Kanye West faces a new problem: he is accused of plagiarism by Walmart

In the middle of his divorce with Kim Kardashian, the rapper faces a problem due to the new logo of his Yeezy brand, which is very similar to that of the multinational.

Kanye West has had a rough year, not only was his divorce from Kim Kardashian confirmed but he was also linked to makeup star Jeffree Star , and as if that were not enough, he faces two class action lawsuits . Now a new problem is added to his list and this has to do with the logo of his well-known brand Yeezy .

The 43-year-old rapper has the intention of changing the logo of his clothing and footwear brand, however Walmart was not very happy with it because on April 21 he presented a notice of opposition to the United States Patent and Trademark Office ensuring that the logo designed by West’s brand was confusing and very similar to his.

Both logos are inspired by the Sun: that of the multinational has thick lines that represent the rays of the sun, while that of the interpreter of “Stronger” proposed a logo with dotted lines to remember sunlight.

According to the CNN media , Walmart contacted Yeezy in July and August 2020 without receiving a response, and since January of this year it has tried to contact them. ” We have not received any conclusive information from Yeezy regarding their plans, nor any cooperation on their part to find common ground,” reads a letter sent by the corporate.

The Walmart logo has been in use since 2007, while the rapper’s brand presented its desire to change the logo in January 2020.

His clothing and footwear brand has made millions of dollars in profits for Kim Kardashian’s future ex-husband , his association with Adidas and his clothing line with Gap are worth approximately $ 3.2 billion dollars according to UBS reports .

We will have to wait for the resolution of this new Kanye West problem, however this is not the first time that his lawyers have to deal with accusations of plagiarism; In 2018, the campaign he launched to promote his new sneakers used a photo shoot very similar to that of the artist Rita Minissi, on the other hand, on more than one occasion his successful songs have taken him to court.

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