Oral contraceptives to be given to gray squirrels in UK

They multiply rapidly and harm the environment

The British government is seriously concerned about the growing number of gray squirrels and the damage they cause to the environment, writes the BBC. Squirrels and other animals imported to the islands cause £ 1.8 billion in forest damage every year, Environment Minister Zach Goldsmith said.

In addition, gray squirrels have almost pushed redheads out of the forests, which is especially worried about Prince Charles. “These adorable creatures never stop delighting us and are a sign of a healthy forest.”– said the Prince of Wales in support of the UK Squirrel Accord (UKSDA), which is trying to restore the number of red squirrels.

Red squirrel. Photo: 123rf.com

To solve the problem, the gray proteins will be given oral contraceptives. The idea, proposed by UKSDA experts, was approved by both members of the government and the royal family. Nut butter with the addition of specialized preparations will be placed in animal feeders. They are designed in such a way that only gray squirrels can get inside.

According to experts, there are about 3 million gray squirrels in the UK. They are very fond of oaks and often spoil young trees by gnawing bark from them.

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