The CEGEP admission criteria will not be changed

Education Minister Jean-François Roberge has no plans to relax admission criteria as the CEGEP registration period approaches.

Thirty percent of secondary 5 students are currently failing and some young people believe it will be necessary to review these criteria.

“I don’t think there is a need to revisit the admission process. Usually it’s done in February. It is done on the basis of the first bulletin ”, however, estimates the minister.

The first bulletin is not yet available. Professors have until February 5 to provide grades.

That said, several students have noted a drop in their academic performance since the resumption of classes.

“For me, it’s much harder to be at home,” said a student surveyed by TVA Nouvelles.

“It’s difficult. Well, that’s not too motivating, ”added another.

The president of the Federation of Education Unions, Josée Scalabrini, stands up for secondary 5 students.

“Our young people in Secondary 5, who are thinking about their future, also need to know where they are going. And it would not be normal to base their arrival at CEGEP on the same standards as we did in the past. ”

A student from the Polyvalente de l’Ancienne-Lorette must now put aside his future in sports medicine.

Currently, since he is failing in two classes, he will not be able, as he had planned, to enter CEGEP in the natural sciences program. Its whole future is in jeopardy.

Since the government’s call, hundreds of retired teachers have expressed an interest in helping young people in difficulty. However, they have not yet taken office.

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