Georgina Rodríguez rescues her facet as a dancer on Dance Day

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend has shared on her Instagram account a series of images and videos that show her taking her best steps at home

The model Georgina Rodríguez , girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo among many other facets, has wanted to rescue precisely that of a talented dancer in her latest Instagram post , in which she is encouraged to celebrate World Dance Day with all her followers.

The catwalk star, who studied ballet as a child and continued this practice until relatively recently, has shared a series of images and videos that portray her indulging in her hobby in her most intimate sphere. In one of these recordings, the Mallorcan appears dancing with her dog Toñi in the garden of her house, while in another she appears instructing her children in the art of ballet from the comfort of her living room.

Likewise, the versatile artist wanted to remind her most staunch fans of the spectacular choreography that was marked with a couple of professional dancers during her last foray as presenter, no less than in one of the three days of the last edition of the Festival de la Song of San Remo, in which he conquered the respectable thanks to his sympathy, his physical attractiveness, his sense of fashion and, of course, his talent for dance.

“Happy Dance Day … We dance to create dreams,” Georgina wrote on her Instagram account to make her admirers know how special this celebration is for her. Of course, these have corresponded in a big way such levels of enthusiasm, since the publication is about to reach two million likes on the platform.

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