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Spotify predicts regional Mexican music could dethrone reggaeton in 2021

During COVID-19, listening to reggaeton increased among users of the platform.

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Spotify predicts that in 2021 the reggaeton will fall into the preference of users while the regional mexican music it will continue to rise.

The coronavirus pandemic has generated an opening for other musical genres in Spanish beyond the urban, as stated in an interview for the EFE agency Antonio Vásquez, editorial chief for the US Hispanic market of the streaming platform.

“We are seeing an appetite for playlists that break the mold of music genres. Conversely, there will be more organic mergers and artists will feel more and more comfortable jumping between styles, ”said Vásquez.

During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic Spotify registered an increase in the number of users and its subscribers, reaching the 285 million users achieving the highest growth since its founding.

Between the forecasts of Spotify for this 2021 highlights the surprise that is increasingly common the interest that Latino artists have in the United States to discover the origin of their roots. This is the case of Selena Gómez, Kali Uchis and Omar Apollo who, after standing out as exponents of pop rock, surprised with a corrido at the end of last year, “which reflects the authentic features of Latin culture, such as biculturalism and the fluidity of gender, ”said Vasquez.

This does not mean that reggaeton has gone out of style. The streaming music platform points out that when the pandemic began they thought that the demand for this genre of music would decrease, however it was the opposite, registering an increase in listening by platform users “at all hours of the day” .

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The pandemic is opening a space for all kinds of music since users enjoy discovering new artists, and the absence of tours and concerts has allowed singers to “explore their interests and sounds a little more, which has given them more freedom. for experiments, ”Vásquez said.

Spotify expects that during 2021 demand for pop ballads, indie sounds as well as music grows R&B and new collaborations that will become the successes of the year that begins.

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