Andrea Legarreta caused outrage by comments about sexual abuse to youtuber | The State

The driver Andrea Legarreta used his social networks to send a message to the youtuber Nath Campos, after the statements he gave yesterday on the Hoy program.

During the broadcast, Legarreta and his companions, Arath de la Torre and Martha Figueroa, They commented on the news that had emerged in which Nath denounced the influencer Rix for sexual abuse.

However, Martha suggested that the problem was that they were both drunk; while Andrea questioned whether anyone had contact after the attack.

“I want to take advantage of this medium to offer this heartfelt apology, as a woman, as a mother of two women, as the daughter of a great woman and as a woman who has always supported the causes of women, who has always joined non-violence, to different causes that have to do with protecting, caring for and supporting women.

“We present this note and after some comments, what I said and for which I apologize is that what is sometimes a bit confusing is that these women who have been violated later have to continue living together or being friends with people who abused “The actress also assures in the 6:43 video.

The position of the drivers was harshly criticized by Internet users, who branded them as justifying an aggression and lack of empathy.

“In other words, does no one have the right to get a megapeda with people they trust? Is the abuse the fault of the abused for trusting the abuser? Andrea Legarreta, Martha Figueroa and Arath de la Torre are examples of how common the lack of brains is in celebrities ”, wrote a Twitter user.

Arath de la Torre also uploaded a video to Instagram in which he points out that he does not agree with what happened to the youtuber or supports any aggressor and invited to report.

“All I said is that, in effect, you have to be very responsible, you have to report early and you have to end these practices definitively and the faster the better.

“At no time have I said that alcohol is a subject to rape a woman, that what is happening is a lie. Do not wait, report it, I have two wonderful daughters, a woman who is filming this video.

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