Local buying still does not compete with the web giants

With the pandemic, online shopping is more popular than ever, but unlike in the first wave, it’s the foreign giants who are benefiting.

And what hurts Quebec companies is that they are often overlooked by the public.

Many Quebeckers are not always aware that large companies are here, according to a recent survey by the Conseil québécois du commerce de commerce (CQCD).

This is the case, among others, with Couche-Tard and Metro, of which nearly a quarter of the population is still unaware that they are Quebec companies. And the Quebec origins of retail businesses such as Simons, Aldo or Reitmans are even less well known to the population.

The fact that only essentials can be purchased is also leading many people to turn to web giants like Amazon.

Also according to the CQCD survey, only 53% of Quebeckers favor local businesses when shopping online.

Only 15% of Quebecers took advantage of the After-Christmas sales, according to Stéphane Drouin, director general of the CQCD.

He says people are “sluggish in their purchases” as shopping online does not equate to what would be in-store purchases.

This is therefore a drag on local businesses, as is the obligation to buy only essential goods from essential businesses.

The government of Quebec announced Monday that all merchants with “an address” or “a Quebec property” will have access as of next fall to a blue transactional site managed by Le Panier bleu.

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