Building Neighbors in New York Give 2 Years’ Rent to Unemployed Cleaning Maid | The State

Well they say that if you are a good person, who acts in favor of others and insists on your daily activities, life, sooner or later, will reward you, especially when going through difficult times.

The coronavirus pandemic has given us all kinds of stories, from those sad and unfortunate, but also many that make us still believe in the generosity and goodness of people.

That is the case of a cleaning employee of a building in New York who has been identified only as Rosa, who has seen how the coronavirus has significantly depleted her economy.

According to information given by Mirror, Rosa has been cleaning the property for more than 20 years of “The Big Apple” and several of the inhabitants hired her to also carry out the cleaning of their home.

But due to the coronavirus, many neighbors decided that it was best for Rosa to stop working at home, so ran out of that extra money he needed to cover his basic needs, among them, to be able to pay the rent where you live.

Huge gesture for this New York cleaning maid

Rosa was forced to move with her family to her sister’s house because it was no longer possible for her to continue renting, a fact that It reached the ears of the inhabitants of the building where she works, who came together to give this woman a pleasant surprise.

In a video shared on the Internet, Rosa is seen along with some of the building administrators, who ask her if she can clean the apartment on the top floor, since soon someone would move to this.

Before retiring, the administrators took her back to the department, where they gave her the best news: tAll the neighbors gave a financial contribution so that Rosa and her family could live in it for the next 2 years, without having to pay anything.

“Many people in this building are big fans of yours and they love you very much… I know it has been a difficult year for you and your family and there have probably been many financial difficulties. I think you had a real impact on the people here in the building and they just want to give you something back, ”commented one of the administrators.

The video ends when Rosa is handed the lease, as well as the keys to her new home, causing the woman to burst into tears with emotion.

Without a doubt, a great gesture that fills our hearts with hope and love.


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