Rashel Díaz wore only a shirt showing his thighs and they called her “Cristiana de boca” | The State

Rashel Díaz wore only a shirt showing his thighs and they called her

Rashel Diaz.

Gustavo Caballero. / Getty Images

Rashel Diaz, one of the former conductors of A new day, the morning show of Telemundo which is now called Today She has always been characterized by being very well behaved, restrained and without any controversial or very high-profile event in her professional career. However, it is undeniable that she is an exaggeratedly beautiful woman, who does not even appear to be almost 50 years old.

The Cuban published a photograph on her account Instagram In which she wore only a white blouse, knee-high jean boots and a very good tan that could be seen on her thighs, which were visible to all. Although they were flattered by many, a few wrote strong comments to him and even questioned the devotion and Christian faith of Rashel Diaz.

dalilasanorellana – “Oh the Christian showing her legs, by God Rashel what is that of a Christian woman”, carmen_asis- “Cristiana de boca x does things of the world, Christian hahahaaa” Y fanpage_bichota_brrrr – “She’s not a Christian, she’s a cretin”, were some of the comments they wrote to Diaz.

However, the television presenter has always let it be known that for her there is nothing but the hand of God and her family bases love on faith and doing well. Here we leave the photograph for you to draw your own conclusions.

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