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Manny Pacquiao warns that the fight against Ryan García is not closed and that "it would be like an exhibition" | The State

Manny Pacquiao warns that the fight against Ryan García is not closed and that

Pacquiao doesn’t take his potential rival very seriously.

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Some days ago Ryan Garcia published on his social networks that he will face Manny pacquiao and even shared a poster of the combat; However, the Filipino boxer said that the fight was not closed and that if it happened it would be “as an exhibition.”

In an interview for ABS-CBN News, the “Pacman” Pacquiao spoke about his possible rivals and hinted that the fight against “Kingry” Garcia not confirmed yet, since he mentioned other boxers besides the Californian.

There’s Crawford, there’s still Spence, there’s still Garcia. But if the fight with García takes place, it would be like an exhibition“Pacquiao expressed.

When specifically asked if he was excited about facing the interim WBC lightweight champion, he said only that he saw him as his son and could teach him a few classes.

García is 22 years old, he is like my son; Either way, it would be nice as he could be like his teacher”, He concluded.

For its part, Ryan Garcia, in an interview for ESPN He said he does not know if the fight will be an exhibition, but stressed that he does not care, since for him it will be “very real”, because he’ll throw real shots and he’s sure Pacquiao will do the same.

“I can’t say anything about that, but it’s the same question everyone has, will it be an exhibition, or will it be a real fight? But I can say this, you have two people in the ring with 8 or 10 ounce gloves, no head protection, tell me if that would be an exhibition or a real one, we are two real fighters. I’m not going to throw lies, and neither is he. You can call it what you want, but it will be a fight. I’ll throw punches like I want to knock out Pacquiao”, Expressed for the sports chain.


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