Now mistakes will be rectified on the Cowin Portal itself: Vaccine certificates may contain corrections related to name, date of birth and gender; Know the whole process

The central government has added a new feature on the Cowin portal. With this, if any mistake has been made in the vaccination certificate of the person who got the vaccine, then it can be corrected through the Cowin portal. Through this, mistakes related to name, date of birth or gender can be rectified. Vikas Sheel, Additional Secretary, Union Health Ministry gave this information on Wednesday.

Correction will be done through these steps
 First of all you have to go to
2. After this the person who has got the vaccine will have to log in with the registered mobile number.
3. Click on the option of ‘Raise an issue’.
4. Correction option will come in Name, Year of Birth and Gender. Correction can be done by ticking it.
(For correction of multiple vaccinate members from one mobile, the member’s details have to be selected)

5 Modules of the Cowin App
This app acts as a platform for the process of vaccination, administrative activities, immunization personnel and those who are to be vaccinated. It has 5 modules. These include Administrative Module, Registration Module, Vaccination Module, Benefit Acceptance Module and Report Module.

  • Administrative module: The people who will conduct the vaccination event. Through this module, they can schedule sessions, through which people and managers will get information through notifications for getting vaccinated.
  • Registration Module: For those who register themselves for the immunization programme.
  • Vaccination module: Will verify the information of those people who will register themselves to get vaccinated. Will update the status on this also.
  • Beneficiary Acceptance Module: Through this, messages will be sent to the beneficiaries of vaccination. With this, QR code will also be generated and people will also get an e-certificate to get the vaccine.
  • Report Module: Through this, reports related to the vaccination program will be prepared. For example, how many vaccination sessions took place, how many people got vaccinated, how many people did not get vaccinated despite registration etc.

Vaccination status in the country

  • So far 23 crore 90 lakh 58 thousand 360 doses of corona vaccine have been given in the country. In this, 99.95 lakh healthcare workers have been given the first dose and 68.91 lakh have been given both doses. Similarly, 1.63 crore frontline workers have been given the first dose and 87.26 lakh people have been given both doses.
  • The first dose of vaccine has been given to 3.17 crore people in the age group of 18 to 44 years in the country. Of these, 3.16 lakh people have received both the doses. At the same time, 7.25 crore people between 45 and 60 years have received the first dose of the vaccine. Of these, 1.15 crore people have taken both doses of the vaccine.
  • Senior citizens i.e. 6.12 crore people above 6 years of age have been given the first dose of corona vaccine. Of these, 1.94 crore people have taken both the doses of the vaccine.

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