Sandie Crisp, trans actress behind the viral video ‘Obece a la Morsa’, has died | The State

Through social networks it transpired that at dawn on January 29 he lost his life Sandie crisp the world-renowned transgender woman behind the viral video ‘Obey the walrus‘, Where he appeared with a clown on his head and music edited in a dark way.

According to the information rescued from accounts of artists who have shared their condolences, as well as Internet users, Sandie died at age 61 after long fighting polio; besides being HIV +.

Among the various messages about his death, that of the singer stands out King’s wool on his Instagram account: “You meant everything to my sister and Hunter. Thank you for bringing so much joy into your lives, ”Lana wrote in a post alongside photos of Crisp.

And through the ‘GoFoundMe’ platform, people close to the deceased actress have asked for donations to be able to carry out her funeral services.

“Sandie’s final years were placed in a life situation that we could hardly call ‘living.’ Placement in an assisted living home, paid for by the state, in a small room with insect problems. We feel that, if she could not live in a palace here on earth, I hope we can give her a kingdom to immortalize her spirit forever ”, they wrote.

This American woman, whose name at birth was Johnnie BaimaIn addition to his viral video from 2007, he surprised with various independent films such as “The Goddes Bunny”, which achieved quite a lot of popularity in underground culture.

Take a look at his viral video:

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