer launch. 

[amazon box=”B07H97FRX5″ “small”]  

Kangana Ranaut retorts on this and writes that you have recognized very well. Can they replace Guru with Molvi? And Kailash scandal from Mecca scandal? Does sage lynching have anything to do with these prejudices? Why are Pakistani brokers hurting religious Bhawans and spreading hatred? KR, ROAD 2, ROAD 2 TRAILER.

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Ghislaine Maxwell is seen cavorting with fugitive rape suspect Jean-Luc Brunel – who ‘gave Jeffrey Epstein three 12-year-old triplets to abuse as a birthday present’ – in newly uncovered photos taken on ‘pedophile island’

  • Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel are seen in newly surfaced photos on Little St James in 2003 
  • Pair can be seen laughing, play-fighting and relaxing in the Caribbean sunshine in the candid snaps
  • Maxwell and Jean-Luc were described as Epstein’s closest friends, and have been accused of recruiting girls into his sex ring and participating in the abuse 
  • Maxwell is currently in jail in Brooklyn, New York, awaiting trial, while Brunel has fled into hiding 

Laughing and play-fighting in the early-evening sun – these photos could easily be mistaken for holiday snaps of a pair of close friends, perhaps even a couple. 

But their sunny exterior hides a darker truth. What they actually show are Jeffrey Epstein’s two closest confidantes relaxing on his private Caribbean island – otherwise known as ‘pedophile island’.  

It was here that Epstein is believed to have abused scores of young women, allegedly with Maxwell and Brunel by his side, and participating in the abuse.

The photos were taken by an island visitor in 2003, at a time when Epstein was at the height of his financial powers and had not yet been publicly accused of sex abuse. 

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel laugh and play-fight in newly-uncovered photos taken on 'pedophile island'

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel laugh and play-fight in newly-uncovered photos taken on ‘pedophile island’

He then appears to whisper something in her ear

Brunel, despite already facing a slew of sex assault allegations, was the head of prestigious modelling agency MC2, and Maxwell was enjoying the high-life as the financier’s ‘best friend’ and ‘aggressive assistant’.

It has been alleged in court documents that Brunel once had three 12-year-old girls flown in from France for Epstein to abuse as a sadistic birthday present. 

Epstein is now dead, found unconscious in his Manhattan jail cell last year at the age of 66 while awaiting trial for sex crimes in what was ruled a suicide.

Maxwell, 58, is in jail in Brooklyn, accused of procuring young girls for Epstein to abuse. She is under constant surveillance in case she tries to harm herself before the case can come to trial.

Jean-Luc, 74, is believed to be hiding somewhere in South America, having vanished shortly after Epstein died.

But there is no hint of their fates in the photographs, which show Maxwell eating dinner from a platter while Jean-Luc smokes a cigarette nearby.

A person who witnessed the photos being taken told The Sun: ‘Ghislaine and Jean-Luc were very close friends.

‘On this occasion, she had just returned from the gym and was eating when Jean-Luc suddenly grabbed her.

‘I used to call Ghislaine the Wicked Witch of the West. She’s a bad, bad lady.’

According to newly-unsealed court documents in Maxwell’s trial, the island was the scene of orgies with young girls who were flown in to take part in the parties.

Virginia Roberts, Epstein’s main accuser, told lawyers that many young girls – too many to count – participated in sex sessions with both Maxwell and Epstein all over the island.

She also alleges that high-profile visitors, including Bill Clinton, came to the island, where he spent time with ‘two young girls from New York’.

Clinton, who by the time of his alleged visit had left his post as president, denies ever being there.

Meanwhile Jean-Luc, who faces allegations of sex assault separate to Epstein that date back until 1988, was once described as Epstein’s closest male friend.

Epstein bankrolled Jean-Luc’s modelling agency, and in return the scout allegedly supplied him with a string of young women to abuse.

Jean-Luc, who is also facing an investigation in France, strongly denied the claims before vanishing last year, shortly after Epstein died.

According to La Parisien he has since be traced to South America, though it is unclear exactly where he is hiding

Maxwell is facing up to 35 years in jail if she is found guilty of sex crimes charges and perjury, for allegedly lying under oath in depositions she gave to a previous case.

She has pleaded not guilty, and her trial is set to take place next year.

In the meantime she is being held in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, described as one of America’s most-troubled prisons by a former warden.

Maxwell, daughter of disgraced press baron Robert Maxwell, was being kept on suicide watch for a time but has now been taken off it.

However, her lawyers say she is being kept under constant surveillance and is woken every few hours during the night to make sure she doesn’t harm herself.

Her lawyers have requested that the searches and surveillance be stopped, and that she be be taken out of solitary confinement and placed in with other prisoners.

Her legal team say she is only being subjected to the ‘onerous’ conditions because of what happened to Epstein, and not because of any genuine risk she poses.

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Sumner Redstone, former chairman of CBS and Viacom, dies at 97

He bested business rivals throughout his long career as he engineered deals for Viacom, Paramount and CBS and displayed an unwavering passion to win.

Sumner Redstone, the businessman and media magnate who formerly served as executive chairman of CBS and Viacom, has died. He was 97.

Redstone, who often boasted that would live forever, died Tuesday, according to a statement from National Amusements released Wednesday morning. 

Redstone was a media mogul who built his family’s drive-in theater chain into a global multibillion-dollar empire. 

Sumner Redstone, the hard-charging mogul who parlayed his father’s New England drive-in theater business into a media empire that now flows into virtually every avenue of entertainment, has died. He was 97. 

Redstone was the controlling shareholder of the recently merged ViacomCBS, and previously CBS Corp. and Viacom, who made famous the mantra “content is king.”

His daughter and ViacomCBS chair Shari Redstone  said: “My father led an extraordinary life that not only shaped entertainment as we know it today, but created an incredible family legacy. Through it all, we shared a great love for one another and he was a wonderful father, grandfather and great-grandfather. I am so proud to be his daughter and I will miss him always.”

National Amusements, through which the Redstones control ViacomCBS, said in a statement that he died on Tuesday. It is understood that he was at his 15,300-square-foot Beverly Park mansion. A cause of death was not provided, but sources said it was not related to COVID-19.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sumner M. Redstone, the self-made businessman, philanthropist and World War II veteran who built one of the largest collections of media assets in the world,” National Amusements said. “Sumner played a critical role in shaping the landscape of the modern media and entertainment industry. At National Amusements, he transformed a regional theater chain into a world leader in the motion picture exhibition industry. Sumner was also a keen investor who took stakes in a variety of companies, including Viacom Inc. and CBS Corporation – today merged as ViacomCBS – which he built into prominent, international and industry-leading conglomerates in the media industry.”

The statement added: “Sumner was a man of unrivaled passion and perseverance, who devoted his life to his belief in the power of content. With his passing, the media industry he loved so dearly loses one of its great champions. Sumner, a loving father, grandfather and great-grandfather, will be greatly missed by his family who take comfort knowing that his legacy will live on for generations to come.”

Until recently the executive chairman of both companies, Redstone had been in declining health for some time amid questions whether he was mentally capable of running his businesses.

A Harvard-trained lawyer who worked as a Japanese code-breaker during World War II and survived a near-fatal hotel fire in 1979, the single-minded Redstone was both respected and reviled for his acrimonious, litigious battles that won him Viacom in 1987 and then Paramount in 1994. He filed suit in the 1950s to break the Hollywood studios’ grip on theatrical distribution and went to court decades later to thwart a cable TV monopoly.

Like William Randolph Hearst before him, Redstone ruled like a king, his companies and employees subject to his whims. In 2006, he famously fired Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise after the actor jumped on Oprah Winfrey’s couch during an interview. “His behavior was terrible,” Redstone said while also acknowledging that Cruise was “getting paid $10 million, on the lot, for doing nothing.”

Six years later, he reconciled with Cruise and said he and the star were “best friends.” 

Redstone’s net worth was recently estimated by Forbes at $4.3 billion. He and his family, through its holding company, National Amusements Inc., controlled about 80 percent of the voting shares of Viacom and CBS, which announced in August that they were reuniting. He owned 80 percent of National Amusements shares; his daughter, Shari, the vice chairman of Viacom and CBS, held the rest.

Redstone did not go quietly. In August 2016, he and Shari orchestrated the removal of Philippe Dauman as Viacom CEO, ending a long and bitter legal fight. 

Months earlier, Redstone’s longtime girlfriends, Sydney Holland and Manuela Herzer, were banished from living in his home (Holland was said to be involved with another man). Herzer then filed a lawsuit claiming Redstone was not mentally competent when she was removed from making medical decisions on his behalf.

But after Redstone had testified on video, a Los Angeles judge concluded that the mogul was in command of his faculties and dismissed the suit. He then sued Holland and Herzer in October to reclaim $150 million in gifts he had given them. A settlement with Herzer was announced in January 2019.

Sumner Murray Rothstein was born on May 27, 1923, and raised in a lower-class section of Boston, where his father worked as a linoleum salesman. Redstone said he grew up in poverty, writing in his 2001 autobiography, A Passion to Win, that his apartment had no toilet. “We had to walk down the corridor to use the pull-chain commode in the water closet we shared with the neighbors. That sort of living was all I knew, and I never felt less privileged than anyone else.”

The tenement areas in which he grew up, though, were full of striving, achieving immigrants, including his father, Michael “Mickey” Rothstein, a keen businessman who bought a used truck and turned it into a profitable “carting” business. His acumen attracted the interest of bookie Harry “Doc” Sagansky, whose betting syndicate rivaled Meyer Lansky’s. With hundreds of thousands of dollars from Sagansky pouring in, Rothstein began acquiring nightclubs and theaters and opened his first drive-in theater on New York’s Long Island in 1934.

As his business thrived, Rothstein changed the family name to Redstone, in part to avoid the anti-Semitism in certain Boston business circles and also to negate any conjecture that he was associated with New York mobster Arnold Rothstein, who allegedly conspired to fix the 1919 World Series.

“Redstone sounded so solidly American, so ecumenical, so Christian. I thought my father was trying to walk away from our being Jewish,” Redstone wrote in his autobiography. “It troubled me a lot.”

Redstone studied at the prestigious Boston Latin School where, he later wrote, “I was first exposed to the idea that thinking, educated and disciplined people have the power within themselves to create a new and better world.”

Afterward, he attended Harvard, where he was tapped by professor Edwin Reischauer to be among a select group of students charged with cracking Japan’s military codes, learning the culture and language largely through watching Japanese movies. Following the war, he attended Harvard Law School, making money by playing piano in his own dance band and using his veteran status to purchase army surplus goods at a discount and sell them for a profit to Boston-area stores.

After law school, Redstone was selected for a clerkship at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco under Judge William Orr, where one of his most memorable assignments involved the denial of citizenship to a Jewish teacher because he was accused of being a communist at the beginning of McCarthyism. Redstone argued in favor of citizenship, but Orr overruled him.

Redstone next worked as a special assistant to U.S. attorney general Thomas C. Clark, mostly handling tax-litigation cases. While with the Justice Department, he helped overturn the decision years earlier against the Jewish teacher.

Six years removed from law school, Redstone was making $100,000 a year running his own firm, though disillusioned that practicing law had become “just a business.” So, in 1954, Redstone went to work for his father’s burgeoning movie exhibition business at a salary of $5,000 a year. He traveled New England acquiring properties for the growing chain, which came to be known as National Amusements.

“Forget real estate agents,” he wrote. “I would get in a car and drive around looking for good potential sites. I always carried a pro forma contract in my jacket pocket.”

While driving the back roads, Redstone developed an insight into the theater business, coming to the conclusion that “content is king.” It was the quality of the movie the chain was showing, not its location or its frills, that dictated the money it would make. 

He grew the business exponentially after applying for a $10 million loan and, after impressing bank executives, he received a $50 million line of credit instead.

“I was on the phone with the movie studios’ general managers, trying to get the best movies at the best prices,” he recalled. “Barry Reardon at Warner Bros., Frank Mancuso, then the branch manager in Buffalo for Paramount, Jimmy Spitz at Columbia — these were the important people in my life.

National Amusements was a smaller exhibitor, though, and, in deference to the larger players, studios routinely refused to supply it with first-run movies, prompting Redstone to sue in 1958. The landmark case, United States v. Paramount, ended in a decree that studios had to sell their product, picture by picture, theater by theater, without discrimination.

He became a savvy film critic; after viewing 101 Dalmatians in the early 1960s, he purchased a sizable chunk of Disney stock, and he was named CEO of National Amusements in 1967 and reportedly coined the term “multiplex.” A decade later, he was making investments in movie studios, including Disney and Warner Bros. In 1977, he saw Star Wars, walked across the street to a pay phone and bought 25,000 shares of 20th Century Fox.

By 1982, National Amusements owned roughly 10 percent of Columbia Pictures when Coca-Cola took over the studio, netting Redstone’s company a $26 million profit. He had a 5 percent stake in Fox before Marvin Davis’ acquisition, and he was a significant stockholder in MGM/United Artists Home Entertainment before Ted Turner’s venture into the movies.

Midway through the 1980s, Redstone became interested in Viacom, spun off from CBS years earlier and then the owner of such assets as a fledgling MTV, Nickelodeon and Showtime. Viacom CEO Terry Elkes wanted to take the company private in a $2.7 billion leveraged buyout, but Redstone, then owning 18.3 percent of Viacom, was livid at the insider’s price. He launched an aggressive, hostile takeover attempt and threatened to sue on behalf of shareholders.

After protracted infighting, Redstone landed Viacom in March 1987 for $3.4 billion, which included more than $400 million of his own money, and became chairman of the company. He was not the typical corporate raider of the times. Unlike aggressive takeover buyers, such as MGM’s Kirk Kerkorian, who often bought studios and dismantled them for quick profits, Redstone was in it for the long haul.

In a move to acquire Paramount Communications in 1993-94, Redstone fought QVC’s Barry Diller, his longtime friend, in the toughest battle of his career. The bidding war vastly inflated the cost of the conglomerate and its historic movie studio and placed Viacom more than $11 billion in debt. For years, Redstone would refer to Diller as his “$2 billion ex-friend” until Diller finally told him, “Lay off, will you, Sumner? Enough is enough.”

In a plan that raised eyebrows in financial circles, Viacom had purchased Blockbuster for its strong cash flow, then borrowed against the video-rental company to raise enough money to get Paramount. Viacom separated from Blockbuster in 2004, and in 2010 the chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. “On occasion, you make a mistake. But I don’t want to make too many,” Redstone told The Hollywood Reporter in December 2013, when the topic of Blockbuster came up during his last in-person interview.

He made another mistake when he funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into Midway Games, then dumped his stake in the now-defunct video-game company for less than a penny a share in 2008.

The Paramount deal, combined with the later firing of its CEO, Frank Biondi, caused Redstone serious problems with Wall Street. Needing to pay down debt, he unloaded Madison Square Garden, the New York Knicks and New York Rangers teams and the educational and professional divisions of publisher Simon & Schuster.

In 1999, Redstone sealed another big deal, this one to acquire CBS from Westinghouse Electric Corp. for a reported $37.3 billion, at the time jumping Viacom past Disney as the world’s second-largest media company. After assuming CBS’ debt, Viacom’s debt was roughly $11 billion, not outrageous for a company then valued at $80 billion.

During the war with Diller over Paramount, his legal team filed an antitrust suit against John Malone’s Tele-Communications Inc. (Malone was backing Diller), charging the distributor with trying to monopolize the cable business through “bully-boy tactics and strong-arming competitors.” In 1995, Viacom sold its cable systems to TCI for an estimated $2.25 billion, becoming, as Redstone said then, a “content-driven media company.”

Redstone’s tenacity and temper were legendary, and it was risky for his closest lieutenants to publicly argue with him. An executive who did was Mel Karmazin, at one time thought to be the top candidate to succeed Redstone. Karmazin was the chief executive at CBS when Viacom purchased the company. The merger was mostly Karmazin’s idea and Redstone once called him “a kindred spirit.” Karmazin’s relationship with Redstone, though, quickly deteriorated, and he quit Viacom in 2004.

In January 2006, Viacom split into two publicly traded companies: Viacom, led by Tom Freston, and CBS Corp., led by Leslie Moonves. Freston was fired months after the split and replaced by Dauman.

With Redstone gone, trustees, who include Shari and her son Tyler, now will oversee his stake in National Amusements. He has another child, Brent, who sued NA in 2007 before settling

Succession for years was a hot topic at CBS and Viacom, but Redstone refused to seriously address that during his December 2013 interview with THR, during which he called Moonves “a miracle worker” and Dauman “one of the wisest men I have ever met.” (Moonves left CBS Corp. in September 2018 after being accused of multiple episodes of sexual harassment.)

But amid the rise of mega-deals and the need for scale in the race to compete with streaming and technology giants, the Redstones ended up supporting a recombination of Viacom and CBS into ViacomCBS, a deal deal that closed in December.

Bob Bakish, president and CEO of ViacomCBS, said on Wednesday: “Sumner Redstone was a brilliant visionary, operator and dealmaker, who single-handedly transformed a family-owned drive-in theater company into a global media portfolio. He was a force of nature and fierce competitor, who leaves behind a profound legacy in both business and philanthropy. ViacomCBS will remember Sumner for his unparalleled passion to win, his endless intellectual curiosity, and his complete dedication to the company. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Redstone family today.”

Redstone, who often joked later in life that he would never die, was married twice, to Phyllis Raphael for more than 50 years until 1999 and then to Paula Fortunato from 2002-09. Both marriages ended in divorce.

It was remarkable that Redstone lived as long as he did. In the middle of the night on March 29, 1979, the executive, then 55, opened the door of his room at Boston’s Copley Hotel after smelling smoke and was enveloped in flames. “The fire shot up my legs. The pain was searing. I was being burned alive,” he wrote in his autobiography.

“Somehow I staggered to the window. It was stuck, I couldn’t budge it. I moved to another window and, I don’t know how, got it open and clambered outside. I was kneeling on a tiny ledge, barely big enough to put one foot on. I was three floors up. If I jump, I’m dead. Flames were shooting out of the window head-high and I crouched there, hanging onto the windowsill, my fingers cupped, my right hand and arm in the fire and burning.”

A firefighter rescued Redstone. His right wrist was nearly severed, and he suffered third-degree burns on 45 percent of his body. He underwent five operations, 60 hours in all, and was in the hospital for months. (He sued the hotel and donated his sizable settlement to the Massachusetts General Burn Center.)

Was Redstone transformed by his ordeal?

“Absolutely not,” he wrote. “I had the same value system after the fire that I had before. Whether in high school or college or law school or building a theater circuit, I have always been driven. I have a passion to win, and the will to win is the will to survive.”


Suri Cruise — See Her Most Fashionable Pics Ever

Suri Cruise’s Most Stylish Looks

Suri Cruise is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She was born on April 18, 2006. Tom and Katie met in 2005, and got engaged that July — just 7 weeks after they first met. Suri’s birthday happens to be the first anniversary of Tom and Katie’s first date. Suri was seven months old when her parents got married in November 2006. Unfortunately, Katie filed for divorce from Tom in 2012. The family is extremely private about Tom’s relationship with Suri, and it is rumored that, due to his Scientology beliefs, he does not have a relationship with his daughter. Suri is often seen out and about with Katie in New York City, and has truly turned into her mini-me. As Suri has grown up, she’s matured into quite the stylish teenager, and we’ve rounded up some of her most fashionable looks over the years. Keep clicking through to check them out!

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise shops in leopard print pants

Suri Cruise does some heavy lifting while shopping with a friend at a Downtown Manhattan supermarket. She wore cute blue leopard print pants.

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise Sports Wide-Leg Denim Pants

Suri Cruise pictured picking up her two dogs from the groomers on Saturday, August 1, 2020. The teen rocked a pair of jeans, a white boho-inspired top and a red bag for the outing, keeping her hair back in a ponytail. 

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise Stuns in a White Dress

Suri Cruise was seen arriving back home in New York City with their pups in tow on July 31, 2020. She stunned in a white slip dress as she made her way down the city sidewalks in a protective mask.  

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise Rocks a Tee & Sweats

Suri Cruise out and about with her two dogs in Downtown Manhattan on July 31, 2020. She was spotted wearing a ‘Vote’ t-shirt — a very important message, especially for young people. 

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise Dons a Bright Yellow Sweatshirt

Suri Cruise grabbed takeout from La Esquina in New York City on March 11, 2020. She looked comfy and casual in a bright yellow hoodie, light-washed denim jeans and white sneakers.  

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise In Yellow Skirt

Suri Cruise strolls through New York City in a yellow skirt and sweater. She looked so grown up with her hair long and straight.

Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise In Floral Top

Suri Cruise takes a walk with her mom, Katie Holmes, in New York City. She wore a white skirt, flip flops and a gorgeous floral top.

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise Walking Her Dog In Brooklyn

Suri Cruise takes a cue from Katie Holmes’ bohemian style in a white prairie top, floral print skirt and white high-top sneakers. Her accessory? A doggy bag for her chihuahua, Honey! The duo go for a walk in a Brooklyn park on June 24, 2019.

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise Out With A Friend

Suri Cruise looks super chic in a crocheted skirt and sweater while out and about with a friend. She completed her look with a headband as the gals grabbed juices to go. 

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise In A Pink Jacket

Suri Cruise is pretty in pink while out and about in New York City. She wore a hot pink jacket with her white pants, along with pink boots.

Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise In Pink Pants

Suri Cruise takes a walk with mom Katie Holmes in New York City. She wore pale pink pants, which she paired with a chic black peacoat and flats.

Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise Katie Holmes
Suri Cruise Katie Holmes
Suri Cruise Katie Holmes
Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise
Bollywood The Buzz

Sushant Singh Rajput died because of cops’ carelessness: Family in 9-page statement

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family released a 9-page statement to explain their side of the story in the actor’s death case.

Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family released a 9-page statement to counter the slander campaign that is on against them. Written by the family members of the late actor in Hindi, the statement narrates the story of Sushant Singh Rajput and his family. In the statement, the actor’s family claimed that some people are attacking them with false allegations and trying to malign their image.

The statement starts with a couplet by Firaaq Jalalpuri, which reads, “Tu idhar-udhar ki naa baat kar, Ye bata ki kafila kyun luta. Mujhe rehjano se gila nahi, teri rehbari ka sawaal hai.”

The family explained Sushant’s journey from a small Bihar village to the City of Dreams, Mumbai. “A few years ago, nobody knew Sushant. Neither his family. Today, the entire country is worried and his family is being attacked from all sides,” the statement reads.

The family added, “Sushant’s parents are people who believe in hard work. They had five extremely happy children. For their better upbringing, the family decided to move from their ancestral home in a village to a city in the 90s. The parents got busy with earning bread and the upbringing of their kids. Like any other common Indian parents, they also suffered many hardships, but provided everything to their children. They never stopped their children from dreaming big. They believed for people who are hardworking, nothing is impossible.”

Sushant’s family then went on to write about Sushant and his sisters, and how they realised their dreams. The statement read, “It was a major blow for the family when Sushant’s mother passed away. They took a big decision at a family meeting so that people don’t think that the family broke after his mother’s death. Sushant decided to become an actor. In the next 8-10 years, something happened that people only dream about. But what happened now should not happen to anybody.”

Attacking Rhea Chakraborty and her family, Sushant’s family in their statement said, “A known person is surrounded by thugs and greedy people. The person who is responsible for people’s safety is asked to save them. They are the heirs of English, it doesn’t matter to them if an Indian dies.”

In their statement, Sushant Singh Rajput’s family said that four months after their complaint, something happened that they feared. Sushant died and the police officer told them that it was a case of suicide. “They tell us that Sushant was mad. He died of suicide. It’s common. Give us the names of a few big people.”

The family claimed that they didn’t even get the time to mourn the death of their only son. The police was putting an exhibition of Sushant’s dead body, instead of investigating the case. Sushant died because of the carelessness of the police department, Sushant Singh Rajput’s family said in the statement.

The statement further reads, “The family couldn’t take it any more, when after a month of Sushant’s death, some people aided with top lawyers and PR agencies, returned blatantly. They tried to insult Sushant’s memories.” Here, the family attacked Rhea Chakraborty, who posted on Instagram about Sushant after one month of his death and asked Home Minister Amit Shah for a CBI inquiry.

The family alleged in the statement that it is a case of murder and not suicide. They questioned if top lawyers will kill the truth in the court. The said, “The biggest question is that why should people believe in those police officers who consider themselves elite and are fans of English-speaking people?”

They also said that Sushant’s father and his sisters are being threatened. They added that people are trying to assassinate their characters and questioning their relationship with Sushant. Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut had alleged that Sushant’s relationship with his father and his family was not particularly great.

“People who are creating a scene and those who are watching it, should not forget that this can happen to them as well,” the family wrote in the statement.

Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging at his Mumbai home on June 14. While Mumbai Police called it a case of suicide, Sushant’s father filed an abetment to suicide case against Rhea Chakraborty and her family in Patna. In his complaint, he also said that Rhea and her family members pocketed Rs 15 crore from Sushant’s account.

The CBI has now taken over the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. The Supreme Court heard Rhea Chakraborty’s plea in the case on Tuesday (August 11) and reserved its verdict in the case till Thursday (August 13).


Madonna’s Son, Rocco, 20, Looks Just Like Dad Guy Ritchie While Out And About In London — See Pic

Madonna’s eldest son, Rocco, was practically the doppelgänger of his dad — ‘Sherlock Holmes’ director Guy Ritchie — while taking a walk in a retro outfit. Madonna just celebrated Rocco’s 20th birthday in a loving Instagram shout-out!

Put one of the world’s most famous pop stars and a successful director together, and you get a pretty cool kid! Such is the case with Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s 20-year-old son, Rocco Ritchie, who was spotted out with friends in London last Friday, Aug. 7. As Rocco gets older, we can’t help but notice how much he looks like his dad, who is famous for directing the Sherlock Holmes franchise on top of other big name features (like the 2019 live adaptation of Aladdin).

Rocco Ritchie

Rocco Ritchie was seen taking a stroll in London on Aug. 7, 2020. (MEGA)

Guy, who was married to Madonna between 2000-2008, shares the same sandy brunette hair as his son and that undeniable English charm. They also share a fine eye for detail; while for Guy, that applies to movie directing, this trait reflects in Rocco’s style! He was wearing a clean white shirt featuring a funky red pattern paired with yellow pleated trousers, much like a suave fashion aficionado from the ’40s.

Madonna, Ritchie
Guy Ritchie (pictured on the left) shares an uncanny resemblance with his son, Rocco Ritchie (pictured right). (MEGA)

Rocco’s slick style is no surprise, considering that he is an art student. Madonna and Guy’s son began studying fine art at Central Saint Martins (one of the University Arts London colleges) in the fall of 2019, according to Daily Mail.

Guy Ritchie, Rocco Ritchie
THROWBACK: Rocco Ritchie as a child with his dad, Guy Ritchie, in New York City in 2008. (MEGA)

Rocco just celebrated his 20th birthday on Aug. 11, and Madonna even took to Instagram to give her eldest son a loving shout-out! “Happy Birthday Rocco [celebratory emojis] How did 20 years go by so fast ? ……………… I Love You more than you will ever know,” the “Papa Don’t Preach” singer gushed in the tribute post. The post featured a slideshow of throwback photos, which included a side-by-side comparison of Madonna before her pop star days and her son at the same age.

Madonna, Rocco Ritchie, Mercy James, David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie
Madonna with her children Rocco Ritchie, Mercy James, David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie and Lourdes Leon (who’s not pictured) at JFK Airport in New York on Sept. 3, 2011. (SplashNews)

Madonna was also in London earlier this summer, where she joined a Black Lives Matter protest on June 5. She marched despite being on crutches due to a knee injury that she suffered in Oct. 2019.

Bollywood The Buzz

Kareena Kapoor Khan is pregnant! Expecting second baby

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s son Taimur Ali Khan remain in the social media limelight. Their photos go viral as soon as they arrive. There is hardly a star kid who has got so much fame. Roomers are now running on the internet that Kareena and Saif are very happy for Baby No 2’s Welcome. According to reports, Kareena and Saif are expecting a second baby. Family and close friends are aware of this. 

Earlier in a chat show, Kareena Kapoor Khan had told that Saif and he are planning to pursue the family. After two years, both will plan for the second baby. When Kareena was pregnant with Taimur, her photos were quite viral on social media. However, she did not play any role in the film but Kareena did not stop working in pregnancy. From ramp walks to photoshoots, Kareena flaunted her baby bump.

[amazon box=”B07H97FRX5″ “small”]  

Kareena Kapoor Khan is going to be seen in the next film ‘Takht’. Produced by Karan Johar, the film stars Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal, Jahnavi Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and Bhumi Pednekar. Apart from this, Kareena Kapoor will also be seen in Aamir Khan’s film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’. 


Kylie Jenner EXCLUSIVE: Birthday girl slips on a mask and flashes her taut abs in baggy pants and a crop top as she gets back to work after celebrating her 23rd

Kylie Jenner celebrated her 23rd birthday on Monday.

But the makeup mogul was back to work the next day, seen leaving a Tuesday photoshoot while still in full glam.

The youngest Kardashian/Jenner girl looked red hot as she flashed her abs wearing an asymmetrical crop top and baggy red pants.

Working hard: Kylie Jenner was back on the grind, doing a photoshoot the day after celebrating her 23rd birthday

Working hard: Kylie Jenner was back on the grind, doing a photoshoot the day after celebrating her 23rd birthday

Kylie’s hourglass curves were on full display in the trendy ensemble. Complementing her red bottoms, the bombshell carried a fiery Bottega Veneta chain pouch.

While the bags typically retail for around $3600, that seemed like practically nothing for the billionaire.

Paying attention to details, the starlet also matched her slouchy bottoms with crimson Nikes. 

On fire: The makeup and skincare mogul flaunted her impossibly toned abs wearing an asymmetrical crop top and shiny red sweats

On fire: The makeup and skincare mogul flaunted her impossibly toned abs wearing an asymmetrical crop top and shiny red sweats

Kylie’s hair was a chocolate brown, cascading over her shoulders in silky waves.

She flaunted rosy cheeks and smoky eyes, arched brows which gave her look a sexy and mysterious air.

The mother-of-one slipped on a black facemask before hopping into her sand-colored Mercedes G-Wagon with her assistant in tow. 

Mask up: The mother-of-one slipped on a black facemask before hopping into her sand-colored Mercedes G-Wagon with her assistant in tow

Mask up: The mother-of-one slipped on a black facemask before hopping into her sand-colored Mercedes G-Wagon with her assistant in tow

That same day Kylie marked her 23rd year with a sultry black and white shot from personal photographer Sasha Samsonova.

She looked simple stunning as she went topless, masking her full chest with just her hands while topping off her look with a bolero hat with a gauzy veil attached.

Letting the picture speak for itself, Kylie kept the post caption-free. 

Smoky: That same day Kylie marked her 23rd year with a sultry black and white shot from personal photographer Sasha Samsonova

This morning Kylie’s ex/babydaddy Travis Scott sent her a sweet birthday message.

The 28-year-old rapper shared pictures of his used-to-be with their two-year-old daughter Stormi.

He made sure to decorate the snapshots with birthday cake emoji to ensure his over 31 million Instagram followers knew he was marking her special day.

Travis began dating Kylie in 2017 shortly after her breakup from Tyga and although they split up late last year they have remained amicable co-parents.