Debate on Euthanasia: Portugal’s parliament passes euthanasia bill; it will become the 7th country to do so as soon as the President approves

Portugal’s parliament on Friday passed a bill giving legal recognition to euthanasia. 136 votes were cast in favor and 78 in protest. Now this bill will be sent to the President for approval. It will become law after they sign it. With this, Portugal will become the fourth country in Europe and 7th in the world to legalize euthanasia.

Opposition of Parliament’s decision also started

Those who believe in Catholicism have opposed this move of Parliament. Catholicism is the largest religion in Portugal. In addition, 12 private health care institutes have also appealed to the President to intervene to prevent euthanasia. The Stop Euthanasia Movement said that it would be an insult to approve euthanasia at a time when thousands of people and institutions are giving everything to care for sick and vulnerable people every day to save their lives.

According to the bill, the necessary conditions for euthanasia:

  • The person who wants euthanasia should be over 18 years of age.
  • Person must have a serious injury or any fatal disease that is not possible to cure.
  • Person is suffering unbearable pain and is fully conscious.
  • In such condition, euthanasia can be given only on the advice of doctors.
  • The bill provides that doctors and nurses may refuse euthanasia.
  • The President can use the veto to refer the case to court or dismiss it directly.

India is also demanding from long time

There has been a demand for euthanasia in India too. The Supreme Court, while hearing the case of nurse Aruna Shanbag, who was in a coma for 42 years, refused to grant euthanasia directly. The court said that every person has the right to die with dignity. The term passive euthanasia was used for this. It means stopping the treatment of a sick person so that he dies. In 2011, a friend of Aruna had sought euthanasia for him. Aruna was later killed.

Euthanasia is valid in these countries

Active Euthanasia is legally recognized in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, Western Australia and Canada. Many big countries of Europe including Britain are against it. Canada allowed euthanasia in 2016 after years of debate.

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