How much did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pay Tom Brady to take them to the Super Bowl? | The State

The fundamental piece that helped Tampa Bay Buccaneers to get to Super bowl and offering them the chance to win it for the second time in their history is called Tom brady And although it was a millionaire investment, the current situation shows that it has been worth it.

And the thing is that the team got the quarterback to change his shirt for the first time in 20 years, with the mere intention of experiencing what is happening today: arrive to Super Bowl LV.

To tempt him They offered him a $ 60 million contract for two years, equivalent to $ 30 million annually, that is, $ 7 million more than what he earned with the New England Patriots the last year he was with them. That, in addition to the large group that would be around him and some personal reasons, made him decide to move to Florida.

And by all accounts it was the best decision for both parties. Today the team is in the most important game of the season and for them the investment is paying off, while for the player it was also profitable, since, in addition, he has obtained numerous bonuses for continuing to advance in the Playoffs.

The total amount the team has spent on Tom Brady, to this day, is from $ 31.75 million, since as stipulated in your contract, you are entitled to $ 30 million annually, but they have added $1.75 million in recent weeks for incentivesAs a source close to the team revealed to ESPN, they offered him $ 500,000 to qualify for the Playoffs, $ 250,000 to defeat Washington in the wild-card round, $ 500,000 more for the victory in the divisional round against the New Orleans Saints and others. $ 500,000 for beating the Green Bay Packers in the Conference championship.

And that’s not all, since Brady awaits a bonus of $ 500,000 more if he manages to get the coveted championship at home, when they face the Kansas City Chiefs. An incentive that you surely don’t need to add to your desire to continue making history by winning your seventh Super Bowl.


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