The incredible story behind “Until you forget me”, the success of Luis Miguel | The State

A musical success and an unusual story behind it. The Mexican conductor Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin revealed that one of the most popular songs that Luis Miguel performed in the 1990s was written on a napkin by Juan Luis Guerra.

The unexpected anecdote came to light in the latest edition of Members on the Air, when the host spoke of one of the most famous ballads that El Sol had to his credit. “I’ll tell you something, we were at Jaime Camil’s house when Juan Luis Guerra came to eat,” he began by recounting and continued: “He was sitting on the stairs when on a napkin he wrote a song that he had in mind and gave it to Luis Miguel. It was ‘Until you forget me’“.

Immediately the surprise seized the study and leaving the rest of his companions almost astonished, Van Rankin added: “I was sitting next to the two of them. Micky heard her and said ‘no ma * es’. I swear, he wrote it on a napkin. A jewel”.

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In 1993 Luis Miguel performed for the first time the ballad that Juan Luis Guerra composed. The subject had been included in its ninth album called “Aries”. As soon as it was launched it was a success. “Till You Forget Me” reached number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart in the United States, becoming Luismi’s tenth number one song.


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