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The exercise not only serves to keep the body in good shape, also contributes to maintaining a good attitude and have a perception positive from ourselves. That is why the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that we exercise according to our age.

Exercise for kids

In the case of Small children, the physical activity they can do should be according to their age and these can be done in the form of games. So they stay active while having fun. It is important that they spend as little time as possible in front of the devices electronic or to the TV.

At the same time, children will sleep plus. In fact, depending on age, they should sleep between 11 to 17 hours a day.


Children over 5 years old and teenagers must dedicate at least 1 hour a day to physical activity. Exercises can range from moderate to intense.

A routine of exercises could encompass 3 days a week, and include aerobic exercises and strengthening muscular.

Necessary limit the time they spend in front of TV or with the electronics devices. Other activities that can help them strengthen their creativity is the reading. They should also sleep long enough to rest, and eat well.

Exercising is necessary if you want to stay healthy. Source: Pixabay

Adults 18 to 64 years

The Adults they should dedicate around 6 hours a week to physical activity. This implies spending at least 1 hour a day exercising.

Among the types of exercises recommended are those that help strengthen the system muscular and the bone system.

It is important to limit the time to life sedentary. Do activities additional, like cleaning the house or fixing the yard are extra elements that will contribute to good health mental.

People with disabilities

There are those who think that people who suffer from some disability or some disease is it so conditioned and they cannot do any physical activity.

However, within their possibilities, they can also perform certain types of exercises in a manner moderate, in such a way that they achieve stay healthy. The fact that they do physical activities will help them maintain their self esteem.

Of course, the type of exercise should be indicated and be guided by a specialist to avoid injuries or any other mishap.

Food and lifestyle

Besides the routines planned, it is also important to carry a balanced diet and healthy.

Fruits, vegetables and legumes are sources of vitamins Y minerals essential for the body. It is important to avoid food high in grease, sugars and any other that may cause hurt to health.

You also need the rest. In children, it is normal for sleep up to more than 11 hours a day. In the case of adults, the average is 8 hours a day.

Using the technology it should be restricted as much as possible. Likewise, the time you spend in front of TV or the computer.

Instead of this, the most healthy is doing activities recreational in family that contribute to the Union and so you can strengthen the relations between your loved ones.

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