A solution to avoid the physical deconditioning of seniors

Due to the pandemic, many older people are no longer able to participate in physical activity.

While many prefer to avoid leaving the house for fear of COVID-19, others, who had activities in day centers, can no longer attend because they have been canceled.

To try to prevent the physical deconditioning of seniors, the CISSS de la Montérégie-Est has set up a unique program in partnership with the Nautilus Plus fitness centers.

Thanks to this program, kinesiologists visit the elderly to get them moving.

“People are not aware of all the indirect negative consequences of COVID. The deconditioning of the elderly is one of them. Unfortunately, seniors who are in RPPs [résidences privées pour aînés] are removed from their outdoor activities. Everything has been cut and sometimes they are even confined to their rooms, so unfortunately they do not move any more ”, deplores Marie-Claude Joyal, kinesiologist at Nautilus Plus.

Dozens of seniors are currently taking advantage of these visits and the pace may increase soon.

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