Demi Rose shows off walking, but her bikini micro-bra almost reveals her attributes

The British influencer received hundreds of flowers at home from a fan, so she took the opportunity to pose with her gift in photos she shared on Instagram, wearing a daring outfit

Demi Rose has millions of followers on her social networks, but this time an admirer dared to send her a gift, so the English model recorded herself as she went out to receive it, wearing a white micro bikini whose bra was so small that it was almost and showed his attributes.

The gift consisted of hundreds of white roses that were arranged on the stairs of her house, where Demi posed for some photographs that already have more than 400,000 likes . The message he wrote was “Vibrate so high that the universe equaled it.”

The card that accompanied the roses had written the message “For Demi, the goddess, from …” However, the influencer preferred not to reveal the identity of her fan, replying “Thank you, this is paradise.” Her more than 16 million followers on Instagram were pleased, filling her with compliments.

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