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Keep a good health is very important, especially when you suffer from diabetes. Being a disease that must be given monitoring constant, thanks to the development of technology it is possible to be aware of the evolution, to be able to control it.

1. MyFitnessPal

This application is very popular and is available for both iOS and Android. It has a database of foods very large, and it is possible to searches of different types of items ranging from restaurants to recipes.

If you are diabetic, this application will help you to tracing of what you eat to count the carbohydrates or to lose weight.

Something very useful is that it is possible scan bar codes of food and thus have the registry of the information nutritional of what you buy, as Taking Control of Your Diabetes points out.

2. Diabetes Kit

This application is available only for iPhone and Apple Watch. The app is used to keep track of the amount of sugar that is consumed and the medicines that you should take.

The interface is based on numbers, it has different graphics and panels that are useful to learn how to manage data. One more version advanced and pay gives you the option to have reminders and that you have reports in PDF.

3. MySugr

MySgr was created by people who suffer diabetes for the purpose of controlling it. This application, available for both Android and iOS, helps users to register their medicines, carbohydrates and sugars that consume.

This allows them to keep track of what they eat and take their medication on time. In addition, graphs and statistics they offer also help Supervise the state of health.

Something that is fantastic is that this application is compatible with Apple Health. This implies that glucose measurement data can be share or import from meters wireless most recent.

It also has, like Diabetes Kit, a paid version that has available the reports in PDF and Excel format. This way you can watch with your doctor all the data to know how you are doing.

These apps will help you keep track of your health. Source: Pixabay

4. Sugar Streak

It is ideal for those who have problems control your blood sugar levels. In the setting of this application, available for iPhone and Apple Watch, you compromise to control the level of sugar in your blood between 1 to 4 times a day.

The great thing about this app is that, by keeping control, you can earn points and these you can change for prizes, like gift cards. Meanwhile, a registry glucose with statistics in real time, and this will help you when you go to the doctor.

5. Social Diabetes

You may be able manage your diabetes easily with this app. Provides you autonomy since you can have a greater control in you feeding and the administration of insulin.

The application helps you remember what did you eat and how was you glucose level. In this way you can take action on the matter and go adjusting you. Can program reminders, and you have the option of seeing a graph with your data that serves as monitoring.

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