More than 18,000 deaths in 24 hours worldwide, a record

More than 18,000 deaths from COVID-19 have been recorded in 24 hours worldwide, a new record, according to a count made on Wednesday by AFP from reports communicated by health authorities.

On Tuesday, 18,109 deaths were recorded. In one week, from January 20 to 26, the world recorded 101,366 deaths, or 14,000 deaths on average each day. It is the deadliest week since the start of the epidemic.

Since the beginning of January, mortality has accelerated sharply, the daily death thresholds have passed more quickly and the plateau is set at increasingly high levels. By the end of November, the world had passed the milestone of 10,000 daily deaths. Then 11,000 in mid-December, 12,000 on January 8, 13,000 three days later and finally the current plateau of 14,000 daily deaths since January 22.

Five countries account for more than half of the 101,000 deaths recorded last week: the United States (23,675 in seven days, total of 425,227), Mexico (9,184, total of 152,016), the United Kingdom (8,692 , 100,162), Brazil (7387, 218,878) and Germany (5368, 53,972).

France is the ninth country with the most deaths in the past seven days, with 2,764 deaths (74,106 deaths in total).

In total, the world has recorded 2.16 million deaths and surpassed the 100 million case mark overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday since the first case reported in December 2019 in China.

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